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Heart in Braids

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Girls at class 1-A have what they call their "Lady Time" where they hang out at Mina's room every Friday night, trying out different hairstyles and make-up even though it's not according to one's will. And yup, Jirou's right there, a headband braid latched onto her head with the ends of her hair slightly curled as to her classmate's wish.

"Jirou-saann~" Uraraka sang delightfully, as everyone fawned over Jirou, "You look pretty!"

Jirou stammered, heat rising up to her cheeks. God. Why did I agree to this? She giggled nervously, unable to say a proper word. She quickly rose up and left the room with a shaking voice that said something like go water and down.

Leaving the room was good. She could faintly hear her classmate's worried statements by the door she had leaned to and was thankful no one decided to follow her. Jirou breathed out, her heart pounding inside her, she tried to calm herself while walking down the hallway.

She shouldn't have come. Well, she was okay about this before and secretly loved the way her friends compliment her. Lady Time was nice and relaxing. Also, they had the chance to talk about things that only them girls could talk about, like love and stuff. And there came Kaminari one day, who suddenly barged in just before she talks about something.

"Talking about love eh?" his teasing voice echoed inside her head.

Jirou inhaled. Damn. Ever since that time, she had became really anxious and petitioned to lock the door every Lady Time. Until she passed on make up sessions. And now, hairstyles.

Noise from the common room failed to snap her out of her thoughts, sprinting straight to the counter to grab a glass of water and-

"Oiii! Jirou!"

And she was snapped out of Lady Times. Kaminari was looking at her with enthusiastic eyes and his electric smile. Oh yeah, Kaminari.. He was the reason why. Being the one to disturb her life like that. Jirou deserved to think straight and focus on the glass that was overflowing with water.

"Hey, the glass is overflowing, stupid." Bakugou grumbled, as she passed through her, rummaging something from the fridge.

"Oh!" Jirou jumped, running to a rag that was at the sink and wiping off the water that has spilled on the table, her clothes and the floor.

A hearty laugh came from the group of boys that averted her attention, speaking of, these boys were having their time playing the Switch. It was late when she remembered that Kirishima was inviting the others to join too.

"What happened Jirouu??" Kirishima was laughing.

"That's so unlikely of you!" Sero added.

"Damn, looking pretty in that braid. You must have been stunned by yourself."


What did Kaminari said?

Because aahh! her cheeks felt so hot. She forgot to remove her braids! Now, she looked like a forced rockstar about to attend a prom night. Jirou didn't feel like breathing from what he just said. And she didn't know how close was she to them as she lunged at Kaminari.

"Idiot!" Jirou shouted as he jabbed a jack into Kaminari's chest in which much forceful than any other jab she had done with him. Seconds later, she realized what she had done.

Kaminari's head jerked upwards, bolts of electricity popping out of his body in the process. Eyes rolled back, his teeth were gritting as his body showed spasmodic reaction, crashing hard on the couch.

Jirou was unable to speak again and stood unmoving on the floor.

"He's having a fit!"


"What the fuck is happening?!"

"Call sensei!"


They told Jirou to hold back next time. They told Jirou what she did was not right. They told Jirou that Kaminari's quirk has not been stabilizing since then, slipping in and out of coma when they tried stopping his quirk. She told herself that she hated it. She told herself she's fucking stupid.

For a day, she locked herself on her room. Dared to care not for herself though Momo and the other girls tried to console her. Saying, it was not her fault, Kamimari must have been feeling something bad before that. No. Even though. It was all her fault.

Kirishima told her she must hold back next time. Sero said it was not right. Bakugou scowled at her. The teacher's able to deadpan around her. All of them, awkward and detached. It made her dwelling in frantic. Anxious hours. Her stomach couldn't take food. She kept on remembering how Kaminari passed out, having to be resuscitated outside at the grounds, an air pump over his pale face. She had nightmares. The one she could not reach Kaminari, and that he was fading away. It was all her fault.

She never had taken a proper meal since then, it was on the afternoon, second day. When Aizawa called her as Kaminari gained consciousness and that he wanted to see her.

Why does he even wanted to see her? Being the reason he was in that state? How ironic. Jirou heaved on the toilet bowl for the third time, only saliva and water coming out every time. Sobbing at her room's bathroom hopelessly. As she can't get him out of his head, especially when she heard Kaminari's whole condition.

His quirk became Kaminari's lifeline. Stopping it would cause his electrical signals to shut down, needing him to shock his quirk back again. Though while activated, his nerves were on fire, arrhythmias and seizures were what he's getting. Figuring the latter was better at the moment while his condition, thing that never happened before, underwent research.

Jirou barely fixed herself, knocking on her best friend's door. Momo looked at her with those eyes that never ceased to give concern. Jirou sniffed, as she looked back at her with tears in her eyes.

"Please braid my hair."

She gazed at Kaminari as if he was a child she had stabbed. Jirou drove her shaking hands on her sweater's pocket, looking down at it. Tears alarming to pour at a substantial rate. She couldn't look at Kaminari like this.

"He-ey." a voice hoarse and cracking, Kaminari cleared his throat softly. Jirou remained staring down, her bangs covering her face in purpose. She could hear Kaminari's ragged breath through the mask in which she heard him removing.

"Oh damn, it sucks..lying down for so long." he said, trying to shift his position much to Jirou's panic.

"Oh! No no no! A-Are you okay now? Is it okay for you to be upright?" Jirou stuttered, grasping at the bed's handrail to recline the bed.

She got a proper look of Kaminari. Different colored cords laid beside him, stuck into his body parts. His slightly toned body creased his baby blue hospital dress, bones sharp and intricate as an oxygen mask rested fuming above his collarbone. Gold eyes sparkled in admiration and a wide grin on his face. Though you could see he's unwell through pallid colors. And his hair was more rigid and flufflier than usual.

"I just wanted to see your face." he said with a satisfied sigh, the way he looked at her was something Jirou felt a day ago, making her stomach flutter madly. Like she looked so pretty.

Jirou brought her head down again, fiddling with her jacks, a sad sigh coming from her.

"You know." Kaminari started, "You're the first one I looked for because I feel like I have something to say."


She flinched a little from her name.

"This is not your fault. Please don't be bad to yourself."

"I-I'm not!" Jirou abruptly denied, her heart was racing.

Kaminari let out a breathy laugh, "If so, please be with me always, until I figured out what to say." he said with that kind booming voice of his.

Seconds later before he said, "You really look pretty in braids."

Jirou suddenly looked at him as he winked playfully. She smiled a little and rolled her eyes, running a finger though her waterfall braid.

"Oh god.." Kaminari breathed as he shakingly grabbed his mask, gasping ridiculouly inside it. Beeping sounds from the Holter went haywire while a smile was on his face.

"K-Kaminari! You fucking idiot!"