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The life of Eve De La Cruz

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April 1912


In the early hours of the morning, a young woman named Eve wakes from her sleep. She cleans herself up before changing into her clothes. After she had put on her silver cross necklace and place her gold circle clip with rose and leaves on her bun before sticking a single gold stem rose pin through the bun. She went over to her desk and sat down before writing her book, which she had yet to tell her family about, with her typewriter for a good half an hour before hiding in a secret compartment in the wall next to her bed had discovered. When she had finished, she turned around to German Shepard, Cassandra, a puppy less than three months old. 


"Come on, Cassie. Let's start the day."


Cassandra responded with a little whine.


"Oh, come now, Cassie. You can't spend the day in bed. Now, either, you get out of bed, or you won't get your walk today."


Upon hearing that, Cassandra jumped right off the bed and ran to the door waiting for it to be opened. 


"Silly little girl," She chuckled. 


Eve opened the door, and they walked out of her room. She and Cassandra walked down the stairs to help everyone. 


She and Cassandra walked down to the kitchen. Eve spots Mrs. Huges and walks up to her. 


"Good morning, Mrs. Huges."


"Good morning, darling," Cassandra barks gaining Mrs. Huhges attention. She looks down and chuckles, "Good morning to you too, Dame Cassandra."


"Is there anything I can help with before I head off to the hospital later, Mrs. Huges?" Eve asked. 


"You and Cassandra can help the housemaids, Miss Eve," She answered


"Thank you, Mrs. Huges. Come along, Cassie."


Eve and Cassandra walked back upstairs and found the housemaids and Daisy in the drawing-room. Daisy was over by the fireplace while Gwen and Anna were opening the curtains. 


"Good morning, everyone," Eve greeted them. 


"Good morning, Miss," Anna greeted back. 


Eve goes over to the couch and fluffs the pillows, soon Anna and Gwen help her. 


Anna looks over to Daisy and asks, "Whatever are you doing there, crouching in the dark?"


“You weren't here and I didn't want to touch the curtains with my dirty hands,” She held up her hands. 


“And quite right, too,” Gwen agreed. 


“Why didn't you put the lights on?” Anna asked Daisy. 


“I daren't.”


“Well, it's electricity, not the devil's handiwork,” Gwen told Daisy, “You'll have to get used to it sooner or later.”


“Skelton Park have even got it in the kitchens,” Anna told them. 


“What for?” Daisy questioned. 


“You’ll have to ask them, Daisy,” Eve said. 


A short while later, Mrs. Huges walks into the drawing room. 


“Is the library tidy?” She asked. 


“Yes, Mrs. Hughes,” Anna answered as she, Eve, and Gwen stop fluffing the pillows and turn to her.  


“Good,” She nodded, “I want the dining room given a proper going over today. You can do it when they've finished their breakfast,” Mrs. Huges sees Daisy still at the fireplace “ Oh, heavens, girl! You're building a fire, not inventing it. How many have you done?”


“This is my last till they come downstairs,” Daisy answered a bit nervous.  


“Very well. Now, get back down to the kitchens before anyone sees you.”


Mrs. Huges then left them to finish the drawing room and the others before heading downstairs to the servants' hall to eat breakfast. As they were eating breakfast the bell for the Queen Caroline room rings. 


“And they're off,” Thomas said before he takes a bite of his breakfast. 


“No rest for the wicked,” Mrs. Huges comment. 


Mrs. Patmore looks at the bells, “Lady Mary. Are the tea trays ready?”


Anna gets up from the table,” All ready, Mrs. Patmore if the water's boiled, “She looks at Miss. O’Brien, “Could you give us a hand to take the other two up?”


“I've got Her Ladyship's to carry,” She replied. 


“I'll help,” Gwen said before she got up from the table. 


Another bell rings. 


“Back door,” Mrs. Huges calmly said. 


“The papers at last. William?” Mr. Carson asked. 


William then gets up from the table and goes to the back door. Eve takes one final bite of her breakfast before wiping her mouth with her napkin and gets up from the table. 


“I better hurry upstairs before uncle Robert gets down. Come along, Cassandra. The breakfast was lovely, Mrs. Patmore,” She said as she left the room. 


“Thank you, dear,” Mrs. Patmore called out. 


Eve rushed up the stairs to the main hall, with Cassandra by her side, and then up the main staircase to her room. After closing her door, Eve takes a breath before changing into her nurse uniform. Once she was changed, Eve headed down the stairs and said grace as she walks to the dining room. When she entered, Eve saw her uncle, Robert, sitting at the table and her cousins, Mary and Edith, standing beside him with grim looks on their faces. 


"What's wrong?" She asked as Mary and Edith walked over to the breakfast buffet. 


"The Titanic sank the other day, and it says that many drowned when it did,"  Robert told her. 


Eve grabbed her cross necklace, "May God rest their souls."


Sybil, Eve's other cousin, enters the dining room with an envelope in her hand. 


“Good morning, Papa,” She greeted and stood beside him. 


“Morning. What's that?” Robert asked. 


“Just arrived. Telegram,” Sybil hands him an envelope. 


Robert opens it while he continues to read the paper. Then he is stunned by the telegram's contents. His daughters and niece stare at him, waiting. He gets up from the table without a word. While her cousins sat down, Eve went over to the buffet table and grabbed an apple before going down to the kitchen. Eve decided to use the servant's staircase and on her way down, she ran into Miss O’Brien, Anna, and Gwen. 


“What do you think? Mr. Crawley was His Lordship's cousin and heir to the title,” Miss O’Brien said. 


“What about Mr. Crawley?” Eve asked as they walked down the stairs.  


“Mr. Crawley and his son, Mr. Patrick, were on the Titanic,” She answered. 


“What? But they weren’t going until May.”


“His Lordship said they changed their plans, Miss.”


“May God rest their souls,” Eve muttered. 


“Well, but I thought Lady Mary was the heir,” Gwen said. 


“She's a girl, stupid. Girls can't inherit,” O’Brien told her, “But now Mr. Crawley's dead, and Mr. Patrick was his only son. So, what happens next?


“It's a dreadful thing,” Anna said. 


The four find a man standing in the servants' corridor with his cane and travel bag.


“Hello,” He greeted, “I've been waiting at the back door. I knocked, but no one came.”


“So you pushed in?” Miss. O’Brien questioned. 


“I'm John Bates,” He introduced, “ the new valet.”


“The new valet?”


“That's right.”


Miss. O'Brien looks down at Bates's cane, “You're early.”


“Came on the milk train, thought I'd use the day to get to know the place, start tonight, “ Mr. Bates said. 


“I'm Anna, the head housemaid,“ Anna and Mr. Bates shake hands. 


“How do you do?” Mr.Bates reaches to shake O'Brien's hand, but she doesn't take it.


“And I'm Miss O'Brien, Her Ladyship's maid. You better come along with us.”


Anna and Bates exchange a small smile before following into the servants' hall. When they reached the servants’ hall, Miss. O’Brien introduces Mr. Bates to everyone. 


“But how can you manage?” Mrs. Huges asked. 


“Don't worry about that. I can manage.”


“Because we've all got our own work to do,” Mrs. Patmore told him. 


“I can manage,” Mr. Bates assured. 


Mr. Carson walks into the servants’ hall and says, “All right, Mrs. Hughes, I'll take over, thank you. Good morning, Mr. Bates. Welcome. I hope your journey was satisfactory.”


“It was fine, thank you.”


“I am the butler at Downton. My name is Carson,” He introduced himself. 


“How do you do, Mr. Carson?”


“This is Thomas, first footman. He's been looking after His Lordship since Mr. Watson left. It'll be a relief to get back to normal, won't it, Thomas?” Mr. Carson asked. 


Thomas gives a short, insincere smile. Mr. Carson turns to Mrs. Hughes.


“I assume that everything is ready for Mr. Bates's arrival?”


“I put him in Mr. Watson's old room. Though he left it in quite a state, I can tell you,” Mrs. Huges informed him. 


“But what about all them stairs?” Mrs. Patmore asked. 


“I keep telling you...I can manage,” Mr. Bates said. 


“Of course, you can,” Anna agreed. 


Mr. Bates and Anna exchange a friendly smile.


“Thomas, take Mr. Bates to his room and show him where he'll be working,” Mr. Carson told him. 


Eve walks up to Mr. Bates and says, “It was nice meeting you, Mr. Bates. I hope you enjoy Downton.”


“I think I will,” He said with a friendly smile, he and Thomas then leave the room. 


Eve turns to Mrs. Patmore and asks,” Mrs. Patmore, is everything ready?”


“Oh, of course, dear,” She walks over to the counter and picks up a basket,” I just hope they’ll enjoy them.”


Eve takes the basket, ”I know they will. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Patmore.”


“I’m just glad I could help.”


Eve and Mrs. Patmore shared a hug before she and Taylor, the chauffeur, leave and go to the car. Taylor drove her to the cottage hospital for her shift. She waved goodbye to him after he had dropped her off at the hospital. When she walked into the hospital, Eve went to the children’s ward. The children’s ward was mostly filled with children recovering from minor operations, children getting their limbs cast, children with a non-contagious illness that will pass in a few days, etc. 


When Eve entered the children’s ward, she sees that most of the children out of their beds and scattered all over the room playing. She puts the basket on a table next to the door and smiles at the joy and laughter of the children and admires them for their bravery. One of the children, a young boy, stops playing when he spots her and screams with joy, “Nurse Evie!”


Soon all the children stop playing and gather around her. She hugs as many of them as she could at once. Eventually, she fell to the ground from all of the children hugging her. 


“Now, if you won’t allow me to get up, you won’t see what I’ve brought you all,” Eve told them. 


The children helped her back up and waited patiently to find out what she had brought them. Eve went over to the table and reached in her basket, “Now, since you all have been behaving so well these past few days, I asked Dr. Clarkson if it would be nice for you to have a treat and he agreed. So, I decided to bring you each a slice of Battenberg cake.” 


The children jumped for joy when she pulled out a slice of the cake on a plate along with a fork to eat it with for each of them. Once her long but joyous shift was over, Eve returned to Downton Abbey. 


Upon returning to Downton, Eve was told that she was late and needed to get dressed for dinner. She didn’t realize how much time had passed until that moment and rushed up to her room to get ready. When she entered the dining room, everyone was in the middle of their meal but stopped eating and all eyes were on her.


“I’m sorry for being late, but it was a rather busy day at the hospital,” She apologized as she took a seat next to Sybil. 


“It’s perfectly fine, my dear,” Her aunt Cora told her, “We’re just glad you're able to join us for dinner.”


Her uncle Robert then went on to explain that next week a memorial will be held for Mr. Crawley and Mr. Patrick and that we were all to attend. When dinner was finished, Eve went to bed early knowing that she would be up before her family would be. 

The days seem to have flown by, Eve, her family, and others from Downton leave the church after the memorial for James and Patrick. 


Eve stood beside Mary and Sybil next to Edith as they walk back home. 


"Really, Edith, do you have to put on such an exhibition?" Mary asked with a cold voice. 


"She's not," Sybil defended Edith as she looked at Mary with disappointment. 


"I was supposed to be engaged to him, for heaven's sake, not you," Mary stated, "And I can control myself." 


"Then you should be ashamed," Edith said as she cried and looked at Mary with disappointment. 


"Will you all stop," Eve told them," We are just leaving a memorial. We shouldn't be at each other's throats we should be supportive and there when someone needs us. Death makes us realize how precious our time on earth really is, and we can't spend all of it fighting." 


No one said another word after that, and the rest of the walk back home was silent. 


When they arrived home, Lady Cora and Cassandra meet the mourning party at the front door. Cassandra walked past Lady Cora and went to Eve, who picked him up to carry him in her arms. 


Eve listened in on the conversation her aunt and uncle were having with their lawyer. 


"Mr. Murray, how lovely to see you. Do come in," Cora invited him. 


"You're very kind, Lady Grantham, but I must get back to London," Mr. Murray declined. 


"But you'll stay for luncheon?" She asked. 


"Thank you, but no. I'll eat on the train. In fact, if you'd be so good as to ask for the motor to be brought 'round?" 


Her Uncle Robert turned to Mr. Carson, who nods.  


 "But didn't you want the afternoon to talk things through?" Her aunt Cora asked Mr. Murray. 


"I think we've said everything we have to say, haven't we, my lord?" Mr. Murray said, before turning to her Uncle. 


"Oh, for the time being, yes. Thank you, Murray. You've given me a good deal to think about," Her Uncle Robert said. 


Murray turns to leave and Mary leads her sisters towards the house.


"Mary, try to get everyone into the dining room," Cora said in a hushed voice as Mary walked past her and did the same to Edith, "Edith, make sure old Lord Minturn sits down."


Once Luchen was over, and the mourners had left, everyone carried on with their day. Eve, with Cassandra by her side, went up to her room. Once they were in her room, Eve changed into her Nurse uniform and put a black armband on to show that she was in mourning. 


Eve and Cassandra walked downstairs and to the library. When she opened the door and entered, her uncle Robert and Mr. Bates were in conversation but stopped when she walked in. 


"Oh, terribly sorry. Did I interrupt?" Eve asked. 


"No, you didn't, Eve," Robert answered, "I was just talking with Mr. Bates. He and I served in the Africain war together. I don't believe you two have been properly introduced," Her uncle gestured for her to walk closer to him," Bates, this is my niece, Eve."


"We've met, Uncle. When Mr. Bates first came to Downton, I was one of the first to greet him on my way to the hospital. In fact, I came down to tell you that I’ll be going there, but I should be home within two or three hours," Eve told him. 


"My niece works as a nurse at the hospital here in Downton," Robert said with a smile," Her parents insisted that she be given an education that would take her anywhere she wanted to go," the smile fades as he looks at Mr. Bates' cane and asks, "What happened?"


"Oh, it's only an old wound. After I left the army, I had a spot of bother and just when I got through that, about a year ago my knee started playing up. A bit of shrapnel got left in or something had moved, but it's fine. It's not a problem," Mr. Bates told her Uncle. 


"And you'd let me know if you felt it was all too much for you?"


"I would. But it won't be," Mr. Bates insisted. 


"If you want, Mr. Bates, I can make you a tea with some herbs from the garden that have been known to have pain-relieving properties," Eve said. 


"Thank you, Mila-" Mr. Bates began before Eve interrupted him. 


"Please call me Eve. I find being called "Milady" makes me feel a little old," She said with a kind smile. 


"Thank you, Eve," Mr. Bates returned the smile. 


“Your welcome, Mr. Bates. “


Eve left the room and Taylor drove her to the hospital. Dr. Clarkson allowed her to only work for a couple of hours since she and her family were in mourning. At the end of her shift, Taylor came to the hospital and brought her back home. When Eve arrived home, she changed back into her regular clothes and took Cassandra for a walk on the grounds. She found a nice shady spot underneath a tree to sit down to rest and read her book while petting Cassandra. Eve kept her nose in the book before she heard her name being called out, she looked up and saw Gwen walking towards her. When Gwen had reached her she said that it was almost time for dinner and that she needed to get dressed. 


When they reached her room, Eve picked out her dress for dinner, and since they were in mourning it was black. Gwen helped her with lacing up her corset before putting on the dress. Eve took her hair pin out since it wasn’t a mourning color, and she thanked Gwen before walking to Mary’s room. Eve sat on Mary’s bed with Sybil as Anna did Mary’s hair. 


“Perhaps she misunderstood,” Anna told Mary. 


“No, it was quite plain. O'Brien told her Bates can't do the job properly. Why was he taken on?” Mary asked. 


“Oh, he was Lord Grantham's Batman. When he was fighting the Boers,” Anna answered. 


“I know that, but even so.”


“I think it's romantic,” Sybil said. 


 “I don't. How can a valet do his work if he's lame?” Mary questioned. 


“He's not very lame,” Anna said with a smile and she finishes Mary's hair, “There. Anything else before I go down?”


“No, that's it. Thank you,” Mary stands up and looks at herself in the full mirror as Anna leaves, “Oh, I hate black.”


“It's not for long,” Sybil said as she got up and fixed the back of Mary’s dress, “Mama says we can go into half-mourning next month and back to colours by September.”


“It still seems a lot for a cousin we hardly saw,” Mary said. 


Edith snaps out of her daze and says, “But not a fiancé.”


Mary looks at Edith before sitting back down on the bench in front of her powder table, “He wasn't really a fiancé.”


“No? I thought that was what you call a man you're going to marry.”


“I was only going to marry him if nothing better turned up.”


“Mary, what a horrid thing to say,” Sybil gasped. 


“Mary, he just died we must show him respect,” Eve told her. 


“Don't worry, Edith would've taken him, wouldn't you?” Mary said before putting on her gloves. 


“Yes, I'd have taken him. If you had given me the chance, I'd have taken him like a shot,” Edith said. 


Eve, Sybil, and Edith leave the room while Mary stays. A short while later, Eve and Sybil go back into Mary’s room. When they popped their head in, they see Mary staring at her reflection in the looking glass.


“We’re going down. Coming?” Sybil asked. 


“In a moment. You go,” Mary said. 


Sybil and Eve enter the room and Eve closes the door behind her. 


“We know you're sad about Patrick. Whatever you say, we know it,” Sybil said. 


“You're both darlings. But you see, I'm not as sad as I should be. And that's what makes me sad,” Mary told them.


“Mary, everyone grieves in their own way. Remember when I first arrived at Downton, it was not long after my parents had passed, I didn’t say a word to anyone for almost four months,” Eve told her. 


When their conversation was over, the three of them left Mary’s room and joined her Aunt Cora and Cousin Edith. Her aunt then led them to the drawing-room, and when they were closer, they overheard Uncle Robert and Grandmama VIolet, the Dowager Countess, arguing. 


“What do you think? I've given my life to Downton. I was born here, and I hope to die here. I claim no career beyond the nurture of this house and the estate. It is my third parent and my fifth child. Do I care about it? Yes, I do care!” Robert shouts.


Thomas opens the door for the five women and enter the drawing-room. 


“I hope I don't hear sounds of a disagreement,” Cora said with an amused smile as they walked in. 


“What? Is that what they call discussion in New York?” Grandmama Violet chuckled. 


“Well, I'm glad you're fighting. I'm glad somebody's putting up a fight,” Mary said. 


“You're not really fighting Granny, are you, Papa?” Sybil asked. 


“Your grandmother merely wishes to do the right thing. And so do I,” Robert explained. 


 Mr Carsonenters the room and announces, “Dinner is served, Milady.” They all leave the drawing-room and go to the dining room.


A little over a month later, they were about to go into half mourning, but Eve would still have to wear a black armband while she was working at the hospital. And when she had gotten home that afternoon from the hospital, her Aunt Cora told her that the Duke of Crowborough had asked to stay at Downton and her Aunt had set the date in September. Eve knew that her Aunt, and no doubt her Grandmama, was up to something. 


September 1912


Time flew by and it was September, they are all officially out of mourning. 


Eve, Sybil, and Edith are in Mary’s room, helping her get dressed and Mary was preparing herself for the Duke. Cassandra was sitting on the floor watching them.Sybil helped Mary with her hair and carefully placed a white flower in her hair. 


Edith rolled her eyes, “Oh, stop admiring yourself. He’s not marrying you for your looks. That’s if he wants to marry you at all,” She said annoyed.


“He will,” Mary said with a smile on her face.


“I think you look beautiful,” Sybil said. 


“Like a princess waiting to meet her prince charming,” Eve complimented. 


“Thank you, Sybil, Eve, both you are darlings,” Mary said to them. 


The door opens and Cora walks in, “We should go down. They’ll be back from the station any moment.”


Sybil, Eve, Cassandra, Edith, and Mary walked past her Aunt Cora, holding the door open. 


“Let’s not gild the lily, dear,” Cora then plucked the flower from Mary’s hair, “And mary, try to look surprised.”


They walked down the stars and exited the house, along with Pharaoh and Cassandra, just as the car arrived. The staff are all line up on one side. William, the second footman, approaches the car and opens the door for the Duke and Robert. 


“Welcome to Downton,” Robert said to the Duke.


The Duke admires the house as Mrs. Huges and the housemaids curtsy while the men bow their heads. 


“Lady Grantham, this is so kind of you,” The Duke said. 


“Not at all, Duke. I’m delighted you could spare the time. You know my daughter, Mary, of course,” Cora gestures to Mary. 


“Of course, Lady Mary,” The Duke nodded. 


“And Edith, but I don't believe you've met my youngest, Sybil, or mine and his Lordship's niece, The Honourable Miss Eve De La Cruz."   


“Ah, Lady Sybil,” They step forward to shake hands.


“How do you do?”  Sybil asked. 


The Duke turned to Eve, “Forgive me, but why ' The Honourable' and not 'Lady'?"


Eve stepped forward, and they shake hands, “My Mother married a American who was beneath her. My parents and I lived in America until I was eight, which was when they passed. I was sent here. His Lordship and Her Ladyship have raised me as one of their own ever since." 


“I’m sorry for your loss. Forgive me for mentioning it.” 


“Thank you, Duke.”


Robert stepped forward and placed a hand on Eve’s shoulder, “My sister would be very proud of the young lady her daughter has become.” 


“Come on in, you must be worn out,” Cora said. Everyone started to walk in, but the Duke stops them. 


“Oh, Lady Grantham, I have a confession to make, which I hope won't cause too much bother. My man was taken ill just as I was leaving, so…” The Duke trails off. 


“Oh, well, that won't be a problem, will it Carson?” Robert asked. 


“Certainly not. I shall look after His Grace myself,” Carson nods. 


“Oh, no, I wouldn't dream of being such a nuisance, surely a footman…” The duke looks at Thomas, “I remember this man. Didn't you serve me when I dined with Lady Grantham in London?”


“I did, Your Grace,” Thomas answered. 


“Ah, there we are. We shall do very well together, won't we...?” 


“Er, Thomas, Your Grace.” 


“ ...Thomas.” 


“Good,” Cora gave a smile and the family heads inside, “I hope you had a pleasant journey.


Eve having been last in line to enter the house sees O'Brien kicks Bates's cane out from under him and he falls. Eve rushes over to him while the others turned around to see him. 


“Bates, are you all right?” Robert asked. 


“Perfectly, my lord. I apologise.” 


While the family continues inside and Eve looks up at O'Brien. She and Anna help Mr. Bates up to his feet. William holds the door open for Eve. 


“Are you alright, Mr. Bates?” Eve asked. 


“I am, Miss Eve. Thank you for your help.”


“That's better” Anna said while brushing off the dirt. 


“Please, don't feel sorry for me,” Mr. Bates said before following the others around the back.  


Anna stands there for a moment before walking around the back following the others, while Eve went through the front door and joined her family. 

After luncheon, Eve went up to her room to get changed for her shift at the hospital. Before leaving, Eve stopped by the library and placed several books that she had read as a child in a baskett. 


When she arrived at the children’s ward at the hospital, the children greeted her by giving her hugs and some of them gave her drawings.


“Oh, these are all lovely,” She said while admiring the drawings. She looks at the children,”Since all of you have given me such wonderful gifts, I can only returned the favor. Since most of you are stuck in your beds all day and not able to do much. I have found a way where you can travel to the four corner of the world and to others.”


Eve reached into the basket and pulled out three books titled; 'Alice's Adventure in Wonderland, The Three Musketeers, and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.' She handed the books to three children and says “Don’t worry I brought more for all of you, but don’t forget to share.” Eve reached into the basket and gave each child a book. 


After reading the children ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, ‘ and ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,’ Eve returned home and went on with her day until it was time for dinner. 


That evening at dinner, they all sat around the table. Mary sat next to the Duke while Cora sat on his left, and Edith to her left. Eve sat between Robert and Sybil, and Grandmama sat to Robert's right. 


"I'm afraid we're rather a female party tonight, Duke. But you know what's it's like trying to balance numbers in the country. A single man outranks the Holy Grail.”                                                                               


“No, I’m ter-,” The Duke wipes his mouth with a napkin,”I’m terribly flattered to be dining en famille.”


“What were you and Mary doing in the attics this afternoon?” Edith asked, Eve knew that she was looking to cause trouble. 


“I suggested to Mary that she should give a tour of the house to the Duke,” Eve said standing up for Mary. 


“Are you a student of architecture?” Violet asked the Duke. 


 “Mm, absolutely,” He replied. 


“Then I do hope you'll come and inspect my little cottage. It was designed by Rein for the first earl's sister,” She said. 


“The attics?” Robert said with a puzzled look. 


“Yes. Mary took the duke up to the attics,” Edith confirmed. 


“Whatever for?” He asked. 


“Why was this, dear?” Cora asked Mary. 


“We were just looking around,” She replied. 


“Looking around? What is there to look at but servants' rooms? What was the real reason?” Edith kept pushing. 


“Don't be such a chatterbox, Edith,” Violet said in a polite tone, trying to hush Edith. 


“I think we'll go through,” Cora said trying to end the conversation and began to stand up. 


“I still don't understand--” Edith began. 


“Will you hold your tongue?” Mary snapped at her. 


The men rise as the women exit in order of age and went to the drawing room. Eve instead went upstairs to get Cassandra before going downstairs to the kitchen to get her some treats. As she walked down the stairs to the kitchen, She heard everyone in the dining hall talking about Mary and the Duke. Eve decided to join them. 


“Do you think he'll speak out? Do you think we'll have a duchess to wait on? Imagine that!” Daisy said with excitement in her voice. 


“You won't be waiting on her, whatever happens,” Mrs. Patmore told her. 


“There is no reason why the eldest daughter and heiress of the Earl of Grantham should not wear a duchess's coronet with honour,” Mr. Carson said proudly and hopeful. 


“Heiress, Mr Carson? Has it been decided?” Mrs. Huges asked him. 


 “It will be if there's any justice in the world.” 


“I hope there is, Mr. Carson,” Eve agreed. 


“Well, we'll know soon enough,” Mrs. Hughes sighed. 


 Anna had gotten a sandwich and puts the  plate down on a tray with a drink. 


“What you doing, Anna?” Mrs. Patmore asked. 


“I thought I'd take something up to Mr Bates,” Anna explained, “him not being well enough to come down. You don't mind, do you Mrs Hughes?”


“I don't mind, not this once,” Mrs. Hughes replied. 


“Take him whatever he might need,” Mr. Carson agreed. 


Anna nodded and leaves the room  with the tray in her hands. 


Once Anna was gone Mr. Carson continued in a clear voice, “Mr Bates is leaving without a stain on his character. I hope you all observe that in the manner of your parting.” 


“It’s a shame he couldn’t stay. Do you know why he’s leaving?” Eve asked Mr. Carson. 


“Mr. Bates was unable to keep up with his work,” He answered. 


“Well, I don't see why he has to go. I don't mind doing a bit of extra work,” William said. 


“It's not up to you,” Thomas interjected coldy, “I'll take care of His Lordship, shall I Mr Carson?”


“Not while you're looking after the duke, you won't. I'll see to His Lordship myself,” Mr. Carson told Thomas. 


Eve, with Cassandra following her, went to the pantry and got some treats before heading back up stairs. When she was walking up the main stairs to the upstairs, she heard a door open and decided to hide and listen. 


“Well, aren't you coming into the drawing room?” Mary asked. 


“I'm--I'm tired. I--I think I'll just slip away. Please make my excuses,” The Duke answered. 


“I'm afraid I've worn you out. Tomorrow we can just--”


“I'm leaving in the morning,” The Duke cuts Mary off, “Goodnight. Oh, you might tell that footman…”


“Thomas,” Mary told him. 


“Thomas. You might tell him I've gone up.”


The Duke ascends the stairs and, when he reached the second floor, he saw Eve, with anger on her face. 


"Miss Eve, how ar-"


"Oh be quiet, Duke," Eve snapped, "There are times when I don't like my sisters, but when they are hurt I forget about the hate I have on them and turn it to the ones that hurt them," she steps closer to the Duke, "You should be grateful that I am Catholic for one of the Ten Commandments is 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'. Come along, Cassandra. We have to get up in the morning to say goodbye to Mr. Bates."


Eve and Cassandra left the Duke and went to their room. When it was morning, they woke up and Eve clean and puts on her uniform, along with her cross necklace and hairpin. As Eve and Cassandra left their room, they saw Uncle Robert as they walked to the stairs. 


"Good Morning, Uncle Robert," Eve greeted. 


"Good Morning, Eve," He looks down at Cassandra before petting her, "And how is Dame Cassandra this morning?"


"Very good, but we're both sad that Mr. Bates will be leaving this morning," She replied. 


"I am as well," Robert said. 


The three of them walk down the stairs and into the grand hall, and Robert is approached by Mr. Carson. 


“My lord, would it be acceptable for Bates to ride in front with Taylor? Otherwise it means getting the other car out. He and His Grace are catching the same train,” Mr. Carson asked.  


“Perfectly acceptable. And if His Grace doesn't, he can lump it,” Robert insulted the Duke. Mr. Carson and Eve are pleased by his response.


The four walk out of the great hall to the front doors of the house. When they are at the doors, they see Cora and the Duke talking. 


They exit the house, and the Duke offers his hand to Robert. 


"Well, Grantham, this has been a highly enjoyable interlude,” The Duke said. 


“Has it? And I feared it had proved a disappointment,” Robert shakes hands with the Duke. 


The Duke turns to Eve, “Thank you for coming to say goodbye to me, Miss Eve.”


“Actually, Duke. I came to say goodbye to a friend,” Eve and Cassandra walk past the Duke and to Mr. Bates, “We’re so sad that you have to go. I hope your stay here has been well.”


“It has been, Miss Eve,” He told her. 


“I hope your journey in life will be grand, Mr. Bates,” She said with a smile. 


“Thank you, Miss Eve,” Mr. Bates smiled. 


“We ought to go, my lord, if His Grace is to catch the train,” Taylor announced. 


The Duke gets in the motor and Robert approaches Mr. Bates. 


“Goodbye, Bates. And good luck,” Robert said. 


“Good luck to you, my lord, “Mr. Bates replied before getting in the motorcar. 


“It’s a shame he has to leave, Uncle,” Eve looks at Robert,”It’s not really fair, either. I feel the only reason he’s leaving is because of his cane. Uncle, you know this isn’t right.”


Taylor begins to drive away and Robert turns from heading inside to run after the car.


“Wait!” Robert called out. Carson walks briskly towards the car as Robert takes Bates's travel bag, “Get out, Bates.” 


“I--I really mustn't be late” The Duke said, but Robert ignores him. 


“Get back inside and we'll say no more about it,” He said. 


Mr. Bates takes his bag from Robert and heads inside, but stops at Eve. 


“Welcome back to Downton Abbey, Mr. Bates,” She said. 


“Thank you, Miss Eve,” Mr. Bates said before walking in the house. 


Robert closes the car door and watches Bates walk back to the house.


“It wasn't right, Carson. I just didn't think it was right,” Robert told Mr. Carson. 


They all walk back in the house as the motorcar leaves. Eve smiled at the events that recently took place and wonders what else the future will have in store for them and Downton.