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I'll Cry Instead

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Nurse Hopkins looked at the lads who were staring at her with pleading eyes, silently begging for her to say Paul is perfectly fine and only needs time to heal. The nurse looked among the lads as she could tell each one of them was probably holding their breaths, waiting for the simple answer, life or death.

"Paul suffered many injuries from the fall," Nurse Hopkins began, "many broken bones, bleeding out, he even cracked his skull severely, but we all believed Paul would be strong. After much emergency surgeries and the pain, Paul will not survive…I'm sorry."

"H-he's going to die…," Ringo let a sob escape.

"C-can we see him?" John asked quietly, "we really want to say our goodbyes."

"Yes, you may all see him, but!" Nurse Hopkins looked at them, "only one at a time. We will give you one on one conversations to say goodbye your own way, and we don't want to overwhelm him and speed up the process before all could say goodbye…"

The boys all nodded solemnly, not wanting to risk it by all going in. They all looked at each other, and they talked out an order for who would go in first and see Paul, if he may hear it or not. They figured George first, Ringo next, and finally John. John didn't want to wait, but he knew it would be worth it when he saw his best friend and be there by his deathbed. He fell off a ten story building and made it to a hospital, but fell one story too many to survive. John wished it didn't have to be Paul. He had to be strong though, for Ringo's sake who had already curled on the floor trying not to cry. Nurse Hopkins took George first to see Paul as the others waiting in the waiting room for their own turn.

When George walked in, Paul had his eyes closed. He looked so peaceful, as if he was simply sleeping. The only evidence of the fall was cuts and bruises that littered his pale skin. The only stitches visible were some holding his upper lip together which split in half when skin met concrete. George sat by the silent body of his friend in a chair the nurse set out just for the boys. As he looked at Paul more, it made him look dead, which was a very unsettling sight for anybody. The nurse soon left to let George be alone with Paul, and explained if anything happens, he must tell at once without hesitation. Paul had a list of goodbyes waiting to say it.

"Hi, Paul," was the first words George could muster, but to his dismay, there was no reaction from the bassist, "I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm just going to act like you do. We miss you, and even though I don't really speak much, or get myself in the spotlight much…Anyways, that doesn't matter. It only matters that the author…er- fate…chose the wrong choice…a-and you're paying for it. I don't know what I'd do when you'll really be gone forever…I don't want to lose a brother, but, I have to… Goodbye, old friend."

"George Harrison," Nurse Hopkins walks in, "we need to go onto the next Beatle."

George nodded, and looked at his friend, sighing when he saw no reaction from Paul. Was he really going to just die? He couldn't, he couldn't die after fighting for so long. It would hurt a lot of people's mentality to do that, but fate had to be that bad to kill Paulie. The next one who was let in was Ringo. He silently walked in, looking at his poor friend. He saw him fall of the building, and heard the slam on the concrete. It was honestly one of the most terrifying moments in the man's life. Now seeing Paul, covered in wrap, bruises, cuts, stitches, and tubes in his arms and on his face. It made him feel completely awful. His visit was in complete silence as his mind boggled with questions about how the band would continue on without Paul, or if they would even try to keep the Beatles spark alive, and he thought about what would happen to them as people. After a few minutes, Ringo left the room, which made space for John.

"You're next, John," Ringo spoke softly and sat silently in a chair.

John raced ahead to the room before the nurse even could say anything after Ringo. He had waited this long, and he needed to see his friend, especially if he's going to die. John stopped right before the door of the room and walked in silently, ready to talk to Paul as if it was everyday banter, but he won't reply, and it would be John's last talk with the bassist. He looked at the poor bassist before him, and a loud twinge in his heart could be heard in his ears. One of his closest friends in the Beatles, and he is losing him. It's almost like fat chose to bring up Stu Sutcliffe's death, but with his other brother, Paul. John felt heat brimming in his eyes, but used his sleeve to get it off before they fell. He sat in the chair next to Paul and poked Paul's fingers to seek a reaction, but nothing happened.

"Paul," John squeaked as he looked at his friend, "it's me, Johnny. Y'know, your best mate within the Beatles! Anyways, I've been told you're going on a trip, and I'm not quite sure where. Like you told me, I don't believe in religion when I was talking about bacon. Many things have happened, and you're going to die…a-and I can't believe it…my brother…he's going to die…Paul…Paulie…please! This has to be a nightmare! Have to wake up! Please! Don't die!…I have to say goodbye…"

John broke down, crying as he held onto Paul's lifeless hand. He couldn't believe what was going on, and it can't be reality. He had to wake up from some awful dream and hug Paul and Ringo. Check Paul's mouth and see no split and see Ringo's wrists which would not have a single slice in them. As John cried, he heard movement, but ignored it as it was probably just some nurses outside who heard him begin to cry for Paul's life.

"A…and I s-say hello…"John heard a soft voice, and quickly lifted his head to see a slightly conscious Paul looking him in the eyes.

"Paulie…" John looked at his friend, "y-you're alive?!"

"Of course I am-," Paul started to say, but was cut off by a gentle hug from John, "what's this for?"

"I thought I was going to lose you," John felt tears forming again, "but you're alive. Nurse! George! Ringo! He's alive! He's awake!"

They all walked in and earned a smile from Paul. George and Ringo ran to him, next to where John was sitting to see their living friend. They were ecstatic, but then they looked at the nurse.

"So, does this mean he'll make it?" They all asked.

Nurse Hopkins took hours and did many vigorous tests on Paul, and after the many hours, she came to the others with an answer that they have been waiting so long for.

"Paul will survive!" Nurse Hopkins announced.

All of them cheered, including Paul who was still in the bed where he was fausly announced dead earlier along with John who wanted to make extra sure Paul was completely fine, but he would actually be able to live a life that he was destined to have. Fate was actually disguised as misfortune for a bit. After they finished cheering Paul looked over at Ringo who was standing next to him with a smile.

"Now," Paul reached his hand out to Ringo, "lets start our healing processes, together."

Ringo didn't take Paul's hand though, he pulled the bassist into a tender hug, "I thought you'd never ask…"