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She's my (Girl)friend

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“So let me get this straight.” Alex squinted at Kara and Lena in confusion. “You guys weren’t actually dating before?”

“No.” Kara answered.

“Even though everyone, and I mean literally everyone,” Alex stressed the word “thought you two were?”

Kara blushed slightly, ducking her head, a sight that Lena thought was painfully adorable. “That’s right.”

“But you are now?” Alex turned to gaze at Lena.

“Yes!” Kara beamed excitedly before quickly turning to Lena. “I mean...we are actually dating now, right?”

Lena rolled her eyes affectionately. “Yes dear, we are actually dating.”

Alex stared back and forth between the two women trying to process everything before frowning and turning to face Kara. “So wait, if you guys weren’t together after Crisis, why did you introduce Lena as your girlfriend?”

Kara blushed even harder, face turning a deep red. “It’s...I...people say that in a platonic sense, you know!” She tried to defend herself.

Alex gaped at her sister. “Yeah, when you’re like, fifty-six, not twenty-six!”

“Thank you!” Lena threw her hands up into the air. “That’s what I said to her as well!”

“Oh Kara,” Alex shook her head, grinning at her sister, trying not to laugh. “How on earth did you miss the fact that Lena was being your girlfriend for three weeks? I mean you guys spent how many nights together?” She squinted, turning to face Lena. “Help me out here.”

Lena crossed her arms in bemusement. “I lost track after four.”

“Christ.” Alex rolled her eyes.

Kara, to her credit, was still blushing horribly. “Babe, you’re not helping.”

“Oh and the pet names!” Alex jumped to the next thing. “I swear to god, every other word out of Lena’s mouth was ‘darling’ this and ‘darling’ that. Did that not make you think something was up?”

It was Lena’s turn to frown. “It wasn’t every other word.”

“You did kind of say it alot.” Kara admitted, looking over at Lena.

Lena arched an eyebrow at Kara. “You realize saying that just makes it look worse on you for not noticing, right?”

Kara gaped at Lena for a second before turning back to Alex. “It wasn’t every other word.” She said quickly, laughing nervously.

Alex laughed, shaking her head in disbelief. “Whatever, as long as you two are happy.”

Kara’s face broke out into a smile as she turned to look at Lena, reaching out to take her hand. Lena quickly took Kara’s hand into her own and gave it a squeeze, smiling back as her heart stuttered in her chest. “We are.” Kara said, not looking at Alex.

Lena didn’t say anything, just nodded in agreement as she brought their entwined hands up to her lips to gently kiss Kara’s knuckles, who blushed furiously.

“Gross.” Alex rolled her eyes at the action, though her tone was still teasing. “Anyway, I’m gonna head out. I need to call Kelly.”

“Oh.” Kara frowned at her sister. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Alex nodded as she headed for the door. “I just have this weird urge to make sure that we’re actually dating and I’m not just assuming that we are. Normal shit, you know?”

Alex didn’t receive an answer as she ducked out of Kara’s apartment laughing, narrowly dodging the throw pillow Kara threw in her direction.