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Maybe its Destiny

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   Kara hated herself, she hated that she let Lena have so much control over her. She wanted to stop loving the woman but it seemed like they were always finding their way back to each other. Kara and Lena had a complicated history. They had dated for two years when they decided to call the relationship off. It was a mutual agreement it seemed that they were fighting more than actually dating. 

"You okay Kara?" Kara looked over at Alex who was in the kitchen cooking. 

"I am fine." Kara assure. 

"You're thinking about her aren't you?" Kara looked down. Alex wanted to beat Lena's ass after Kara and Lena went out after they break up and hooked up. After that hook-up Lena told Kara they could no longer be friends. "Kara get over her love she dating James now." 

"I know, and I will. I'll stop loving her one day." Kara told her sister with confidence. Kara and Alex laughed. Alex laughed because she knew her sister was lying, and Kara, on the other hand, laughed to hide her pain. 

Kara and Lena broke up six months ago, and hooked-up two months ago. Kara was just trying to get herself to forget Lena. That was the goal, she wanted to unlove Lena Luthor, maybe no unlove her but at least be able to move on. 


   The following week Kara was so disappointed in herself. She was helping Lena, with some apartment hunting. After successfully finding an apartment she helped her move in.

"Thanks for the help. I really appreciate you, Kara." Kara smiled and looked at the floor. She knew that if anyone found out that she was with Lena, she would be murdered. More importantly, Alex would kill her if she found out. 

"Well, like told you, Lena. I am always here to help you when you need it." Kara had kept her promise. She showed up every time Lena needed even if Lena acted differently when her boyfriend, James, was around.