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What The Future Holds

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The sound of a click…that almost seems like the sound of the front door opening. Then other sounds, like heavy steps on the floor. Diane feels like she can’t breath and then looks at Kurt, who already seems alarmed. They are looking at each other and she knows that all the concern and fear that sees in his eyes are for her.
“Kurt” she whispers. He puts his hand over her mouth roughly and he is bringing the finger from the other hand to his lips, trying to stop her from making any sounds. He slowly lifts from the bed, trying not to make a sound and then as his heart is beating like a thunder in his chest he puts his jeans and his shirt on his naked body as fast and as silently as he can. The sounds are coming closer and as he now knows for sure that someone is in the house he almost jumps, opens the door and takes his gun out, loading it. The fear makes his hand move faster, he doesn’t really know where to position himself. He makes a sign toward Diane to capture her attention.
“Go into the bathroom and close the door.” She is watching him lost for a second. “Go”
“No! Kurt, no” Her mind is racing, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And in the last second, before the swat team bursts inside, she realises. They are being swatted. They did this to them. Her brain is in a fog, like she is underwater and she sees everything in slow motion now. In the last second, she shouts, a desperate, raspy voice that she doesn’t recognise as hers coming from her chest.
“Kurt, no! Drop the gun, drop it, drop it!’ She runs towards him, and in a split second her words reach him and while she is running he drops the gun and as she reaches him, he turns around, holding her in his arms, shielding her from the bullet that imminently would hit one of them. The sound that escapes him makes her whole body shake and somehow she finds the power to shout.
“Don’t shot, please, stop! Stop! It’s a mistake! “
The swat team stops, but is too late, the bullet already hits Kurt. She looks at his face, while he is closing his eyes and his body is getting heavier and heavier in her arms. No, this can’t possibly happen, it can’t happen, it can’t happen. Is just a nightmare, she is sleeping in his arms and this is a bad dream that will go away. Nothing could go wrong, nothing. Not now. She lets him on the floor easy, hovering over him. She hears a strange sound and then she realises that those are her own screams. She is hysterical and doesn’t know what to do. As she tries to find out where the bullet hit him, the swat team enters their room.
“On the floor! I said on the floor, ma’am, on the floor!”
She can’t actually understand and process what the man is saying, she holds Kurt tied, her hands are now covered in his blood. She sees that it becomes difficult for him to breathe. The man is behind her now, pulls her arms to the back and then slams her to the ground, while he is taking the handcuffs and puts them to her hands. She feels this sharp pain, like he is about to break her arms. From then on, everything is blurry. And she can’t remember much, only her screams to make them help Kurt. Eventually, they are calling the emergency services and assist Kurt until the ambulance arrives. She is not even dressed, she has only this beautiful burgundy negligee, that only minutes earlier he lifted over her hips, his hands caressing her skin, taking her panties off. The pressure of the guy that holds her down, is too much, and she feels like she can’t breathe anymore.
“I can’t breathe” Diane says, her voice barley there. “Please…I can’t breathe”
Kurt opens his eyes and turns his head towards her. He looks up, seeing a large man doing what he thinks is CPR to him. Than he turns his look to Diane again, his head moving slowly, like some force is opposing its motion and through the dizziness he realises she can’t breathe properly.
“My wife…please, she can’t breathe. Please!”
The guy above him looks at her, then to his colleague.
“Man, take your elbow!”
“What?” the other man responds calmly.
“Take your elbow from her back. You are killing her. And let her cover up with something afterwards, for God’s sake.”
The moment he takes his elbow, she takes a large breath and she raises her head searching Kurt with her eyes. His eyes are closed and she almost can’t think anymore, she feels like the world is crumbling around her. But then he opens them and looks at her.
“Diane, everything is ok, is alright, I am ok. They will take me to the hospital and I’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.” Saying these words takes all the strength he has left. He tries to encourage her, seeing the tears rolling down her face, her entire body shaking. He knows she is in shock and he hates his incapacity of doing anything to help her. Seeing her on the floor like that, with that man putting handcuffs on her beautiful hands, seeing her so lost and fragile is more painful than the burning sensation he feels in his body. And he is scared out of his mind. He never thought that their story would end like this. All the years they’ve waisted, his mistakes, that made them lose even more time , everything is passing through his mind. And even now, as he is feeling the cold touch of death, he can only think about her.
The paramedics are rushing in, putting him on the stretcher. She is now standing but her handcuffed hands are in so much pain, just as much as the arm that his hand is gripping. She starts to scream and tries to liberate herself from the grip but it's pointless. She doesn’t have the force.
“ Ma’am, stop it. Stop fighting me or I will be forced to use other ways to restrain you and you don’t want that”
“Please let me go with him to the hospital, please. It’s my husband for God’s sake. This was a prank. You shot an innocent man over a prank.”
“You are under arrest, you will have to come with us.”
“ Oh my God, Kurt” she shouts again, but he is already in the ambulance and the moment she hears the sound of the ambulance taking him away she feel like her knees will give in and she will faint. This has to be a nightmare. Has to! Has to!