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The Silent Ghost

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     Immediately, Four got up and ran to the door as the ghosts turned to face him. As one they started screaming, Dave could tell why Four dreaded this.


     It sounded like the wailing of a million banshees. Ghosts lunged towards Four, who cowered away. He fell to the floor, curling into a ball in the process. Dave scrambled through the hoard to Four's side.


   "Leave him alone!" Dave yelled, quite bravely, though his words got lost in the waves of noise echoing throughout the chamber. He turned, deciding to comfort the child instead of continuing his useless protests.


     He quickly dropped to the cold stone floor, reaching for the boy's arms while moving into his line of sight. He realized his mistake when his hands went through Four's arms, making him pull even farther into himself.


     Four curled further into himself when something went through him. Two ghosts- one on each side- by the feel of it were trying to grab his arms. His tormentors were pulled away, probably by the multitude of ghosts around him.


     Once he felt the hands leave he pulled back mentally. He drifted away from the mausoleum.


     When the kid's eyes glazed over, Dave lost it. The sight of those beautiful, happy, caring eyes so empty killed him.


     He doesn't remember how, but a few minutes later there was a ragged circle surrounding them. He'd managed to shut them all up and move them all back a few feet. Looking over at Four, he knew that was a good thing. No need for him to panic, right?


     Wrong. They were in the mausoleum after all.