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some kind of disaster

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Enji knows something is wrong when Hawks is an hour late to their joint patrol session. 

Behind the carefree and capricious front, Hawks takes his hero work more seriously than anyone. It pisses Enji off that he knows this, all because Hawks has somehow wormed his way into Enji’s life entirely against his own will. It’s not like Enji has actually studied him. These little tidbits of observational knowledge just happened to fall in place as they worked together. 

Regardless, he’s not about to have a crisis that he might’ve found something like a friend in Hawks, not when there’s likely a larger emergency at hand. He phones Hawks, who picks up after an astounding ten rings. He knows the younger generation hates phone calls— Shouto certainly never picks up— but this is new for Hawks.


Hawks’s voice is strained and slurred with what sounds like pain. Alarm spikes in Enji’s bloodstream. 

“What happened? Where are you?”

“I’m at home, don’t worry,” says Hawks. A sharp intake of breath, a slow exhale. “I— had a run-in with some low-level villains and got hit by their quirks. Can’t make it to patrol today, sorry. I was looking forward to seeing you, big guy.”

“Are you hurt? Do you need to see Recovery Girl?”

“No… not exactly. Actually, could you come over? Shit, I didn’t mean to say that. I was going to lie and say I’m fine, but the truth is, I kinda really need you to come over.” 

Enji swallows hard. It’s rare for Hawks to be this truthful right off the bat. “Text me your address,” he says before he can think better of it. 


Hawks hangs up, just like that, no final quip or smart-ass remark. Seconds later, Enji gets a LINE notification with an address and a Make it quick please appended to it.

Enji shoots Burnin’ a quick text before he leaves to tell her he has something to take care of. He doesn’t bother calling his driver, just takes his car and drives it all the way to Hawks’s place. The robotic voice of the lady in the GPS system irritates him, and each second that ticks past as he waits at a red light makes him want to smash something.

When he finally gets to the apartment building, Hawks buzzes him up. Enji tries the door and finds that it’s unlocked. He has half a mind to yell at Hawks about security precautions as a hero, but changes his mind when he lets himself in and sees a pitiful-looking tuft of golden hair poking out of a blanket burrito on the bed. When Enji steps in, the blanket slides down a bit further to reveal Hawks's tired smile.

“Heya, big guy. You made it.”

Enji clears his throat. He doesn't know what to say in this situation. “Nice place,” he tries. It hits him belatedly that he’s never been over to Hawks’s apartment. Nor has Hawks visited his home— not his old family estate, or his new, smaller house. He’d thought about having Hawks over after he stopped living with his family, but it felt like crossing a line. It was just easier for them to have sex in Enji’s office. 

“You like it?” says Hawks peppily. “Sorry about the mess. If I knew I’d be having you over I would have tidied up, maybe put away my collection of Endeavor merch.” And that’s when Enji notices it. A full bookshelf stacked from bottom to top with Endeavor merchandise— plushies, keychains, acrylic stands, and figures. 

“Or maybe not,” Hawks laughs. “You should see the look on your face right now, it’s priceless.”

Enji ignores him, and chooses to step closer to the bed, if only so he can put that damned shelf out of his line of sight. “How are you feeling?” he asks Hawks.

“Honestly? Pretty bad.” Hawks’s eyes look sunken in with stress. His wings, or what Enji can see of them peeking out above the blankets, are deflated and droopy. The fact that he’s this open about it, doesn’t try to hide it with a smile or a joke— that’s how Enji knows it’s actually bad. “I can’t get out of bed. Can you come closer?”

Enji sits down at the foot of the bed, mattress dipping under his weight. Hawks shifts in his spot. “What happened?” asks Enji. 

Hawks puts a hand on Enji’s thigh. Blankets still wrapped around him, he shudders and leans closer. That’s when Enji sees the telltale flush on his face, sweat beading on his forehead. “You’re gonna laugh. You’re so not gonna believe me, I just know it.” 

Enji thinks he might already have an inkling of what’s going on. If he’s right, then it’s true that it’s not an injury, but rather something worse. His pulse jumps as Hawks’s hand trails ever higher on his leg. “Just tell me,” says Enji. 

“One of those low-level villains had a sex pollen quirk,” says Hawks, shuddering as he leans into the crook of Enji’s neck. “God, that feels so good. Sorry for jumping you, I— really can’t help it.” 

“What the fuck,” says Enji. Sex-related quirks weren’t unheard of, but Enji had managed to avoid them throughout his hero career, which showed how rare they really were. To think that Enji would actually have to deal with one for the first time today.

“Yeah! Turns out this kind of thing isn’t just a party drug after all!” says Hawks, the forced cheeriness of his voice doing nothing to hide the strain in it. “Not only that, but get this— there were two of them. And the other one had a truth quirk! So like, not only can I not cure myself until I get thoroughly fucked, but also dish out my deep dark secrets. Just my fuckin’ luck.” 

He pats Enji’s lap eagerly. “Can I sit?” And then doesn’t even wait for an answer, just clambers onto Enji’s lap like it’s his seat. “Thanks— oh fuck that feels good.” Enji stills as Hawks starts rocking against his leg, wearing nothing but bright red booty shorts already soiled with precome. 

“Why didn’t you call me earlier?” says Enji. “We could have taken care of it before patrol.”

Hawks flushes, his voice going quiet. “I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

Enji bites back the sudden flood of concern in his chest, and says, “I have seen you like this. On many occasions.”

“Yeah, but not like this like this. All those other times we fucked, I was in control of myself. Now? If I slip up for even one second I’m going to tell you something I really shouldn’t.” His hips jerk languidly as he ruts along Enji’s leg, wings fluttering. “And before you ask me what, please don’t. I’m embarrassed enough as it is.” 

“Wasn’t planning to,” says Enji truthfully. He’s got a few secrets of his own, and he’d never want to have to reveal them under these circumstances. A beat later, he tacks on, “I didn’t think you had an ounce of shame in your tiny body.” 

Hawks lets out a breathy laugh. “You’re right, I usually don’t. By the way, it’s kind of like, super fucking hot when you point out our size difference? Can you keep saying things like that? Tell me more about how you can snap me in half with one bare hand, it gets me off.” 

“You’re not joking,” says Enji, the realization dawning on him. “When you say shit like this, you really mean it.” 

“I am one hundred percent serious,” says Hawks. “Come on, Daddy, fuck me till I forget my own name.” 

“Call me that again and I’ll leave you to your own devices.” 

“No!” Hawks cries out, sounding genuinely devastated. He clings tightly to Enji, rocking desperately against him. Enji’s mouth goes dry, tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth. “Please don’t go,” Hawks begs, “I’ll be good I promise just please.” 

He really needs this, Enji can tell. He’s practically shaking already, and Enji can feel how hard Hawks is, pressed against the junction of his hip. Enji grabs ahold of Hawks’s hips, lifts him up with one hand, and tugs Hawks’s shorts off with the other. 

“Fuck yes, that’s what I’m talking about,” says Hawks, kicking the shorts off eagerly so his cock, pink and leaking, bobs up against his stomach. He unzips Enji's jeans in a frenzied motion and pulls Enji's cock out from his boxers, then wraps his hand around Enji’s half-hard cock. Enji’s breath catches in his throat. Hawks shifts in Enji’s lap, and tries to guide Enji’s cock into his own hole.

Enji smacks his hand away. “Have you lost your mind?” he says, sharp. “We need lube.” 

“If I’m gonna die anyway, that’d be a way to go,” says Hawks, slurred. “Split open on your massive dick with no prep.”

The fact that Hawks is saying this while on truth serum makes something hot burn beneath Enji’s skin. He always thought Hawks was exaggerating just to get on his nerves. But apparently, Hawks really does have fucked-up tastes.

Hawks slumps weakly against Enji, and says, “Lube’s under the bed. Can’t really move or think right now. Can you please get it for me?” 

Right. This has gone on long enough already. Enji dumps Hawks backwards onto the bed, and reaches over the edge of the bed to fumble around until he finds the bottle. He makes a mental note to clean up Hawks’s apartment for him after all this. Squeezing a copious amount into his hand, he leans forward over Hawks, and circles his rim with a finger before pushing it in. 

Hawks throws his head back against the pillow and gasps, a full-body shudder wracking through his body. His cock jumps, and his wings dart out on either side of him, knocking the lamp right off the bedside table. 

“I knew you were sensitive,” Enji marvels, “but damn.” 

Hawks grips the bedpost above his head, and flushes. “It’s so much worse with the stupid sex pollen quirk. Everything’s dialed up to eleven. I literally need your cock in me so badly, do not even tease me, holy shit.” 


Enji gets to work, but it’s not long before he realizes Hawks does not actually need much in the way of prep. Two fingers go in easily, and three is barely a stretch.

There must be an unanswered question in his eyes, because Hawks says, “I already fucked myself on a dildo and came like three times before you got here. Just put it in, I can take it.” 

Enji can’t help it when his dick jumps in interest at the mental image of Hawks, bent over on all fours, fucking himself mercilessly with a dildo and biting into the pillowcase. It really shouldn’t get him this fired up. It’s a quirk. Hawks is the victim of a troublesome quirk, and Enji is here to help take care of Hawks. That’s all. He shouldn’t take advantage. 

“I can hear you thinking,” says Hawks. “Stop thinking and fuck me already. I know you’re not nice enough to have moral qualms about it, that’s why I asked you here. And you know I’d want it just as much even without this quirk.”

That much is true. Enji supposes he’s wasted enough time already. He starts to lube up his own cock, and Hawks’s jaw hangs open. “Ohhhh fuck,” he says, voice dripping with desire in the way that makes Enji’s face go hot. “Fuck yeah, come on, put it in me.” 

Enji lines himself up at Hawks's entrance, and pushes in. Hawks groans brokenly the whole time, legs wrapping around Enji’s waist and digging his heels in to urge him on. “Come on, come on— move already!” 

“Shut up,” says Enji. He was planning to go slower, given that Hawks has already come so many times. But Hawks is wriggling beneath him, face flushed and eyes glassy and it’s downright impossible not to jerk his hips forward into his tight heat. 

“Ah—!” Hawks cries out, hands coming up to tug at Enji’s hair. “Endeavor-san, holy shit you’re so big, you fill me up so good, ngh—”

Enji grabs Hawks’s wings by the handful, mostly because he knows that shuts Hawks up. It works— Hawks’s words trail off and he thrashes wildly, making a sound like he’s dying.

“Not fair,” says Hawks, strangled and breathless. “You know what that does to m— ah!” 

Enji tugs at his feathers again and Hawks comes instantaneously, clenching around Enji and making Enji himself dizzy with pleasure. Driven by a mad desire, Enji pistons his hips forward into Hawks, fast and relentless. Hawks’s wings flap shakily, encircling them both, and when a feather comes up to brush weakly against his cheekbone, Enji comes hard, spilling hotly inside of Hawks. 

Panting as he catches his breath, he pulls out, letting out a soft groan at the sight of his own come spilling out of Hawks’s hole. Well, he thinks to himself. At least that’s over with. He’s about to pull away and get them both cleaned up, but then his eyes drift upward and he notices that Hawks’s erection hasn’t gone down at all. Curiously, he prods at it with a finger and Hawks jolts, coming to the same realization.

“Oh my God, still? ” Hawks lets out a frustrated sound and fists his hands in his hair. “How is it not over yet? I already came four times! I tried doing it myself, but it didn’t work, and then I was like okay, maybe it’ll get better if someone else does it, but nothing’s changed! Fuck this shit to hell and back, I’m so done.” 

“Hawks,” says Enji. “Are you sure the villains’ quirks work in the way you think? It’s possible that the effects are time-based and wear off after a while.” 

“No, I’m pretty damn sure it wears off if I have sex. I looked them up in the registry after I ran into them. They’ve been arrested before, so technically we know all about them, which makes it even worse that I got myself into this. Number two hero, and for what? God, I feel so pathetic right now.” Hawks groans, turning his face sideways into his pillow and curling up into a frustrated ball. “Ugh!” 

Enji breathes in, breathes out. He’s not used to being the calm one around Hawks. Hawks is always pushing his buttons, but at the end of the day, when he loses his temper it’s Hawks who reins him back in. But he can keep a level head for a partner in trouble— he’s not a hero for nothing. 

“So,” says Enji. “If… sexual release doesn’t get rid of it, and the other quirk was a truth serum, then that means you have to tell me something you haven’t told me before.” 

“Hah,” says Hawks, laughing mirthlessly. “Forget it. You should just go, get out of here. I’m sorry I dragged you into this. Maybe you’re right, it’ll wear off after a while. This can’t go on forever, right?” As he says it, he curls further into himself, looking so small it tugs at Enji’s chest.

“I’m staying,” says Enji. “I’m sure there’s something I can do.” 

Hawks sniffles into the pillow. Oh, God, he’s crying. Enji absolutely hates it when people cry. It’s awkward for all parties involved. But instead of feeling the urge to leave, he wants to reach out and comfort Hawks, and that’s even more worrying. 

“This is the worst,” says Hawks. “I really can’t be around you right now, but I also don’t want you to go. See? I’m already babbling. It’s not long before I say something stupid that puts you in danger.” 

Concern pushes steadily at Enji, something that has only built up over time. The longer he spends around Hawks’s nonchalant facade, the more he wants to know what Hawks is hiding underneath. But even so, he can’t have that happen because of some idiotic second-rate quirk. He’s had enough of getting what he wants due to circumstance. If it’s going to happen, then it will be because Hawks wants to open up to him. 

Enji removes the pillow from Hawks’s face. “Hawks,” he says slowly. “Do you trust me?” 

“Yeah,” Hawks whispers, emotion laid bare in amber eyes. “With my life.”

Enji’s heart jumps into his throat. He almost can’t speak for a moment, blindsided by the admission. When he gets his bearings again, he says, “Good. We’re going to figure this out.” 

“Okay.” A myriad of emotions cross Hawks’s face, before settling on determination. “Can you— can you touch me? It doesn’t have to be— I don’t even think I can come again, anyway. I just need to feel something.” 

Enji grunts and acquiesces, slipping two fingers back inside of Hawks, watching Hawks squirm and let out a shuddering gasp. There’s something contrary about it— the filthiness of fingering Hawks using his own come, versus the vulnerability of the moment. 

“Tell me something I don’t know about you,” Enji starts. “Nothing serious. We’ll start small, and see if it has any effect.”

“Yeah, okay,” says Hawks. “Um, I—” His eyes dart around the room, and land on his shelf of Endeavor collectibles. “Fun fact I’ve dropped like, more than ten grand on Endeavor merch combined.” 

Enji raises an eyebrow. Truthfully, he isn’t sure how to feel about that. He keeps moving his fingers, slow and steady, holding Hawks’s hip down with a hand, watching him twitch and squirm. 

“Hnn— fuck— I got my first Endeavor plush when I was like, five? It was a birthday present, and I’m sure my mom just got it for me because she couldn’t afford All Might, but it was a downward spiral from there, I just— you were like, the hero to me, I couldn’t stop watching you on TV and trying to get my hands on every piece of merch. I spent my first paycheck on that figure right there, still in the box.” 

Enji glances over his shoulder. True to his word, it’s still in the box, pristine and untouched. “What a waste of time and money,” he says.

“Nn, I guess you’re right, now that I’ve got the real thing right here. Your dick is so much better than my Flame Hero Endeavor dildo.” 

Enji’s face goes up in flames before he can think better of it. “Your what?” 

“Aha,” Hawks laughs breathlessly. “It’s so cute when you do that.” 

Enji clenches his jaw and pulls his fingers out.

“Nonono please, I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to make fun of you I swear.”

Enji grunts and shoves his fingers back in. Hawks lets out a strangled gasp, grabbing onto Enji’s bicep with a small hand. “How’s this,” says Enji, searching for some other topic, something new but inconsequential. “Tell me… why you chose your hero name.” 

“Ah. My last name’s Takami, so I borrowed the Hawks from that, and made it plural ’cause it sounds cool. First name’s Keigo, for the record.” 

Takami Keigo. It’s a good name, Enji thinks. It fits him. Keigo. Enji watches his knowledge of Hawks rearrange itself around those two words. 

Hawks chews on his bottom lip and throws an arm over his face. “Ah, sh-shit. I really didn’t want to tell you that.” 

Enji frowns. “Why not?”

Hawks’s wrist obscures his eyes, but Enji can see the tenseness in the line of his mouth as he says, “Really? The name Takami doesn’t ring a bell? Then again, you’ve caught quite a few criminals, huh? You probably don’t remember my dad at all.”

Enji goes still as it clicks in his mind. He really hadn’t thought about it, more fixated on Keigo, those two syllables that felt like a revelation. 

“I mean, I guess I wasn’t really trying to hide it, I would’ve told you if you’d asked. But I think deep down I just wanted to ditch all that baggage.” Hawks breathes out shakily, shifting his arm so that Enji can see the anguish in his eyes. “I wanted to be a self-made hero, like you. Not just some victim of circumstance. I wanted to be free, or at the very least to pretend like fighting for freedom meant that I could be free, too.”

It’s hushed, and quiet, and of all the truths Hawks has spoken over the past little while, this one feels the most real. Enji swallows around the sudden tightness in his throat. 

“What makes you think I’m not a victim of circumstance?” He pauses, unused to voicing these thoughts aloud, but he pushes through it. “For years I tried, and failed, to achieve the thing I wanted most. When I finally got it, it was in the worst possible way. I’m not as infallible as you think.” 

“I know,” says Hawks, finally gazing directly at him. “But that just makes me like you more.” 

Something shifts in the air between them. Enji is suddenly so aware of the way Hawks’s wings arc above them, shielding them in an enclosed space, and the small puffs of breath coming out of Hawks’s pink lips. Without thinking, he leans in and closes the space between them, sealing Hawks’s lips with a kiss.

The indescribably gorgeous noise that Hawks lets out, muffled into Enji’s mouth, ignites something hot within him. He pins Hawks down, deepening the kiss, and Hawks arches his back, practically melting up into Enji. Bodies flush together, Enji pushes his fingers in as deep as they’ll go, and coils his free hand around Hawks’s cock, stroking fast. Hawks whimpers helplessly into the kiss, squirms and breaks apart to gasp, “Enji, Enji, oh fuck—” 

Enji lets instinct guide him, lets the heat pooling in the pit of his stomach spread its way over him as he presses biting kisses down Hawks’s jawline, to the dip of his neck. “Keigo,” he says. “Come on. Come for me.” 

Hawks comes harder than ever, spurting between both their stomachs. Enji keeps his mouth in the crook of his neck, and pets his hair, soothing him as he shakes through his orgasm. Hawks is absolutely a sight to behold, cheeks dusted with red, his wings fluttering weakly before sinking into the bed, completely boneless.

When he’s done catching his breath, he lets out a low groan and lets his head loll back. “That was so fucking intense, holy shit. Five orgasms! I feel like I got run over by a bus. At least I don’t feel like a cat in heat anymore.” Hawks pokes Enji’s bicep and looks inquisitively at him. “Hey, ask me a question. I wanna see if I can lie.” 

“Hm,” Enji considers. “... How old are you?” 

“Sixty-nine,” says Hawks. His face lights up with glee. “Oh my God, yes! We fixed it we fixed it!” He wraps his arms around Enji in a tight hug. “I feel great. Oh wow. I hate yakitori. Endeavor is the worst hero. His dick is so small I need a microscope to see it.” 

Enji smacks Hawks upside the head. Lightly. Hawks cries out and holds his head in his hands, exaggerating the pain. It’s a relief to see him back to his talkative, dramatic self. But Enji doesn’t voice that thought. He’s already said and done far more than he should have.

“But hey, seriously, thanks for everything,” says Hawks. His eyes are aglow with an emotion Enji can’t place. “Sorry you had to see my meltdown. I'm kind of a mess.”

“I’m a mess, too,” says Enji as he smooths Hawks’s bangs out of his face. “Birds of a feather stick together.”

“Oh my God! Did you just make a bird pun to cheer me up? Enji!! You’re the best.” He’s tackled into another bear hug before he knows it, Hawks’s face pressed snug into his chest. When he pulls away, he’s beaming from ear to ear. Enji’s secretly glad his attempt to cheer Hawks up had succeeded. 

He can’t remember a time when taking care of someone else took such great priority in his life, and he’s definitely going to ruminate later in what that says about who he’s been for the past couple decades. But for now, he’s content with watching Hawks’s wings flap happily as he rolls over on the bed, complaining about how exhausted he is, and rattling off all the good food places nearby that they can order lunch from. 

Keigo, he thinks to himself, like it’s a secret for only him to bear, and smiles.