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Barbara Gordon meets Lucifer Morningstar

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Lucifer's delicious kisses were lighting a flame within Barbara, she felt as though she was on fire.

He certainly knew how to kiss a woman.

Barbara bit on his lower lip, making him growl.

Her hands were busy exploring his tight toned body... and it was so tight.

Lucifer skimmed his hands up her arms as his mouth devoured hers. As his hands skimmed down he cupped her breast, teasing her pebbled nipples through the silken fabric.

"Oh, Lucifer, you little devil! Don't stop yet, that's really turning me on." She murmured as she groped his taut ass, "mmm, you've got nice cheeks!"

Well, if that was the case, two can play! Lucifer inched her dress up and began touching and squeezing her butt, and a rather perfectly rounded one it was.

He had to touch her skin, teasing his hands underneath her undies, such a firmly built ass, this was a well toned lady who obviously works out, and he made approving sounds of appreciation. 

"Let's get naked together,  shall we?" He suggested. 

"Mmm, sure, why not?" Cooed a horny Barbara. "I hope you have some condoms,  I didn't bring...

"Oh, I always have some, enough for an orgy or two." He murmured. "Do you have a favorite type?

"Yes, studded!" She grinned. 

"Oh, yes. Favorite color?"

"My gosh, did you bring an entire store full?"

"Yes, I'd hate to run out in the middle of fun, that would certainly cool things too quickly. "

"I appreciate a prepared and thoughtful partner! Do you have purple?"

"Yes, but not in the studded ones, how about black?"

"Delicious!" She answered. 

He unwrapped a black studded condom and she rolled it on him slowly with firm teasing hands.