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It’s been a while since the relationship between me and Kacchan became like this.


Katsuki is sitting on Izuku’s lap, his hands cupping the other’s cheeks as they kissed. It isn’t desperate or insistent; it's sweet and delicate done in a slow manner. No one's rushing them and they have all the time in the world after all. The larger male moves his scarred hands and he feels a moan against his lips, fingers rubbing the tip of his partner’s dick, playing with the slit, fondling and kneading until he senses the pre-cum start to drip.

Cute. Kacchan’s cute.

“Give me some tongue, stupid Deku,”

The blonde complains; his cheeks flushed, eyes slightly glazed over.

Izuku silently obeys, opening his mouth for the other, letting Katsuki have his way.

Over the past three years they’ve been in UA, Izuku has grown bigger and taller than the other— due to his quirk or genetics, they don’t know. He discovers that it's quite convenient this way. He could defeat more villains because as much as he hates to admit, weight plays a role in terms of power. Also, he likes people not being able to shove him around as much. That rule applies to Katsuki most especially.

Izuku opens his eyes, taking a peek at the other, noticing how heated up the blonde was while kissing.

“Did you lock the door, Kacchan?”

“Nn. I did,”


Katsuki lets out a loud moan when Izuku moves his hand faster, rubbing his dick. There’s a squelching noise that fills the room, him dripping wet, fingers digging against the larger male’s shoulders in reflex. He could feel the clothed hardness press against his bare ass, their shirts already damp from all the slick he’s been releasing since earlier. It’s a bit humiliating to let his rival see him like this but then again Deku’s Deku and he has always been—

“Go ahead,”

An affectionate tone, warm hands, and gentle fingers.

Katsuki nods, his forehead pressed against the other as his hips buckle, Izuku not stopping his fingers and only slowing down until he’s finished cumming. The other has always been considerate of him. Always looking after and treating him like he was some sort of small animal. Are you looking down on me? Katsuki kind of wants to say. All his thoughts are thrown out of the window when a pair of hands rides up his shirt, the mouth he’s been kissing all this time telling him to hold it up.

Ah, how naughty. Doing this at your house while your parents are away.


It’s not like… we’re lovers or anything.


Katsuki holds the piece of fabric up by biting it in between his teeth, flinching a bit when Izuku leans over, pressing his lips against a rosy nub. The larger male has a way with using his tongue— it was either that or his chest is just sensitive, way too sensitive. Either way, it’s Izuku’s fault since he’s the only one who’s ever played with them before. The male is teasing, licking, and sucking on them until they turn red, the blonde slightly squirming on his seat.

“Kacchan likes this place getting toyed with,”

Quite familiar with the other’s body from head to toe, already explored everything a few times before.

Katsuki lets himself get pushed down the mattress, the larger male hovering above him. It’s a bit unfair with how he’s bare from his waist down but Izuku’s still fully dressed. He doesn’t get to voice out his concern because by then the other’s hands are on his chest, slowly kneading. He releases his shirt from his mouth, letting out soft moans, thighs twitching as Izuku pinches a nub before tugging, his entire body spasming.

“You’re drooling. That’s adorable,”

Izuku continues to toy with his chest, Katsuki gripping the sheets under him. At this rate he was going to cum again, that wasn’t good. The blonde pushes his hips down, pressing his ass against the other’s erection, telling him exactly what he wanted to do next. The blonde's a bit glad that his childhood friend isn’t such a prick because begging would’ve been the last thing he would’ve done.

“Not yet, Kacchan. We have to prepare this part first, remember?”

Accompanied by a finger entering him, pulling in and out a total of two times before another is added. Katsuki lets out a moan, hands pressing against Izuku’s stomach as he's affectionately kissed—his neck, cheeks, and jaw given just as much attention as the rest of his body. Dammit, god fucking dammit!

“I wanna do it already! Put it in me—“

As if to silence him Izuku adds another finger, playing with Katsuki’s ass until he stops speaking and complaining. He pulls them back and forth, thoroughly preparing the male for what was about to come. Katsuki has his head thrown back, tears dripping down his eyes. Izuku never expected him to be the emotional, crying type during sex but apparently he was. He also requires quite a lot of affection and maintenance —something which Izuku had already seen coming.

“Take it off for me, Kacchan?”


Even though he acted so distant, he reacted to my touch like that.


Izuku leans over and almost immediately, Katsuki’s hands reach to unbutton his shirt. They share open-mouthed kisses for a while, the larger male’s belt thrown somewhere on the bedroom floor. Izuku pulls back, reaching over the bedside table to grab the packet of condoms and lube which they’ve brought beforehand. He fully takes off his shirt, ripping the packet with his teeth.

“Do we even need lube, Kacchan?"

Izuku opens the bottle, experimentally putting it on his fingers and pushing them inside Katsuki again. The blonde had already come once so they ended up using that earlier instead, better safe than sorry though. He shifts on his knees, unzipping his pants and taking out his dick, tapping against the blonde’s knee as if to tell him to spread his legs wider.

“You’re slow,”


Katsuki clicks his tongue, sitting up to grab the ripped packet from Izuku.

“Sit down,”

And when the other did, he got on his knees, lips pressed against the other’s dick. He’s never done this before but he knows how it works. It kind of irked him how Izuku was holding back as well so he’d hate it if the other came to him crying later. He softly sucks the tip, one hand on the shaft moving up and down. When he feels a hand press against his cheek he looks up, red eyes glaring.


Izuku hums, lips pressed into a thin line, a bit flushed. Unexpected, really unexpected. Perhaps he should do the same process they did today so that Katsuki would do this for him again. He also wonders if the blonde would agree if he asked nicely. Then again, maybe he’d just get slapped on the face — or another blow job. It’ll be worth the risk.

Katsuki’s mouth is hot and tight. Izuku finds it cute how he tries to glare but ends up with slightly teary eyes every time he receives a smile. The blonde slowly bobs his head up and down, Izuku a bit tempted to thrust. Maybe Katsuki would get mad? He brushes a finger against the other’s cheek, biting his lip when he feels his dick hit the back of Katsuki’s throat. Izuku experimentally thrusts once, twice, earning a loud muffled moan from the other before the blonde releases him with a plop.

“Bastard, I fucking hate you—“

Yes, because you just casually suck the dick of the person you hate. Izuku's way too accustomed to this kind of treatment at this point. He watches as Katsuki plays with the tip for a while, putting the condom on him and rolling it down up to the base. They’ve never tried sex without one before. Perhaps it’d get messy, maybe it’d feel better but for now, this was sufficient for the both of them. It’d also be a pain to cleanout. Izuku didn’t want Katsuki to go through all the trouble; he simply wanted him to feel pleasure.

“Lie down,”

Not being needed to be told twice, Katsuki takes off his shirt and gets on his back.

Izuku then sits up, positioning himself near the other, trying to get as close as he could.

“Hold your legs up, Kaccha—good boy,”


With this, it’ll be the fourth time I put it in him.



Katsuki lets out a shaky mewl when Izuku slowly starts to enter him, tears streaming down his face. Izuku wonders if the other is aware of the change in his speech. It isn’t anything bad. Rather, it kind of turns him on even more. He watches as Katsuki tries to take him in, the blonde’s eyes closed and his cheeks flushed from both embarrassment and the heat. He prepared him well earlier but because of his size, perhaps it was still a bit difficult.

Maybe that’s why he’s crying?


“Does it hurt, Kacchan?”

“No, it doesn’t— ghnn—ah!”

Izuku licks his lips, pushing a few inches inside the other, watching how red eyes widened in both pleasure and surprise. Katsuki’s arms are shaking a bit and Izuku leans over for an apologetic kiss on the cheek. The blonde likes to kiss, that is no secret. He also likes biting in retaliation to when he’s getting fucked too hard and leaving marks while they’re at it. It's a pain to explain but he always gets away with bug bites since everyone thinks he isn’t that type to get in a physical relationship.

“Looks like you’re feeling good,”

Katsuki lets out a long slutty mewl when Izuku sinks in him all the way through, burying himself inside the other up to the hilt. Izuku pulls back his hips, giving the other long, slow thrusts, waiting for him to adjust. Katsuki looks good like that— his crying face, he means.

The blonde always looks pretty but at times like these— when he’s blushing, when he’s showing him that begging look but barely saying anything… That face he comes with pulling him close, asking for a kiss… Then Izuku’s unable to resist, unable to think. He’s simply doing as told, rubbing and licking, trying to make him feel good.


I got hooked.


“Kacchan’s so tight,”

Izuku huffs, picking up the pace and going faster. Katsuki’s moans fill up the room, arms trying to cover his face to no avail. It feels good to know that they are each other’s firsts. It kind of made him want to become a bit evil, play a trick or two, his mischievous side coming out. Then again, Katsuki would get mad. The larger male exerts a bit more force, the blonde turning his way.

“W-Wait, I-Izu—“

Then comes the loud sobs, Katsuki’s arms extending out for him.

A hug perhaps?

Izuku leans over, letting the other wrap his arms around him. He’s a bit in a daze now, they both are. That’s bad, really bad. Snap out of it, Izuku. Don’t lose control while you’re at it. The last thing he wants to do is to make this turn into something that was purely about sex. More affectionate, gentler, gentler

Katsuki likes being held close. He likes being reassured and he liked being praised.

“So good, Kacchan,”


“I like you,”


“I like you so much,”


Izuku looks down to see Katsuki, both of the blonde’s hands holding his cheeks. The other is biting his lips, restraining his moans before he gets pulled closer, closer, and closer until their foreheads touch. It's an unspoken rule, really. Katsuki never said it back. It felt kind of disappointing on Izuku’s behalf but he never points it out, satisfied with the flimsy relationship they had.


There’s that uneasy feeling again.


The blonde is a whimpering, moaning mess under Izuku by the end of it all. His hands are wandering everywhere, from the other’s hair, his cheeks, shoulders, wrapped around his neck—trying to hold him close while mumbling Izuku’s name over and over again. It becomes a hard, rapid pace and Katsuki feels his brain disorienting when the larger male continues to hit his prostate over and over again.

Izuku’s trying to be considerate and it pisses Katsuki off. He knows the other could go faster than that, harder, deeper

“I…I’m gonna…ahh—ahh—ahghnn—“

“Hmm? What is it Kacchan?”

Too fucked to even speak, felt too good to even think, pleasure running from the tips of his fingers down to his toes. Izuku’s gotten good at it and it brought both a prideful and dreadful feeling to Katsuki. The blonde openly moans, their lower halves squelching from all the cum he’s dripping. It’s an erotic sight and Izuku likes seeing his childhood friend like this—a complete mess because of him.

Izuku brushes Katsuki’s hair back, waiting for him to speak.

“I’m…gonna… cum—“

Spoken between choked sobs.

Izuku lets out a small smile, picking up the pace for the other, giving Katsuki fast bursts of thrusts against the prostate until he sees him squirm, hips buckling, finally given release as his soft spot is thoroughly abused. Katsuki’s back slightly arches off the bed, legs wrapped around Izuku in reflex. Katsuki’s trying to catch his breath and the other simply holds him in an assuring way, letting him come down from his high.

Just as when Izuku is about to pull out, Katsuki tightens his legs around the other.

“Wait, you haven’t cum yet,”

Izuku hums in reply. There isn’t really any need for that; as long as Katsuki feels good then that was enough. Figuring that was the case, the blonde frowns, all but grabbing Izuku until they’re close to each other again, foreheads touching, his arms wrapped around his neck. Izuku laughs because he’s found himself in this position quite a few times now this month.

“You can do it until you feel satisfied,”


Katsuki flushes, feeling a bit mad since he knows that Izuku is doing this on purpose—pretending not to understand that is. There’s no way someone as smart as him couldn’t figure this out, right!? Then again, the way his childhood friend looks at him gently and tilts his head to the side innocently… he kind of likes. He won’t admit that in person though. When a few seconds pass and Katsuki’s all but pouting, Izuku chuckles as he presses a kiss against his cheek.


“Alright, let’s do it until we’re both satisfied, Kacchan,”

See. Told you.

Katsuki hums in reply, telling Izuku to kiss him properly this time.


As expected, he's still not going to say it back.


Mina rests her cheek on one palm, eyes following the pair that just entered the room.

“Man, Midori’s so dreamy,”

A statement that makes Katsuki flinch on his seat. Ochako and Momo nod in agreement while Kirishima blinks, following his friend’s line of sight. Kaminari raises a brow, continuing to eat his lunch while Sero stares at the pair as well, wondering what's going on. Oh right, Izuku isn’t eating with them today since he has an errand to run. Perhaps that errand was… Katsuki’s eyebrow twitch, glaring at his childhood friend who's lining up, back turned at him.

Izuku had a growth spurt during their second-year; imagine everyone’s surprise when they saw him in a towering height taller than Shoji when he returned to the dorm after the summer break. He acts the same as always although he looked a tad bit different. Everyone seems to notice him more now; more attention, more admirers, more fans, and more people wanting to date him. I mean... Why wouldn’t they? The male is good looking and one of the top three.

“Look at that—look, look, look—“

Mina points towards the hand pressed against the girl’s lower back, gently escorting her away from the crowd. It wasn’t that the action is unfamiliar, their classmate has always been kind and gentle, always looking after girls—they are first-hand witnesses on that. Every female who’s been in the same class could vouch that Midoriya Izuku has always been a gentleman. Mina groans, a bit jealous that their Midoriya is being stolen away.

“She’s so lucky,”

Ochako sighs unconsciously and at this point no one’s even trying to tease her because You have a crush on Midoriya!? Hah. Well, understandable. She kind of wishes that she confessed back during their first-year but then again, a lot of things were happening and it’s kind of hypocritical to regret it now. During girl talks, first-years to third-years— Midoriya Izuku’s name is bound to come up at least once. That was how popular he was.

“I know right!? Midori’s a dreamboat. Say it with me dreamboat,”

Mina raises her hand, emphasizing each word. Kirishima elbows Sero who is sitting next to him before they both chuckle, noticing their friend’s despair. It's kind of obvious how Katsuki’s emotions would get so sensitive when it came to the other. Perhaps it's because they're childhood friends or whatnot but he feels so irritated whenever Izuku does something. It isn't even a specific something.

Katsuki presses his lips into a thin line when Deku gently smiles at the girl he's with.

“Sad that your childhood friend’s getting girls before you, Bakugo?”

“I don’t fucking care, shitty hair,”

Beside him, Kaminari groans.

“Man, popular guys are so different. I knew they weren’t bug bites,”

Referring to the marks on their classmate’s skin they saw during the last time they changed at the locker room together. Izuku said that they were bug bites from practicing outside way too much and they believed it since he isn’t the type to lie in the first place. Also, this was Midoriya. Midoriya was supposed to be pure, gentle, sweet— Kaminari’s eyebrows knit together when an idea popped up in his head.

“Yo, so does that mean, Midoriya’s not a virgin anymore!?”

“Before us!? Lucky bastard—“

“I don’t think it’s good to talk about him like this. He might hear us, guys,”

The girls flush at the topic, Mina the only one who seemed to be really, really, interested. It isn’t unusual to have relationships since they are third years. Also, they are heroes. Heroes are popular and wanted. Their jobs expose them to various individuals so what if—

“Did Midoriya-san save her and they became acquainted?”

Momo’s cliché prompt from reading way too many romantic novels. Ochako squeaks, holding her flushed cheeks while Mina squeals in excitement. Kirishima nods because if it’s Midoriya it seemed entirely plausible. The guy is super manly after all. The epitome of the perfect hero and as everyone says, the second coming of All Might, the next symbol of peace. The conversation is starting to get a bit heated up before they see the two settle down on an empty seat on the other side of the room.

“They’re dating, I just know it,”

“A-A-A Girlfriend!?”

Without even telling her and Iida!? Ochako’s shocked and scandalized.

“I mean… look at the way they’re acting,”

Smiling at each other. Check! Giggling and laughing without a care in the world. Check! Standing so close that their shoulders are brushing. Check! Eating lunch together in the cafeteria. Check! Sacrificing a meal with your friends just to be with a girl. Check!

“See, she’s even wiping the food off her face— smooth, this girl got game,”

“Quite the calculating type,”

“Woah, isn’t she a second-year!? The ultra bishoujou supermodel from Avex agency!?”

Sero whistles low while Kaminari looks like he's at his wit's end. Midoriya has a girlfriend and a hot one on top of that. Maybe he’d try muscle training more. Act more like Midoriya. Smile gently, be more considerate, kind, patient, sweet, perfect— as expected, it’s impossible. That kind of discipline isn’t something you’d gain from training. That was natural. This guy was scary, goddamit.

“Since he has a hickey, Midori might’ve given her one as well, ne?”

“Hmm… maybe. There were quite a few on him,”

“Doesn’t that mean that Midoriya-kun is—“

“Yo, what if it turns out that he’s a complete 180 in bed?”

“Hero in the streets, villain in the—“

Katsuki grits his teeth, standing up from his seat, utensils clattering on the table. There’s a moment of silence, his friends looking shocked, staring at him before they snap out of their stupor, asking him what's wrong. The blonde clicks his tongue, red eyes glaring, hands so tightly clenched his nails are digging on the palm of his hand.



Are we in a relationship? Are we not?


Katsuki has never been the type to care about his looks.

Unlike Kaminari and Sero, he didn’t dress up to impress girls. He didn’t care if they thought that all black was tacky because he’d just curse them out. He wasn’t the type to care about other people’s opinions. Wasn’t the type to compare himself to others, but he was all that when it came to fucking Deku.

Ever since their first year in high school, no, even before that— wondering and wondering how on earth a stupid nerd could stand on the same stage as him. How he could do that and why people would praise him when Katsuki was obviously better, stronger, faster; always comparing and comparing and wondering why. Why and how’d this guy grow so much in such a short period of time? It was a frustrating feeling, one he’d bottle up and one Izuku would accept with a sad, assuring smile.

Fucking Deku’s fucking pushing himself again.

The girl next to Izuku is beautiful. So painfully beautiful that everyone’s staring.

They kept saying how it was understandable, how of course she’d fall for Midoriya and how Midoriya would obviously be attracted to her. A perfect pair— suitable for each other, and as Izuku stands close to her Katsuki could feel his blood start to boil. He’d smile at her with those lips; lips he’d kissed a few days ago. The hands on her back are the ones he held throughout the night, carefully and gently brushing his hair until he fell asleep.  Hickeys… Those fucking hickeys…

Those were from him goddammit!

“Midoriya Izuku,”

Everyone freezes, Kirishima and Kaminari sending each other panicked looks. Ochako’s trying to look somewhere else while Mina slowly backs away, grabbing Momo and Jiro’s arm. They're waiting for class 3-B to finish, watching their friends finish packing up so that they could go back to their dorm together— it was the same arrangement during their first year although their classes were shuffled.

Apparently, class 3-B’s doing a rescue mission with the support department and the girl was assigned to Midoriya as a partner. It still didn’t explain why she’s currently in their classroom though. Mineta is glaring daggers at the pair— a clear indication of jealousy. Todoroki sighs because former class 1-A knows exactly where this is going. Even Kendo and Monoma who were formerly class 2-B with Midoriya and Katsuki look nervous.

“Ah, Bakugo-kun! Midoriya’s still talking with his partner about their gears!”

Way to go, Iida.

Ochako’s hands flail, gesturing at her friend to shut his mouth. Everyone exits the room, aware of what is happening while Izuku and his partner are busy. Two desks are next to each other, the girl leaning very close, her chest pressed against the table, eyes staring at Izuku who is explaining. Is collaboration with the support department supposed to be this intimate? The other partners had already left a few minutes ago.

“Midoriya-kun is a bit busy with his beau,”

Someone curses fucking Aoyama under their breath. There’s tension in the air and Kaminari’s sweating. Sero tries to grab Katsuki’s arm saying let’s just leave before he gets shrugged off, crackles in the air. Of course, they’d tell him that Midoriya was busy, Katsuki called him out just a few seconds ago after all. It wasn’t their fault. For some reason, it did feel like it though. Iida sweatdrops as he's pushed down the hallway by his classmates leaving Katsuki, Izuku, and the girl alone.


“So is it possible to make this part lighter? I think that it’ll make it move faster and improve its overall balance—“


Izuku blinks, looking up from his desk to see a scowling Katsuki standing at the door. For some reason, the classroom’s already emptied out. He didn’t really notice. Perhaps he was too deep into explaining.

“Ah, Kacchan! Wait a sec, I’ll—should we talk about this later, Juri?”

Juri. Ayanokouji Juri, age 18, Avex model, UA Support Course, Quirk: Love Eyes, Mina’s told me everything about you, you fucking bitch. He didn't even need to ask, the girl just supplied him with the information. Anyway, why is he calling her using her first name? It’d be understandable if it was a classmate but even round face was still referred to as Uraraka-san when they’ve known each other since their first year.

“It's fine Midoriya-senpai, send me a message later?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll make sure to send in the details once I finish it!”

Midoriya-senpai!? Katsuki’s eyebrow twitch; noticing the slight blush on the male’s face after being called such. This guy likes it. This guy fucking likes it. The nerve. When Izuku snaps out of his daze, he awkwardly laughs, flinching a bit at the glare that's directed at him. He hastily packs up his things, sending his childhood friend a worried glance. How long has he been standing there?

And why on earth is he so nervous!? Izuku presses his lips into a thin line. It almost feels like he was caught doing something bad. Like he was cheating— but then again, they weren’t even dating in the first place so that wasn’t possible. It still made him sweat bullets though. Not even a hundred-meter dash could do that to him.


He tries to smile, walking towards the male but all he could is stiffen up timidly at the look he's receiving. This is worse than the explosions; Izuku might actually prefer explosions for once. This is nerve-wracking and the tension felt like it could be cut by a knife. The girl blinks, noticing Katsuki who is present. There are rumors saying that the two aren’t close but someone you’re not close with wouldn’t be waiting this long, correct?

“What’s wrong?”

Ah, there it is again. Worried Izuku.

“Nothing’s wrong,”

Katsuki tosses his bag towards the other, Izuku confused but catching it nonetheless.

“You go back first. I have a bone to pick with this girl,”


“Ehh!? Me?”

Izuku turns his head to look at Juri anxiously and it makes Katsuki grit his teeth. Why are you worried about her!? The blonde grabs the larger male’s arm, pushing him out of the room. He wasn’t going to do anything, Izuku was making it seem like he was going to beat up the girl with his questions asking— A-Are you gonna fight!? Is this a fight, Kacchan!?  And statements saying, I wasn’t doing anything bad, I promise! Tough luck, Katsuki isn’t a tad bit convinced.

The door slams shut, the support course student standing tensely next to Izuku’s desk.



“How long have you been Deku’s partner?”

“Ehh? Uhmm… Ever since we got back from summer vacation and were assigned together,”

Ah, exactly a week then. Izuku didn’t even bother telling him. Katsuki didn’t really know that support course students had collaborations with third years. Their class wasn’t doing it yet so he just assumed that it wouldn’t be any different from the other. Katsuki narrows his eyes at the girl, watching her smile and mention how Izuku talked about him before. Good. It meant the shitty nerd was thinking about him while he was with her.

“That’s not a very long time. To be Deku’s partner, I mean,”

“Ahh, yes. It’s only been a week. The activity won’t end until—“


He cuts her off and the girl flinches, her entire body shaking as red eyes glare at her with such intensity.

This is UA’s top two, a few points behind Midoriya Izuku, loosening his collar, tugging it to the side, and showing her the red patch on his pale neck.

There are a few more if she wants to see them. They’re all from Izuku as well and they’re the real deal, Bakugo Katsuki snarling—

“Don’t let your fucking guard down just because I’m a man."


Kacchan makes things complicated and confusing, I don't understand.


Izuku is near the entry hall of UA, holding Katsuki’s bag.

His back is pressed against the wall, wondering how their conversation went. He can only think of one reason why the other would want to talk to Juri— he somehow assumed that there was something going on between them. Izuku thought that it’d be bad for him to assume that Katsuki was jealous. That’d be too confident of him and it isn’t like that at all! Maybe… Just maybe… Maybe Katsuki thought that something was indeed happening. I mean, you’d get mad if your sex friend gets around right? Not that he was getting around but hey, he’d also feel bad if that happened to the other.

“Oh, Juri—“

He blinks when he sees the tears in the girl’s eyes, Juri only sparing a glance before she runs towards the gate. He made her cry. Kacchan did or said something to make her cry. I mean, Izuku kind of forgot how scary the blonde was since he saw him way too often. With Katsuki’s public image and quirk, of course, non-hero course students would be terrified. He's just about to run after her when he hears someone call out to him.


Katsuki snarls, looking like a dog that was made to wait way too much. His eyebrows are furrowed, looking like he's going to snap. Izuku presses his lips into a thin line, about to speak before the blonde started again.

“Run after her and we’re over,”

How mean.

He kind of expected it from Katsuki though. Always blunt and rough, making him pick between difficult choices. Izuku grits his teeth before he tosses Katsuki’s bag back to him, running after the girl, intent on talking and apologizing. He kind of understood now judging by his childhood friend’s expression. It’d be bad to leave Juri like that as well.

Katsuki, on the other hand, can handle himself.

Red eyes glaze over, arms around his bag growing weak as he watches the other walk away.

Stupid Deku! Stupid, useless, dumb—

It didn’t take long before the tears arrive. He doesn’t really cry that much and it's a bit ironic how most of those moments are around Izuku, about Izuku, and with Izuku. It kind of feels like he's getting stabbed, kind of like he had just finished running a mile and now he’s out of breath, kind of like they just broke up—Impossible since they weren’t even dating in the first place. Impossible since Deku doesn’t even…

“I like you,”

Fucking liar. Scum. Asshole. Deku’s the fucking worst—

Tears drip down Katsuki’s cheeks and chin, his head held down and not even looking forward. His hands are shaking around his bag and there are muffled sobs held back by gritted teeth, trying to be brave. Of course, Izuku would choose her over him. Juri is pretty, they fit each other perfectly. It's understandable how he’d prefer a woman; someone soft and delicate, unscarred, sweet, kind, loving, someone who could provide a family…


A muffled voice, a bit choked up. Katsuki looks up to see a flushed Izuku standing in front of him.

“I…I finished apologizing to… Ayanokouji-san…”

He changed the way he addressed her, huh.

The other had obviously just finished running and came back, his tie a bit disheveled— it always happened whenever he ran, the blonde knew. He’s not given the chance to hide his face because before he knows it, Izuku had already closed the distance between them; hands cupping his cheeks and making him look up at him. The worst, this guy is the worst—



Fuck him and his gentle hands. That worried expression on his face and those eyes that look like they're hoping for something. Midoriya Izuku ought to be the death of him at some point.

“I like you,”

Fucking thought you left me behind.

Izuku hums in reply, using his fingers to wipe away Katsuki’s tears, a kiss on the cheek.

“I like you too, Kacchan,”

The larger male is smiling and the blonde’s not pleased. A few more tears escape his eyes.

“You should’ve told me earlier, Kacchan,”

“We had sex. Do you think I have sex with someone I don’t like, you fucker?”

“Hmm… Well, no. But it’s good to have confirmation, right?”

Katsuki is about to curse him out when Izuku noticed, immediately leaning over to shut him up.


It seems like he does like me after all. He should've said it sooner.


“Midoriya-senpai’s so nice,”

Mina turns to look at her support class partner, eyes as wide as dinner plates. Beside her, Kaminari’s choking on his juice box, Sero and Kirishima just as tense. Ochako looks concerned while Momo sighs. Here we go again. At least Katsuki’s not on this table, if he heard this he might blow a fuse again just like last time.


“That senpai has a lover,”

“A really, really, scary lover,”

“A monster,”

“Geez, Kaminari. Bakugou’s not that bad—“

Kaminari turns to his friend with a look saying You think so!? They had first-hand experience of that erupting jealousy, also kind of their fault but still. He honestly doesn’t think that anyone other than Izuku could handle Katsuki. No offense to their friend but he was kind of difficult to deal with sometimes. And now that they think about it, a tsundere-type of person definitely suited Izuku more! Brought out his charms and all plus Katsuki needs someone capable of handling his explosions.

“I’m glad that they’re finally together,”

Ochako says, smiling when she sees Izuku and Katsuki enter the cafeteria together. They look good together, really.

“I know right,”


“Fucking Finally,”

“Took them what? Like three years?”

“I knew there was sexual tension after all—“

Everyone freezes at Sero’s words, trying to process them.

“I mean… I couldn’t really understand why Bakugou always got mad at Midoriya. Turns out he was just in love all this time, huh? He didn’t get jealous with the hickeys so I wondered why he got mad at Ayanokouji hahaha—”

Their friend’s laughter fades into the background before one conclusion emerged.

“Those were from Bakugou!?”


I'm so glad.