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Barbara Gordon meets Lucifer Morningstar

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Lucifer saw a devilish spark in her eyes, and wondered, who is Barbara, what is she all about?

"I suspect you have a mischievous streak, you little minx."

He grinned, looking rather mischievous himself.

"I'm sure everyone has one deep inside. I might have, but what about you, with your devilish grin, do you like bad girls or good girls?" she whispered softly into his ear.

That felt erotic.

He liked her manner, and her appearance was incredible.

Her smile was so inviting, should he kiss her, tempt her to come to his hotel penthouse for a nightcap?

He believes that he should.

They danced to a few more songs, then Lucifer got them some drinks guessing Barbara was thirsty and winded by now.

She wasn't.

"The drinks can wait, the band is playing one of my favorites, can we continue dancing?"

"If you wish, of course, Barbara."

This was a slow romantic melody. 

Lucifer held her close and dipped her low at the appropriate moment, making her grin.

She enjoyed his close embrace, and she was leaning on his shoulder.

He felt right, maybe she could bring him home for some further entertainment.

She felt an attraction to him and needed some loving to offset that annoying man, Bruce.

"So Lucifer, where are you staying in town? I'm rather curious."

"Oh, are you? I've booked the royal penthouse at the Fairfield Hotel uptown. It's rather comfortable for a smaller city. Would you like to come along and see by any chance?"

"I might be interested," her eyes twinkled as she grinned up at him.

 "In that case, shall we leave after this dance?" he asked. 

"I'd like that, Lucifer. I'd like that very much."