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Deku and Tokoyami are Edgelords

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Shouji and Kouda watched carefully as their friend walked up to the villain before them. He couldn’t have been much older than them. He was only slightly taller than Tokoyami, who had gone up to him. The boy regarded their friend with a flick of his eyes. He peeled the medical mask that he had on off of his face and make direct eye contact with Tokoyami. Taking that as a threat, he pulled out dark shadow. This led the boy to smile.
“I see the void has called to you as well, I can sense it in the way you hold yourself” the boy spoke in a manner that was slightly unnerving. Like an other dimensional being had come to Earth and tried to replicate what they had seen.
Tokoyami only graced his words with a nod small enough that most would not have noticed unless they had been as focused on the exchange as Shouji had been.
“Step down villain” Tokoyami said, shifting his position to be ready to fight. The villain ran forward first, speaking as whips of shadow came from his back.
“Ah, but shouldn’t pleasantries be exchanged first,” he tried grabbing Tokoyami’s arm but dark shadow deflected it, starting an attack of its own. “Of course, I already know who you are, but as one of your own,” The boy ducked under his attack at a speed that would seem unattainable in a different world. In a world where people could be born with the head of a bird or the ability to fly, a fast fighter was one more believable. He grabbed Tokoyami by the torso, suspending him in the air for just a second. “Fumikage, this fight will indeed be an enjoyable one,”
The boy was quiet after that and their fight continued. Shouji and Kouda had tried to intervene but eventually were knocked out by tendrils of shadow the boy had shot towards them. Tokoyami glared up at the boy he was fighting
“Yami,” he said to call him, “if you could knock me out like that, then why haven’t you?” The boy looked away for a moment, as if to contemplate, then red eyes met green ones and the boy smiled in a way that made his gut wrench.
“Because it’s much more fun this way, don’t you think?”
Tokoyami shuddered as the boy continued
“Ah how sweet a melody, Violence, but a rotted tooth yet to come, let us play in bliss as
death creeps ever closer, sing in joy as agony claws at our souls, sleep now while we have eyes to close, and hearts to shield,” He stepped forwards in a menacing way, but instead let himself fall back on to a bench of sorts, made of the shadows coming from his back. ‘Does this kid ever get quirk exhaustion?’
“Sit for a minute,”
Tokoyami opted instead to stand near the seat the boy had made. Instead of the hostile remark that he had anticipated the boy just chuckled. His laugh sounding like nails on a chalk board.
“Understandable but, I do have a question for you,”

“Yami, refrain from calling me that. I am here only so those with me don’t get hurt and to buy time ‘till the heroes come”
The boy looked at him again, his eyes dancing with anger and playfulness
“Hmm, heroes huh? Tell me Fumikage, why do you wish to become a hero, why not let the bitterness of your wrong actions turn blood sour and hearts black?”
Tokoyami thought for a moment before replying, letting the villain play his game but still on high alert watching out for his defeated friends.
“But the darkness isn’t bad is it? The darkness tis but a void but yet it is a friend to us all,”
“You would say that wouldn’t you, a future hero. But why not welcome the void with open arms, letting it enter inside you and clean you of all petty human emotions. It is easier that way. Less ways to get hurt.” The boy made eye contact again, but this time in his toxic green eyes was a serious look. One that should not be worn by anyone, much less a small boy, no more than 15.
“But then how shall I dance? How should I yell at Gods long forgotten? May you tell me how I ever shall feel true joy in life, or when shielding others from the darkness of our realm? Can I not hold the void in my arms and dance with it to the edge of comprehension instead?” He prompted back.
Yami paused for a minute before replying, his voice darker than before. From what he could tell, the topic had moved into a more personal realm.
“The void is dancing with all of us, spinning us in circles in its own game that we call life. Its arms holding us tight, mending our broken bones and hearts. Yet, what happens when you can no longer be healed, when the deeds that you have done fill your heart with a hole that can only be filled by the bigger whole of the void? Enjoy your dancing but know that all things come to an end,”
The bitterness in his voice flooded over Tokoyami. The boy with the bird head sighed before sitting next to Yami. Meeting his eyes and letting the fear from all of his past encounters with villains, the fear he has for his classmates, teachers, and family overflow inside of him and show through his eyes.
“Then dance I will, all things broken will not mend, but hope stays. A heart is not needed to feel, only the security of holding on to that of which you've already lost,”
The boy giggled again, the sound filling Tokoyami with a sense of dread
“Laughter is as empty as I am inside; but like drugs, the feeling is forever within you, the void cares not for the size of my heart, but I do not have one to care. Things like what you have said sometimes make me wish that I had never let the void into my heart and head. Maybe then I could feel more than indifference. To dance again, play, to feel joy in painting my home red with blood and white with bone. Maybe I could ask the void to teach me to dance again.”
Silence was held until Yami stood up and let the bench of shadows fall, watching in amusement as the hero in training fell to the floor.
“I think it is time for me to leave. Become a good hero for me Fumikage,”
He felt shadows wrap around his neck and before he could respond he was asleep. He awoke in a hospital bed with a headache.