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Congratulations! Maid outfit sexy time!

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Shang Qinghua has no idea how she acquired the outfit. She doesn’t even have a clue how lingerie even came to existence in Proud Demon Immortal Way. Maybe she wrote it once in a chapter she had pushed out during the haze of a bad week. 

That has to be it. This has to be from a chapter she created during a fever or something as that’s the only explanation she could have about the black and white frilly outfit spread out on the table. This is a Xianxia novel, right? Isn’t this an overseas outfit? How did it get into her little home?


[Congratulations! You’ve unlocked a special event: maid outfit sexy time! The success of this event includes both +100 B and cool points. Good luck and hope you enjoy.]

Sometimes Shang Qinghua wants to curse just as much as Cucumber Sis. But she looks at the outfit and feels a slight heat of a blush form on her face. 

A special event? Well, she’s not going to say no to spending time with her wonderful wife Mobei-Jun. Just thinking about what this maid dress could do already has her slightly horny.

So, with a tiny bit of confusion and complaint, she does put the maid outfit on.

Boy howdy is this outfit detailed.

Shang Qinghua has spent a good portion of her years on the internet. Hell, she misses it sometimes and the instant gratification she’d receive being on there. But then again, just a little at this point, she enjoys her work at An Ding peak. 

She had no idea there were so many layers to a maid outfit, first of all. Despite all the times she’s seen it and fantasized about it she didn’t realize how hard it was to put on.

Okay, it looks nice! Maid outfits are sexy! Beautiful! When the skirt is so short and the stockings hug the thighs so beautifully. What man or woman (or anybody really) could resist such an enticing sight?

Shang Qinghua just wasn’t expecting to feel so insecure. There’s no way she looks as sexy as all those girls do in porn sites. A cute cultivator, sure, but not sexy.

She tugs at the skirt a little. Its frills are a perfect length just barely hiding her bare ass but lifting just enough to catch the eye. She didn’t bother putting a bra on knowing it’d just be ripped off by Mobei-Jun anyway but the results are her nipples are defined through the fabric of the dress.

She even put up her hair in a bun to fit the look more. The amazement, though, is the little bow she has on her collar that came with a bell. Each movement she makes is now joined with a tinkle from the bell.

She twirls and straightens it out, enjoying how she feels in the dress. Her door then opens.

Shang Qinghua whips her head around. Fear strikes her heart with the idea of one of her disciples seeing her in this getup. She will qi deviate on the spot if her head disciple saw her like this. The rumors! Cucumber Sis’ endless roasts! Shang Qinghua would rather have Luo Binghe smack her around than someone else seeing her like this.

Instead, she is greeted by the sight of her wife at the doorway. 

“M-my queen!” She squeaks. Relief floods her system. She’ll never get those years she just lost back from the sheer fear she just experienced.

Mobei-Jun doesn’t move from her position in the doorway upon seeing her. 

Shang Qinghua shifts a little. Part of her wants to go to Mobei-Jun and greet her wife with the attention that she learned her wife enjoys being the center of. But the other part is hyper-aware of the fact that she’s in a maid outfit and she needs to scatter away and find a place to hide.

It also doesn’t help that she is starting to shiver from the cold air outside.

“Shang Qinghua, what are you wearing?” Mobei-Jun’s asks. Her voice shocks Shang Qinghua a little and she jumps accordingly. 

“I..I uh...It’s a...Well, it’s this outfit I had received...and….” Shang Qinghua starts pulling at the hems of the skirt a little. Before the idea of it being so short was a great idea. Her butt had peaked out underneath so perfectly but now she wanted the exact opposite. “D-do you like it?” 

There’s silence. Shang Qinghua senses dread forming from her stomach and she’s going to start backtracking like, right now. Maybe if she reached for the drawers she can quickly pull out a robe to cover herself with saving her from this ordeal. She's going to curse out the system later for this ridiculous idea.

Turning to look for a robe she continues pulling down the ends of her skirt. Almost desperate to scurry for anything that will give her legs some warmth. 

“Wait,” Mobei-Jun commands. Shang Qinghua freezes, her back still turned to Mobei-Jun. “It...looks nice.” 


“Y-yes, my queen?” 

“Turn around.”

Obeying, Shang Qinghua meekly faces her wife. She has stopped tugging on the dress but instead, her hands have gripped and crumbled the front of the dress where the apron is settled. She is still nervous. Especially under the unwavering gaze of her wife. 

“It’s a l-little cold,” Shang Qinghua mumbles. 

Mobei-Jun looks at the doorway and without hesitation shuts it with a little bit of force. Her eyes quickly go back to Shang Qinghua who still looks like she’s trying to curl in on herself. 

Mobei-Jun moves quickly. Her steps wide so she could stop in front of Shang Qinghua within a second and scrutinize her closely. Eyes scan every small detail from the stockings to the buttons that settle right between Shang Qinghua’s breasts. 

Mobei-Jun’s hand comes up to touch the golden bell. The slight movement causes it to twinkle a little. Where did Shang Qinghua come up with this outfit? It’s unusual, the design completely foreign. 

But Mobei-Jun will not complain about it. Not when Shang Qinghua looks...delightful with the small and skimpy outfit. 

She moves her attention away from the bell and frills up to Shang Qinghua’s face. Her face is red and with how she’s standing, though, her head is held low and she’s eyeing Mobei-Jun through her lashes. 

It is enticing. The way Shang Qinghua moves a majority of the time is more tempting than she realizes. From her hips to her lips. Mobei-Jun can’t ever deny what Shang Qinghua does to her.

Without a second thought, Mobei-Jun leans over to kiss Shang Qinghua. Her lips are soft, warm, and already slightly red from habitual lip-biting she unconsciously did during moments when she was lost in thought. It doesn’t take long for Shang Qinghua to begin pushing into the kiss. Their lips parting just enough for their tongues to meet. 

Shang Qinghua leans back just a little, enough for her to say, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” She watches as Mobei-Jun looks at her, slight confusion then dawning of understanding. Shang Qinghua knows she’s succeeded when she notes Mobei-Jun’s pupils dilate. 

She squeaks when Mobei-Jun’s hands grip her waist and hoist her towards the bed. She is light compared to Mobei-Jun’s strength and is thrown onto the soft cushions of her bed. From there, her skirt lifts up her body proving to Mobei-Jun that she had nothing on underneath. 

Mobei-Jun hovers over her a little and absorbs the sight before her. She comes closer and without even needing to touch Shang Qinghua her legs part for Mobei-Jun. She flickers her gaze up to Shang Qinghua’s face and upon realizing what she has done a flush forms on her cheeks. 

“My queen....” Shang Qinghua says. She shifts a little to give Mobei-Jun a better view. 

“Turn over,” Mobei-Jun instructs. Shang Qinghua scrambles to get on her hands and knees. There Mobei-Jun’s view is enhanced. 

The position gives Mobei-Jun a nice view. Shang Qinghua on all fours, her ass peeking out from under the dress like a shy maiden. Slowly Mobei-Jun’s hand moves up the calf and thigh sending a shiver through Shang Qinghua. She kneads the area where the fabric covers, enjoying the texture and the feeling of the flesh it hides. 

It’s a good addition. The white fabric hugs her wife's thighs snugly and defines the area. Out of the whole outfit, she might like this part of it the most.

Slowly her fingers trail up to the naked part of Shang Qinghua’s thigh. Her touch light until she reaches the start of Shang Qinghua’s ass. Her other hand then joins along and begins to squeeze the two cheeks. Mobei-Jun does not hesitate to take a bite from the soft flesh. A surprised gasp escapes from Shang Qinghua. The jolt of shock causes Mobei-Jun’s grip to tighten to keep her still. 

From there Mobei-Jun begins to trail down. She leaves marks and kisses down Shang Qinghua’s ass and massages the area accordingly. Shang Qinghua pushes her ass towards Mobei-Jun’s face, a noise of impatience escapes her. 

Mobei-Jun ignores the noises to continue her journey. Her lips make contact with the moist area of her slit. Already wet from arousal. Mobei-Jun’s tongue pushes past the lips and begins working her tongue between the folds. 

Her tongue is cold on Shang Qinghua’s vagina. She moans feeling the icy muscle move through her sensitive spots and circling her clit. Skillfully circling and pushing on her nerves while the temperature adds a layer of stimulation. 

Shang Qinghua grips the sheets and moves her hips to gain some more contact from Mobei-Jun’s tongue. But the grip on her ass prevents her from moving much to her demise. Her noises begin to fill the air the more Mobei-Jun eats her out. Sweet cries leave her lips as Mobei-Jun’s mouth continues to slowly open her up. 

“Ah, my queen. You’re going so slow,” Shang Qinghua whines.

Mobei-Jun removes herself and looks over to Shang Qinghua. She had buried her face in the sheets at one point. Watching her carefully Mobei-Jun’s fingers begin to push into Shang Qinghua. Steadily she moves them in and out, almost like she was bored. It drove Shang Qinghua up the wall as she bucks her hip trying to get more out of the fingers in her. 

Mobei-Jun’s other hand grips her waist still. The fabric crumpling under her hand as she twists her fingers and circling the clit with her thumb. Mobei-Jun begins to move, her other hand not buried in Shang Qinghua’s crotch moving up to fondle her breast over the clothes. 

The hand rubs over the nibbles and pinches them. Shang Qinghua gasps with each movement of Mobei-Jun’s unhurried fingers and the feeling of her nipples being squeezed. 

“You’re so good,” Mobei-Jun says. The reply she gets is a babble of words she doesn’t bother to comprehend. Licking her lips to taste Shang Qinghua she decided she needed more. 

Pressing herself onto Shang Qinghua’s back she nuzzles her face onto her lover’s neck. Her teeth graze the skin, finding an area where she could sink them into. Her fingers begin to move faster, thrusting with the rhythm of Shang Qinghua’s hips. 

Mobei-Jun knows that Shang Qinghua is close. Her moans are louder and her movements desperate. Nibbling on an area of skin on her neck she decides the area is a good spot to sink her teeth into. 

She pulls her fingers out of Shang Qinghua as soon as her teeth have met their target. Shang Qinghua struggles beneath her, the sound of disappointment and a gasp escapes her mouth. Mobei-Jun holds her still as she marks Shang Qinghua. 

As an apology, she licks the area and gives Shang Qinghua’s breast a slight message. After a second of that, she straightens her back and begins to reach for the harness tucked away near the bed next to the other objects they had collected over the years. 

“Don’t touch yourself,” Mobei-Jun instructs. 

“B-but my queen,” Shang Qinghua whines. One look has her whimpering on the bed, gripping the sheets tighter to prevent touching herself. 

Mobei-Jun begins to strip her robes. She opens them just enough for her to put on the harness, leaving an outer layer still on. 

Shang Qinghua watches as Mobei-Jun begins crafting the dildo. Mobei-Jun motions for Shang Qinghua to turn over. She follows the command, her hands still buried in the sheets preventing her from touching herself. 

Once finished Mobei-Jun turns to Shang Qinghua. She is mostly covered, her panties discarded on the floor and replaced with the harness. In the dim light of the room, Shang Qinghua can see Mobei-Jun fully. Her gaze is still piercing, all of it swallowing the sight of Shang Qinghua up.

Mobei-Jun comes closer. She opens her legs to welcome Mobei-Jun to settle between them. Gripping the frozen dildo she pushes it past Shang Qinghua’s entrance. It’s freezing, colder than Mobei-Jun’s tongue. Mobei-Jun lets the head of it slide up and down her slit, rubbing her clit with it and watching Shang Qinghua whimper. 

“My queen, please,” Shang Qinghua begs. “I-I need you.”

“Need me?”

She wants to cry on the spot. 

“I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me, my queen.”

That was all Mobei-Jun needed. She begins pushing the head of the dildo into Shang Qinghua. It is slow, almost aggravatingly. Her body tries to adjust to the thick ice entering her and she arches her back adapting to it. Each inch enters her and she gasps accordingly. 

In mere minutes Mobei-Jun bottoms out. Her hips connect to Shang Qinghua’s crotch and the sight of Shang Qinghua trembling underneath her sends a wave of lust through her. She wants to move her hips, to start at a brutal pace and hear Shang Qinghua scream. 

But her human is fragile and her patience will be rewarding. 

Shang Qinghua shifts, letting her body get used to the temperature. The coldness almost numbs her insides and she breathes in carefully. Mobei-Jun shifts a little, her hand coming towards Shang Qinghua’s chest. 

Closing her hands on the fabric she pulls apart the shirt, bursting the buttons apart. Shang Qinghua jolts and shouts at the sudden action. Looking down she can see her chest exposed to Mobei-Jun. All she could think about is the lewd scene she must present. 

Really, Shang Qinghua only saw this kind of scenario in porn! Who knew she’d ever do it herself. 

The dress pushes up to expose her private areas. Mobei-Jun’s cold strap-on pushes all the way in her, the juices coating it and dripping down her thighs. She must be a mess, locks of hair had fallen out of her bun and her breasts exposed through a titty window in the dress created by Mobei-Jun. 

Without any hesitation, Mobei-Jun leans down and captures one of Shang Qinghua’s nipples in her mouth. The cool swipe of the tongue and teeth has her crying out. One hand pulling and pinching the other while the other was ravished by a mouth. 

Shang Qinghua can only squirm underneath Mobei-Jun. Her hand shoots up to bury her hand in Mobei-Jun’s scalp. With that Mobei-Jun begins moving her hips. Shallow shifts of motions have Shang Qinghua going crazy. The stimulation beginning to get to her.

“M-my queen!” Shang Qinghua gasps. “I need you to move faster.”

“Impatient,” Mobei-Jun huffs between Shang Qinghua’s boobs. She gets a pout from Shang Qinghua; red cheeks puffed and tempting to pinch. 

Deciding to give Shang Qinghua some mercy she starts thrusting faster. Gripping a leg she lifts it, spreading Shang Qinghua’s legs even more. The position has Shang Qinghua leg near her head but letting Mobei-Jun push in deeper into her. 

The wet sounds of the strap-on can be heard by both women. It’s lewd and filthy with the ringing of the bell on Shang Qinghua’s neck. Shang Qinghua is loving every second of it.

She meets Mobei-Jun with each thrust. Her orgasm building quickly with the stimulation. From the bruising hand pushing her thigh and caressing it, Mobei-Jun’s almost brutal thrusts, the freezing cold of the strap-on moving in and out of her, and the dirty noises emitting from Shang Qinghua alone. 

Shang Qinghua hears herself speaking. Her words incoherent but they spill out anyway. Opening her eyes she takes in the sight of Mobei-Jun. Her face is flushed, hair flowing down her shoulder. She has a black lace bra that makes her breasts look so perfect. She is still so well put together but Shang Qinghua can read the details. 

It’s how hard Mobei-Jun is breathing, her eyes shining with lust just gazing at her lips pressed tight together in concentration, and the hand feeling up her leg with fascination.

The sight alone brings her over the edge. Letting out a scream she spasms with an orgasm. Throwing her head back and arching her back she feels Mobei-Jun pace go faster. Shang Qinghua rides out her orgasm, sobbing her body still being fucked. Mobei-Jun’s thrusts don’t seem like they’re not going to stop anytime soon. 

“M-Mobei-Jun,” She gasps. “Mobei-Jun. Mobei-Jun.” 

Mobei-Jun leans over and kisses Shang Qinghua, effectively shutting her up. There’s tongue, teeth, and soon she moves from her lips down her jaw and trails to her throat. The hand that was on her calf rests on her boob once more while the other begins circling her clit with just the thumb. The extra simulation quickly builds up another wall of an orgasm. 

This time Mobei-Jun’s rhythm starts to become sloppy. It’s desperate and shallow but Shang Qinghua orgasms despite it all. The thumb on her clit doesn’t stop until she is finished. She feels her limbs give out, her body becoming limp. 

Despite her arms feeling like jelly she reachings up to pull Mobei-Jun down for a kiss. Their bodies moving to the thrusts of Mobei-Jun. It does not take long for Mobei-Jun’s orgasm to follow along. 

Only then does Shang Qinghua stop kissing Mobei-Jun, wanting to see her orgasm. 

Eyes closed, lips parted and puffy, cheeks flushed, and her eyebrows scrunched together to create the wrinkles between her eyebrows. With one last hard ram of her hips, she lowers her head. She clenches her jaws but Shang Qinghua grabs Mobei-Jun’s face, wanting to see and hear Mobei-Jun’s sweet voice escape during the moment. 

They both stay there, panting heavily. Mobei-Jun pulls out of Shang Qinghua, the iced dildo practically melted into a thin piece now. It sends a shiver up Shang Qinghua’s spine thinking about it, body torn between wanting to rest and going another round. 

“I like this,” Mobei-Jun says. Her hand is on her leg where the stocking is. Shang Qinghua detects a blush creep up her neck. “Keep it.”

“I will, my queen.”


Shang Qinghua strips on the bed. Whatever left of the made outfit thrown carelessly to the ground. The sheets are cold against her bare skin. Mobei-Jun soon joins her, wiping her down with a towel and also throwing it aside. Once done Shang Qinghua shuffles closer to Mobei-Jun, pressing herself up against her wife and nestling right between the breasts she loves. 

“I love you,” she mumbles.

“Mm,” Mobei-Jun grunts back. Her arms wrapping out her human. 


[Success! Points have been added to your total. We hope you enjoyed this special event.]