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more than dream

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Uraraka Ochako was born on December 27th, late in the night almost dawning on the 28th, in a hospital near her house.

She was a blessing to her parents, a belated Christmas gift, they would say. Their sweet little tea girl.

Her childhood, despite finding out about her parents’ troubles in the company, was a relatively happy and carefree one, and wanted to pursue her dreams of becoming a heroine, like so many people did. She certainly had the quirk for it.

When she had been born, the doctor and nurses had thought that the pads on her fingers meant she was taking some animal characteristics as a quirk. Mr. and Mrs. Uraraka had thought so too until she started talking, when she not only used Japanese words, but also mixed some English words. Then they had thought she had some memory quirk, until she broke a glass after levitating it and releasing it when her parents saw her (the weird thing was, that even after finding out what her quirk did and how to activate it and control it, she still had slip ups, far too many her parents thought with a grimace, but they couldn’t really begrudge her). It was then that her quirk was officially listed as “Zero gravity”.

Overall, she was a pretty normal girl.

Ochaco was born on December 27th, early in the morning, in a hospital near her mother’s workplace.

She was unexpected, her mother would tell her when they started talking about babies in school, but she was by no means unwelcome or unwanted, and her mother did her best to show it by being there whenever she could.

Her childhood was a good one, despite the fact that she didn’t really have a father figure. She was a happy kid and rarely gave anyone trouble, and whenever she told her mother she wanted to be a heroine, she would laugh and ruffle her hair at her antics.

When she had been born, she had pads on her fingers that were reminiscent of a cat’s. It was nothing malicious, the doctor had said after some tests, but it wouldn’t hurt if she had them checked periodically or whenever there were complications. She also always had a blush on her cheeks, to which the girl replied “‘cuz I’m so warm!” when asked.

The weirdest thing was when she started talking. She’d sometimes use weird words, and when her mother asked her about it, she’d say something like “yeah, y’know, the thing” and still use the weird word, before seemingly catching herself and use the English word (after the third time it happened, her mother started suspecting it was something she picked up from kindergarten). There were also… her dreams, and how she’d talk about ko-se, about heroes and wanting to go to UA. But back then, she’d just think it was her childish imagination, even if her touching stuff at random times and seeming disappointed when nothing happened was a little weird. Even if her watching anime without subs and saying she understood perfectly was a little weird.

Overall, she was pretty normal, if slightly quirky girl.