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Deanmon Possession

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Maybe Sam was right. Figures he would throw Dean’s own words back at him. It doesn’t matter though, even as humans they are not normal, nothing about their lives is normal. So why not embrace the abnormal, stop trying to fight it and go with it instead. It just makes sense and he’s determined to get it through Sam’s thick skull as well.

Sam is going to hate the next attempt at persuasion. It’s a low blow, a dirty play. But Dean doesn’t see another way for Sam to accept this on his own.
“I was gonna try not to do it this way Sammy, I really was” Dean said to himself.

Dean made a special breakfast this morning. When he stepped in the room with the tray Sam watched him with anticipation. Dean gave him a small smile. He didn’t book it out like usual.

“I uh..brought you something more hearty and a protein shake”
Dean said.

“Thanks De. Did you...have you thought about what I said?” Sam asked a little timidly.

“Yea. We can talk after you eat okay? I’ll come back in a bit”

“Okay” Sam smiled.

Once Dean was out the door he wasn’t sure how long it would take but there was no doubt he would know the exact moment Sam had his answer. Dean sighed.

The food looked delicious, steak and eggs, toast, and a bowl of fresh fruit. It made Sam think that Dean must want him energized for the next round of carnal ravishing. The thought warmed his core.
The first bite of steak had him humming in delight, flavor bursting on his tongue. The eggs are fluffy and go well with his toast. He takes a sip of the shake, it goes down smooth with a light taste of vanilla and honey.
He enjoys every bite of his meal.

As he finishes his shake he feels something familiar, an old, lost feeling. He sucks the liquid down a little faster. Then it hits. He feels the power spreading through his veins, that head rush after a long stretch that makes it feel like the first time. There is no question, Dean fed him demon blood.

Rage bubbles through his whole body, his blood is boiling with fury. Seeing red, Sam roars with his entire being.


When Dean opens the door it’s like staring at a ticking bomb.
Sam’s chest is heaving with every breath he takes, hands in fists, he’s practically snarling.

“How was breakfast?” Dean asks. Poor conversation starter.

Sam punches Dean square in the jaw, the force turning his face. Dean looks back at him rubbing the assaulted area.
“Not gonna lie, you got a bite to your fist now Sammy”

“What else did you do?!” Sam shouts.

“What? Nothing”

“This is stronger! What else did you dose me with Dean?!!” He demands.

“It’s my blood” Dean says.

Sam’s veins are popping out of his neck. He raises his arm towards Dean and concentrates.
Dean stands there crossing his arms looking amused. Sam steps closer, concentrates harder.

“This is not a meat suit, you can’t smoke me out”

“Damn it Dean! Why this?! Of all things” His glare was deadly as he waited for an answer.

Dean could feel the anger radiating around them.
“How does it feel? Is it like you remember?”

“Do you care even a little about what this will do to me?! You have the mark for fuck’s sake! You don’t know how it will effect me!”

“I’m stronger than the average demon Sam, so you should get an extra boost from my juice” Dean says.

Unbelievable how lightly Dean sees this affliction he’s forced on him. Sam is done, just done. He charges towards Dean crashing into his body tumbling them to the floor. Sam has him pinned, his large frame clamping Dean’s legs under his own and holding his wrists to the floor. Dean is looking up at Sam with a devilish grin on his face.

“Sammy, you’re making me all tingly taking control like this” Dean’s eyebrows waggle.

Sam digs into him harder. With the flick of black eyes Dean manhandles Sam, trading their positions. His hand is squeezing Sam’s throat enough to get his attention.

“You’re almost an even match Sammy, almost. But I still run this gig, got it?” Dean’s voice is threatening with an expression to match.

Sam taps Dean’s arm to communicate his understanding.
Dean releases him and he sucks in the air that was cut off.

“Good boy” Dean says.

Sam moves up on his knees and sits on his heels, head down, hands on his thighs.

“You know Dean, this is so typical. You make these decisions without me. If you had thought about it at all, you would have realized you’ve been asking the wrong question”

“I did this so you would understand. There is no other question” Dean says.

Sam looks up at him now. There’s a sadness in his eyes.

“I do understand Dean! I understand more than anyone!”
Sam sighs and stands to his feet.

“This whole time you’ve been asking if I want you cured. Of course I do, but not once have you asked me to respect your decision” Sam looked stung.

Dean’s face grimaced as he realized that was true.

“Now you’ve drugged me and we both know I can’t stop on my own. The addiction is too strong. But that didn’t matter to you as long as you got what you wanted, right?”

“Sam...I...” Dean sputters.

“Well, bravo, you got it” Sam says.

Dean narrows his eyes at him, giving a questioning look.

Sam is taking steps closer and closer to him.
“Maybe you don’t remember all the ways demon blood effects me. How it activates my bloodlust, how I can detect a demon in my proximity, how the scent makes me crave it”

Dean blinked and watched as Sam’s demeanor changed. Not a trace left of his outrage displayed only mere moments before. Sam was in his space now. He leaned his face into Dean’s neck, inhaling his aroma.

“And you, you smell unlike any demon I’ve had. An original intoxicating scent”
Sam nuzzled behind his ear. He ran a hand down Dean’s arm stopping at the bend, he let his thumb slide over the unique scar. Sam stared in Dean’s deep green eyes.

“I can see it now. What it’s done to you. I can feel it” Sam said softly.

Sam pressed his lips to Dean’s, breathing stronger through his nose. Then he pulled at Dean’s arm and looked at the mark, admiring it. He bent down and kissed over it several times. Suddenly his hands were grabbing Dean’s collar, his body pressing into him.

“More, Dean, I need more” Sam’s words were urgent.
He was frantically groping Dean and pulling at him.

“You can have more Sammy, but you have to be good, okay?”

“Yes, Dean, yes”

Sam is so eager to please that he stepped back and stripped off every layer of clothing with no hesitation. He got down on his knees in front of Dean and bowed his head.

“I am yours to do with as you please big brother”

Dean felt his jeans get tighter as his dick swelled in response to Sam’s declaration of obedience.
He ran fingers through his hair.

“We’re gonna play a game now okay?”

“Okay De”

“Let’s get you ready. Follow me Sammy”

Dean let him walk freely without a guiding hand or watchful eye. Sam is all in and Dean knows it. They are back in the same room he had him in last time but now Sam sees it as a play room.

In another corner of the room is a different bench setup. It’s a square with thick wooden posts on each side.

“Sit down, lay back, and raise your legs straight up for me” Dean directs.

In that position the bench will only have his back over it. Dean pulls him down just a little to have his ass right at the edge of the bench. He guides Sam’s leg to the post and secures his ankle with a chained shackle, the inside is lined with soft material to be comfortable on the skin for prolonged use. Sam’s other leg is secured the same way. His long legs are spread in a wide V, his ass open in invitation this way.

“Damn Sammy, laid out like a fucking feast, how’d I get so lucky” Dean utters.

Sam just watched Dean and bit his bottom lip. Fuck.
Dean then took each arm guiding them to lock his wrists down at his eye level making them bent at the elbows so he can flex and pull at the chains.

“Comfortable? Anything too tight?” Dean asks.

Sam feels completely fine but wiggles around pretending to check just so he can entice Dean
even further.
“Just right” he smirks.

Dean licks his lips. He strips so Sam gets an eyeful before they start.
“One more thing” Dean says. He leans over Sam between his legs so his parts brush and press against Sam’s parts while he ties a blindfold around his head.
Two can play that trick.

“Here’s how this works. When I ask, you have to guess what I’m using on you, what part of my body or what toy. Guess right, you get a taste. Guess wrong, I whip an ass cheek or whatever I see fit to punish you with” Dean explains.

“So, let’s start with a few easy ones to warm up” Dean says.

Sam feels a kiss to his inner thigh.
“What did you feel?”

“Your lips”

Sam gasps as he feels a warm wet muscle slide along his dick, soft and firm in an “S” motion, curving to his shaft.

“What did you feel?”

“Your tongue” Sam answers.

Sam is breathing a little faster now. Next he feels something nudge at his hole. Teasing his entrance, circling the rim. A tap on the center stimulates the sensitive skin and the sound reaches his ears.

“And that feeling?”

“Your dick”

“Good Sammy, real good”

Dean reaches to the table he has lined with a collection of toys and tools to use on his brother, he picks up a knife and pricks his own finger then presses it to Sam’s lips.
“Suck” Dean says.

Sam moans around the finger tasting the sweet drop on his tongue. He sucks and Dean rubs the fingertip into his tongue so he gets it all.

“That mouth Sammy, mmm. Think you got it?”

“Yes, Dean, yes” Sam says.

“Let’s see how good you are Sammy”

Dean ran his hands slowly down those long strong legs. He massages thighs where they meet his groin, Sam’s length twitches for him. Dean fingers his ass, teasing inside, pressing around. He makes sure Sam is fully prepped and stretched.

He’s worked himself up taking Sam apart and having him beautifully chained up like this. His dick has first dibs. He lines up and sinks in the squeezing heat. They both moan out in unison.
Dean moves. Back and forth, in and out, hips grinding against spread limbs. The chains rattle with the motion and mix with pleasure sounds. Dean feels a pull deep in his gut so he slows to a stop, one more deep push then he slides out.
“Fuck Sammy”
“Dean, don’t stop” he whines.
“Don’t worry baby, I’m gonna fuck your brains out” Dean says, voice gruff.

Sam feels Dean grab his dick and stroke. He’s so hard and Dean knows how to work his wrist. Something is sliding over his tip and down his length, it’s snug but not too tight. Dean pushes on it and vibration starts, it makes him squirm.

“Okay, first test Sammy”

An object is pressed against Sam’s skin low on his belly. He let’s out a surprised yelp, it’s really cold. Dean slowly drags it up to the middle of his chest, Sam’s breathing catches from the cold climbing higher. Cold glass maybe? Now it’s going over a nipple, getting it perky, he can feel a flat bottom and an edge. It glides over the next giving both nipples some cold sensation. As it goes back down his body he’s sure he feels a cylinder shape rolling over his skin.

“Well Sammy?” Dean asks.

“A beer bottle?”

“Look at you, that’s right” Dean smiles and Sam can hear it in his voice. He gives Sam his reward.

There are several toys Dean wants to bury in Sam’s pretty ass.
He goes with a vibrating dildo, a prostate stimulator to be exact. He slowly pushes the toy inside Sam and turns it on low. Sam moans. Dean moves it experimenting with different angles. He hits Sam’s spot easily, he slides the dildo back and forth. Sam is wickedly vocal while Dean pleasures him this way.

Sam barely recovers before the toy is switched. It feels similar but different, there’s vibration thrumming through this one too but not from inside like the last. Dean uses it a little longer on him, he almost comes several times but Dean keeps him hovering on the edge and doesn’t give the final push for him to let go.

“Well Sammy?”

“Your fingers” Sam pants.

“Damn, how did you know?”

“Something was over them but I could feel them curving in me”

“Fuck Sam. You kinky bitch. What was I using before that?”

“A dildo”

Dean pricked two fingers for him that time. Boy is good.

“Okay, last one. You get this right, you can slice me yourself” Dean says.

He keeps the special finger glove inside Sam to maybe throw him off. Not that he really wants to, he just wants to keep Sam squirming. Sam feels something touch his leg, slide down. It ghosts over his bobbing dick then starts roaming over every part of him Dean can reach. He makes lines, circles, zigzags, every which way and back. Sam knows it’s metal, he thinks he already knows what it is. The telling sign was when Dean ran it up his neck to the side of his face and used it to brush his hair back behind his ear. The object took the same path back to where it started.

“Moment of truth Sammy”

“You just had the barrel of your gun all over me Dean. I know it was yours because I felt the design when you moved it certain ways”

Sam hears a crash. Dean tossed the gun on the table. He undoes Sam’s restraints swiftly and pulls him by the arms to sit him up. Sam automatically wraps his legs around him. Dean yanks the blindfold off. He’s looking in Sam’s eyes and running fingers through his hair. He hands Sam the knife. Sam looks at it like it’s a key to a treasure chest. He gently takes Dean’s arm and hovers it over the mark. He looks at Dean for permission, Dean nods his approval. The blade is extremely sharp so it splits a clean cut across his forearm effortlessly. Sam mouths at it with purpose getting that rush he craves before the wound is healed without proof it ever existed. Satisfied, Sam looks back up at his brother.

“Ask me Dean”

Dean lets a moment go by.

“Sammy” he says low.
“Do you want me cured?”

“Show me your eyes Dean”


“Please” Sam says.

Green flick to black. Sam leans a little closer keeping eye contact.
“No Dean, I want you just like this” Sam says with a smile spreading on his face.

Dean lifts Sam up switching positions so Sam is in his lap. They adjust so Sam is sinking down on Dean’s dick. They both move but Sam is riding Dean, taking him deep. It’s frenzied, they are going hard and fast. Their needy sounds blend together. Sam loses it first coming between their bodies but he doesn’t slow down, he goes until he feels Dean spilling inside him with a cry of his name into his chest.
They don’t break apart right away. Relishing in extra caresses and light touches. Sam gravitates towards the mark, his fingers map the shape of the raised scar.

“Come on Sam, let’s clean up. We’ll go out. Flex your power on a cross road demon or whoever we can lure out” Dean said standing them up.

“Really?” Sam asked shocked.

“Yea, let’s have some fun” Dean smirked and flashed his black eyes.

Sam smiled mischievously.
“Bring the blade”

They have another round in the shower before heading out as the Winchester demonic duo.