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Barbara Gordon meets Lucifer Morningstar

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Ray was. . . somewhat interesting. But it turned out he was a much older man, closer to her father's age.

He'd seemed interesting moments ago but the novelty had worn off.

She thanked him for the dance and began to stroll around the room.

"Hello, there! " asked someone, "Would you care to dance?" inquired a man's melodious voice.


That's what struck her.

He was very different.


He wasn't from around here, his accent was British.

There weren't many Brits she'd encountered in Gotham. 

She turned to find who possessed that deliciously devilish voice and found herself face to face with a tall, slim, and sharply-dressed man.

She recognized those fancy red-soled shoes he wore, they cost at least a week's worth of her salary.

The suit he wore wasn't exactly cheap either. Italian wool, definitely. 

He was handsome and she felt fascinated by him. Drawn in his direction. 

"Hello right back," Barbara purred. "Yes, I'd love to dance with you, thank you."

He led her to the floor and they joined the other couples.

"So, my ravishing little ginger, what should I call you?"

"I'm Barbara Gordon, and you are?"

"Lucifer Morningstar, at your service," he said with a smile.

"Lucifer, that's certainly an unusual name. So, Lucifer, are you from Gotham, or just visiting?"

"To be perfectly honest, I'm currently living in Los Angeles where I own and operate a club."

"That sounds pretty exciting, you must have lots of interesting stories to share."

"Oh, Barbara, you have no idea. So many stories, L.A. is fascinating."

"I've never been there, you'll have to tell me all the juicy bits."

"What about you my dear, what do you do for kicks around here?"

"Oh, Gotham is full of kicks, I never tire of them. It keeps me on my toes," she smiled mysteriously.