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I'll Cry Instead

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The girl quickly dialed the emergency number as the lads looked at Paul. George almost looked ready to lose his dinner, Ringo was in complete shock, and John was trying to stay calm, but in hysterics on the inside. Paul, one of his best and closest friends, could possibly be to far to save. He didn't want to lose Paul as he didn't want to lose Ringo from suicide earlier. He lost a friend before, Stuart Sutcliffe. It wasn't Stu's fault, it was an aneurism. John and Stu were close. After a certain concert in Hamburg, Stu stayed with his fiancé Astrid and chose to finish art college. One day, George, Paul and John made plans to visit him, but only a few hours before they made it in the city, Stuart passed away suddenly. Astrid had met them at the train station and told them the horrible news.

After about twenty minutes, an ambulance came even though the hospital was probably five minutes from where they were. Two men jumped out of the ambulance, one carrying some sort of a neck brace, the other carrying an AED in case they needed a quick start up of the heart. The one with the brace kneeled down by Paul checking for a pulse, then looked at the other.

"Get the stretcher," he told him, then brought his attention back to Paul.

"Will he be alright," John choked out, trying not to cry or seem completely broken.

"Only time will tell," was all the EMT said as he put the brace on Paul's neck, per proticall.

John wasn't all too satisfied with the answer as a whimper escaped his lips. He watched as the two men carefully moved Paul's body onto the stretcher, being careful as the put him in the back of the truck. Ringo and George sat on the side comforting each other while John tried to convince the EMT's to let him stay with Paul. Their answers, however were crisp and clear, no. John could physically feel his downward spiral as he watched the ambulance leave, hoping, praying to anybody, that Paul would be alright. Soon he felt a hand on his shoulder, as he turned around he saw soft, blue eyes looking at him. Eyes that even made the sky jealous they were so blue. He sighed as he felt arms wrap around him in comfort, returning the sight embrace the smaller man offered.

"I want him to be alright," John finally spilled, "I don't want another Sutcliffe incident."

"I know," Ringo sighed, though he never met Stuart Sutcliffe, he knew it caused a lot of pain for John.

They ended up taking a taxi to the hospital, though it was only five minutes away, they didn't want to miss a thing. During the ride, a stiff silence fell between the lads. Ringo was looking out the car window thinking of fond memories of Paul, George was silently praying to himself for Paul to be alright, and John was trying to hold in his emotions, though it was extremely hard for him to do. They ended up getting in a traffic jam, which made John finally give in a bit to his emotions. He opened the door to the taxi and leaped out, much to George and Ringo's surprise.

"Wait," George called after John who already had a running start towards the hospital.

"I've done enough waiting," John yelled over his shoulder, "pay the man for me, I just need to see Paulie."

George and Ringo looked at each other as they collectively payed the taxi driver and ran after John, who was so far ahead. They knew how much John was hurting, but they needed to make sure he didn't do anything completely stupid. Ahead, John passed though many cars at a full sprint, hoping to get there and the people would say everything is alright. He needed to hear the assuring words as quickly as possible.

He tried to avoid the negative thoughts in his head, but they shot up just as quickly as the positive ones. 'What if he doesn't make it?' 'He could possibly be dead by the time I get there.' 'Will I ever get the hear or see the life in my friend ever again.' As the thoughts came into his mind, he ended up collapsing in the middle of the road, tears falling in streams. He didn't want to lose Paul, he didn't want to lose anybody. As he was breaking in the middle of the road, George and Ringo finally caught up to him.

"Johnny," Ringo called as he quickly ran up to him, falling to his knees to give the weeping man a hug, then muttering pure, yet calming, nonsense.

George quickly looked as traffic around them started moving again, "guys, we have to get out of here, now."

Ringo nodded and stood up, helping John to his feet soon after. John walked with George and Ringo to the hospital at this point, trying not to break again, like he had just done. Within five minutes, the lads walked in though the front door of the hospital. There were a bunch of doctors, some may have been called in because of Paul, but they were each doing a job. A nurse noticed the boys come in and walked to them.

"Hello, I'm Nurse Hopkins," she said while keeping a face that told them she was no fan of the Beatles even though she could be no older than twenty five, "we stabilized Paul for now and we need to send him into surgery."

"Okay, what kind of surgery?" George asked calmly.

"He would die without it," she said while keeping her poker face, "but there's a fifty percent chance that he'll survive with the surgery."

"What are you waiting for then?" George asked as John and Ringo supported each other, obviously not in the mood to think of it, "send him in."

"Then we need you to sign this," Nurse Hopkins said as she passed a clipboard to George who quickly signed it.

"P-please…" John looked at Nurse Hopkins, "p-please save Paulie. If not for the band, please, do it for us as people…"

Nurse Hopkins's face softened a bit seeing what she never thought she'd see in the eyes of a Beatle, compassion, and she spoke in pure sincerity, "we'll do our best. We won't let you down."

Nurse Hopkins quickly ran to the desk with the signed papers that could possibly save Paul's life, or continue his path to death, but at least they tried. They quickly got the papers processed and about ten doctors ran into the room where Paul stayed to prep him for surgery and to get blood and other things ready for Paul that could save his life on the table if something happened. John, George, and Ringo watched as the doctors wheeled Paul past, and it was horrifying in the boys minds. There was a tube in Paul's throat to keep him breathing, needles in his arms to keep the fluids, and cuts and stitches where the concrete cut his skin. The lads must've looked mortified because Nurse Hopkins ran over and offered wheel chairs if they needed them.

"I have high hopes he'll live," Nurse Hopkins assured trying to comfort them, "lets get you into the waiting room, alright?"

She took them to the waiting room where they'd be closed off from any fans or reporters coming in and making them feel worse about the situation. To help the boys, Nurse Hopkins would get up every thirty minutes to see how Paul was in surgery, and she would talk to them, simply trying to keep their hopes up. After a few hours of surgery, and Nurse Hopkins shift far done, yet she stayed, she walked to the people at the desk and asked them about Paul, for what seemed like the hundredth time. She expected them to say that she had to wait, he was in surgery, like every other time. Instead, this time they explained to her Paul's medical state and what to tell the others about Paul.

She nodded and walked back to the lads. Ringo and George fell asleep on each others heads while John was staring at a blank wall, thinking of Paul who was still in an unknown medical state. Nurse Hopkins had Ringo and George woken and she looked at the lads in front of her, and it almost seemed like she was the most interesting thing in the world.

"I got the news on Paul's condition."


A/N: this is the point where the story could end happily or become absolute hell. I'd like to know what you'd think in the comments. If I get no feedback, I'm spinning a wheel 50/50 for happy or tragic. Thank you for reading this story! I hope I didn't disappoint!