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Invisible (In Plain Sight)

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It happens when they come out of the bedroom where the three of them had been waiting for the molly to kick in. Elodie spots her across the room chatting up some girl with a mohawk.

"guy, guys!" she whisper-yells, nudging Moe. A giggle bubbles up unbidden, and Elodie is powerless to stop it. It's just crazy, seeing her again here of all places. She huddles up with Moe and Tabitha against the wall, pressing in closer than she meant to, unable to pull away from the girls' orbits now that she's there.

Her eyes catch on Tabitha's lips, fascinated by their shape and the shade of her lipstick. She tries to remind herself that this is her friend, her very straight friend, but the thought floats away. Elodie shakes herself out of it, realises those lips are forming words that are being directed at her.

"-at is it Elodie?" Tabitha is asking her, while Moe's hand fiddles and tugs at her collar.

"It's her! Fucking Gwen is here!" Elodie says with a laugh. "She's wearing my jacket."

Moe's head snaps to the side, scanning the room for the girl. "Like right behind me, on the other side of the room," Elodie tells her.

She leans forward against the other girl's side, peering over her shoulder, and let's out a "No fucking way!" It kind of overloads Elodie's brain, that much physical contact. All she can do is let out a low hum in reply. Moe pulls back (Elodie tries not to act disappointed) and looks between the two other girls. "Dude we have to get that back for you."

Elodie shakes her head. "What am I supposed to do, ask nicely? She'll bolt as soon as she sees me."

Maybe if she sees you," Tabitha says slowly, "but she has no clue who me and Moe are." The other girls can see a sparkle in Tabitha's eyes now, the small smirk playing at the corner of her lips.

She pulls the other two infinitely closer, and Elodie has to suppress a shiver as she whispers plans in their ears. Eventually the three of them split, and the game is on.

Moe circles around, makes sure to grab a mixed drink before heading for where Gwen was. It takes some finesse (something Moe does not have a lot of at the moment), but she manages to time it so that she steps forward just as Gwen steps away from the girl she was talking to. The results are predictable.

"shit! I am so sorry! Here come with me, I know where the bathroom is." Moe grabs her hand and gently pulls her through the crowd, leads her through the hall and up the stairs. "Seriously dude my bad, I'm so fucking high right now."

"It's cool, happens sometimes at these things." She squeezes Moe's hand and flashes her a smile before blatantly checking her out. It kinda makes Moe feel bad that she's being so chill about it.

Thankfully the bathroom is empty when they reach it. Moe pulls Gwen in and the door shut behind them. She tugs at the sleeve of the jacket, Elodie's jacket, and says "C'mon, let's get this off; looks expensive."

Gwen shrugs it off, handing it over with a "Yeah, thanks. It was a gift actually."

Moe quirks an eyebrow, doing her utmost to keep the scorn out of her voice when she replies "Oh yeah?" before hanging it on the back of the door. She turns back and digs around in the cabinets, luckily coming up with a washcloth.

"Hop up," Moe says, and pats the counter. When Gwen is situated she steps forward, starts dabbing at the mess she had caused. She's just about to say something to fill the silence when Gwen tilts Moe's head up to look at her, her other hand stilling Moe's against her stomach.

"Y'know I'm kind of glad you spilled your drink on me," she says, lips parted and eyes gleaming.

Moe's brain won't stop screaming "What the fuck!" but her body can't do anything but stand there transfixed. The spell is broken when Gwen starts leaning forward, and Moe takes a jerky step backwards.

She stutters a bit before eventually getting out "I- um, I should see if Sabine has something you can borrow. I'll be right back." Moe backs out of the room hastily, leaving the door wide open it's bumping the wall.

She goes until she's on the front porch, where they had planned to meet. Moe leans up against the wall, taking a deep breath of the fresh air and trying to shake her nerves. So much had just happened, and her body was radiating heat against the cool breeze.

It was only when Elodie touched her elbow and asked her if she was okay that Moe even realised she was still clutching the washcloth. Not wanting to just drop it she hastily shoved it in her pocket before clearing her throat and nodding.

Elodie only had time to give Moe a curious stare before Tabitha popped up beside them, holding out the jacket with a smirk and a "Ta-da! Even easier the second time, there weren't even any cameras."

Elodie gave her the biggest goofiest grin, grabbing the reclaimed and hugging it to her chest. "This is the best night ever you guys," she said while slipping it on, "I just wanna etch it in my brain forever."

And not for the first or last time that night Tabitha's eyes lit up with a sparkle. "Oh my god you just gave me the best idea."

The girls had grabbed a bunch of stuff and made their way onto the roof, deciding it was a good idea to lay low until Gwen had stopped looking for Moe and the jacket. But not before they had all picked up a little memento.

"A triangle, for the three of us," Tabitha declares as they all admire their stick n pokes. They lie there talking about shitty parents and declaring their love for each other.

Moe rounds it off by filling her lungs and shouting out "I LOVE YOU!" as loud as she can, the partygoers below cheering in response. The three of them burst out in laughter, huddling closer to bask in warmth and friendship.

When they eventually quiet down, Moe's face turns serious. She grabs Elodie and Tabitha's hands and says, "I feel like I'm peeking, and there's something I have to tell you guys before this warm fuzzy feeling ends."

She links hands with the both of them before taking a deep breath. "I've had my walls up for so long, I'm used to lying to everybody about who I am."

"But I love you guys and I don't want to do that with you. For the longest time I didn't know why I was going to those meetings, and know I know it was for you guys. It was so this could happen."

Moe bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut. "The truth is, the only times I've ever stolen anything is with you guys. The spanx. The car. The jacket. God it feels good to tell the truth" she let's out with a breathy laugh

Moe opens her eyes when she feels Elodie pull her hand away, but she's met with an entirely unreadable expression.

"So what, you were just sitting in on those meetings silently judging us?" she asks, voice stony.

"No! No. I dunno! I told you I don't know why I was going to those meetings. At first it was 'cause I took the fall for one of my brother's friends. I was a minor and he wasn't, they would have nailed him! I was... I don't know, drawn to them for some reason. And once I had been I just...kept going."

Tabitha finally starts reacting, pulling her hand away too. "What the fuck Moe. So what we were some sort of weird entertainment to you?"

"Shit, no. I didn't mean for it to sound like that at all. I just felt like I could relate. Like we're all fucked up you know?" Moe couldn't take the looks they were giving her, so she wrapped her arms around herself and stared up at the night sky. Now that they were all sitting apart the cold and emotional fluctuations were quickly sobering her up.

"This is fucked Moe," Tabitha said quietly.

"Yeah I think I need some time to...process," Elodie said, looking away from the girl she had come to trust so much.

Moe let out a final tear-strangled "I'm sorry," as her girls let her alone on the roof.