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The 20’s were the most vibrant years, full of pizazz and glamour.
The parties were sophisticated and wild. That’s where they met.

Stefan had been spending time with a blonde beauty and she dragged him to the popular speakeasy. Her brother was out and was curious of the man his little sister was fancied with. Klaus knew of Stefan through stories, none of them flattering. He was prepared to drag his sister over his shoulder if need be, but he thought he could at least meet the gent first.

He sees Rebekah in a corner booth being affectionate with a sharply dressed man with softer features than the ones in his imagination.

Klaus walks up to the booth and stands at the table. He clears his throat.

Rebekah pulls her lips away and faces the man looking at them.

“Dear sister, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Stefan looks up and meets eyes with a devilishly handsome man that has the look of a prince but a dangerous energy.

“Stefan, this is my brother, Niklaus” Rebekah said unamused.

“The infamous Stefan Salvatore” klaus says.

“You know of me” Stefan says factually.

“I’d wonder who doesn’t know of you”

“Please, won’t you join us, Niklaus?” Stefan said as he motioned to open seating at the booth.

“Don’t mind if I do, Stefan” he kept eye contact as he sat down.

Klaus came off as very brooding, his face hard and naturally kept an expression made of stone. He knew how his presence struck caution signals but he was okay with that, he considered being feared a quality.

The three of them engaged in the typical acquaintance banter. Stefan found himself quite intrigued by Klaus. He listened intently when he spoke, the accent and the way he carried himself kept his attention. There was a moment when he spoke of a found memory that brought a smile to his face. That smile lit up the entire room, changed his look completely, no trace of the hardness he had been portraying only a second ago. Stefan wanted to see more of it.

Being the ripper that he is, Stefan rarely has control over his impulses. There was a man getting jealous over his girl getting the eye of another, so he decided to toy with them. Teasing the humans seemed to amuse Klaus so he continued putting them in mortifying scenarios. They lock eyes several times during the human puppet show that Stefan confidently put on at the table.

Rebekah gets bored of the games so she excuses herself to go mingle and seek out other entertainment.

“Care to join me for a drink?” Stefan asks.

Klaus stands up to walk towards the bar when Stefan tugs gently at his arm.

“Not that kind of drink” Stefan says with a half smile and hunger in his eyes.

Klaus returns the look with more smolder and walks with Stefan as he leads them to a woman checking her hair in a mirror near the staircase. Stefan compels her to be compliant and quiet. He raises his hand and gently brushes her hair back behind her shoulder exposing her neck. Stefan admires the pulse as his face changes when the urge gets stronger. He slowly sinks his teeth in taking a long slow drink, as he does his eyes move to lock onto Klaus giving him a signal to join.

They enjoy the rush and the taste. Klaus does not want a scene and knows the limit is approaching before the girl dies. He stops and licks his lips of the blood satisfyingly. He sees the frenzy building in Stefan as he continues. “Rippers” he thinks to himself with a small shake of his head but also with amusement in his eyes. In a flash he has Stefan removed from the girl and pinned to the wall by his neck. Stefan is tense with shock written on his face. Klaus gives him a smile before he speaks.

“We don’t want to end the night early do we? This is one human, we have more to play with” Klaus adds a wink and he can feel Stefan relax under his grip before he releases him.

Stefan straightens himself out and wipes his thumb over his lips.

“Yes, we do. Lead the way” he follows Klaus back into the crowd.

The rest of the evening goes on without incident. Whether Stefan was in tune with it or not, Klaus had the “ripper” in complete control. Being an original vampire, he knows his species very well, the good, the bad, the ugly. He may not always operate with the best intentions, but he knows exactly how to deal with all things Vampire. So he just took the edge off for Stefan that night.

Later when Stefan gets home to his apartment he feels different, a little off. He stands there silently for several minutes. He has no names to add to his list tonight. His cherished kill list. He momentarily thinks about going back out into the night to change that but then he realizes he is content. “Strange” he thinks.

As he lets his thoughts go back over the earlier activities it all goes back to Klaus.
He finds himself replaying meeting Klaus in his head, gravitating back to the vision of him, the fierceness of his eyes, even his lips, how his smile melted everything else away.
How Klaus overpowered him so easily. He didn’t feel threatened, more like... fascinated.

He wasn’t sure if he was over analyzing the surge he felt thinking about Klaus. Even though Stefan has been a vampire for 58 years, a man hasn’t gotten his curiosity or piqued his interest beyond He wants to see Klaus again, know more about him, experience a first, something he didn’t expect to have again.