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Trixie and the Devil

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Lucifer constantly was dropping in on the detective catching her unaware. He believed that he had every right to do so as her brand-new partner.

Chloe tried explaining the idea of calling first, but Lucifer wasn't the type of Divine to organize things ahead.

He was more of an "Oh, this has popped into my head so I'll do this immediately," type.

He never worked on any proper schedule or agenda.

He did what he desired as soon as possible, with no preparation beforehand.

Well, after all, he was the Devil!

He had let himself in the detective's home, which he noted was rather impressive for her meager salary, and had begun preparation of a lovely breakfast one day, trying to make up for something he might have done but had already forgotten. And possibly trying to entice her again, if he was being honest. 

Chloe had been relaxing in the shower when she heard some odd noises from downstairs, and no one else was supposed to be in the house but her.

She wrapped herself in a towel and grabbed her gun to defend herself against the unexpected intruder.

Upon seeing him in her home, Chloe became upset with him, even incensed.

He couldn't understand why. He was simply trying to be nice for a change, after all!

Subsequently, her bath towel unwrapped itself from around her ribcage and fell to the floor.

He couldn't help but stare, and she was annoyed at him being so insolent.  A true gentleman would have covered his eyes, or turned away at the very least. 

She was stunning, he had seen thousands of naked bodies, and she surpassed them all.

Humans were so strange! She had entirely no need to be embarrassed.

She was perfectly conceived, bless Dad.

He couldn't help but admire her composition.

Chloe put down the gun and snatched her towel up, wrapping it hastily around her, as though she stood there emerging as a monstrous freak.

The moment would have been perfect, except for the fact that it was the very moment that Dan-the-Douche brought the miniature human named Trixie home.

Trixie scooted quickly to him and entangled him in her small clinging tentacles.

He attempted playing fetch with the undersized creature, after all, she had to be at least as intelligent as a dog, though she apparently was unfamiliar with the concept and simply laughed at his attempt, squeezing him tighter and actually grinning.

She must be some sort of a Demon child, indeed.

Poor Chloe, saddled with such an undeveloped tiny mortal!