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A Discovery of Denial (The Road to Romance is Riddled with Realizations)

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She leans her shoulder against the frame of the entryway, eyes glued onto the figure meticulously cutting the cantaloupe on the pristine table as she observes those hands that worshipped her skin not too long ago.

Kara should be exhausted seeing as she doesn’t have the aid of the Earth’s yellow sun to replenish her energy yet as Lena watches, she notes how completely revitalized Kara is. She steps further into the Kryptonian kitchen, careful not to distract, as she decides to alert Kara of her wakened state.

She casually strolls into the room while Kara’s eyes are on the holographic screen before her, watching a tutorial about how to properly peel a pineapple, stopping when she reaches the bowls of fruit that have yet to be set on the dining table.

Lena reaches for a piece of watermelon and slowly pops it into her mouth. Waves of gold turn and she’s faced with wide yet so incredibly warm bright blues. When the shock fades, Kara’s lower lip juts out, her disappointment apparent as Lena swallows the savory red fruit. Kara makes her approach, a plate of food in hand, as Xerbu makes its way out into the dining area.

“I was hoping you were tired enough to sleep in a little so I could bring you breakfast in bed.” because apparently Kara Zor-El is dead set on wooing Lena Luthor.

“So you did have agenda for exhausting me.” Lena’s tone is light and full of amusement. “Here I was,” her mirth is apparent. “Thinking you simply found me irresistible.” she bows her head in mock disappointment, shaking as she clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth, noting the taste of Kara.

Her flavor still lingers and Lena would give everything and more for Kara to be a permanent facet on her taste buds.

“Of course I do.” Kara sights a breath of relief. There had been the possibility that Lena would write their night off, that she’d return to her cold and distant ways, and the thought of not being able to touch and caress Lena brought upon an unspeakable torment which rattled her bones. “I’m not at all sorry about last night.” she couldn’t be blamed for taking advantage of Lena’s lack of resistance yet she wonders whether or not the same could be said for her companion.

“Neither am I.” Lena assures because she knows Kara’s no doubt wondering if she’d crossed the line, pushed Lena’s boundaries to the brink beyond the point of no return. Right now, Kara’s letting her know that she has full control of the situation, that she’s letting Lena take the reins and steer the course in this most recent change of their relations. “At least I hoped my enthusiasm would relay that.” no doubt last night had complicated things between them and of course Kara’s revelation doesn’t help matters but Lena chooses not to acknowledge these matters at the moment.

They can ignore everything else for now, for the rest of their days spent in Kara Zor-El’s Fortress, and continue basking in their isolation from the rest of the world.

“I didn’t know whether I was just projecting my hopes.” they hadn’t talked, mouths too preoccupied with feeling, tasting, and wanting to formulate a sound other than moaning and groaning each other’s names. “If you were just too caught up in the moment.” and Lena can hardly fault her, seeing as the majority of their time at the fortress, her guest would only look at her contemptuously.

Her eyes drift toward the creamy white which is now marred with a reddish hue and the marks on the curve of her collarbone.

Flashes of their time together last night, the heat off each other’s skin as they danced well into dawn, are burned into Kara’s memory. She remembers her lips sliding along Lena’s sharp jawline, her teeth against her collarbone, Lena’s hot mouth on her erect nipple, her tongue twisting before she took the teat between her teeth.

Kara feels the heat pooling in her lower abdomen and suddenly she’s craving something other than food.

It doesn’t help that Lena’s lips look even tastier than the strawberry she’s now popping into her mouth. Suddenly Kara’s feet make their approach toward Lena, setting the plates on either side of the Luthor.

“What is it?” Kryptonite stare so intently.

“You’re breathtaking.” her bright blues, dark once again, skim the features of the Goddess before her, not bothering to hide her hunger for Lena’s flesh.

She notes how Lena’s skin is now covered in bruises that also litter her own body. Their night filled with too much passion, desperation, frustration, and everything else in between yet neither of them seems to regret what had transpired and normally, Kara would want verbal confirmation, a definite assurance that Lena isn’t feeling remorseful.

However Kara finds herself entranced yet again. What pushes her to allow the fire to consume her once more, what convinces her to ignore the voices of doubt, is that all too familiar blue robe that wrapped loosely around Lena.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” she beckons Kara toward her, Kryptonite greens beaconing the Kryptonian nearer until she’s only an inch away from Lena. Her uncertainty is clear as her hands jerk. She doesn’t know whether or not she’s still allowed to touch. Lena had been willing last night but this midmorning might be a different story. “If my lack of resistance and clear reciprocation aren’t enough to convince you,” Lena’s speech is interrupted when Kara’s lips suddenly crash against hers.

Kara is proving yet again that she’s unable and completely unwilling to even try to resist Lena. She’s absolutely hopelessly enamored and she can’t find the will to stop herself from drowning, refuses to cease from taking Lena right then and there.

She pushes her against the table, hands gripping on Lena’s waist before she hoists her up onto the surface, mouth trailing from the Luthor’s lips down to the valley of her breasts, tongue dipping down before swirling against Lena’s hardening nipple. Her fingertips dance against Lena’s abdomen, skidding lower and lower until they reach her center.

Kara’s met with wet heat as Lena’s leg hooks onto her hips to pull her closer. She feels her, slick and ready. Kara takes a moment, pulls herself away from Lena’s breast, to gaze upon her magnificence.

Lena’s eyes flutter open, curious as to why Kara’s stopped her ministrations. She finds those blues glued onto her and if it weren’t for the clearly carnal expression on her face, she’d think Kara has changed her mind. Kara’s eyes remain on her and before she can question Kara, fingers find their way inside of her, and she’s gasping as the Kryptonian pulls and curls her middle and ring finger in her velvet walls. She makes sure to hit her palm onto Lena’s clit as she continues to drive herself further and further into Lena.

Her pace is gentle in the beginning as she takes note of the way Lena’s face contorts in pleasure, how Lena bites her lower lip as Kara slides in and out, cheeks flushing as she gasps and moans in approval of her lover’s actions.

But as she feels Lena’s walls beginning to tighten around her fingers, she quickens her pace.

Lena’s arching against the table as she begins to grind her hips, matching Kara’s hand as she continues her onslaught, pace relentless and vigor unyielding. Lena’s knuckles turn white as she grips the countertop. She feels the heat pooling in her abdomen, a pressure steadily forming, as she climbs higher and higher onto her peak. She gasps as Kara’s thumb circles her clit.



And she’s completely undone yet Kara’s fingers don’t stop. Lena groans as she feels those slender fingers twisting and turning inside her still slick walls. Kara’s clearly not done learning the ins and outs of Lena and Lena knows better than to deter the heroine from pausing her studies.

If last night had taught Lena anything, Kara’s curiosity is as insurmountable as her lust for Lena.

Lena can’t be blamed for the scream she releases as she comes against Kara’s hand once more. Kara slowly drags herself out from Lena’s warmth and for about two seconds, Lena thinks that Kara’s finally relenting but the tongue against her folds proves her wrong. Kara’s intent on feasting and Lena’s all too content to be her first meal.

“You’d think after last night, you’d have gotten enough.” Lena manages to speak though her chest still heaves as she catches her breath as Kara continues to kiss her way up to Lena’s mouth.

“Never.” there isn’t a force in the universe, in all existence, which could ever douse the fire Lena sparks inside Kara.

It’s a promise that sounds suspiciously like a challenge, as though she’s daring Lena to continue beyond these walls so she can prove the genius wrong, and Lena can’t help the warmth pooling in between in her legs again because those bright blues have darkened once again and she’s looking like she’d rather have a mouthful of Lena than the bowl of strawberries situated by her side.

Her mother, father, and even aunt would surely be turning in their graves if they knew how she’d practically defiled their family crest but as Kara’s tongue buries itself in Lena’s slick folds, she can’t bring herself to care.

“It figures you’d want to have sex where we make food.” Lena remarks as soon as she’s recovered her ability to formulate a coherent thought.

“That’s… not the only reason.” her finger’s tracing the symbol, the same emblem Superman bares, her family crest, on Lena’s now widely open robe. “It looks good on you.” she declares, leaving no room for argument.

“Millions of people wear your logo.” Lena doesn’t understand the significance of her wardrobe.

“It’s different when you wear it.” she begins her explanation because she’s talked about their culture, touched upon the intricacies of family and the Council, but hasn’t really divulged things regarding courtship and marriage. “It… it feels like you.” green meets blue. “Like you’re a part of who I am.” Lena’s hand finds its way to the back of her neck and she doesn’t fight the pull that comes.

“It feels like I belong with you.” it’s a statement of fact that Lena can no longer deny.

Their lips meet in a tender embrace and Lena presses their foreheads against each other when they part. Kara’s hands are secured against her hips as her own are cradling the Kryptonian’s face.

“On Krypton, wearing someone’s crest means you are a part of the person’s family.” she explains. “Allowing someone to wear your crest is never done so casually.” it isn’t something you can take back, not unlike a sweater from a University that a former lover went to. “It’s an irreversible commitment.” she wonders if she’s scaring Lena off but then she feels fingers on the alloy hanging off her neck. “A ceremony is performed where two families can unite and one is bestowed the crest and colors of the more prominent household.” Kara reveals as steady blue locks onto magnificent green. “On some occasions, they even combine colors.”


“It’s beautiful.” her gaze is on the metal peaking from between Kara’s shirt.

" It belonged to my mother.” she discloses. “The symbol is her family’s crest from her mother’s side.” Kara discloses. She’s long forgone the habit of being careful not to disclose too much information when it comes to Lena. “It’s been passed down to the women in her family.” she explains. “So we never forget our matriarchal household.”

“Exchanging familial symbols seems so gallant and formal.” Lena’s heard of a similar practice in Kasnia and Kerkistan before. “So no engagement rings?” eyes peer into those blues as she awaits her answer.

“I’ve never been a ring kind of girl anyway.” a small smile as she shakes her head gently. “You?”

“I like rings but I never really pictured this particular finger occupied.” she reveals as she wiggles the ring finger on her left hand. “I never really thought about what my wedding day would be like.” Lena was too entranced with reading about quantum physics and beating chess computers than to be consumed with the idea of romance and marriage. “Romance was never appealing.”

“Even now?” she’s sure she’s imagining the disappointment in Kara’s face.

Now Lena pictures a meadow filled with green and down the aisle, her bride dressed in a long flowing white gown, looking immaculate as her golden hair shines as bright as her smile, her bright blue eyes brimming with tears of joy as she waits for Lena to join her side so they can take a step closer towards their infinity.

“It’s different now.” she can admit this much. “And for you?” she pictures little Kara dreaming of her future husband. “What’s your Prince Charming like?”

“Kind. Smart. Well read.” Kara’s staring intently deep into her as though she’s hoping Lena will be able to decipher something behind her words. “Cultured, understanding, dark, and fair.” she smiles, amused as though she’s part of a joke she’s yet to share with Lena. “It certainly not a prince though.”

“A damsel then?” suddenly Lena’s dream is starting to seem more like it can be actualized.

“My queen.” a gentle correction.

Her eyes are true and blue as they gaze upon Lena who can’t help but feel that the comment is reserved just for her. Kara’s hand, always so warm and gentle, clasps her own and Lena can’t help the hope that simmers out of the chest.


There’s a joke about lesbians and u-hauls, about moving too fast and being rash, but she doesn’t dare utter these words because Kara’s sharing something so precious about herself yet again. So instead of saying something mundane she leans close and presses her lips towards Kara, pulls her until they’re one.

Hours later, as Kara waits for sleep to come, her index finger trails the insignia of the house of El on the middle of Lena’s chest.

She prays she can carve herself deep into Lena’s heart.