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Responsibility has always been one of Lan Zhan’s core values. He always completes assignments on time. He never makes a promise he can’t keep. All of his bills are on auto-pay.

The most irresponsible thing he’s ever done is fall in love with Wei Ying.

He wants to lie and say he doesn’t even remember how they started being friends with benefits, but that would just be blatantly untrue. He remembers everything about Wei Ying. He remembers meeting him the first week of classes, of running into him at parties his brother forced him to attend because he wanted him to socialize, remembers the project that brought him to Wei Ying’s dorm room.

Remembers the way his mouth tasted the first time Wei Ying rashly pressed his mouth against Lan Zhan’s, as if he wasn’t sure how Lan Zhan was going to react when really Lan Zhan had been thinking about what it would take to even ask someone like Wei Ying out on a date.

Not that he had to worry about that since Wei Ying had no interest in that. Even though they had been fucking pretty steadily for the entirety of the first year without any mention. Wei Ying didn’t make any mention of grabbing dinner or dates or feelings.

Lan Zhan sometimes felt them tilting on the edge of things, but then Wei Ying would always pull back, and although he was the one considered cold and harsh it was Wei Ying’s mask that would pull down between them with a forced laugh or overexaggerated move that never reached his eyes.

They’re lying in post amazing round of sex - because although Lan Zhan is getting frustrated with the way things are moving, he can’t deny the sex is amazing - when Wei Ying brings it up for the first time.

Wei Ying props himself up on one hand, gazing down at Lan Zhan and drawing a finger up his side and softly circling his nipple in a way that’s making him shiver when he says, “Have you ever gone in raw?”

Lan Zhan presses his lips together and tries not to react to that in a way that gives away the swoop in his gut. Truthfully, before Wei Ying, he’d never had sex at all. It’s not that he’d not had the chance, it’s just he had never been even interested before he had met Wei Ying. His soft hair, the red of his lips, everything had pulled Lan Zhan towards him.

In situations like this though he found that often the simplest answer was the easiest, so he shakes his head and let’s Wei Ying continue.

“I’ve been thinking about it. And if you want, to come in me. I want that. I’d like that a lot actually,” and Wei Ying isn’t meeting his gaze and rambling a little, “I mean, I get tested every month so I can show my latest round of work, if you show me yours?”

Ding. Another dent in Lan Zhan’s armor of responsibility. How could he not think to get tested? Also, Lan Zhan continued thinking, Wei Ying got tested every month? But they had already been at it for close to six months. The sour feeling in Lan Zhan’s stomach continued, but of course it would make sense for Wei Ying to get tested if he wasn’t the only one he was sleeping with.

He feels Wei Ying is still talking, but he feels a little separated from the conversation. Aside from the dread in his gut, he wants to do what Wei Ying is asking of him. Sex with Wei Ying is amazing, but he has wondered what it would feel like, what it would look like, to be inside Wei Ying with nothing in between them.

Wei Ying has stopped talking and is now looking nervously at him. For someone who tries to block off his emotions he can be a remarkably open book sometimes, with wide eyes and chewing on his lip. The hand that had been on Lan Zhan pulling away.

He turns to Wei Ying on the bed so they’re face to face and can’t resist leaning in to put his mouth on him, feeling him melt a little in his arms, the worry fade away. “We can do this,” Lan Zhan says, “First I must get my results, and I will provide them to you.”

Wei Ying giggles a little in glee, and Lan Zhan loves to see it.


Getting tested is a bit of an uncomfortable experience. He feels like everyone in the office can see right through him, feels like he’s wearing a sign that says, ”Hello, my friends with benefits who I happen to be in love with wants me to come in his ass. I might be one of many that has the privilege, but it cannot at this point stop me." He tells himself that it’s a perfectly, safe, normal thing to get tested and that he has no reason to be ashamed, but still he feels a bit of a blush when his name gets called out - almost like he wants to hush them.

It will take a couple of days for him to get his full results, not that he’s expecting anything considering Wei Ying’s tests were clean and he’s the only one he’s shared this piece of him with. They’re still fucking close to every day, but when before Lan Zhan barely even noticed the condom now it feel suffocating. It feels like the one thing standing between him and true happiness, or in this case, fucking Wei Ying bare.

It doesn’t help that Wei Ying can never shut his fucking mouth, and every time he’s inside him all he hears is about how good it will feel when there’s nothing between them or how badly Wei Ying wants his come. It’s excruciating.

He’s been checking for his results every morning, and an incredibly long week after his testing his results are in. They’re negative of course and he snaps a picture of them and sends them to Wei Ying immediately. He just responds with about a dozen water drop emojis and an overheated face much to Lan Zhan’s confusion.

Do you need me to bring water to class? Are you thirsty?

Did you see my results? He wants to add, but holds off. Wei Ying’s wellbeing is the priority.

THIRSTY FOR THAT DICK ! Wei Ying replies, and Lan Zhan struggles not to blush at his new understanding. He sighs and sends back a quick message to Wei Ying before pocketing his phone and beginning his morning meditations.

I will see you tonight, Wei Ying.


Lan Zhan doesn’t even get properly through the door before Wei Ying is on him, jumping into his arms even though he’s not a small man but Lan Zhan catches him, and they press against the wall kissing almost violently.

“Oh, fuck, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying pants as Lan Zhan lowers his head to bite at his throat, the delicate skin there always tempting him so thoroughly that he has to bite, has to clench his teeth into it. “You’re so good, how are you always so good?”

Wei Ying is already making no sense minutes into this and he hears the pop of seams as Wei Ying wrestles with Lan Zhan’s clothes, trying to get him naked, kiss him, and feel for his cock all at the same time.

Lan Zhan feels almost as unhinged as he does, blood pounding as he guides them to Wei Ying’s bedroom. The door slams open and they arrive disheveled, Wei Ying has his head and one arm out of his sweater, fly open and pants shimmying off, while Lan Zhan’s pants are completely off (Wei Ying has specific aims) but his sweater has just been rucked up over his head so Wei Ying can mouth at his chest.

Wei Ying has the most intense look in his eyes he’s ever seen and Lan Zhan again feels that twinge of jealousy for anyone who has seen it before. He shakes his head and tries to put it to the back of his head tossing (delicately taking off and placing on a chair) his sweater off while Wei Ying is shaking loose the last bit of his clothing and hopping backwards onto the bed, opening his arms wide for Lan Zhan to join him.

Lan Zhan still has his boxers in the way, but with all of Wei Ying on display he gets distracted and comes towards him, helpless to resist the pull of him. When he reaches Wei Ying he wraps his limbs around Lan Zhan and a hand drops down to fondle at his erection, “Is that for me?”

Lan Zhan wants to snort at the ridiculousness of the question, he doesn’t know for who else it would be. But when he looks in Wei Ying’s eyes, it suddenly feels important that he know, “Yes.”

Wei Ying flips over on the bed and swiftly hands Lan Zhan the lube, tilting his hips back for Lan Zhan to enter him. While part of Lan Zhan wants to see Wei Ying’s face when they do this, another prideful part realizes that it might be too much, the sensation and the feeling, and he wants to please Wei Ying, make this as good as he’s been hoping for.

Lan Zhan rubs the lube between his fingers before entering Wei Ying with two, knows he can handle the stretch, especially with the way he pushes his hips back, forcing more of Lan Zhan’s fingers into him faster. The prep is minimal before Wei Ying is begging, “Please, please Lan Zhan, I can’t take it. I can’t live another minute without your cock inside me. I want your come, oh god, please.”

Lan Zhan swallows and rubs a hand down Wei Ying’s back, trying to calm him as he enters him. As soon as the head of his cock is pressed against Wei Ying, Wei Ying goes boneless his body melting into the bed while his hips stay tilted up by the help of Lan Zhan’s hand.

Lan Zhan has himself in hand, pressing his cock slowly into Wei Ying’s entrance conscious of how little prep they had, knowing it must be pressing him so full. Lan Zhan gazes down at where his cock is sliding into Wei Ying how the little pink hole stretches around his bare cock and swallows him in, an intimate kiss.

With a grunt, Lan Zhan gives up the game and thrusts the rest of the way into Wei Ying, hearing his surprised noise turn into a moan as Lan Zhan pulls out and repeats the move, rutting into Wei Ying bare. Lan Zhan pulls Wei Ying’s hips back into the thrusts and Wei Ying starts running his mouth again, “Lan Zhan, it’s so perfect, I feel so full of you, oh god you have to do it, you have to come inside me, put your baby in me Lan Zhan - oh -”

Wei Ying’s words are sending him somewhere out of body to the point where he almost doesn’t hear the last part, but when he processes it, hears Wei Ying beg for him to come inside of him, for his baby -

Lan Zhan groans and fucks into Wei Ying so hard they move up the bed and Lan Zhan has to chase him a little, hands moving up to his shoulders to pull him back onto his cock again and again, his hips slapping into him with an obscene sound that fills the room in counter rhythm to Wei Ying’s moans and words.

“Oh, you’re going to make me so full of you, there’s no way I won’t get knocked up, not when you’re so perfect Lan Zhan, so good, so perfect, I’ll be so round with you here - “

Lan Zhan keeps thrusting, his whole cock pressed tight inside Wei Ying, he grinds into him hearing how Wei Ying wails as he presses into him deep. Rubbing inside him bare, Wei Ying searing against him.

Lan Zhan wants to make Wei Ying happy, but he’s just a man, with the man he loves writhing on his cock and speaking every filth imaginable, so he’s close to the edge already. He reaches for Wei Ying’s cock to pull him off, but Wei Ying practically sobs out a, “No!”

Lan Zhan pulls back like he’s been doused in cold water, even starting to pull out from Wei Ying before Wei Ying says, “You first, oh god - please Lan Zhan, come in me, get me wet with you.” He nearly growls at this and presses close to Wei Ying his legs coming out to bracket Wei Ying, getting as physically intimate as he can, draping over his whole back to finally see Wei Ying’s face and it destroys him.

Wei Ying’s eyes are a little blurry with tears, his entire face flushed red going down to his chest, he doesn’t look like he can even breathe properly, little hitched gasps coming from his throat - probably already raw from the talking and yelling he’s been doing. And with that Lan Zhan takes the last of his pleasure from Wei Ying, kissing him and pressing tight until he’s gasping too. His release making his hips jerk inside Wei Ying, feels himself spill out into Wei Ying.

Wei Ying’s eyes go wide, and it’s not even one breath before he’s spilling out onto his sheets and collapsing.

Lan Zhan pulls out slowly, not wanting to hurt Wei Ying after their rough coupling and feels his belly still warm with desire at the way Wei Ying shines with his spend. Wei Ying is already asleep and Lan Zhan can’t help but let his lips curl softly at the image he presents.

It’s therefore incredibly unfortunate that Lan Zhan realizes at that moment that they can never do this again.

The half smile that adorned his face is now a frown. Wei Ying has other options, whereas Wei Ying is the only one Lan Zhan wants. If he leaves his heart will be safe, and Wei Ying will still have what he needs. He won’t have this anymore, but he can’t do what he did with Wei Ying here again and keep pretending he’s unaffected by the fact that what they have in this bedroom is the only thing they will have.

He stands up and pulls the covers over Wei Ying’s sleeping form, gathers his clothes, gets dressed - and leaves.


What follows is one of the most depressing weeks of Lan Zhan’s life.

In the middle of the night he starts getting messages from Wei Ying, probably him waking up and finding that he’s gone, and he tries not to picture Wei Ying alone, confused and cold.

where did you go is everything okay???

shit ur probably asleep nevermind i guess, call me in the morning NOT when u wake up

There’s a delay then later that day mid morning he gets a call. Of course they’re on a school break so there’s not even classes to distract him and he watches the phone ring and forces himself not to answer.

ok seriously is everything okay?? waking up with cum in my ass alone is not my favorite way to spend spring break although i’m sure it’s a tradition somewhere

Then later that evening other messages come.

i hope ur alright, call me, i’m worried about you

That one hurts. He doesn’t want Wei Ying to worry, but he never did until he disappeared. Lan Zhan puts his phone in a drawer after that and goes to bed, and doesn’t check it at all for the rest of the week. On Friday, when he turns it back on, there’s more missed calls, but the messages have turned from worried to angry.

i called ur brother since u don’t want to pick up my calls

he said there’s nothing wrong and that you came over as usual for your weekly dinner

Lan Zhan winces guiltily, he had forgotten Wei Ying knew his brother through his brother Jiang Cheng.

i guess i said some things i shouldn’t have said the other night. i didn’t mean to freak you out. we don’t have to do anything like that again if you don’t want to
could you at least pick up my call?

There’s several attempted missed calls in between here. Then more messages from yesterday.

u know what u make mse cooo craazzzty whyyyy lan zhan
ismsd ssoos sadds

Lan Zhan frowns at the messages, wondering why Wei Yings typing skills had decreased dramatically. When he gets to the last message though, Lan Zhan feels panic creep up inside him, it’s dated not too long ago and is a short sentence:

I’m coming over.


Lan Zhan doesn’t have much time to let anxiety overtake him because it’s minutes after he’s read the message, turning like Wei Ying might already be right over his shoulder, and looking around the apartment, realizing all the embarrassing things he’s not ready to share with Wei Ying yet - maybe will never be. It’s minutes after that there’s a sharp knock coming from his door.

Lan Zhan looks over and tries to breathe, it might not even be Wei Ying. It may be some other late evening visitor, or perhaps someone trying to sell him something?

“Who is it?” he says at the door, calm tone belying the frantic energy he’s feeling.

“Oh, just the guy whose ass you came in last week and you ditc-” Lan Zhan swings open the door, face aflame and looking nervously at the neighbors doors, Wei Ying takes advantage of the space to stride into Lan Wangji’s home and pauses as if taken aback by the space.

Lan Zhan feels like his ears may never return to their natural color from the embarrassment he’ll be forced to live today.
“Lan Zhan - is this really your apartment?” Asks Wei Ying, and Lan Zhan nods, trying to keep his composure and not see this through Wei Ying’s eyes.

He tries not to notice the soft wind chimes that better belong to someone two or three times his age, the fluffy white throw blankets that he has over his equally white couch for texture and comfort.

Then of course there’s the - “Bunnies!” Wei Ying says sprinting towards the cage, he usually has them loose but had just enough time to crate them before Wei Ying arrived.

“Lan Zhan, you have bunnies? And a mediation corner? What is this?” Wei Ying says, original purpose railroaded by being in Lan Zhan’s space.

“It is my home,” Lan Zhan says, and coughs a little when Wei Ying gives him a motion to continue. “The rabbits are childhood pets. And meditation is important for mental health.”

“And this?” Wei Ying says, holding up the mug of tea he had been drinking from, it’s a periwinkle blue cup with fluffy clouds on it.

“It is a mug,” Lan Zhan states. He doesn’t know what else it could be.

“Lan Zhan, are you secretly cute?” Wei Ying asks with more incredulity than Lan Zhan thinks appropriate.

“I have not been keeping secrets,” Lan Zhan says, and then reflects that maybe actually he has, but he’s not fully at fault. “You always wish to meet at your home. I could have made preparations.”

Wei Ying smiles at him and something twinges in Lan Zhan’s heart, he’s missed that smile. But when Wei Ying steps towards him Lan Zhan steps back and the smile falls. He knows it would be too easy to just forget everything that happened and fall back into bed with Wei Ying, but he just can’t do it anymore.

“Ah, right,” Wei Ying says, looking down and putting the mug back on the coffee table. He takes a deep breath and says what he’s been holding in since he walked in, “Lan Zhan, I am so sorry about what we did.”

Lan Zhan feels like he spends the majority of his life around Wei Ying confused, but this one honestly puts a little anger in the mix. “About...what we did?”

Wei Ying nods, “I realize now that it wasn’t okay, and I just really want to say I’m sorry.”

So, Lan Zhan and Wei Ying having intimate intense sex where Wei Ying said that he wanted to have Lan Zhan’s children wasn’t okay. And Wei Ying is sorry. Lan Zhan frowns harder than he thinks he ever has, and Wei Ying looks even more flustered at this.

“Did you think…?” Lan Zhan begins, and he’s not sure why he started talking without even knowing what he wanted to say, usually that’s Wei Ying’s gig. Maybe he’s getting the flu.

“Are you sorry I came in you?” Lan Zhan says finally after a moment, again thinking that the simplest question might be the easiest in this moment.

“Uh,” Wei Ying says, laughing a little uncomfortably and Lan Zhan, god help him, notices for not the first time how cute his teeth are, “Is that a trick question? I’m sorry that you’re sorry you came in me? I kind of liked the come, if the jizzing so hard I passed out wasn’t a clue.”

Wei Ying shakes his head, “Not sorry I came.”

At that Wei Ying looks ruffled, and a look of embarrassment overcomes his face, “Look, I know I said. I said a lot of things when we were.” Here Wei Ying makes a bed squeaking noise and inserts one his fingers into the fist of his other hand. “But, it doesn’t have to be like. A thing.”

Lan Zhan pauses for a moment, “Are you sorry you wanted my baby in you?”

Wei Ying looks like a match that’s been lit with how red his face is, “I’m sorry it made you hide in your apartment with your rabbits and not talk to me for a week while your brother told me you had red eyes like you’d been crying at dinner! I’m sorry I traumatized you out of my bed with my weird kinks! And I’m sorry that this blanket is so fuzzy that all I can think about is bringing it to bed with us while I do it again!”

Wei Ying finishes with a huff, and it’s just so typical of him to forget he came here to make an unsteady peace. Lan Zhan takes pity on him, and realizes that there’s not going to be an easy way out - he can’t disappear from Wei Ying, so he’ll have to tell the truth and hope that Wei Ying can give him the space he needs to move on. As if moving on from Wei Ying even feels possible for Lan Zhan.

“Wei Ying, do not be sorry.” Lan Zhan begins and breathes deeply. “We want different things. The other night was one of the things we both wanted. I cannot see you anymore.”

Wei Ying pouts and it takes everything in Lan Zhan not to touch his mouth, “Why not? If we want the same thing then put a baby in me.”

Wei Wuxian’s voice goes throaty as he begs Lan Zhan and it’s unfair of him. It’s so unfair of him to tempt Lan Zhan like this.

“No,” Lan Zhan denies him. And then waits to be denied himself as he says, “I love you, Wei Ying.”

To his surprise Wei Ying snorts. He had expected many reactions, but this one seems particularly callous. “No, you don’t.”

Lan Zhan shakes his head and once again says, “I love you. And I cannot be one of many and be intimate with you anymore.”

“One of many?” Wei Ying says, “When have I ever been with anyone else? You’re at my place constantly!”

“Your bloodwork is very regular for a man with one partner.” Lan Zhan points out blandly.

“Oh my god, you asshole! I had a scare when I was younger and so now I go regularly. I’d forget otherwise.”

Lan Zhan coughs into his fist, he may have made a severe miscalculation. “Be that as it may, I still cannot be intimate with you while. While you obviously do not return my same feelings.”

Wei Ying is gaping at him, “You’re serious?”

Lan Zhan straightens. He hates being doubted. “As I’ve said multiple times now. I love you.”

Wei Ying looks like he’s on the verge of believing him, and therefore on the verge of walking out of his life, “So, what? The formal wear, the lack of expression, the not inviting me to your place or to hang out with your brother, that’s all you loving me?”

Feeling like he’s been slapped Lan Zhan steps back a little, no longer looking Wei Ying in the eye as he says, “Words do not come lightly for me. And I never wanted to bother Wei Ying with this. Wei Ying seemed happy where we were.”

Wei Ying groans in frustration, “Of course I was happy where I was! Where I “was” was between the man I love and a bed, you absolute oaf!”

Lan Zhan pauses and it’s all the time that Wei Ying needs to climb into his lap, “Of course, I love you.”

With that word Wei Ying crashes down on Lan Zhan like a wave and Lan Zhan feels lighter than he has since he stepped into a classroom and an overly friendly desk mate waved at him and said, “Hi, I’m Wei Wuxian! Nice to meet you!”

When they come together again on Lan Zhan’s white sheets it’s just as intense as it was the first time, this time with Wei Ying sitting astride him he can see the way he grows overwhelmed from their connection. The delicious flush of pink down to nearly his nippples which Lan Zhan takes great pleasure in pinching and rolling as Wei Ying bounces sweetly on his cock.

Wei Ying however is holding back, clear he wants to start talking but the fear that it’s what pushed Lan Zhan away must linger because he bites his lip as he feels Lan Zhan’s cock in him raw.

Lan Zhan’s hands go to his mouth and he presses his thumb there until his lip comes free, and then Wei Ying is sucking his finger in his mouth licking around it and moaning - when the finger comes out with a pop it’s like the cork off a bottle coming off and all the words come spilling out with it.

“Lan Zhan, oh Lan Zhan, you have to come inside me, you just have to. I’m so ready for your baby,” He begins again, and Lan Zhan’s breath hitches, as he watches Wei Ying’s hand press under his bellybutton where he swears he can almost feel him. “I want it in here, I want it making me big, oh please, you’re so perfect, I know you can do it Lan Zhan.”

Wei Yings cries have him half believing he can actually do it. That he can spurt inside Wei Ying, give him his seed so he grows swollen and heavy with it. He feels himself groan and let go, hips snapping into Wei Ying as he rides him through his orgasm, and keeps going until he can see the white drip down his own cock, pulls at Wei Ying’s erection until he’s painting Lan Zhan with it.

Wei Ying collapses against him and he can feel his tongue taking licks at him, must be tasting his own spend and Lan Zhan’s sweat.

He pulls out of Wei Ying carefully and Wei Ying rolls over with a deep exhale.

The next round begins with Wei Ying crawling up his body again, but not stopping at his dick, going all the way up until he’s spread open above Lan Zhan’s face, facing the length of Lan Zhan’s body, seeing how it’s been bruised up and marked by him, and Lan Zhan groans when he looks up and sees the way he’s painted and marked Wei Ying inside. Come dripping out of a puffy entrance.

“Wanted you to clean me up last time, Lan Zhan, you’ll clean me right? Get me ready for you again?” In lieu of answering Lan Zhan grips Wei Yings thighs and brings him down to his face tongue already reaching for him. He loves how filthy it is, how he has his own come on his face in his mouth, all for Wei Ying. Wei Ying who is gasping out little sobs his hips twitching away like it’s almost too much only to be brought down by Lan Zhan’s hands. He can’t stop moving, already oversensitive from being fucked, and Lan Zhan feels himself rise to the occasion, cock standing proudly for Wei Ying.

“You’re so good, best mouth, best boy, mine now, never going to let you go Lan Zhan, oh, love you, love your mouth,” Wei Ying goes on, and his voice only cuts off when he reaches to take Lan Zhan’s cock in his mouth.

It isn’t long before Lan Zhan is fucking into his mouth and his jaw is aching from where he’s trying to press his full face into Wei Ying’s ass, a little desperate for it, and Wei Ying is pulling off and pulling away from his face, making Lan Zhan make a noise of complaint that makes Wei Ying laugh.

“We can’t waste your come, Lan Zhan, you have to get it inside me. Don’t you know how babies are made?” And Wei Ying is laying on his side in front of Lan Zhan, holding a leg up so his body is exposed to Lan Zhan, and he’s making a noise of assent and slipping into his body again.

Wei Ying is so wet, so easy from Lan Zhan’s mouth and cock that it takes nothing to be inside him. The noises they make are filthy a wet smacking noise that fills the air of the room, and the scent of their sweat and come is filling the space in a way that Lan Zhan feels like he may never be in his bedroom again without getting horny at the thought of Wei Ying in his space taking his cock.

Lan Zhan was already close from the heady feeling of both having Wei Ying pressed against him and having his cock sucked at the same time, but being inside him has him on another level. He must have underestimated how affected Wei Ying was because he comes first with a cry that verges on a scream, and clenches tight around Lan Zhan pulling him over the edge with him.

They lay together for a bit and Lan Zhan again pulls his cock out of Wei Ying wondering if this is how the rest of their lives are going to be. Is Wei Ying going to drain him dry?

Wei Ying is tucking a pillow under his hips and getting comfortable, looks at him under sultry lashes and says, “Have to make sure you stay inside me, have to make sure it takes.”

And Lan Zhan slides over between his legs, kneeling, and puts his legs on his shoulders, tilting them even higher. He bends Wei Ying nearly in half to press a slanted kiss to his mouth, and pulls back, thumbing over Wei Ying’s asshole and tucking the come that had begun to leak from him inside. “Definitely pregnant,” Lan Zhan says and Wei Ying looks like he nearly gets dizzy from the words, feels the way his cock twitches nearly impossibly at the words.

Wei Ying pulls Lan Zhan even closer says punctuating each sentence with a sweet kiss, “I am, I am, Lan Zhan you’re the best, on your first try, with your come, oh we made a baby.”

They fall asleep for a bit after that, after Lan Zhan slides Wei Ying’s legs down from his shoulders. Wei Ying leaves the pillow under him and when Lan Zhan wakes up again it’s to Wei Ying dragging his hand between his legs.

Lan Zhan rustles from sleep with an inquiring noise, to which Wei Ying responds to with, “One more time, please. Please, Lan Zhan.”

His body is spent and Wei Ying’s likely to already be sore tomorrow, but Wei Ying’s hand dips between his legs, his fingers bringing Lan Zhan’s come to his mouth as he begs him for cock and Lan Zhan can’t resist the way he comes into him again as Wei Ying lets out every filthy thing he wants from his mouth.

“You’re going to leave me so sore, so wet with you, oh so full - “

When they finish it’s exactly as Wei Ying said. He’s dripping with it, not even able to keep it inside anymore, overflowing with Lan Zhan’s come. At this point the bed is destroyed, mattress moved around, sheets soaking wet with sweat and come, and the pillows are...somewhere?

Lan Wangji carries Wei Wuxian to his guest room and when he wakes up in the morning Wei Ying is still there, this time looking over him, even though he complains that Lan Zhan wakes up too ridiculously early.

“Still love me?” Wei Ying asks, mouth a twisted line, almost like he expects a different answer this time. And Lan Zhan realizes that Wei Ying pushed the limits the night before on purpose.

“Every day,” Lan Zhan responds, because it’s true, “I will love you every day.”