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What I Really Want

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Hope usually worked from home, she did this by design so she could be with the kids. But as Beth started to get older, she knew had to put her in daycare, it was important for little children to socialize with other kids. As painful as it was, it was beneficial for her daughter.


She still liked the idea of working from home, she had her office and she liked being there just in case she got a school call or from the daycare. It didn’t happen often that she would get these calls, but she like to be prepared just in case.


Today was different, she had to go into the office. She was being interviewed, she was being interviewed by one of the biggest publications in real estate, they were doing a profile on her and she just couldn’t believe it.


She wasn’t one to think about accolades being given towards her. She still had a hard time accepting that she created all of this success. She knew that she was in a lucky role, she had a husband who wanted her to be involved in his business. When she first thought about helping Thomas, it really wasn’t about a passion of hers.


Her husband was her passion, she found that she wanted to help him build on his dreams. She just wanted to be a supportive wife, but when she actually started doing the work involved, she found that she loved it. She did what she had to do to get the requisite skills and respect. She made sure that she did well in school.


As much as she craved her husband’s respect, she craved her own even more. For so much of her life she relied on other people to do things for her. She was okay with just being given everything in her life. When she got that dose of reality from Steffy, she knew that she could have taken it in a completely different direction.


She could have just blamed Steffy for being jealous in some kind of way because of Liam. It would have been the biggest lie, because Steffy had moved on with her life. She couldn’t keep using the same excuses, the circumstances changed. She had to look inside of herself and wonder was this the kind of life that she wanted? To let life pass her by without having any kind of drive or passion to want something for herself. To let her mother and Liam dictate her life. She felt like a child, she looked to them before she took a leap.


Now when she thought about it, she thought of how pathetic that was, she couldn’t really see that she was asking for permission to do anything and everything in her life. She didn’t want to return to that. She didn’t have the respect of her colleagues at FC, she could understand why. She didn’t pull her weight; she took credit for other people’s successes and she took advantage of the fact that she had a leg up on everyone and didn't acknowledge it. People weren’t just given clothing lines.


At least with celebrity lines, the celebrities had some kind of merit, they were in the position to have a line because they had some kind of notoriety, they had built a network of some kind of work.


She had her mother… she went into a presentation with absolutely nothing and was told that it was brilliant, if someone pitched that to her at her company, she would have thanked them for coming and moved on.. Being unprepared shouldn’t be rewarded, she didn’t believe in winging it. That was just code for someone else is going to do the work for you and you are the one who’s going to take the credit as if you did it all. That’s how she lived her life. She could take the credit when everything went good, but when things went bad, she could have the plausible deniability of that wasn't me.


If things didn’t go their way then someone was going to get fired, she was able to escape accountability and now that she was older and a mother herself, she would never allow Beth or Douglas to use people like that. Especially when it came to hard work, she knew that they had a significant advantage being born into the life that they have. She knows that Thomas has so much money and even more so now with the company being successful. She was a powerful executive, and she had her own net worth.


She would do whatever she could to make sure that her children were taking care of, but she wasn’t going to coddle them. She wasn’t going to make them weak or needy. She knew that Thomas was a big proponent of not doing that. Any time he spoke with Douglas, he was always making it a lesson to be independent, he let Douglas make his own choices. Even if they were the wrong ones, it would be a learning lesson. It was something he learned from Taylor. Breed accountability from when they’re young. She liked that for the kids.


It was completely different than the relationship that she had with Liam, he hid things from her. He always thought that she couldn’t handle hearing things. She knew that it came from two places, one of them was the fact that he didn’t think that she was emotionally capable of handling things and another part was it made him feel like a ‘real man’, his savior complex was damaging to her... As if he was in some way protecting her. She thought it was incredibly chauvinistic of him. He wasn’t playing at being a man, it was really a way to control her.


She had allowed her mother and Liam to control her for so much of her life. She used to make excuses for it, she’s to pretend like it didn’t exist. She always used to say to herself that they wanted the best for her and that’s why they did the things they did. That’s the same thing that abuse victims say about their abusers. They do this because they love me… they love me so much they want what’s best for me and sometimes I don’t know what that is for myself.


She was done with that life, as soon as she started changing things around her. She felt like her vision got clearer, her life started to get better. Sometimes she used to attribute that to Thomas, she loved her husband, but she knew that she needed to stop that line of thinking. She was starting to put him on a pedestal, expecting him to lovingly control her.


He would tell her no, she had to do things because that’s what she wanted to do. He would always be there to help her and if she ever needed advice, he would come to her like a partner would, but he wasn’t going to dictate her life. If she didn’t take his advice, he wasn't going to be upset and chastise her about being naïve.


It empowered her, she started to feel more confident in the decisions that she made for herself in her life, as a mother and as a businesswoman.


She walked into the ten-story building. It would only be apropos for Thomas to be on the top floor, he had a huge office.


She was the only person who never needed an appointment to see her husband.


She didn’t even bother with the assistant. She let them do their work and went straight for her husband’s office. It was unlike any of the other offices within the building. Thomas had thick Oak on one side of his office, the side where the door was. When Hope stepped inside, she saw Thomas look up.


She saw him with his Superman glasses. She thought to herself he really did look like Clark Kent sometimes.


There were no pretenses for why she was there, Thomas had already known that she had an interview and that she was coming into the office. It was a big deal for them to have this interview, he usually was the one who was getting profiled, but it was really important that she be the one to do interviews too. They were trying to do things that were innovative, they were trying to push boundaries about the industry they were in.


Hope lied to herself, she said she didn’t try to please Thomas, she just didn’t do that on most fronts, but she did like to please him sexually. As much as he liked to please her sexually.


“You look nice, did you wear that for me?” Thomas didn’t drop his sketch pencil; he didn't even move a muscle. He kept his face blank.


Hope shifted in her heels; she realized her mistake as she was doing it, but she couldn’t stop herself. The sharklike smile that Thomas gave her only added to her movement.


“No, as you recall I have a meeting later. I wanted to look good for my interview. You’re not the only one that gets to be profiled by major publications.”


It made Thomas chuckle, his wife was right he wasn’t the only one that should have been profiled, he loved his wife achievements. He thought that she was brilliant, even though he thought that there was one thing that he would never waver on. His wife was a horrible liar.


“And I congratulate you on that, but I don’t appreciate your lies, you know what they do to me. Come here.” Thomas is voice was unyielding, it took an even deeper and richer tone which only made Hope that much more turned on.


Hope made her way over to him, she sat on the edge of his desk.


“I’m not lying.” It was all she could say.


“If I were to look at those panties, would I see any evidence of your lies?” Thomas was enjoying himself, the look on his wife's face was priceless.


“My underwear, has no bearing on my veracity.” Hope knew she was fighting a losing battle. She could feel her legs opening just a little. Wanting to show Thomas everything.


“If so, you wouldn’t mind opening those legs further, now would you?” Thomas knew that he was a thorough bastard. “I’d like to see your underwear.”


Hope opened her legs, she opened them wide.


By the grin on Thomas his face, Hope knew that he could see the wetness from her underwear.


“Get up baby. I don’t want there to be any barriers between me and you.”


Thomas wasn’t wasting anytime, foreplay with something that they did at home. He was hard now and she really did need to get to her interview.


Hope didn’t know what came over herself, she didn’t do as Thomas asked. She did like to irk him sexually, just as much as he liked to do to her.


When Thomas saw that she wasn’t complying, he just shook his head.


“Why do you have to be so hardheaded sometimes, it was really just a simple ask. Now you got me riled up. But that’s how you want me isn’t it?” Thomas got up from his seat.


He just looked down at his wife, she was still seated on his desk. He hiked up the skirt that she wore. And through his sheer strength alone he ripped her underwear.


Hope wasn’t expecting him to actually ripped her underwear, she gasped wondering where this was going.


“Bring your ass to the edge of this desk.” Hope did as he asked, she brought herself forward. “Open those legs wider…”


“Unh… Thomas… Honey.” Hope wanted to pinch her nipple, but she felt like she couldn’t move under Thomas’s piercing stare. All she could do was moan and bite her lip.


Thomas delivered four short full contact slaps to her pussy.


“Oh my God… Thomas!” Hope howled into the room. She felt wanton, her body was trying to get closer to his hand. She could feel her pussy throb. It felt like it was on fire, she felt so warm inside. She wanted to chase that feeling. It just heightened her pleasure, she didn’t wanna stop.


“If you did things right the first time, I wouldn’t have to do this… but then again when I think about it, your butt is nearly off of my desk, your cunt Is trying to get close to my hand. Damn you’re such a whore for it aren’t you?”


It was something Hope didn’t know she could like, she love talking dirty. It was the only time where she would accept someone calling her a derogatory name.


“Like a bitch in heat. Are you gonna give me what I need nerd?” Hope looked at her husband straight dead in the eye. She took off her blazer and let her camisole fall.


She was wearing a front clasp lace bra. She opened it, she didn’t even take the bra off, she just let her breast free.


She watched him… Just when she thought that she left him speechless, he grabbed her.


He moves so fast, the next thing she knew, her body was being pressed against the glass plate window. It was so cold… it made her shiver, all she could think about was her nipples getting harder from the feeling.


“You always want to do things the hard way, I always aim to please my wife. If it’s hard you want, it’ll be hard you get.”


Hope felt relief when he entered her.


 “Thomas!” she arched her back and met him thrust for thrust. She could see the views. Her husband was fucking her hard and deep. Her breath was fogging the windows. Each time she took a breath in it would disappear but every time she exhaled, she couldn't see in front of her.


Thomas grunted loudly in her ear, hearing him be so primal with her only make her hornier. He held her tightly by the waist with one arm, he was able to snake his hand in between her legs. He was driving her crazy using his hand to add friction to her clit.  She liked knowing that she had this kind of effect on him, rutting her like an animal. She loved being able to reduce him to his base instincts.


“Baby, fuck me just like that, don't stop. I’m gonna come… Unh! Fuck baby… right there! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Hope gave in to her climax. If her husband hadn’t been holding her up, she would have sunk to the floor.



“Your clothes are wrinkled.” Thomas turned her around and kissed her.


Hope still hadn’t clasped her bra, her breasts dragged on Thomas’s clothed chest. It made her moan in his mouth.


“Yeah…” Hope looked at herself, she had Thomas’s semen running down her leg.


Thomas unlocked the bottom drawer to his desk; it housed a drawer full of his wife’s underwear. He had insisted on it, so he didn’t feel bad when he got carried away and ripped her underwear.


Hope took her heels and skirt off and walked over to his private bathroom. She was able to clean herself up. She clasped her bra and fixed herself up again.


Thomas took the time to steam his wife’s clothes. He wasn’t going to let her go into one of the most important interviews of her life looking freshly fucked.


When Hope came out the bathroom, she saw her suit was crisp again. Thomas helped her dress, she hugged him.


They heard a heard a beep on the intercom. It was time for Hope, Thomas had his assistant notify him when the interviewer was there.


“You ready…” Thomas asked her softly as she was in his arms.


Hope was soaking in the scent of Thomas.


“Yeah I am.” Hope let him go and started going for the door.


“Baby…” Hope turned when she heard Thomas call out for her. “You got this.”


“Thanks.” Hope was ready for this interview. She was going to talk about her growth as a person and business professional. She was ready to be vulnerable and truthful and hoped that other people could have some takeaway from what she had to say.