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The Heart's Winter (The Soul's Spring)

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The Band: Members: Joe Mazzello (Mozilla Fox), Gwilym Lee (Gwil), Rami Malek (RM), Ben Hardy (Hardy-Har-Har)

Mozilla Fox: Um!11? Guys, Brian just called me and said that JOHN DEACON WANTS TO MEET USSSSS!?!?!<!?

RM: NO FUCKING WAY!!!! How come he told you first?

Mozilla Fox: Maybe cause, idk, I played him?!

Hardy-Har-Har: wtf. When?

Mozilla Fox: idk, he said that we’d figure out the schedules.

RM: Where’s Gwil? He’s usually pretty fast respond.

Mozilla Fox: Wait a sec, lemme call him.


Joe dialled Gwil’s cell, and sat excited. He couldn’t wait to tell Gwilym the good news. Joe couldn’t believe it, really. John Deacon wanted to meet him . Not just him, of course, the others as well. But still, it would be grand to actually meet John Richard Deacon, bassist of Queen, born August 19th 1951. "Will he like me?" Was what Joe was thinking, nervously. What will he be like? Will he be very cold with me? What will he think of Rami. Oh, god. Joe actually could not imagine being John and meeting someone who played your (dead) best friend in a movie. It must be awful. Speaking of which, John Deacon must have seen the movie. Had he watched it alone or with someone else? Had he liked it? What did he think of Joe?
“Hey, Joe? What’s up?”

Gwylim’s voice broke through Joe’s whirlwind of thoughts. 

“Oh, hey, Gwil. Um, why aren’t you on the group chat?”

“Oh, sorry about that. I lost my phone, and I was looking for it when you called. So, thanks by the way.”

“Uh, No problem. So, actually, I wanted to tell you something.”

“I assumed so. What is it?” Gwil asked, goodnaturedly.

“JohnDeaconwantstomeetus.” Joe blurted out at top speed.

“Sorry, Joe. Didn’t catch that?”



“Joe, if you’re pulling my leg…-”

“I’m not! Honest. Brian called me and told me.”


“I know, right?”

“When exactly is this meeting gonna to take place?” Asked Gwil, still a little taken aback.

“I’m not quite sure, actually. He said it would probably be when I’m up there for my job. Rami’s usually knocking about with Lucy anyway, so I think it should all work out.”

“Yeah, that would work. I thought that John and the other two weren’t really on speaking terms anymore.”

“Well, apparently they are now. Brian said that he, Roger, and John had got together and talked, so I guess that’s good?” Joe offered.

“Yeah, I suppose so. Well, sorry to cut short, Joe, but I’ve got to get ready for dinner. Thanks for the heads up.”

“Oh, yeah. No problem.”

“Oh, and Joe?”


“John wouldn’t want to meet you if he didn’t like you. You know that right? Don’t fret about it.”

Joe smiled.

“Thanks Gwil.”



Joe ended the call and sighed. Gwil was probably right, but he still couldn’t shake that nagging worry.