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i met you in the dark of night (and loved you in the light of day)

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“Are you serious? You really don’t recognize me?” Christen is shocked and kind of confused.

“Nope. Not at all. Why would I know you?”

Christen doesn’t know whether or not she’s the one who should be embarrassed but she definitely is.

She debates what to say for what feels like minutes but the girl across from her just stares back with a blank look.

“Um, well, we have class together, like three times a week. But aside from that, we, uh, hooked up, I guess? At the Delt party last weekend.”

The girls face remains unchanged and she shrugs her shoulders, completely unbothered.

Christen’s face and neck blush and she wishes more than anything that she could sink into the floor, never to be seen again, when all of a sudden, she feels a fist connect with her shoulder.

“I’m just playing around, Christen. Of course I remember you. Even I wouldn’t forget such a pretty face.”

Christen’s blood boils. Of course Tobin was messing around with her. She should have known better.

“Hey, don’t be mad. In like 5 years, when we’re married, you’ll look back on this and think it’s hilarious. Promise.”

Christen’s jaw drops, completely speechless. Before she can process what Tobin just said, Tobin’s hand is on the small of her back and she’s leading her toward the kitchen.

“At least let me get you a drink for the trouble?” Tobin is laughing and Christen is too stunned to do anything other than accept.