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Barbara Gordon meets Lucifer Morningstar

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Frank Gavin was adorable. She knew of his family, they'd founded Gavin Metalworks ages ago.

Frank's plant funded a shelter for battered women. That spoke of a kind heart. His mother had worked as a nurse for years, and Frank had learned what happens when mates harm one another. His mother taught him compassion. His father taught him the value of hard work and responsibility.

Barbara thought he was a perfect gentleman. She forgot about Bruce and his moodiness as Frank smiled and spun her around the floor.

She took a few minutes to check in with her dad, he'd found an old compatriot to share a drink and was having a terrific time.

She kissed his cheek and turned as someone asked to dance with her.

He greeted Jim like an old friend, "Hey there Jimmy boy, this can't be your little girl Barbara! Last time I checked she was still in pigtails."

"Ray! How the hell have you been, I haven't seen you in ages. Yes, this is my baby girl, all grown up. Barbara, this is my old pal Ray Donovan. He's a real straight arrow. Why don't you two blast off and get to know each other?"

"If you say so Jimmy, I promise you I'll be a gentleman. Barbara?" 

"See you later dad." She took Ray's hand and he led her to the bar for a drink.

"What'll you have, Barbara?"

"Scotch and soda, on the rocks. Thanks."

 Bruce was still sulking. But this was the bed he'd made.

Next chapter,  Barbara meets an irresistible stranger named Lucifer.