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What was he thinking. Klaus could kill him easily, not to mention his deadly werewolf bite.
He’s surprised he didn’t. He let himself get caught up in the moment. That won’t happen again, he will stay away from Klaus for a while.

It’s easy for Stefan to stay busy. Chicago is big, it’s not hard to find things to do and the murder rate is high so his victims get lost in the heap of casualties committed by vicious humans. It works.

On a particularly wild night, Stefan had lured two women to be spontaneous and leave with him. He enjoys a straight forward kill but he also enjoys playing, setting up special scenes now and again. The lakefront is beautiful at night, lit up by the city and low lighting along the walkways. They are running near the water laughing and being silly. Stefan loves how good he is at the hunt, how he makes them swoon over him so easily to get what he wants. He’s charming and handsome. Even if on a rare occasion when a woman is being extra cautious he can still convince her to drop her guard.

He smiles knowing what’s soon to come. He runs getting between the women and grabs each of their hands. They run until he pretends to trip and they all go down into a pile laughing in the sand. It’s not long after that he compels them to be calm and quiet. They are both drained and left to be found by morning joggers or bikers. He sometimes likes to read the names again in the papers.

Feeling satisfied he walks along the water by himself, the wind blowing through his hair. The night is peaceful, the sky is full of stars. What a fun evening he had.

When he’s back home he gets his journal out to write down the events. He won’t forget, it’s just part of his process. He finishes his entry and goes to his closet wall. The most important part of the whole ritual aside from the actual kill, is writing down the names, that is his trophy.
Stefan adds the names Irene and Rosemary to his list. He admires the addition, it gives him gratification every time.
He lets out a satisfied sigh.

When he walks away and into his living room he stops at the sight of Klaus. He’s been there for Stefan’s personal intimate moment.


“You’ve been avoiding me”

Stefan shifts on his feet unsure of the energy in the room.

“I... I uh...thought” Stefan was stumbling all over himself, he didn’t know what to say.

Klaus steps towards him. Stefan’s heart speeds up. Klaus reaches for his shirt collar and gently straightens it, his mouth turned up on one corner.

“What were you writing on that wall?” Klaus asks breaking the silence.

“It’s my list” Stefan says.

Klaus raises an eyebrow.

“My kill list”

Klaus’s eyes darken a little hearing that.

“Show me”

Stefan lingered for a moment. He slowly turned and stepped to his closet opening the door wide and flipping on the light. He steps inside and stands in front of the list. It’s ceiling to floor almost wall to wall full of names. Klaus is close behind, barely any space between them.

“Tell me about them Stefan” Klaus says, his voice low and in Stefan’s ear.

Stefan touches the wall and admiringly runs his fingers over the names, even traces over the letters in a few.

“I know every name by heart. I remember every detail of each person. What they looked like, what they were wearing, their scent, the taste of their blood” A shiver went through is body as he relived the scenes in his mind.

“I can see their faces. Hear their blood pumping faster when the fear takes over. Feel their very last breath leave their body. It’s all cataloged, everything”

Klaus slides his hand over Stefan’s against the wall and laces their fingers. Stefan’s breath hitches at the touch and looks at their hands together. He turns to face Klaus. Time stands still. Klaus leans in and presses his lips to Stefan’s. Their mouths moving together. Everything else melts away. Passion ignites as they kiss deeply. Stefan’s back is pressed against his wall of names. He grabs Klaus’s head to pull him even closer, kiss him harder. Klaus yanks his hands away so fast and pins them to the wall making Stefan hiss. Klaus kisses him breathless until they are both as flushed as a vampire can get. Klaus slows it all down, he slides his stubbled cheek against Stefan’s until his lips are at his ear.

“Don’t avoid me anymore, love”
He whispered in his ear.

Klaus leaned back and placed one last kiss on Stefan’s lips then he was gone in a flash. Stefan took a breath and exhaled, he couldn’t believe that just happened. He smiled.


This time Stefan couldn’t wait to see Klaus again. They meet up often now. Going to all the art galleries and museums. Stefan could listen to Klaus talk about art forever, he’s so passionate about it. They have fun showing each other up on hunts and wrecking havoc in the city together.

During their night crawling they stumbled upon a hole in the wall bar. They go inside and get drinks.

“How about a round of pool?” Klaus looks at the table.

“Okay, what are we playing for?” Stefan smirks.

“Hmm, if I win I’ll let you know” Klaus says as he chalks his cue stick.

“That’s a risky bet. I’m in” Stefan laughs and racks the balls.

Klaus moves to take the first shot breaking the rack. He steps back for Stefan’s move. During the game they watch each other. The game is fun, it almost feels like a dance for them.
They play a good game but Klaus ultimately ends up winning. Stefan demands a rematch so they play again. Stefan wins. They play more and stop keeping track.

There’s been more in the air tonight, a blanket of thick desire wrapped around them. They stare a little longer, stand much closer, search out little touches of the hands here, a brush of the shoulders there. The thirst for more only builds. After a shared knowing look they abandon the scene and leave the humans as they are this time.

Klaus has a more luxurious flat, his tastes are a bit more on the finer side. That’s where they end up. After weeks of heated kisses left with the promise of more, the wait is over.

Stefan took a moment to glance around, he admired the paintings scattered throughout. He looked at Klaus. Stefan closed the gap between them and kissed Klaus. This time Klaus didn’t pull his hands away when he cupped his face and ran fingers through his hair. Their lips moved perfectly together. Klaus deepens the kiss with his tongue, gently brushing his with Stefan’s. A trail of clothes is left on the floor to the bedroom. Klaus pushed them onto the bed laying over Stefan. Hands roaming everywhere, touching, squeezing, hips grinding. Klaus rubs his growing erection against Stefan’s aching swell, he moans at the delicious friction wishing the last layers of clothing were gone.

As if reading his mind, Klaus moves down Stefan’s body stripping him of his pants and boxers. Klaus removes his too before he is leaning down and kissing Stefan’s thighs, kissing and grazing the skin. Stefan’s abs rise and fall with his breathing. He spreads Stefan’s legs wider and settles between them. He licks a finger then rubs it against Stefan’s opening. Stefan gasped and jumped as a reflex.
“Relax love”
Klaus continued. Stefan closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the sensation, this was a new feeling. One finger was easy sliding around his walls, Klaus eased a second in, slowly crooking and scissoring inside. Klaus made sure to work him open right, he spent a little extra time rubbing the sweet spot that had Stefan squirming and vocal. He was more than ready. Klaus crawled up and kissed Stefan hungrily then he lifted up and pressed his leaking head to Stefan’s hole. He looked back at Stefan and watched him as he moved forward.
Klaus pushes inside his entrance, Stefan throws his head back into the pillow, his nails dig into Klaus’s skin. Stefan feels like a virgin again. In a way he is, he has never done this before. Klaus’s dick is stretching him, forcing his channel open. He feels every inch going in deeper and deeper.
“Klaus” he breathes.
“You feel so good Love”
He is completely sheathed inside Stefan, he can feel the muscles squeezing around him, he shivers.
Klaus moves, Stefan feels a burning heat as his body adjusts to accept the member thrusting inside him, his brows furrowed and mouth open as he groans and gasps in painful pleasure.
Klaus drops his head to Stefan’s shoulder, he can’t hold back anymore, Stefan feels so good. He thrusts faster and harder. Stefan yells out, clutches Klaus harder. Klaus is grunting as he plunges in over and over again. He feels Stefan still underneath him and then a wave of warm liquid spreads between them as Stefan shouts Klaus’s name. Stefan is shuddering under him, it sends him over the edge. Klaus comes inside Stefan, releasing his orgasm in heaping spurts, all his energy draining with it. Both are out of breath but they don’t break away. Klaus is rocking in the smallest way against Stefan as they ride out the high. When he can finally form a thought Klaus leans up and looks at Stefan’s face.

“Did I hurt you, Love?”

“In the best ways” Stefan says looking happy.

Klaus kisses him again then slowly rolls off to lay beside him. No words are needed, they lay tangled up in each other in total bliss. They both get the best sleep of their lives.


In the morning Klaus had been awake for a couple hours when the sun came up. He was nearly done with his painting. Stefan looks so peaceful while he sleeps. Klaus enjoyed looking over every inch of Stefan to get his features portrayed just right.
Stefan wakes and sees Klaus at the easel making soft controlled strokes of his brush. Klaus looks over and their eyes meet, they both smile.

“Don’t you dare show that to anyone” Stefan says.

“I’m going to sell it” Klaus smiles.

“You wouldn’t” Stefan scoffs.

“Put it on display for the world”

Stefan huffs and puts his hands over his eyes. Klaus takes the opportunity to crawl back in bed with him and pull him close.

“You would deprive the masses of such beautiful art? How could you?” Klaus nuzzles his ear.

“That’s not art, that’s me, naked. So yea, the masses will have to do without”

They laugh and start kissing.


Once the dam broke, this thing with Klaus was amazing. Their feelings grew stronger with each passing moment.

Neither one could get enough. Sometimes they would spend a whole day in bed, making love every possible way, nothing left out. Klaus owned Stefan now and he loves it. Klaus is his world, his best friend, his lover, his everything.

One of Stefan’s favorite things is to be woken up to Klaus pushing his hard dick against his ass. Klaus enters his mind and makes him so aroused by the images he creates along with his low voice whispering promises of what’s to come once he wakes. When Stefan awakens from his slumber he is already panting. Klaus wastes no time pushing inside him. They both moan gruffly at the feeling.

“Good morning love” Klaus says against Stefan’s ear. His hips starting a slow rhythm.
It was perfect, Stefan wouldn’t change a thing.

Then all at once, it all shattered.

Stefan was at his desk writing and Klaus showed up distraught.

“Klaus, what is it?” Stefan got up and stood in front of him.

“I have received news and have to leave”

“Leave? Where?”

“Far away. I don’t know if I shall return”

“Wait a minute, slow down. What’s going on?”

“I don’t have time to explain, I shouldn’t even be here now”

“I’m going with you”

“I wish you could, love. I’m being hunted, you wouldn’t be safe and I won’t stand for that” Klaus said as he gently ran his knuckles over Stefan’s cheek.

“How can you just leave?! Don’t do this Klaus!”


Klaus put his finger over Stefan’s lips and for the first time, used his compulsion on him. He locked their eyes.

“You will forget me, Stefan Salvatore, forget ever meeting me”

Then he was gone. Stefan was standing in the middle of the room with an empty feeling and not knowing why.