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Sweet Child of Mine

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The two moons stood high in the night sky, a blanket of stars twinkling like fine Azrothian diamonds against dark velvet as the man rode the dark hawkstrider through the twisting roads of Eversong forest. How long had it been since he’d last come here? A hundred? No...much longer...maybe thousands since she lived...the sister of his heart. In truth he wasn’t sure it could have been yesterday or millenia so twisted by the dark curse his mind had been. A low, menacing growl passed his lips as the large bird beneath him seemed to quake in fear at the sound. Taking a moment to strengthen the mind control spell he’d cast upon it he pushed away the dark thoughts that constantly battered his mind, trying to convince the animal to ignore its natural instincts of knowing what would be a natural predator now rode on its back.

Having to lower himself to such...mortal means of transportation annoyed him, yet his mission was of too much importance to risk walking and flying was not an option. A small laugh passed his lips, dark and deep. No that would not do for the last leg of this trip, the stir it would cause would have killed any chance he had of reaching his goal. Stealth was his only chance to get to the one he sought and he prayed they would not slay him on sight. Once he had reached them and delivered his precious bundle, then he didn’t care what happened. If they slay him where he stood he would not fight, perhaps he deserved it for letting himself fall to the curse, but first his most precious treasure must be secured.

Pausing his mount for a moment as the road split into a fork he read the sign posts trying to recall the general direction he must take, so long...too long since he’d walked these enchanted forests with her, the sister of his heart. Too long since he’d joined her on that fateful day, stop it! He couldn’t let himself think of that, of her broken body, the light fading, the grief as he cried out or the darkness that had filled his heart and mind after.

“Tandralis…” He whispered pushing down the ache the memories brought. Soon the road began to take on familiar landmarks though it seemed the centuries had changed it. The trees stood taller, new estates dotted the land, yet he knew he had taken the right direction as his eyes saw the gently flowing waters to his right remembering with a smile as they had sat under the sun, watching a toddling babe with bright flame like hair toddling along chasing a small treant with a giggle always just a few steps too slow to capture her prey. Over there the forests where he and Thoran had laughed as they hunted together always trying to one up one another. Life had been happy here amongst the Quel’dorei until that fateful day.

Shaking his head he pushed away the memories, for even the happiest of them led back to pain and pain would lead to the darkness if he wasn’t careful. He could not let that happen, not until he’d made sure his most precious treasure was safe. A short time later his eyes fell upon the outskirts of his destination. He could see the familiar path paved with stone, remembering with another small smile the days and hours they’d spent gathering the stones and setting each one by hand. No magical construction for her, no she had never been like the other Highborne. She enjoyed the labor of love, of watching a project come to life under her hands. She was so unlike many of her kind, perhaps that was why he’d loved her so.

Soon his eyes could make out the shape of the buildings in the distance, his brows rising as he noted the original house still rose gracefully before him but clearly those who had come after had added their own touches. Two paths led off from the main to two more homes on either side yet distant enough so as not to be intrusive, how large had the family grown since he last was here? Did little Kalypsa still live? She would not be so little now, likely with children of her own. How the thought saddened him, to have missed so much, Not only Kalypsa’s life but that of any children she may have had and their children’s children. A frown formed on his handsome elven face. Their children should have grown together as a family, cousins and friends but that was not possible, not when his kind were cursed with the darkness because his sire had fallen to the madness, poisoning them all. His mate, his children all monsters and outcast amongst their own because of him!

The dark thoughts were brought to a sudden halt as the door of the main house was opened quickly, the bright red hair visible in the light from within, the tall elven form of a male Quel’dorei standing in an offensive stance as he raised his bow and spoke in a low growl that he knew all too well even after centuries of not hearing it.

“One step closer and by the Five I swear I will put an arrow between your traitorous eyes Noxarian!”