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Viridian Soul, Act 1

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Viridian Soul

Chapter 6


"You!" Buwaro roared, and as the arrow flew, his Vril bolt shot out, sundering the arrow shaft. Everyone jerked at that. "You took my sister from me," he growled, "didn't you?! You're the one who shot her?!"

"Wha – sister?" the Angel muttered, confused. "You're a Demon, you don't have families," he snarled. "If you did, you wouldn't slaughter ours!"

Buwaro snapped. His next blast went wide as the man dodged, nocking another arrow. Kieri got in the way and parried his shot, before putting a hand on Buwaro's chest. "Stop, both of you!" she roared.

"What in Gaia's name are you doing, girl?!" the Wind Angel roared.

"I. Said. Stop!" Kieri roared, stunning everyone. She began yelling angrily at the Wind Angel in Angelic. Buwaro caught a few words: {Saved – life – lost – Vril – helped – kind – loving – sweetheart – polite,} among others. He subconsciously reached for his lost shoulder, tears threatening in his eyes.

Kieri finally ran out of things to say, and shook her head in disgust. The man scowled and nocked his bow again, speaking in Angelic. Buwaro stepped around her and prepared his blast, aiming it at the bow. It shot past, and his shot fired. Only by throwing himself down did Buwaro avoid the attack. He rolled upright with a struggle and sent another blast before Kieri stepped in the way.

And she took the hit. "Snowy!" he gasped, crouching over her. "Snowy I'm sorry I didn't – I – oh no I didn't mean't' – " he stammered before starting to heal her.

The arrow shot forward. Buwaro didn't have time to dodge. He winced, cringed –

And it shattered on an aura of viridian around his body. Some kind of armor made of his Vril had manifested, to the boy's shock. He winced and swallowed, then took up a defensive position before Kieri's body. "Someone help," he mumbled.

"I'm okay, Buwaro," she murmured, dazed but alive. "You just...startled me, that's all."

"Oh," he murmured, surprised. "I...I thought – "

"I'm okay," she chuckled, "you must've held back a bit."

"Okay, good," he murmured, hugging her closely. "I'm sorry."

The next arrow also shattered against his magical armor. "Hey!" Buwaro snarled angrily, "no more of that! I've had enough, so get outta here, you psycho!"

"I cannot do that, monster," the Seraph snarled, charging up a terrible bolt of lightning. Buwaro stood up and put his arms up in defense. "Die!" The bolt surged and struck the magical aura...

And broke through, to Buwaro's shock.

It hurt something fierce, too. He was still standing afterward, sure, but it had hurt. "D-dammit, die already!" the man roared...

Before a much more powerful blast of Vril surged out and slammed into the Seraph. "I'm pretty sure," Heathcliff snarled, "that I just told you to stop and think, Denevol."

The Angel stumbled under the assault, stunned, before snarling, "Dammit Heathcliff, I am trying to save your family!"

"You're the only one attacking anyone!" Heathcliff roared.

"What about that Demon and his Vril blasts!"

"One broke your arrow!" Sammy protested.

"I was aiming for your stupid bow with the other," Buwaro snapped.

Silence reigned for a time. " can you believe this monster's lies?!" the Angel shouted, dismayed.

"Maybe the real monster is the one beating up on the crippled non-fighter!" Buwaro roared, viridian lightning arcing around his body in a terrible aura of wrath. The aura of defensive power dispersed and formed into Buwaro's palm in a sizzling ball of pure wrath. "Get out of here, right now, or I will make you," he snarled in rage. "And take your evil sticks with you, you little psycho. I've lost enough family to them already."

The Angel warrior bristled. "You do not have families, you – "

"Shut your stupid face!" Buwaro roared, the blast surging forward and slamming into his bow – it shattered and snapped its string, startling the man. "You know nothing about me, about us, if you're saying that. Maybe, just maybe, the reason we kill your families is because you kill ours, and we're looking for revenge over it! You know, like you are right now!" he sneered.

The Denevol warrior roared and flew at Buwaro, another bolt of lightning charging in his hands. "Do not dare compare my family to you beasts!" he snarled, the shot surging forward.

Buwaro then felt an impact – he was pushed out of the way, and Kieri was in his place. He fumbled, grabbed for her, tried to pull her away, but she was already being blasted when he reached, her body spasming in the electrical shock.

She fell.

Buwaro's eyes widened. He scrambled to his feet as the warrior landed, preparing another bolt to attack Buwaro. The young Demon lunged forward and swiped with his sword, surprising the Angel but getting him to back off and avoid being hit. The bolt stabilized, weaker than before, and Buwaro felt the blast graze past his arm, tingling it fiercely. He growled, teeth grit, as Heathcliff grabbed the Angel and delivered the fiercest stomach blow Buwaro had ever seen in his life.

Denevol fell too, groaning weakly.

Buwaro looked at Kieri, then at Heathcliff, then knelt and tried to call on his power again. To his surprise, the power flowed, though it took some strength from him too, and he fell over, weary from his injuries and his overuse of power. "Aw shit," Heathcliff grumbled as he passed out.




Buwaro jerked upright. It was morning again, and everyone looked to be okay. He sighed and lied down again. Kieri was nearby, curled up in bunny form, and looking miserable. He gently laid his hand on her and healed her injuries, his own Vril fueling her body's energy and sealing up the wounds. "Thank you," she mumbled sadly.

"I'm sorry," he murmured. "I couldn't hit him or his bow or nothin'. He kept...he kept comin' at us."

"I know," she murmured. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" he shrugged. "It's okay. I don't blame you at all."

"And I don't blame you," she huffed quietly, smiling up at him.

"Okay," he smiled. "Well...I'm still sorry you got hurt."

"...I know. I forgive you."

"You see, Denevol?" the pair heard outside, and they jerked. "He's done nothing but be a sweetheart since he got here. She wasn't bullshitting you."

"But that is impossible," the old Angel replied hoarsely. He spoke in Angelic, and Zahariah responded first, then Kazai. A stunned silence fell.

Buwaro stood upright, storming over to the door and opening it, glaring at the man. "What is he doing here?" he growled at Heathcliff, not taking his eyes off of the man.

"Buwaro," Heathcliff warned.

"He tried to kill me, he was gonna shoot Snowy, he hurt you," he snarled at the Human. "I don't like hurting people unless they hurt others first, and he took my very existence as wrong. And his stupid evil sticks killed my sister, even if he didn't."

"They're not evil, boy," the man snapped.

"They killed my gods-damned sister," Buwaro roared, "and you say they're not evil?!" He quieted his voice with some effort, before lowly stating, "Then maybe your sense of morality is garbage. Because in case you missed it, I stated that yes, you losing your family was a bad thing, and only 'justified,'" he added sarcastically with his one hand air-quoting,"if the killers lost their family in the same way. Maybe, just maybe, this whole war thing is rotten, and you're rotten for pushing it further," the boy hissed, then, with all of his bristling fury, spat on the man's face and stormed inside the wagon again.

He made sure to only close the door, rather than slamming it, but it was a near thing. "Well, that's enough drama for a week," Miranda quipped. "Now then, Denevol, you have something to say to Buwaro, don't you?"

"I'm not accepting his apology," Buwaro snapped through the door. "He can if he wants, but I don't accept."

Silence fell. Heathcliff came to the door with a grim look. "Buwaro, be the bigger man here."

"Maybe you should ask him to be, since it's not like I can. After all, I'm a monster," Buwaro sneered.

"Oof," Rhea muttered. "Buwaro, come on," she frowned, looking in as well.

Kieri put a hand on Buwaro's shoulder. "Buwaro," she murmured quietly.

He looked into her miserable expression, and his heart melted. He winced. "Only for your sake," he mumbled. "F...fine. For Snowy's sake, I'll...I'll accept it. And I'm sorry too. I really hurt, losing her. I'd never lost anyone before, not like that. I'd never realized that Demons didn't come back...and that Angels didn't either...heck, at the time I didn't know what an Angel was. I was an idiot," he chuckled through the threatening tears, his voice choking.

"" Denevol asked quietly.

"I grew up with no one around," he sniffled. "I had my sister off in the mountains and my brother off in 'real Hell' and Death sometimes stopped by, but no one else until Rhea showed up."

"I figured," Heathcliff snorted. "Well, I'll overlook it if you got to be put with such a bleeding heart."

"Wait my what's bleeding?!" Buwaro squeaked, horrified.

"Not literally, boy," Heathcliff sighed, chuckling.

"...oh," the boy laughed weakly, collapsing back on the blanket. "Ugh. I'm so done with this crap."

"Y-you and me both," Kieri chuckled weakly, curling up with Buwaro.




Surprisingly, the rest of their stay was uneventful. The Sinclair wagon left Weyville the next day, and although Buwaro still wasn't fond of Denevol, he was willing to let their fight be a one-time thing if the man agreed. Thankfully, he did. Buwaro also told him, as a side thought, about the cuffs Kieri had gotten from the Demons, and what they did. He was sobered by that news, that the Great War was back on, but thanked them for the information, hoping it would help him escape the Demon army's plans – whatever they were.

Buwaro, to his surprise, silently agreed.

As they left, Kieri asked, "Buwaro? You said...that Sakido died to a Holy Arrow, right? As you escaped Hell?"

"Right," he nodded.

"Well...there's been a barrier up for a long time now, by Death's will, to try and stop the war," she explained. "I just...none of this makes sense."

"No kidding," he mumbled. "How would they even get an Angel to work for them?"

"I'm not sure," she admitted. "I suppose we'll find out soon, though, won't we?"

"...yeah," he whispered, hugging her tightly. He could already tell that this would be a miserable time for everyone.