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Meant to Be: Prologue

This is your captain speaking. We’ve just landed in Seattle, Washington. Local time is 2:47PM and the current weather is partly cloudy, current temperature is sixty-one degrees. If this is your first time to the area, enjoy your trip. Please remain seated until the seatbelt light goes off. 


Harvey looks over to Donna, noticing the odd expression on her face. She’s staring off into space, completely dazed, but her brow is furrowed like she’s thinking too hard about something. He takes her hand in his, asking, “Hey, you okay?”


Her hazel eyes shift over to his, her nod the only reply he receives. He gives her hand another squeeze, bringing it up to kiss her knuckles. 


First class passengers exit the plane first, and he has to pull her from her far away thoughts so they can get their carry on bags. 


She shakes her head as she stands, chuckling softly. “Sorry,” she shrugs. “I was lost in my head thinking about all these apartments we want to look at.”


Harvey smirks, telling her it’s okay. “We have a whole week, babe,” he reminds, “we have plenty of time.”


They make their way from the plane, bags thrown over their shoulders, and they head for baggage claim. They may only be in Seattle for a week, but that hadn’t stopped his wife from packing an assortment of shoes and dresses for each day, including wardrobe changes. Not that he’s any better. He hadn’t quite been able to get all his suits, plus leisure wear, into a carry on, so he’d checked a small bag as well. 


As they locate their luggage, Harvey hears a squealed, “There they are!” 


Donna’s head whips around, a gasp leaving her and she abandons her suitcase behind with him, rushing toward where Mike and Rachel stand. 


The brunette wraps her arms around Donna, both of them tearing up at the sight of one another. 


He scoffs in mirth, taking the handle of her luggage as well as his, and walking over to the group. Mike smirks at him when he approaches, making a quip about not realizing quitting the firm meant he was taking up a job as a bellboy. 


“Just being the good husband that I am,” he smirks, glancing over to his wife. 


She’s still wrapped in Rachel’s arms, both women lovingly stroking the back of each other’s heads, declaring how much they’ve missed each other. 


He can see a tear rolling down Donna’s cheek, and he can only assume there’s tears on Rachel’s as well. 


It’s sweet. He knows how much Donna has missed her friend, and this just solidifies their decision to move here. 


Rachel gasps dramatically, pulling away from Donna. Her hands slip down, intertwining with the redhead’s as she turns to face the men. “Husband!” She turns back to Donna with a beaming smile. “He’s your husband!


Donna laughs, looking over to him with love in her eyes. It’s a look she’s had since he proposed two weeks ago, and he can’t get enough of it. He knows he has the exact same expression on his face, too. 


Rachel picks up Donna’s left hand, bringing it closer to her face. She gushes over the sapphire and diamond ring, tears welling in her brown eyes once again as they stand there, in the middle of baggage claim, celebrating the newlyweds. “It’s gorgeous,” she exclaims to Harvey, looking to him with a proud grin. “You did good!”


Donna’s eyes soften when her friend looks back to her. She nods, affirming that he did a great job. “It was his grandmother's ring, and I love it.” 


The girls walk closer to him and Mike then, Donna reaching out to take her suitcase. “Sorry,” she giggles. 


He wraps his now free arm over her shoulder, pressing a quick kiss to her hairline. “Not a problem,” he assures, smiling dopily down at her. He removes his arm from around her, taking her free hand in his as they all walk outside. 


Mike leads them to the parking deck, talking animatedly the whole time about all the sights they needed to see while they were here and restaurants they should try. “Oh, and of course you guys need to come by the office and meet everyone!” 


Donna chuckles, telling him it’s definitely on the agenda. “Our little puppy is so excited to have us here,” she jokes, stage whispering loud enough that Mike still hears. 


“Ha, ha,” he mock-laughs, rolling his eyes. He then smiles, confirming that he is very happy they decided to move here. 


“You know we’re only here for a few days this time, right?” Donna asks, giving the blonde a skeptical look. 


He nods, saying that he does, but he claims he still wants them to experience the best while they’re here. 


The elevator dings and the doors open. Mike and Rachel climb in, Rachel taking Donna’s carry on bag for her. Stepping back, he gestures for Donna to get on before him. She smiles and steps in before he hops on. 


He takes her hand again, loving the way her ring feels against his skin. He makes a mental note to take Mike on an excursion to a jewelry store while they’re here to look at wedding bands while Rachel occupies Donna’s attention. They still have to get him a permanent one and return the band Donna’s friend got for them at the last minute, and he wants to get one for Donna that matches his grandmother’s ring.


He grins at the thought, hoping he can surprise her again like he did with the last ring. Leaning closer, he places a quick kiss to the side of her head. 


“Ugh,” Rachel scoffs playfully from behind them, “you’re so cute !” She laughs, unable to contain her joy over them finally being together. “You’re like… the same, but different.” 


They turn to face the couple, sharing a knowing smile. “ You’re the same,” she points between him and Donna, “but you’re… holding hands, and Harvey is actually smiling!” 


The doors open to the third level and they all walk out, Donna coming to his defense with, “He smiled before!” 


She reaches out, stroking his arm as her lips turn up sweetly at him. 


Rachel chuckles, saying, “Yeah, at you, but no one else!” 


Harvey grins at their friends, knowing Rachel is mostly right. Smiles weren’t too often found working in the office. He always had to be the hardass boss. He was the best fucking closer the city had ever seen; he couldn’t be seen as soft or playful. He always had a million problems on his shoulders as well, just one of the reasons deciding to leave was so simple. After decades of feeling weighed down by chaos and scandal, he just wanted to be happy. “Well no one else deserved a smile at work,” he insists with a smug smirk. 


“Aw, come on,” Mike pleads, stopping in front of his SUV as he unlocks it with the remote. “Pretty sure I got a smile before.” 


The tailgate lifts open, and Mike takes his bag from him, placing it inside. “Must’ve been gas or something,” Harvey retorts dryly, causing Rachel and Donna to snort. He then reaches for Donna’s suitcase, putting it next to his in the trunk. 


He opens the car door for her, letting her climb into the backseat with Rachel. As he buckles into the passenger seat, he can hear the girls talking to themselves about everything they’ll get to do again living in the same city. 


They pull onto the freeway, Mike telling Harvey about the realtor he found for them and how he’d already helped her scope out some places not too far from their home. 


He nods, wanting to make a comeback about not wanting to work and live close to him, but he refrains, knowing it’ll actually be nice to live close to a familiar face until they get use to Seattle. 


“Harvey is so… touchy feely as a husband,” Rachel whispers to Donna, but it’s just loud enough for them all to hear since his and Mike’s conversation had just died out. 


He glances over his shoulder, and Rachel’s eyes widen comically. “But… well, I mean… it’s adorable!”


He looks across to Donna, their grins matching one another’s. She reaches out, tapping him on the nose as she announces, “He’s a big sap, too!”


“Am not,” he defends, turning back in his seat. 


Mike guffaws, adding, “Its true, Rach. I watched him propose and heard his wedding vows. He’s a big ol’ softy down to his core.”


Donna reaches around the headrest, mussing his hair up. She and Mike share a laugh, and all he can do is try to hide his embarrassed grin from the rest of the car, knowing they’re completely right. When it comes to his love for Donna, he’s secretly, in the confines of their home, the biggest romantic there is (besides Louis). 


He demands that the subject be changed in his typical, authoritative tone he always used in the office, causing the other passengers to smirk, a barely audible chuckle reverberating throughout the car. For the rest of the ride to the Ross’ apartment, they discuss their plans for the next week–house hunting, checking out the different neighborhoods and what all there is to do in town, going to the firm to meet their new co-workers, and per Donna’s request, trying to peek in on some community theatres that she might be able to get involved with.


They have a lot to get done, knowing they need to get back to New York to pack some more items away and spend time with baby Lucy before he whisks her off on a week long honeymoon to Paris. After their honeymoon, it will be a non-stop race to get everything settled before the big move. 


Everything lately has been a whirlwind, one that has exhilarated Harvey, keeping his adrenaline pumping. The vacation will be nice, a chance to relax and spend uninterrupted time with Donna, but after that they’ll have to get their apartments packed, finalize the lease on both of them, get things scored away with the movers, and prepare to move to Seattle for the time being. He also wants to take Donna back to Boston to visit Marcus, as well as bidding goodbye to Lily and Gordon’s tombstones one more time until they can get back over to the East coast for a visit.


It will be busy, the next two months will be jam packed, but it’ll all be worth it knowing the end result will be moving across the country with his wife by his side. 




“This first apartment,” the realtor, Maggie, says, turning the key inside the lock and opening the door, “is four bedrooms, two and a half bath–”


She rambles out the stats, giving them the square footage and facts about the neighborhood, but all Donna hears is the number of bedrooms. 


“Four bedrooms?” she asks in surprise, looking between Harvey and Maggie. “I thought we were only looking at three bedroom places.”


They’d agreed on a number late one night as they sat down together and decided what features they wanted in a home. Their styles were different, his apartment in New York being dark and stuffy, while hers was light and more comfortable. She’d spent the last few months trying to warm his apartment up and make it more them , but she could never quite accomplish it with all the dark furniture. 


She sees the older woman’s green eyes glance to Harvey, so she looks to her husband as well. He’s got a smirk on his face, the one he wears when he’s trying to pull one over on her (which rarely happens, marriage proposal aside). “I think four might be more… practical,” he suggests with an easy lift of one shoulder, his smirk melting into a soft smile. 


It takes her a moment, recounting the rooms they’d agreed on needing–their bedroom, a guest room, and an office–when she realizes what he intends the fourth room to be. A nursery


Her lips turn up on the ends, eyes growing soft and a bit misty. Her teeth sink into her bottom lip, nodding in silent agreement as she tries to contain the excited smile blooming on her face. They’ve talked about kids before, briefly, not knowing when they wanted to start trying, just knowing at least one kid was what they both wanted. 


She walks over to him, wrapping her arm around his elbow and they continue walking through the oversized apartment. 


It’s a beautiful place, the large windows provide a beautiful view of the city. She can see the space needle off to the left, along with the other skyscrapers. It gives her a sense of home, knowing she’ll miss seeing the New York skyline each night. 


The apartment is huge, each bedroom far larger than she was planning for. But, she supposes, the money they each had saved runs a lot further in Seattle than it would in the Big Apple. Their apartments back home were already large, especially Harvey’s, so it’s not so different, but the layout and lighter paint color makes the rooms look more open. 


It’s beautiful, but she’s not sure this is the one for them. “I don’t really like how the kitchen is closed off from the living room,” she informs Maggie. 


The woman smiles, nodding as she informs them that the next one on her list is a more open concept so it might tick off a few more boxes on their wish lists. “And it’s $10,000 less than this one!”


Harvey chuckles, saying that’s always a good thing. He smiles over at her, and her jittery stomach settles a bit. 


She’s nervous, but she can’t place why. It’s a big move, and seeing this apartment makes her realize that this is actually happening. 


It’s all a bit… overwhelming. But it will be okay, she reminds herself repeatedly. It will be worth it. They need a break from New York, from the stress and fast paced chaos that the firm was giving them lately. Working with Mike and Rachel will be good, great even. It will just take some getting used to. 


Donna looks around the apartment once more as they come back into the living room. She walks over to the windows, scanning her eyes over the city view again. She takes a deep breath, pushing down the tears threatening to come up. 


Harvey comes to stand beside her, his hand reaching down for hers. He gives it a squeeze, pulling her away from the view. She looks at him, and he’s smiling so brightly. He’s so excited to be doing this – to be moving and looking at apartments. He lives for the rush of fast paced changes. His smile brings her a semblance of peace, and she grins back at him. 


“You ready to go see the next one?” he asks, leading her toward the entryway. 


She nods, smiling at their realtor, and exclaiming, “Let’s go!”


They make their way down the thirty-two floors, her stomach knotting tighter the closer they get to the ground. Maggie gives them the stats of the next apartment, promising Donna she’ll like this one much more. 


Smiling uneasily, all she can do is nod and hope above all else that this is the right move after all. 




That night, after a long afternoon of house hunting and then dinner with their friends, Harvey settles himself on the edge of the bed. 


They’re staying with Mike and Rachel for the week. He’d insisted they could get a hotel, but Donna had been so excited to see Rachel that staying with them only made sense. It would give the girls more time to catch up and just be together after so long of being apart. 


Their apartment was nice. It had a lot of the features he and Donna were looking for, and Mike had joked at dinner that they should move into their building. 


He smiles at the thought, knowing how much his new wife would love that (and him, too, if he’s being honest). The apartments they looked at today were beautiful, though. The last one had most of what they wanted – it had the open concept, the kitchen and bathrooms had stainless steel fixtures, which was nice, a large laundry room, even larger closets (a must have on both of their parts), and the perfect amount and sized bedrooms. 


Standing from the bed, he grabs his toothbrush and paste from his luggage. Donna has been in the shower for a while now, but he figures he’ll go in anyway to finish getting ready for bed. 


Walking to the next room over, he knocks on the wooden door, a soft, “Donna?” coming from him. 


He pushes the door open, informing her, “I just need to brush my teeth.”


She gives him a sound of acknowledgement, somewhere between a hum and a jumbled okay . He sets the toothpaste down, rambling to her about the apartments and condos they looked at today. He’s telling her how much he liked the last one when he realizes she hasn’t said much. He’s just put paste onto his toothbrush, about to wet it, but he hears her sniffle through the stream of water hitting the tile. 


Harvey’s brows cinch together, turning the sink off. “Donna?” He gets no reply, just another sniffle. “Are you okay?” 


He gingerly raps his knuckles against the shower curtain, letting her know he was there. He peels back the curtain, and the sight before him breaks his heart. His wife is sitting there, back against the tiled wall, her knees bent up and the water pouring down against her feet. There are tears falling silently down her cheeks and without thought, he strips his black t-shirt and boxers off, climbing in to seek her out. 


He thanks the heavens above that Mike’s guest bathroom has a large enough shower that they can both fit as he sinks down beside her, reaching out for her. Her arms are folded over her bent up knees, head buried in them now. “Donna…”


She shakes her head, turning it and trailing her eyes over to him. “I’m okay,” she whispers. 


He gives her an unbelieving look, saying she’s clearly not and asks again what’s wrong. 


“It’s just… a lot, you know?” she stammers, clearing her throat. He can tell she’s holding back more tears than she’s letting out and it worries him. He’s never really seen her cry… not like this. 


Sure, he’s seen her distraught, upset over things at work or with her family. But this… it’s a type of sadness he’s never seen from her. He doesn’t know what to do. Every fiber of his being is screaming to comfort her. She’s wound against herself so tightly, though, that he can’t get in. 


He just nods at her question, not truly understanding what she’s talking about but not wanting to halt her words, wishing she could get it all out. 


She sighs, sad eyes looking up at him. More of the tears she’s been holding back slip from her eyes, and she blinks rapidly. She brings a hand up, wiping furiously at her cheeks, trying to clear the tears away. 


“It’s just a lot,” she repeats, almost to herself as she nods and stares out into the distance in front of her, a breathy sob leaving her. He settles next to her, one hand reaching out to stroke her forearm. 


Donna’s eyes fall back on his, and he gives her a look of Tell me so I can help . Her lips twist into a sad smile, taking a deep breath. “The last six months have been…” she sighs deeply again, adding, “busy.”


He nods, and she nods slowly along with him. He knows a lot has changed, but he loves the fast paced changes. Likes being on the edge, but he knows she’s not always like that. 


“Yeah,” he breathes in sympathy. “A lot has happened.”


She scoffs out a wet chuckle, her bottom lip trembling. Sucking in a shaky breath, she rubs her lips together as more tears start to fall. “Yeah,” she cries, a louder sob escaping her lips. 


Mike and Rachel are already tucked away into their bedroom on the other side of the apartment for the night, and he’s thankful for it when she starts to cry harder. 


“I mean…” she trails off, looking up to the ceiling as she shakes her head. She looks back to him and recounts, “in the last six months, my best friend whom I’ve been in love with for… years… finally realizes he loves me too.” They both laugh quietly, before she continues on a shaky breath. “We start dating, I practically move out of my apartment and into yours, everything with work,” her eyes water, more tears slipping free as she looks to him with sad, gentle eyes, “your mom.” 


He nods, holding back his own tears at the thought. 


She continues to ramble, stating, “you propose and we get married all on the same day, we decide to leave the firm, and are now planning to move from the city we’ve lived in most of our lives and across the entire country!” She brings a hand up, wiping away the tears again. She takes a shuddering breath, exhaling slowly as her cheeks puff out. 


He can see she’s trying to calm herself down, the last bit of her speech overwhelming her. She’s crying openly now, and all he can do is wrap his arms around her, letting her cry into his shoulder as the hot water runs a bit colder against their legs. 


He reaches over, turning the knob to heat up a few degrees, then winds his arm back around her. He shushes into her hair, kissing the top of her head. He murmurs comforts of, “I know,” and, “It is a lot,” into her hair. 


She nods, trying to rein her tears back in. 


He worries however, knowing he loves the thrill of moving quickly, but fearful that it’s all been too much too soon for her. 


Harvey pulls back, looking down into her eyes with concern. “Did we... move too fast?”


Her eyebrows pinch together, almost looking guilty over his question, and she sits up straighter. “What?!” She starts to cry again, shaking her head. “No. No, no, no.” She sniffles, face crumpling with her emotions. “I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I love you,” she says, eyes widening as she calms her tears. “You’re my husband .”


They grin at one another softly and he nods. He’s not used to seeing her get this upset, never seen her cry so hard like this, and he wants to know how to fix it. 


“Everything is just happening really quickly,” she informs him around a thick lump in her throat. “It’s all great and wonderful things,” she smiles again, “it’s just… all at once and in a short amount of time.” 


He nods again when she says she just hasn’t had time to process everything. “Looking at apartments today just overwhelmed me,” she admits, her tears finally dissipating. “I just…” she huffs, more to herself than anything as more tears form in her eyes. “I dreamt about being with you for so long that this all feels like a dream.” 


Tears fall as she looks to him, confessing, “I don’t want to wake up one day and realize it’s all just been pretend.” 


His brows scrunch in sympathy and his head tilts to the side, his hand reaching out to stroke her shin in comfort. “It’s not a dream, Donna,” he promises. “This is our reality now. And I, for one, am glad this isn’t just a dream. I would never want to wake up if it was.” 


“God, you really are a sap sometimes,” she giggles through her tears, trying to calm herself down. She moans at herself, reeling in her emotions, adding, “But you’re my sap.”


They laugh, and he leans in, their noses bumping against one another’s. 


He scoots beside her, shoulders pressing together. He kisses her cheek, then reaches out for her hand still resting on her bent up knee. He links his fingers with hers, bringing them back to his lips to kiss the top of her hand. “It is a lot though, you’re right,” he agrees, apologizing that he didn’t think about how fast paced it all was since he lives for stuff like that. 


She chuckles, leaning her head against his shoulder, mumbling, “I know you do.”


He never thought about how fast everything was moving because once he realized he was supposed to be with her, it just made sense to rush to her and start their lives together. Things with the firm, and Faye, and Samantha, and his mom… fuck, it was a lot. He’d been distracted with his happiness that he hadn’t really slowed down to realize what all had actually gone on around them. He tells her all of this, and she nods, declaring she’s just happy he didn’t think twice about coming over to her apartment so many months ago.


They laugh together again, the tears finally all dried up. They sit there, enjoying the peaceful moment as the water warms them up. Donna says they need to decide what furniture to have sent over in the move and what they’ll just sell in New York. “I really don’t want to sleep on that mattress of yours for the rest of my life,” she confesses with a smirk. “And your bedroom furniture is pretty ugly, too.” 


She snickers at his horrified face, claiming in the most adorable way that it’s so dark and manly. 


“Why don’t we buy all new furniture here?” he suggests, knowing she’s always hated his bedroom furniture… and his living room set, too. 


She smiles, confirming that’s a great idea. “Maybe I can get you to agree to furniture that isn’t black or brown.” 


He grins, nudging her shoulder with his. He suggests that they can go test out couches one day while they’re here, and when they get home, they can go through both apartments and decide what to keep. 


“Oh, my bedroom set is definitely coming with us,” she states. He gives her a look and her eyebrows raise, that flabbergasted look she always gets when she argues her point in a matter, mouth agape and eyes bright. “It’s so pretty! Especially my dresser.”


Chuckling, he nods, conceding that it can go in their new guest room so they can pick out a set for their bedroom together. 


Donna looks at him then, and it’s almost as if he can read her mind for once, because he just knows she’s impressed with how good of a husband he’s being. She makes another joke about his husband skills, and he chortles at how right he’d been. 


“Come on,” he pecks her lips, smiling. “This water is getting cold. Let’s get out and go to bed.”


They both stand, letting the luke warm water wash over their bodies one more time before Harvey reaches down to turn it off. 


Wrapping up in a pair of fluffy towels, they smile at each other once more. “Hey,” he whispers into her hair, placing a gentle kiss to her damp, red tresses. “I love you.”


Donna smiles, eyes growing heavy as she leans her head against his chest. She thanks him for calming her down and talking through her worries, but all he can do is shrug, telling her it was nothing. “What are husbands for?” he jokes, opening the door and letting her go out first. 


They make their way next door, changing into pajamas and spending the rest of the night tangled in each other’s arms. 




“What about this one?” Harvey asks, looking toward her with excited eyes. “It’s nice!”


She exhales a giggle, walking over to where he’s testing out mattresses. They’d agreed last night, after her break down, to pick out bedroom furniture together. It was exciting – a very… married couple thing to do, and it made Donna grin. 


They’ve been at the store for over an hour, looking around at lamps, area rugs, and other home decor. Now they’re trying out different mattresses in hopes of finding one they can both agree on. She’s discovered that he’s prone to like the more rigid ones while she prefers a bit of downy softness in her mattresses. 


“It’s nice,” she agrees hesitantly as she settles onto the firm mattress beside him. “A little hard, though.”


Harvey’s smile turns into a wolfish grin as he turns to face her, murmuring hoarsely, “I thought you liked hard things in the bedroom.”


Her hazel eyes widen, chortling as she swats at his chest, rolling away from him with a muttered, “You’re an idiot.” 


They laugh at themselves, and Donna stands, making her way to the next mattress. It’s still a king size, but it’s more comfortable than the last. It’s a nice combination of firm and soft, and she thinks it’ll be perfect for them. “Now this ,” she claims, propping herself up onto her elbows and looking over to him lying on the next bed, “is the mattress for us.”


Harvey rolls his eyes good naturedly, saying he’s never going to win this argument and get the firm bed. She states proudly that he is right, causing him to chuckle. “I’m Donna, and I know this is the perfect bed.”


Laying down, a content moan escapes him. He exhales slowly, trailing his eyes over to where she’s still propped up, looking down at him beside her with a knowing grin on her face. “Okay,” he concedes, “you’re right. This one is perfect.”


“I’m sorry,” she drawls, slowly bringing a hand up to cup her ear, “I’m what?”


Shaking his head, he tugs at her arm, making her stumble down beside him on the bed. They lay there, hands intertwined between their bodies, staring up at the ceiling. “This is nice,” he confirms.


Donna looks over to him, nodding in agreement. “Looks like we just made our first big purchase as a married couple.”


A pleased smile forms on his lips as he sits up. She joins him, reaching up to fix her hair now that she’s not pressed against the mattress. Harvey leans over, pecking her lips quickly before pulling apart. 


“Don’t let us interrupt,” Mike jests with a chuckle as he and Rachel make their way toward them. “Did you guys find a mattress?”


The couple nods, Donna waving her hand around at the one they are still sitting on. Mike plops down behind her, his head landing behind Harvey. He sighs dramatically, announcing that it is indeed a nice mattress. 


Mike pokes Harvey in the back, ribbing him about being a cute little old man picking out mattresses with his wife. Harvey turns, making a comment about not being too old to kick his ass, and the boys are lost, joking and playing around like school boys.


Donna rolls her eyes, standing and looping her arm with Rachel’s. “Come on,” she calls, smiling at her friend. “Let’s leave the frat boys here and go test out some couches.”


Harvey straightens up at that, fixing the collar of his polo and clearing his throat. Mike sits up as well, feeling properly chastised, and Rachel giggles, waving goodbye to her husband as the women make their way to the other side of the store.


The girls sink down into a large, charcoal gray sofa. It’s nice, but Donna isn’t sure if Harvey will like not having a leather couch. “At least it’s closer to black than your white one back home,” Rachel shrugs, leaning her head against her arm that is bent on the back of the couch. 


Donna smiles, knowing her husband prefers the darker colors. “I’m trying to avoid all the dark decor like he has now, so this might be a nice compromise,” she suggests. “As long as I can get him to agree on a lighter color rug and accessories.”


“I have a feeling you’ll be able to get him to agree to anything .” Rachel raises her eyebrows, wiggling them suggestively. 


Donna chuckles, knowing her friend wants all the details of their sex life. She shakes her head, telling Rachel she’s not going to be getting those details, and Rachel’s mouth falls open. “Why not?! You just got married, the sex is bound to be mind blowing,” she says, leaning closer to Donna so only they can hear their conversation. “Especially after waiting so long to get together.”


Donna’s mind wanders then, remembering their wedding day. 


They left soon after their perfect first dance as husband and wife, both wanting to get to the hospital to see Louis. 


Harvey takes her hand, hopping into the limo Louis had left behind at the wedding venue. He tells the driver where to go before climbing into the backseat and pulling her with him.


She giggles happily, sighing in content as she snuggles into his side. Her hand lands against his chest, rubbing soft patterns. Harvey leans down, pressing his lips to hers. He goes to pull away, but she nips at his bottom lip, wordlessly begging him to kiss her again. He does, and fuck, is it good. His lips attach to hers, more passionately this time, and she responds with a moan. Her hand that’s on his chest slides around to his shoulder as she moves her body, straddling his waist.


“Mm, Donna,” he groans in the small space between their lips. “Fuck.”


She grins into his lips, pressing another kiss there. Moaning again, both her hands slide into his hair, gripping at the back of his head. God, she loves this man. She can’t believe he blindsided her with a proposal and a wedding all in the same day. Sure, she knew he was going to propose at some point, they’d talked about spending their lives together forever, but today? She never saw it coming… something Donna Paulsen is not used to. 


His hands find purchase on her hips, thumbs caressing the silky fabric of her black dress. Now more than ever, she’s thankful she chose to wear a dress that didn’t hug all her curves like she normally does; she’s able to move, and writhe, and grind, against her husband. Her husband. Fuck. That sounds so good. “You’re my husband,” she breathes, lips trailing from his lips to his jaw and down to his neck, sucking at his pulse point. 


He moans, and she can just imagine his eyes rolling to the back of his head. She can feel his hardness between her thighs, and she reaches between them, moving her dress out of the way. Donna’s hand rubs at his member, grinning when it pulls a coarse grunt from the back of his throat. 


One of his hands leaves her waist, joining hers between their bodies. “So gorgeous,” he murmurs, lips trailing a wet path across her collar bone. He stops at the corner of her shoulder, teeth biting at her freckled skin. 


“Mmm,” she moans, head tilting back as the sensation of his teeth and his fingers combine to make every fiber of her being dance with an electric feeling. The hairs on her arms stand on end as goosebumps rise on her skin. “Harvey, touch me.”


He says something about that not being a problem as his fingers continue to skim across the edge of her black, lace thong. He dips a finger beneath the thin fabric, running along her slit. She’s already so wet, and he moans, telling her, “You’re so wet for me.”


She nods frantically, begging him to touch her deeper. He obliges, her hand going slack against his still clothed cock for a moment as his finger sinks deeper into her core and he adds a second one. 


Bringing a hand up to cover her mouth, she works her other to undo his zipper, allowing his hardness to spring free. He moans in pleasure, head falling to the back of the seat. 


She glances over her shoulder, remembering there is another person in the limo, but to her relief, the partition is securely fastened up and it tinted the blackest shade it could be. 


“Stop,” she pants, kissing his jaw once more. She drags her lips up to his ear, sucking on his lobe before whispering hotly, “I want you to fuck me in this car.”


His hands grip her waist, hoisting her up enough to reposition themselves so he can slip his cock inside of her. He looks to her, silently asking if this is what she definitely wants, and as she begins to grind her hips, he gets his answer. 


She rides his cock, his one hand rubbing pressured circles on her clit, while his other tangles in her long, strawberry blonde hair. He tugs her head back a touch, lips sucking at her neck and up to her lips. 


Their lips meet once more, tongues seeking entrance. She’s close already, the whole day having been one turn on after the other.


His vows–how he told her that she’d changed his life forever–the way he’d taken her hand after the ceremony, claiming he wanted to dance with ‘his wife’, their dance to the most appropriate song ever for their lives, the way he held her close, whispering sweet words of a hopeful future into her ear. It was all… magical. It was the most beautiful night of her life, and she’s wanted to celebrate in this way, just them entwined together, since he slipped down onto one knee, asking her to spend forever with him.


She cries out at the memory combined with the way his cock is pulsing into her, one frenzied thrust at a time. “I’m cl-close, Harvey,” she stammers, tightening her grip in his hair. 


It’ll be messed up, and she needs to remember to have them both fix their appearances before going into the hospital, but she doesn’t give a fuck right now. All she wants to do is ride her husband until they’re both completely spent. 


“Mm,” he replies, pressing his lips to her neck, trying to silence himself. “Me too.”


His thumb presses more firmly to her clit, working to even closer to her edge. She moans, teeth biting at her bottom lip, knowing that the driver’s partition may be closed but it’s most likely not entirely sound proof. 


She grinds down against him harder, pulling a husky groan from the back of his throat. 


He thrusts one, two, three more times before she’s falling off the cliff and down into oblivion. She comes, her walls clenching around his cock. Whimpering into his neck, Donna laughs breathily, kissing his vein that’s protruding as he grows closer to his climax. 


Donna bucks her hips harder down onto him, her hand finally removing that bow tie she’d undone earlier, tossing it somewhere behind her. She dots kisses from his neck to his jaw. As she undoes the top four buttons of his dress shirt, she places soft pecks to his chest, her tongue dancing along his skin as he jerks up into her core.  


She leans back, body still convulsing from her orgasm, and moves against him, wanting to bring him to completion before they arrive at the hospital. Her hands sneak inside his shirt, nails scratching at the top of his chest and around to his back. She can feel his shoulder blades move against her hands as he squirms in delight. 


Smirking wickedly, she leans down again to his ear, sucking on that pulse point just below his lobe that always makes him putty in her hands. “You’re fucking your wife,” she rasps, causing him to lose it. 


He thrusts up into her, the sensation overwhelming as she still comes down from her high. He comes with her name on his lips, one hand on her waist while the other grips her hair. 


They stay there for a moment, letting both of their bodies calm down. After a few moments, she slips from his lap, readjusting her thong that’s been skewed to the side. 


Harvey shifts, tucking himself back into his boxers, and he smirks hungrily over at her. “That was…”


“I know,” she beams, hooded eyes staring back at him. “I love you.”


“I love you, too.”


They laugh, shaking their heads at how eager they’d been, Harvey confirming their marriage was off to a great start. She slides over, his arm draping over hers as he presses a light kiss to the top of her hair. 


As the limo comes to a stop, she sits up, informing him they need to fix their hair. She runs a hand through his, combing down the strands she’s messed up before running her fingers through her own. 


They straighten their clothes as they exit the car, bow tie long forgotten. The limo driver doesn’t make eye contact with either one, and the newlyweds smirk at one another, shrugging but making no attempt to apologize.


“I already told you about our first night together when you called me back that day,” Donna defends playfully. “Isn’t that enough?”


Rachel smirks, laughing out a breathy, Nope, before claiming she’ll get the wedding night details from her one way or another. “Might have to load you up on whiskey tonight,” she sniggers. 


Donna giggles along with her, changing the subject. She grows more serious, taking Rachel’s hand in hers. “I wish you could’ve been there,” she admits softly. “I’m sorry we didn’t wait.”


Her friend waves her off, eyes going soft as she agrees that it would’ve been nice to be there, but she’ll be at the official one whenever it happens. “It looked so beautiful,” Rachel replies, telling Donna that Mike took some pictures on his phone, along with a video of their first dance. 


They spend the next twenty minutes roaming from couch to couch, testing out each one and discussing which colors and materials they like best. 


Once their husbands join them, the girls show them which couches Donna likes best and get Harvey’s input. They don’t have to decide anything just yet, so after another ten minutes of testing out the couches she’d narrowed it down to, the four of them make their way from the store. 


They spend the rest of the day visiting the clinic and meeting their new co-workers, then retire to the Ross’ apartment where they order pizza (with yellow tomatoes on half for Donna) and waste the night away laughing with their friends.




Days later, as their trip winds to an end, Harvey suggests they all have one more dinner out together before he and Donna have to head back to New York.


They leave in the morning, and there’s one more thing he wants to do.


“I can’t believe you recorded this!” Donna squeals, pulling Mike’s phone closer. She’s watching their first dance, and Harvey can’t take his eyes off of her. She’s so beautiful, and seeing how happy that video makes her causes his stomach to flutter. 


God, he sounds like a teenage boy, but it’s true. Donna makes him happier than he’s ever been before. He’s so goddamn lucky that she stuck around all those years, waiting for him to realize what was right in front of him. 


He rubs his thumb over his opposite hand, feeling the metal against his skin. He glances down, brown eyes moving over to look at her left hand. That ring. Fuck, he loves seeing it on her finger. When he’d found it inside the envelope, it was like everything made sense. Harvey knew he wanted to propose to Donna, had told his mom as much on the phone during their last conversation. 


He sniffs, pulling the emotions back in as he thinks of Lily. Donna nudges his leg with hers, smiling softly at him when they lock eyes. She looks down at her ring, then back at him again, eyes soft as she smiles once more. That’s what he loves about her; she just gets him. There’s so much between them that doesn’t have to be said. It’s as if they can read each other’s minds, Donna especially. It’s a skill she’s always had, but with him… it’s different. It’s on a deeper level, and he cherishes it. 


“I still can’t get over how gorgeous this ring is,” Rachel beams, taking the red head’s hand in hers from across the table. 


Donna smiles sweetly, head tucking to the side. She agrees, telling Rachel how much she loves it. She’d told him the night of their wedding as they lay in bed, skin on skin with nothing but their rings on, that she loved that her ring wasn’t just a diamond. That sapphire made it unique, and Donna was nothing if not unique. She was one of a kind. 


Harvey looks to Mike, the men sharing a knowing smirk. Bingo. He was hoping that Rachel would bring her ring up sooner rather than later. 


“Speaking of rings,” Mike chuckles with a glint in his eyes as he taps Harvey’s ring finger. “We gotta get this bad boy returned and get you a permanent one.”


He grins subtly at his friend, thankful he’s always been so good at moving the conversation right where Harvey needed it to be. They’d come up with this scenario one afternoon while the girls were at lunch together. He’d had Mike take him to all the best jewelry stores in town, making his friend help him pick out the perfect wedding bands. The two of them had, like always, planned a con to get them to this very moment at dinner. It’s one of the reasons they worked so well together, always able to dupe the opposing side into admitting something to win them the case. 


“I guess I should fix that, huh?”


Mike shrugs, a nonchalant twitch of his lips as he lets out a noncommittal, Eh


Donna looks over to him, eyes narrowing in suspicion. “What are you…”


Before she can finish the question, he pulls out a small, black box from his jacket pocket. “I thought it was time we had some real wedding bands.”


Opening the box, he reveals a platinum band for him, similar to the one he’s been sporting, just a little thicker. And beside his new ring, sits a wedding band all for her. It’s thin, the same silver as her engagement ring, and covered in tiny diamonds. The rings are perfectly matched, just like he is with Donna.


Rachel gasps, hands coming to cover her mouth as Mike slips his arm around her shoulders. 


Harvey grins over to their friends, then moves his eyes back to look at his wife. She’s teary eyed and shaking her head at him, announcing, “This is the second time you’ve surprised me with a ring.” She giggles, disclosing that’s one thing she loves about him. No matter how Donna she is, he can still sometimes manage to surprise her. “But you’ve got a lot to live up to now every anniversary.”


They all laugh, and Harvey agrees, knowing he’ll be the first one to spoil his wife every year to celebrate their marriage. 


Donna leans over, pressing her lips to his. Her hand cups his cheek, and he can feel her smiling into the embrace. 


Breaking apart, he slips her engagement ring off, putting the wedding band on first before sliding the larger one back into its rightful place. 


He removes his loaned wedding ring, handing it to Donna for safe keeping, knowing she’ll have to return it to her friend when they get back home. It’s the same guy that apparently can get her anything–dresses delivered to the office, phone numbers of long lost clients, and now, obviously, wedding bands on short notice. He’s not sure where she found this friend, but he’s thankful nonetheless.


Donna takes his new wedding band, smiling with tears shining in her eyes as she places it on his finger. It goes on much smoother than the one he’d been borrowing, and he’s glad he tried it on several times in the store. 


Rachel is crying now, while Mike nods in approval. 


“Come on,” Harvey snorts, standing from the table. He checks that his credit card is back in his wallet as the rest of their party stands. Donna slips her hand into his, and he gives it a squeeze.  “Let’s get out of here.”


He kisses her one more time, breaking apart with a chortle when he hears Mike exclaim, “Bet you wish you’d gotten a hotel room now!”


They make their way from the restaurant, completely content to be wrapped in each other’s arms, and in this moment, Harvey is reminded of Donna’s vows when she confessed to how happy he makes her. 


It’s a sentiment he hopes, knows, he’ll never lose. He wants to spend the rest of his life making her feel loved and appreciated.




The week had come and gone, quicker than Donna was willing to admit. After her breakdown in the shower their first night in town, things had completely changed. Once her tears had fallen and dried, comforted by Harvey’s reassurances, she was able to breathe again. 


It was like she just needed to get it all out, talk about the whirlwind that their life has been lately, cry, even yell a little, and then the weight could be lifted from her chest. 


They spent the rest of the week scoping out potential apartments, and each night, they kept agreeing that one of the ones from the first day was still their favorite. They had narrowed down their choices to that one and three others, promising Maggie they would look over the pictures they took as well as the listings of each property online when they got home. They would make a decision before heading to Paris so the realtor could get the ball rolling with their offer.


“I can’t believe you have to leave,” Rachel laments with tears in her eyes. She wraps her arms around Donna’s shoulders, pulling her into a tight embrace.


Donna smiles, winding her arms around her best friend as well. She feels Rachel’s emotions coming off of her in waves, affecting her as well. They both tear up, and as she pulls back, she spies the guys rolling their eyes at one another.


Laughing, she rolls her eyes right back at them, reminding Rachel they’d be back for good in a few short weeks. She takes a deep breath, confident as she can be about the move, but still a little apprehensive simply due to it being such a big change. She was never very good with change, one of the reasons she stayed at the law firm for so long as Harvey’s secretary. 


“Rach,” Mike calls, walking toward them. “They’ve got to go check their bags in.”


Rachel giggles, nodding and looking back to Donna. Her shoulders lift in tandem with her eyebrows, giving Donna a content smile. “I’ll see you in a few weeks!”


They hug once more, Donna’s eyes misting over. She snickers, shaking her head at the ridiculousness of themselves. 


They’d spent the week staying up late, while the guys drank and talked business, discussing Donna and Harvey’s wedding night with Rachel still trying to get all the sordid details even after their talk at the furniture store. Donna, of course, was tight lipped, wanting to keep the amazing skills of her husband all to herself. She’d given Rachel a few details, letting her friend know that things were working in all departments and she was completely satisfied. Giggling like school girls, they’d also talked about the upcoming wedding they needed to plan for their friends and family. She had told Rachel that they wanted to wait a while, get settled in their new home, give Lucy some time to grow a bit so she could be the most adorable flower girl ever, and let them figure out life as a married couple. 


Their honeymoon was next week and after that they’d pack everything up. It was exciting, she can admit that now, and she knows deep down this move might not be forever, but they need a change for the moment. They need to slow down a little and let Harvey help the good guys for a change, something he is very excited about doing, which just makes her love him even more. Not that life would completely slow down, they are still them after all. Work just wouldn’t consume their entire life; they’d be able to work normal hours, her still running the new office as COO and him being the best closer Seattle has ever seen. It will be nice, however, having time to actually focus on their personal lives, enjoy activities like theatre, yoga, boxing, and date nights (which now sometimes can include the Ross’, which she’s thrilled about). And who knows? Maybe that nursery Harvey planned for while house hunting will be put to good use sooner rather than later. That’d be an adventure in and of itself. 


She smiles, thinking of all the possibilities their life together holds now, unsure of what their future may entail, but excited to experience it with her husband by her side. 


Harvey comes over then, handing her the carry on bag she’d brought for the trip. She kisses his cheek, slinging the bag across her shoulder and taking his hand in hers. Looking down at their new wedding bands, she beams, still unable to believe this is her reality now.


“Call me when you get back from Paris,” Rachel begs, smiling brightly as Mike wraps his arm around her. “I want to hear all about it!”


Nodding, Donna promises she will. Stepping away from Harvey, she goes to hug her friend one more time as he does the same to Mike. They switch, Donna hugging Mike tightly and Harvey saying goodbye to Rachel. They talk and laugh together for a few more minutes, then finally Harvey states that it’s time to go.


Donna takes his hand once more, preparing to walk to security. “See ya back in Seattle!” Mike calls and she grins, looking up toward Harvey. Her emotions may be all over the place from the fast pace changes in their lives lately, but this week was good for her, for them. It gave her a chance to slow down and enjoy this new stage of life with her husband by her side. She’d checked out theatres she could join near the apartments they liked best, they were able to meet everyone at Ross & Ross Associates, and she was able to get a feeling of what life in Seattle would be like. 


It’ll be different, being able to leave work at a decent time, not always being overwhelmed with cases, but, she thinks, that might just be the best change for them yet. 


This cross country move may prove to be the greatest decision the Paulsen-Specters have made together, and she truly feels like this is where they’re meant to be.


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