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Barbara Gordon does Lucifer Morningstar

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 Barbara enjoyed the excuse to get dressed up to go out for a formal evening, even if it was simply another charity event her father was obligated to attend.

The expensive lavender-blue gown she'd borrowed emphasized her figure and matched her eyes. She put her hair up elaborately with several soft curls piled on top her head, and loose wavy strands perfectly framing her face.

Dark purple eyeliner and black mascara emphasized her eyes.

She placed rhinestone hairpins to hold her curled hair up in place, and a pair of long sparkly earrings added something extra.

Now, where were those dress shoes?

She found one in the shoe box under her bed, but where did the other one disappear?

She was getting flustered for no apparent reason. It was just another charity ball.

Her father called upstairs to her,

"Barbara, are you nearly ready? The car is here and It's time to leave sweetheart."

"Almost, I just need to find a shoe!"

"Did you check the closet?"

The closet? 

"No.  Ah, thanks, Dad, found it!"

She grabbed her evening bag and shoulder wrap then hurried down the stairs as fast as wearing high heels allowed.

"Barbie, you look beautiful tonight!" Jim choked back a tear, "you look just like your mother."

"Thanks, Dad, that's a huge compliment." Her mother was indeed beautiful the last time she'd seen her many years ago. 

She kissed his cheek after wiping away a stray tear.

She barely remembered her mother, it all seemed a different life from so long ago.

She recalled watching the Cinderella movie with her mom when she was little and sometimes pictured herself as the main character.

She allowed her imagination  to drift and dreamed for a moment that the car they rode in tonight was a golden coach and she was off to the prince's ball.

It brought a happy smile to her face, and she started humming a tune from the movie.

She'd never worn such an expensive outfit or shoes, but her friend assured her that she could return them for a refund if she kept the receipts.

It was almost like a fairy tale...

But no, fairy tales never happened to the Gordons.

They worked hard and scraped by.  Generally their luck was unusually bad.

Barbara didn't have spoiled step-sisters or a terrible stepmother, but fortunately, her bloodthirsty brother was nowhere to be found. He frightened the crap out of her and everyone else.

She shuddered at the thought. 

In retrospect, she would much rather have the miserable step-sisters. At least they wouldn't be sociopaths. 

Ah well ---

Off to the ball, er, that is, the gala.

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 In Barbara's fantasy, she visualizes that the royal page at the door is announcing their arrival,

"The Honorable Commissioner James P. Gordon and his daughter, Miss Barbara Gordon."

After that, her father escorts her down a striking staircase and all eyes turn to her, this is her moment.

She sees the golden boy of Gotham gazing at her, Bruce Wayne himself.

He looks incredible in his tuxedo, towering head and shoulders above her.

He extends his hand to her and asks her to dance.

"May I have the pleasure of this dance, Miss Gordon?" he asks.

Bruce usually doesn't even acknowledge her. This must be her, just daydreaming again.

But, no, she's wide awake this time. She smiles extends her hand to him and accepts.

The music begins as he takes her hand and holds her close promenading her across the dance floor.

"You look lovely tonight, Barbara. I couldn't help noticing as you entered. You should wear blue more often, it suits you."

He's being charming to her, it's a change from his alter-ego's usual disagreeable attitude.

But is this all just another mask he wears for the public?

"You don't need to flatter me tonight Bruce. I know how you ignore me when we're alone, why are you putting on an act, are you trying to make an old flame jealous?" she grumbled.

Bruce was surprised at her words, was that how he was making her feel, that he was using her?

"I'm sorry if you think I hurt you, I never meant to do that. I just want to act professionally when we work together, I'm sorry if I was overly harsh with you."

He brought her a little closer. "I meant what I said, you do look incredible tonight, I'm sorry for behaving like an ass, can I make it up to you?"

Barbara looked up into his face, he seemed to be sincere.

"You can buy me a drink, and maybe we can have a real conversation for a change," she said.

He took two flutes of champagne out to the terrace so they could speak in private.

Barbara took a sip while he gathered his thoughts.

"When we work together I try to put aside my feelings so they won't interfere with our duty. That doesn't mean they don't exist." He professed.

"You sure about that? It looks different to me, you always seem to avoid me even though I wear my feelings on my sleeve."

"There's a reason why I do that, if I paid you the attention that I preferred to, we'd never reach any crime scenes because I'd be powerless to stop myself from doing this---"

With that, he pulled her close for a long tender kiss.

She found herself kissing him back with enthusiasm.

"Now, do you understand?" he said, gently pushing her away from him.

"Do you know how many nights I've needed a cold shower after you were gone?  You drive me crazy, Barbara, and the only way I know how to manage my excitement is to get you angry enough to leave, just so I don't ravish you like an animal," he confessed.

 "How could I possibly ever know any of that? All of your feelings, all of your emotions are always so constipated!

"I don't think you've ever allowed yourself any optimistic feelings, all you seem to feel is lust or rage.

"And while they might get you through the day, or night, they don't do anything beneficial for you either.

"So which is the feeling that forces you to push me away like I'm nothing?

Is it lust or rage, Bruce?

Because whichever one it is, it hurts. 

"Why do you purposely make me get angry at you?

Why push me away for something we both want?"

Her eyes were flaming, her face was flushed, and she was angry as hell.

She let him have it, and it felt good.

Bruce was stunned into silence.

Barbara was done putting up with his bullshit, she put down her glass and stormed off. 

She tugged the nearest man by the hand to the dance floor to burn off some of her pain.

Bruce is so emotionally constipated, she thought, he needed an enema just to smile, she concluded.

Bruce couldn't believe that she told him off and walked away.

He thought she'd always accept what he offered without question.

Like a good soldier.

But... He's mistaken about that.

Very mistaken.

Tonight, though, her anger emerged, and he had rarely seen it except while they patrolled, but never as a civilian.

He wanted to follow her and fix this before he pushed her away forever.

He felt a strange twinge of discomfort when she left him, an empty hole inside shaped like her.

He realized he was a dumbass, a douche bag that never treated anyone right.


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"Hello there, beautiful!" her dance partner remarked as they danced along with the other couples on the floor.

"Hello to you too, handsome," she purred, "What's your name?"

"Frank. Frank Gavin."

"Nice to meet you, Frank Gavin. I'm Barbara Gordon." She gave him a brilliant smile that warmed him. 

She wasn't sure why she acted so impetuously, maybe to escape Bruce, or maybe to annoy him.

He's not the only fish in the sea, she could easily hook this man if she wanted.

It seemed that her dress is so impressive that she's getting glances from every man in the room. Or maybe it was her, letting herself have fun, and not busy mooning for a man who makes himself unavailable.

She smiled again at her partner and he glowed.

Bruce is watching her. He's furious at himself. Why does he always push everyone away? Especially the people he cares most about?

She's right, he holds in his emotions until there's nothing left but hostility and resentment. He should be the man holding her with her body next to his, not this stranger.

Damn it, she's so heartbreakingly beautiful tonight that it hurts.

He feels raw envy and wants to tear her away from this man, pull her close, and...then what? Get slapped? Try to beg her forgiveness?

He should admit to her that he's wrong. He's been mistreating her for too long. He's surprised she hasn't tried to claw his eyes out yet.

Exactly what does he feel for her?

She's beautiful, talented, bright, and always a step ahead of him. She balances his skills and anger, she expands his vision of the world.

What would he do if she left him?

He would be darker, more brutal, not tactful at all.

"I need her in my life. I'm an ass, what's wrong with me that I need to be constantly unhappy? "

When the music stops he's silently standing behind her as she turned from her dance partner and walked into him exactly as he planned.

"We need to talk. I want to ask for your forgiveness. I've been a stubborn ass. I'm sorry for everything, and I wouldn't blame you if you hit me, I deserve that and more." he said, unable to maintain eye contact.

Barbara stared at him as if he were some kind of alien.

"What?" she sputtered.

"So now you want to be nice for a while, and tomorrow go back to treating me like an apprentice instead of a human being? Is that how you'll quell your guilty conscience? You're so... so... so... annoying! I despise you, Bruce! You're not human. You disgust me."

She gave him an angry shove away from her and stormed off to the ladies' room. She wouldn't let him see her cry.

She hated herself for moping after him for so long.

She felt like a fool.


She splashed water on her face and repaired her makeup. 

'God damn you, Bruce Wayne, you're such an ass, I'm done with it, I'm over you! I'll find a new man who'll treat me the way I deserve. I'm never going to be that miserable girl again. I deserve to be a Queen, not a puppet.'


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Frank Gavin was adorable. She knew of his family, they'd founded Gavin Metalworks ages ago.

Frank's plant funded a shelter for battered women. That spoke of a kind heart. His mother had worked as a nurse for years, and Frank had learned what happens when mates harm one another. His mother taught him compassion. His father taught him the value of hard work and responsibility.

Barbara thought he was a perfect gentleman. She forgot about Bruce and his moodiness as Frank smiled and spun her around the floor.

She took a few minutes to check in with her dad, he'd found an old compatriot to share a drink and was having a terrific time.

She kissed his cheek and turned as someone asked to dance with her.

He greeted Jim like an old friend, "Hey there Jimmy boy, this can't be your little girl Barbara! Last time I checked she was still in pigtails."

"Ray! How the hell have you been, I haven't seen you in ages. Yes, this is my baby girl, all grown up. Barbara, this is my old pal Ray Donovan. He's a real straight arrow. Why don't you two blast off and get to know each other?"

"If you say so Jimmy, I promise you I'll be a gentleman. Barbara?" 

"See you later dad." She took Ray's hand and he led her to the bar for a drink.

"What'll you have, Barbara?"

"Scotch and soda, on the rocks. Thanks."

 Bruce was still sulking. But this was the bed he'd made.

Next chapter,  Barbara meets an irresistible stranger named Lucifer.

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Ray was. . . somewhat interesting. But it turned out he was a much older man, closer to her father's age.

He'd seemed interesting moments ago but the novelty had worn off.

She thanked him for the dance and began to stroll around the room.

"Hello, there! " asked someone, "Would you care to dance?" inquired a man's melodious voice.


That's what struck her.

He was very different.


He wasn't from around here, his accent was British.

There weren't many Brits she'd encountered in Gotham. 

She turned to find who possessed that deliciously devilish voice and found herself face to face with a tall, slim, and sharply-dressed man.

She recognized those fancy red-soled shoes he wore, they cost at least a week's worth of her salary.

The suit he wore wasn't exactly cheap either. Italian wool, definitely. 

He was handsome and she felt fascinated by him. Drawn in his direction. 

"Hello right back," Barbara purred. "Yes, I'd love to dance with you, thank you."

He led her to the floor and they joined the other couples.

"So, my ravishing little ginger, what should I call you?"

"I'm Barbara Gordon, and you are?"

"Lucifer Morningstar, at your service," he said with a smile.

"Lucifer, that's certainly an unusual name. So, Lucifer, are you from Gotham, or just visiting?"

"To be perfectly honest, I'm currently living in Los Angeles where I own and operate a club."

"That sounds pretty exciting, you must have lots of interesting stories to share."

"Oh, Barbara, you have no idea. So many stories, L.A. is fascinating."

"I've never been there, you'll have to tell me all the juicy bits."

"What about you my dear, what do you do for kicks around here?"

"Oh, Gotham is full of kicks, I never tire of them. It keeps me on my toes," she smiled mysteriously.


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Lucifer saw a devilish spark in her eyes, and wondered, who is Barbara, what is she all about?

"I suspect you have a mischievous streak, you little minx."

He grinned, looking rather mischievous himself.

"I'm sure everyone has one deep inside. I might have, but what about you, with your devilish grin, do you like bad girls or good girls?" she whispered softly into his ear.

That felt erotic.

He liked her manner, and her appearance was incredible.

Her smile was so inviting, should he kiss her, tempt her to come to his hotel penthouse for a nightcap?

He believes that he should.

They danced to a few more songs, then Lucifer got them some drinks guessing Barbara was thirsty and winded by now.

She wasn't.

"The drinks can wait, the band is playing one of my favorites, can we continue dancing?"

"If you wish, of course, Barbara."

This was a slow romantic melody. 

Lucifer held her close and dipped her low at the appropriate moment, making her grin.

She enjoyed his close embrace, and she was leaning on his shoulder.

He felt right, maybe she could bring him home for some further entertainment.

She felt an attraction to him and needed some loving to offset that annoying man, Bruce.

"So Lucifer, where are you staying in town? I'm rather curious."

"Oh, are you? I've booked the royal penthouse at the Fairfield Hotel uptown. It's rather comfortable for a smaller city. Would you like to come along and see by any chance?"

"I might be interested," her eyes twinkled as she grinned up at him.

 "In that case, shall we leave after this dance?" he asked. 

"I'd like that, Lucifer. I'd like that very much."


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Barbara left her father a brief text, explaining that she's going out with a friend, and not to wait up.

Jim doesn't mind, he's feeling tipsy and nothing can bother him right now. He guesses she's going out with one of the guys she danced with, all of whom seemed respectable.

Lucifer walked her to his little black Corvette, and he held the door as she climbed in.

"Nice car," she smiled.

"You'd best buckle up, I enjoy going faster than most."

"I'm used to riding fast in high-end cars," Barbara grinned knowingly, "I've been in some amazingly advanced vehicles, they're very exciting, I also enjoy riding motorcycles, too."

"Oh really, you're rather surprising, I wouldn't  have taken you for a lover of excitement."

"Oh, I live for excitement, gymnastics, karate, mixed martial arts, wall climbing; I love it. I like the unpredictable feeling."

"You're becoming more interesting by the moment, Miss Barbara Gordon, indeed!"

With that, ensuring she was belted in, Lucifer hit the gas as Barbara squealed with delight as they sped off into the night.

At his hotel suite, Lucifer asked if she'd like a drink, and poured out a pair of bourbons.

Barbara swirled her glass and took a sniff. "Hm, smells tantalizing... I get the scent of, hm, let's see... vanilla... and caramel," she sipped slowly, "Wow, it's so smooth."

"You have an excellent nose for bourbon, here, come relax and enjoy it on the sofa with me."

Barbara sat near enough to be up against his side and wiggled closer.

Lucifer put down his glass and studied her.

She was full of surprises, beautiful, but not vain.

And there was something that made him want to kiss her.

He put his hand on her cheek, stroking the side of her face, as he did she blissfully closed her eyes and drank it in. He was so damn sexy!

"What are you waiting for, I'm right here..." she murmured.

Permission granted, he leaned over and kissed her, gently at first testing the waters, then as she responded kissed her more firmly and soon she opened her lips and licked his, asking to enter.

Their drinks went forgotten as they continued to kiss and hold each other. Barbara moaned softly pulling him closer.

Saucy little thing, he thought.

Very saucy!


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Lucifer's delicious kisses were lighting a flame within Barbara, she felt as though she was on fire.

He certainly knew how to kiss a woman.

Barbara bit on his lower lip, making him growl.

Her hands were busy exploring his tight toned body... and it was so tight.

Lucifer skimmed his hands up her arms as his mouth devoured hers. As his hands skimmed down he cupped her breast, teasing her pebbled nipples through the silken fabric.

"Oh, Lucifer, you little devil! Don't stop yet, that's really turning me on." She murmured as she groped his taut ass, "mmm, you've got nice cheeks!"

Well, if that was the case, two can play! Lucifer inched her dress up and began touching and squeezing her butt, and a rather perfectly rounded one it was.

He had to touch her skin, teasing his hands underneath her undies, such a firmly built ass, this was a well toned lady who obviously works out, and he made approving sounds of appreciation. 

"Let's get naked together,  shall we?" He suggested. 

"Mmm, sure, why not?" Cooed a horny Barbara. "I hope you have some condoms,  I didn't bring...

"Oh, I always have some, enough for an orgy or two." He murmured. "Do you have a favorite type?

"Yes, studded!" She grinned. 

"Oh, yes. Favorite color?"

"My gosh, did you bring an entire store full?"

"Yes, I'd hate to run out in the middle of fun, that would certainly cool things too quickly. "

"I appreciate a prepared and thoughtful partner! Do you have purple?"

"Yes, but not in the studded ones, how about black?"

"Delicious!" She answered. 

He unwrapped a black studded condom and she rolled it on him slowly with firm teasing hands.


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After rolling on the black studded condom  Barbara realized that damn, this guy had a lot to offer, and he was so sexy, suave, and really handsome.

Was this the bourbon talking, or was this simply the most attractive man she'd ever met?

Barbara couldn't take her clothes off fast enough, but was careful of the borrowed dress, not so much about her underthings, which he halted her from removing.

That was different. 

After a questioning glance, he told her he loved making love to a woman in her sexy underwear, it gave him more to explore, and Barbara certainly didn't mind showing off her sexy undies to Lucifer.

After all,  she worked hard keeping herself in prime training shape.

Lucifer slowly checked her out, with a look of appreciation that made her glow.

Where other partners usually just tore through her undies and practically attacked her, Lucifer looked, really looked, smiling widely at her well toned physique.

He wanted to take his time, he was not some two-pump chump.

Lucifer noted Barbara was telling the truth about being athletic, she was tight and still nice and curvy in all the right places. The exotic underwear fit her like a model, and gave his imagination quite a thrill.

His lips slashed against hers as she realized he was completely nude.

He guy went commando, that was unexpected.

And hot.

Very hot and nicely built, he put others to shame.

Barbara closed her eyes as they kissed on the sofa. She felt as though she was dissolving into his arms. The man certainly knew how to kiss, not too harsh, not too lightly and she was lost in his kisses, no longer thinking of anything except more of his kisses and caresses.

She was falling for him and loved it. He had a way of arousing her without being grabby or rough, he was just so delicious. 

And so well hung, holy smoke!

He posessed the biggest cock she'd ever seen outside of a porno.


She had to touch it, tease it, prove to herself it was real and flesh.

It was.

It was!


She looked up and realized they were no longer sitting the sofa, but in a red silk sheeted bed. She must have not noticed moving into the bedroom, but how?

Luci pulled one of his tricks while her eyes were closed and flew them both into bed while his lips kept her fully distracted. 

It worked perfectly. 

"How did we? When..?" Barbara sputtered. 

"I'm a bit of a magician, abra-cadabra, ta da!"

She sat up asking, "Are you a metahuman? That was not a magic trick!"

Lucifer couldn't lie, it felt wrong even in a joke. "Not metahuman, exactly, my powers are God given, though. Sorry, my sexy little ginger, I allowed myself to be carried away by your beauty and I, er, I flew us here, do you mind very much?"

"No, I was just surprised. Now, gimme those lips!"

Whew, that was a close one. He was so aroused he hadn't realized he'd done it.


So, she's been with metas before, dealt with them he guessed.

She was making him crazy, so unlike his usual partners. 

He kissed his way over her entire body lighting her up like a pinball machine, bing, bing, bing!

Barbara flipped them both over, she loved having a man pressed down against her body.

Lucifer looked like he worked out too, his delightful washboard abs, and tight...  everything. 

"Lucifer, please, penetrate me. I'm ready."


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Lucifer's cock easily reached halfway down his knees.


Barbara was wet, her panties sporting a dark spot from making out.

She wanted him more than anything, and could barely wait until their bodies joined.

Lucifer was a great lover, pleasuring and teasing his partners before spearing them.

A gift from Dad that keeps on going, and coming, and going...

She was more than warmed up, she was ready as was he. He wondered if she preferred an entrance that was hard or gentle...

No, she was an athlete, hard it was as he fully speared her.

She gasped happily at the intrusion, then sighed as he filled her snug snatch with his mighty weapon in one go.

"Mmm, oh Lucifer!" she moaned.

He began properly screwing her as she kissed, licked, and explored his body, he smelled and tasted great, like some exotic tropical fruit, somewhat like an apple combined with a banana?

He was yummy.

The original forbidden fruit.

Barbara licked at, and lightly bit down on his nipples.

"Oh, you're a vixen aren't you?"

Two could play...

He teased her perfectly pear shaped breasts, licking, sucking, and then gave a little twist of her sweet pink nips.

"Ah!" she exclaimed as her cunt throbbed deliciously around his weaponry. 

They made love playfully, but it was obvious that Lucifer knew exactly what he was doing, and he was amazing at bringing her to new heights of excitement. 

He pulled out for a moment, then spread her thighs wide, diving in for a taste of her delights. Her nectar was freely flowing from her slit, her nether lips were swelled with need, and he wanted a taste of her juices.

Pushing her panties aside he dragged his tongue slowly from top to bottom as Barbara moaned in bliss. He continued as her moans went higher in pitch. His tongue pushed inside making her gasp as he pulled her closer, cupping her ass cheeks as he tongue fucked her.

"Please, don't stop, I'm..."

He grinned and pushed a finger into her tight pink rosebud making her twitch with excitement. Letting go of her ass, his other hand slid down her belly soon teasing light circles around her puffy clit.

Barbara couldn't control her muscles, he was controlling her, sexually giving her so much stimulation she thought she would explode.

"Ah, ah!"

She couldn't hold back as the strong surge overcame her like an undertow, pulling her under with unexpected power as she came long and hard, while still in the throes he penetrated her throbbing slit to the hilt, she cried out as she nearly blacked out from the intensity of the climax.

Her legs wrapped around him possessively, pulling him deeper inside as she felt herself coming and coming in multiple orgasms. 

A soft cry of pleasure as her apex waned, she pulled his face to hers and slashed her lips against his mouth with a deep hunger.

So fucking horny...