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Moments Between Us

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Monday: “Best Day Ever”

2. Roland’s first lost tooth.   

8. The first time Roland calls Regina “mama”.   

31.  Quiet times near the fireplace


“Papa! Mama!” Roland yells from his bedroom.

Regina and Robin rush toward him, Robin scooping him up in his arms. “What is it, my boy?” he asks with concern.

“Are you alright?” Regina asks in unison with her boyfriend’s question.

They’ve been together for a year now, having just decided over dinner tonight that she should move in with him and his son. They’d been ecstatic, Roland clapping his hands and exclaiming this was the, Best night ever! which caused both adults to laugh.

“I’m fine!” he giggles, his dimples popping out on his cheeks. God, she loves those dimples. It’s a trait he inherited from Robin, and both sets make her go weak (for entirely different reasons). “My tooth fell out!”

He holds his tiny palm up and open, moving it closer to Regina’s face. “See!”

She smiles, shoulders relaxing as she realizes he hadn’t had a nightmare or was in danger. “That’s wonderful!” she beams, leaning over to place a kiss to his pudgy cheek.

Robin grins down at his son, holding him tightly as he walks over to Roland’s bed, the sheets adorned with tiny foxes and camping tents wrinkled and pushed down to the foot of the bed.

“I was just layin’ there,” he explains, situating himself back onto the mattress. Regina moves to the opposite side of the bed from Robin, taking the sheet and pulling it up to Roland’s grip. “I was wigglin’ my tongue on my tooth and it just popped out!”

Robin chuckles, saying, “It’s a good thing you caught it in time and didn’t swallow it.”

Roland’s eyes bug out, looking from his father over to her. She smiles slightly, trying to contain her laughter at his shock. “I didn’t even think of that!” Roland declares in horror. “ Then how would the tooth fairy know where to find me!?”

“Oh,” Regina says, smoothing down his unruly curls and ushering him to lay back down. “The tooth fairy is very smart. She would have still found you.”

The little boy breathes a sigh of relief, his eyes closing involuntarily as he fights it, reaching up to rub at his eyes as he tells them about how his friend at school got five whole dollars for his tooth.

Regina catches Robin’s eyes, both giving each other an incredulous look, knowing Robin would never pay that much for a tooth.

She smiles, leaning down to whisper in Roland’s ear that they need to put the tooth under his pillow.

“Oh yeah!” he perks up, reaching his hand out toward Robin.

Robin opens his palm, dropping the tooth from his hand to his son’s. Roland twists, shoving the tooth under his plush pillow and murmuring something about hoping it doesn’t get lost.

“I’m sure it won’t,” Robin assures him, “The fairy will be here soon enough, my boy, I can just feel it.”

Regina smiles watching him talk to his son about imaginary fairies. They’re so adorable. And she once again thanks her lucky stars that she bumped into Robin in a crowded sandwich shop over a year ago. They’d struck up a friendship, and before long they’re friendship had blossomed into an attraction neither one could deny. He’d asked her out and the rest is history. She’s happier now than she’s ever been, and she knows the two boys in front of her are the reason for that joy that she never thought she’d have again after Daniel’s accident that left her a widow almost a decade ago.

Robin touches her hand lightly, pulling her from her thoughts. She smiles over at him, and he tilts his head down, indicating that Roland was already fast asleep.

They share a quiet chuckle, and Robin stands, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a dollar bill from his wallet. “This is all I have,” he shrugs, making an amused face.

Regina breathes out a laugh, assuring him it’ll be fine. She bends down, carefully removing the tooth from beneath Roland’s head as Robin slips the dollar in its place.

They carefully make their way from the bedroom, sighing in relief when the boy doesn’t wake up.

Once in the living room, Robin pulls Regina into his arms, placing a tender kiss to the top of her head. “I love you,” he declares.

“And I love you,” she promises, standing on her tiptoes to place a kiss to his cheek. They stand there, wrapped in each other’s arms, enjoying the silence in his, about to be their, apartment as the fireplace crackles beside them.

Pulling apart, Robin makes his way over to the kitchen, taking out two wine glasses. He nods his head in the direction of them, and Regina nods in agreement.

She settles onto the couch, soaking up the heat from the fire as she clicks play on the movie they’d paused when Roland had called out to them. Robin joins her soon enough, handing her a glass of red to enjoy.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Robin’s arm draped over her shoulders, she sits up, placing her glass on the coffee table.

She turns to face him, and he gives her a confused look. “Everything alright, love?”

Grinning, she nods, trying to fight back the tears that are suddenly finding their way to her eyes. “Did you hear him?” Robin looks toward the hallway, and she giggles. “No, earlier. When he called out to us…”

Robin thinks back, clearly recalling his son’s words when a large smile breaks out onto his face. He bites down on his lip, his pearly white teeth digging into the flesh. She looks down at his lip, suddenly wanting to kiss it desperately. “He called you Mama .”

She nods tearfully, leaning in to kiss his lips. He returns it while simultaneously placing his wine glass on the table to join hers. He sits back, still moving his lips against hers and pulls Regina closer to his body.

Regina deepens the kiss, drawing a moan from Robin’s throat, and she smiles into their embrace. She loves this man, loves his son, loves this life they’ve built together. “Is that okay with you?” she asks timidly when she pulls back, never wanting to replace his late wife, Marian, in any way.

Having lost a spouse was something that bonded them so quickly when they first met. They understood each other, and how difficult it was to get back out there. Daniel had been gone almost seven years back then, and Marian four, having died in childbirth. It was a hard situation, one that no one as young as they are should have to experience. You always imagine growing old with the person you marry. But now Regina realizes that some people are in your life for only a season, teaching you great things to take with you for the rest of your life.

Daniel had been there through their teenage years, helping her deal with an overbearing mother. They’d grown together, gone to college and gotten married. He’d taught her how to be herself once she was out from under Cora’s roof, and he taught her how to love. She was forever thankful for her first love, for without him, she wouldn’t have been able to love Robin the way she does.

Robin’s head tilts to the side, giving her a caring smile. “Of course it is, my love,” he vows, pressing a light peck to her lips. “Roland loves you. You are the only mother he’s ever known.” They smile sadly at one another, thinking back to the beautiful brunette woman she’s only ever seen pictures of. “Marian would have loved you. I think she’d be thrilled to know such an amazing woman is going to help raise our son.”

Those tears from earlier, which she thought she’d dried away, come back full force. A few trickle down her cheek, and she reaches up, wiping them away. Regina sniffles out a wet chuckle, nodding in his direction when he asks if she’s okay.

They sit there, tears now in Robin’s eyes as well, and smile at one another, soaking up all the love flowing between them.

A log in the fireplace pops, making Regina jump. They laugh, and she shakes her head, thankful for the break in such a serious moment. “Come here,” Robin whispers, pulling her to him.

She settles against his chest, snuggling into the warmth of his embrace as the heat from the fire soothes their souls. They finish the movie before heading off to bed, and as they discuss plans for moving her belongings in once her lease ends next month, she can’t help but think that Roland was right in her earlier assessment. This really is the best day ever.