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(Season 4)

Huang Shaotian wasn't quite sure when it started. In the beginning he only admired the games that Ye Qiu played and wanted to challenge him -who didn't want to challenge him?- since he was one of the Gods, up there with Han Wenqing or Old Wei. However along the way it turned into something more; something warm and wild, and desperate to be acknowledged.

It was also around about the same time when he started to notice that he wasn't the only one who liked Ye Qiu a bit more than he should. He had rivals. Like a lot of rivals. How Ye Qiu managed to inspire that in that many people he'd never know but somehow he did and that was terrible for him especially when it came to Yu Wenzhou, his goddamned Captain. So he had to do something soon otherwise he'd lose Ye Qiu and that wasn't an option.

Except when he wanted to get close to Ye Qiu his Captain was also there.




So yeah, he was a little desperate and panicked but that's how he liked to play anyway. He'll get Ye Qiu soon enough, then he could go on dates with him! Touching him, kissing him, feeding him or being fed by him, and fuck him! But mainly go on dates with him!

"Shaotian, you should be concentrating on the game." scolded his devious Captain lightly from the computer next to him.

Damnit. Caught again.

(He'd remember fondly of this time because over the next coming years he'd know the true meaning of desperate.)

(Season 5- All Stars)

Huang Shaotian saw a opportunity to make his move at his first ever All Stars in season five since he wasn't really able to talk to Ye Qiu before in any of their games since someone would always interrupt them or he'd disappear. He was like a ghost: just wandering with silent feet through empty corridors to scare the fuck out of you when you least suspect it.

So he changes tactics, he wasn't going to be able to find Ye Qiu anyway -he'd leave that to his competition- so instead he went to the only source he could; Su Mucheng. Not many of his rivals were able to get Su Mucheng as their friend and regularly communicate with her almost every night.

He had to search like five different places for her though before he found her with Chu Yunxiu and another female player that he didn't recognise in the lobby sitting on one of the couches.

"Hi everyone! How are you doing? Good? I think you're doing good." he greeted them before narrowing in on Su Mucheng. "Hey, Mucheng can you do me a favour? Can you help me? Please? I'll give you anything you want, just please help me. I really need help with this problem of mine!"

Su Mucheng looked back at the other pro players as they giggled like this was high school all over again.

"Sure." she said as she played with her hair; smoothing it down at the back and twisting it around her fingers.

"Thanks! This will be a great help to me! Do you mind if we talk over there?" he asked as he cheerfully lead Su Mucheng to another corner where there wasn't anybody standing in. Of course this meant that they were standing next to the bin but who cares.

"So what do you need from me?" asked Su Mucheng biting her lips softly with one of her hands clasping her wrist in front of her.

"Um, you know about Old Ye, right?"

Su Mucheng's forehead scrunched up lightly as she took in the question.

"You want to know about Ye Qiu?" she asked slowly like she was questioning his intelligence, her arms crossed.

Huang Shaotian nodded furiously.

"Yes! Whatever you can tell me! I just want to know about him and everything he likes or does or hopes for. Anything you can tell me! Oh! Can you tell him to check his messages more I tried to message him on QQ last night but he never responded and he doesn't use his Weibo account so I can't talk to him there either. Can you believe that he ignored me for three days when I said that-"

"Enough. If all you want me to do is get you a date with Ye Qiu you can forget about it. In fact, the next time I see you in game I'm not going to let you live beyond twenty seconds." said Su Mucheng with such a fake saccharine tone that Huang Shaotian recoiled from her as she walked back to her other friends. Huang Shaotian had the feeling that she was planning his murder.

(He's not able to have a normal conversation with her anymore without being scared of that saccharine tone. It still feels like she's trying to stab him.)

(Season 6- All Stars)

"Would you like to have dinner with me?" asked Yu Wenzhou with a coy smile on his face. He was confident that this would work since all his other rivals were currently busy with other things.

"Oh hey, what's this about dinner I hear?" asked Huang Shaotian popping up from behind him. He didn't even hear the other man's footsteps, much to his concern.

"Oh. It's-" he started to say before he was interrupted.

"Because I'd love to go out for some dinner with everyone. How about Old Ye gets Mucheng and we can go out as a proper group. I'll go get everyone else." said Huang Shaotian smiling cheerfully as he slung an arm over Yu Wenzhou's shoulder. He mentally added more training to Huang Shaotian's menu for the next two weeks.

Ye Qiu blinked slowly before smiling, a wry little thing that sent his heart racing.

"Sure, I'll meet you guys at the place since traveling as a group will be a bad idea."

"Okay! There's this great place just around the corner anyway. sells great duck that you don't need to pre-order for to properly celebrate Blue Rain's win! And if we're feeling up to it we can go to a gaming centre that's open late on Sunday nights and see if we can win anything for the girls there. It'll be great!"

Yu Wenzhou resisted the urge to wince as Huang Shaotian's loud voice echoed from right next to his ear due to the way that he was leaning on him.

"Sure." said Ye Qiu before waving goodbye and walking away.

"Don't think that you can go on a date with Old Ye without anyone knowing." hissed Huang Shaotian lowly as he waved goodbye. His warm breath spreading across his neck and ear causing goosebumps to form.

"I wouldn't dream of it." retorted Yu Wenzhou as he smiled and waved Ye Qiu goodbye as well. Huang Shaotian's body warmth seeping into his clothes. "Though you're truly deserving of being called an opportunist."

"Thanks. I had to learn how to be one since my Captain uses underhand tactics like sneaking away right after closing ceremony to ask Old Ye on dates while nobody is looking. How the fuck did you think that was really going to work? We have interviews right now. We left Xuan by himself to do interviews because I had to make sure that you weren't doing something evil. How nobody can see that you're evil I have no idea."

"I'm not evil. You're the one who invited more rivals along."

"All the more merrier I say as long as I can ruin your plans to bang Old Ye. Let's just bring every single pro player with us since we're going to be bringing all our rivals to dinner. Besides Big-eyed Wang is probably going to be there and I can trash talk him more over that disgraceful loss he suffered during Championships. I can multitask on who I'm focusing on anyway."

"Why do you like making me suffer so?" he asked as he shrugged off Huang Shaotian's arm and started to head back to where he was meant to be.

"Because you're evil and Blue Rain doesn't have any loyalty between its members unless it's to bully Big-eyed Wang." deadpanned Huang Shaotian as he followed Yu Wenzhou.

Yu Wenzhou felt his lips twitched as he held in a laugh.

"I suppose that's correct." he said amused.

(The dinner was a disaster but at least he was able to sit next to Ye Qiu and talk with him. At one point their hands brushed against each other's as they talked.)

(Season 7)

Summer was fucking hot, even at night. Someone should destroy the sun or something so it wasn't so hot. Okay, so he was complaining a lot but honestly most of his disguises were only good for colder weather so he was stuck with a Guangzhou Sport University cap that he got when the university scouted him from before he started to play Glory, huge sunglasses that blocked part of his face, a t-shirt that clung to him from all the sweat that was forming from the summer's air, and a pair of worn out cargo shorts to complete the look of absolute idiot that thought that going out during summer was a good idea.

What was he doing with his life?

Oh, right. Being desperate and traveling to see Ye Qiu.

So here he was during the middle of the hottest damn summer in China, in H city, because he was a loser that really wanted to see Ye Qiu again since they didn't face off during the championships. Huang Shaotian rubbed another droplet of sweat from his forehead as he fiddled with his phone.

Huang Shaotian: hey come outside it's boiling and I really need an air con

Huang Shaotian: if you don't come out and let me in I'm going to spam everyone to make you let me in

Huang Shaotian:why aren't you responding damnit

Huang Shaotian: are you blind and old

Huang Shaotian:why aren't you answering me

Huang Shaotian:i know that you should be reading this

Huang Shaotian: i'll pay for dinner if you let me in

Huang Shaotian: if you don't let me in I'm going to find the nearest internet cafe and
continuously challenge you in the arena and never leave you alone until you let me in

Huang Shaotian exhaled loudly as he pressed his palms against his eyes before slapping his cheeks lightly a few times and started to look around. There was an internet cafe across the road that he could go to but had seen another internet cafe a few streets away next to a restaurant too.
(He'd later remember this and remember that Ye Qiu must have been so damn lazy to have just walked there but he still went to Ye Qiu because he asked him to and he was fundamentally incapable of saying no to Ye Qiu.)

Dejectedly he walked towards the one next to the food so he could at least get dinner before going online again.

"Hey!" someone called out behind him except he'd know that voice from anywhere! Huang Shaotian quickly turned around. Ye Qiu was standing in the middle of the street with a cigarette in hand staring listlessly at him. "Don't you know it's thirty-seven degrees and boiling even though it's night time?"

"Yeah, thanks for telling me that. Like I couldn't tell from how fucking hot it is. How long have you been standing there anyway? Ah! Don't tell me that you've been ignoring my messages! Do you know how long I've been waiting out here? A really long time! It has been at least ten minutes! Look at my shirt, it's ruined by sweat!"

"I'm here now so come on. You wanted to play games together, right?" said Ye Qiu as he turned to walk away back inside the glass doors of Excellent Era.

Why did he like this asshole again?

Oh right, competency kink.

"Of course! I wouldn't travel to H city for no reason!" shouted Huang Shaotian as he ran after him.

Excellent Era was the same as always with its modern feel despite it used to be a series of restaurants before the building was bought out by the Excellent Era CEO, Tao Xuan. Luckily the elevator was quick while Huang Shaotian talking about absolutely nothing, just letting his mouth run without hearing himself as Ye Qiu hummed in agreement or said nothing at all.

They were able to get to a private computer room that must have been Ye Qiu's private room considering the smell of the room. Huang Shaotian may have discretely inhaled a big breath of the smoke as he walked inside.

The pair quickly booted up the computers and logged into Glory.

"Heh." laughed Ye Qiu from where he was sitting next to him staring at his screen.

"What's going on?" asked Huang Shaotian curiously as he looked over. A QQ tab was open off to the side while the majority of the screen was taken up by Glory.
"Oh, Wenzhou is talking to me." said Ye Qiu.

"What?" hissed Huang Shaotian, furious that his efforts were now being taken away. "Why is he messaging you? What's he saying? Tell him to go away, he's meant to be planning for our match against Misty Rain instead of messaging you."

Ye Qiu glanced at the man next to him, a smirk on his face.

"Nope. I don't think I will. He's bring up some interesting theories about how to deal with the new tactics that Captain Chu is using." he said teasingly.

"I'd rather be playing with you than you and Wenzhou." said Huang Shaotian irritated, his cheeks puffed up like he was fourteen all over again as he did his best squirrel impression.

"What are you a child or an adult? You shouldn't be making those types of faces." scolded Ye Qiu lightly.

"Fine. But you better fight with me in the arena!" shouted Huang Shaotian, upset that even though he was right next to the love of his life his dastardly Captain was able to steal his attention from him. He wasn't even in the same city as him! How unfair was that!

Huang Shaotian: Oi! Stop talking to Old Ye!

Huang Shaotian: You're distracting him!

Huang Shaotian: Besides you already figured out a strategy for Misty Rain like two days ago!

Yu Wenzhou: I hadn't realised that you were near Senior Ye. Didn't you say that you had a family matter to attend to? ^_^

Huang Shaotian: Old Ye will be family once I figure out how to get him on my family register!

Yu Wenzhou has now been changed to Bastard by Huang Shaotian

Huang Shaotian: has now been changed to Liar by Bastard

Bastard: now we match ^_^

(They ended up playing all night with Huang Shaotian falling asleep at the computer. When he woke up Ye Qiu's jacket was on him. He may or may not have sniffed it to double check that it was Ye Qiu's though the lingering smell of smoke quickly confirmed who it belonged to.)

(Season 8)

Only Huang Shaotian gets to see Ye Qiu again in an internet cafe that he was going to go to but decided not to. It's a bittersweet feeling for him since it feels like rejection.
(They're not jealous of Old Han with how Ye Qiu showed up to prove that Old Han was right. Totally not. If they play harsher against him then it's just they were having a bad day; that's all.)

(Season 9)

They don't meet Ye Qiu in season 9 either. Instead they follow the trail of destruction and chaos that he creates like Hanzel and Gretel following breadcrumbs.


(All Stars Season 10)

This was the last straw.

Yu Wenzhou's hand was at the bottom of Ye Xiu's back (apparently his name was actually Ye Xiu, not Ye Qiu, who knew?). Scandalously low like with one false move he could swipe his hand down to the ass and caress it before making his 'oh I didn't mean to do that' face that everyone believed in.

"That's it!" shouted Huang Shaotian startling Ye Xiu and Yu Wenzhou from where Huang Shaotian was glaring at them. Yu Wenzhou had pulled Ye Xiu into a private corner of the room for telling him 'congratulations over his second ranked place', which he was not buying one bit.

He stormed over to the pair and grabbed Ye Xiu by the shoulders and frog marched him to a private room ignoring Yu Wenzhou's scolding about treating seniors properly as he followed them.

"Old Ye--wait. Shit. I've already fuck this up. Um, Xiu, oh god that doesn't sound any better. Um. Old Xiu --oh god, what have I done? Old Ye. Okay. So I'm attracted to you. You got that? I am attracted to you and I don't mind if you reject me --though I'll be fucking sad forever because I think you're the love of my life, oh man I'm off topic again. I love you. So please accept my feelings!"

"Actually since we're talking about it. I also have a confession to make: I like you too."

Ye Xiu stared blankly at them before pointing at himself.
"You both like me?" he questioned.

"Yes! I've been in love with you for like five years already!"

Ye Xiu turned to Yu Wenzhou and asked "And you feel the same?"

Yu Wenzhou nodded.
"I do."

"So what now? I can't accept or refuse the both of you." said Ye Xiu tonelessly as he scanned the area to see if anyone was willing to help him out of this mess. "Okay how about whoever can beat me in Glory one versus one can date me."

"Deal!" shouted Huang Shaotian, temporarily forgetting how many times he's lost to the man in front of him. Yu Wenzhou hadn't forgotten.

"If Senior Ye is alright with that deal so am I." said Yu Wenzhou. "Though wouldn't it be better if we did things a bit more officially?"

"What do you suggest? Like we one versus one each other or like it's publicly announced?" asked Huang Shaotian.

Yu Wenzhou shook his head.

"No, we go on stage." he said.

"Oh! I like it! Very cool! It'll be like an All Stars match!" cheered Huang Shaotian.

"Why can't we just go to a computer room in here?" asked Ye Xiu, almost whining, as he rubbed his head. This All Stars was the worst for him yet.

"All the computer rooms would be locked or in use since it's after hours and if we go to a internet cafe we'll be spotted right away. The best solution is to use the boxes on stage to sort this out."

"Fine. As long as we hurry. Mucheng is waiting for me." said Ye Xiu as he headed towards the stage.

Huang Shaotian and Yu Wenzhou glanced at each other; sizing one another up. Both men knew each other's play styles very well but also knew that the current Ye Xiu would be very hard to beat. They both walked behind Ye Xiu too since it was the best view. Yu Wenzhou sped up his pace so he was walking next to Huang Shaotian to what possibly be his only chance at dating Ye Xiu.

"Let's team up." Yu Wenzhou whipered, his voice barely audible since the corridor echoed.

"Wah?" questioned Huang Shaotian loudly making Ye Xiu look behind him.

"Shhhh." hushed Yu Wenzhou. "I'm saying let's help each other in the arena. I have plans and you can spot good opportunities. Besides neither of us will be happy if we don't date Senior Ye and we're at least friendly enough that we could work as a threesome if we tried so it's better to share Senior Ye instead of ruining our team work and friendship together."

Huang Shaotian thought about it a bit, looked at Ye Xiu's ass as he walked in front of them before nodding furiously.

"Okay, you have a deal. We can sort this out later of how we're going to share him once we've won."

(Ye Xiu will stare at his screen in disbelief as both Huang Shaotian and Yu Wenzhou beat him in the arena before sighing. Huang Shaotian would be glad that Yu Wenzhou didn't screw him over on helping him and Yu Wenzhou will be glad that he was able become Ye Xiu's boyfriend even if he had to share him with Huang Shaotian.)

(Season 11- World Championships)

Ye Xiu smirked as his team won and rubbed a hand over the back of his neck. Huang Shaotian came barrelling towards him with a happy grin on his face with Yu Wenzhou steadily making his way towards the both of them.

"We won! We won! We're champions of the World!" shouted Huang Shaotian excitedly. "Hey, do you remember our promise? You have to do it now!"

"Yes, yes. One of you hand over your phones. I'll type in the message." said Ye Xiu, he wanted to be upset over the fact that he had to fulfil his end of the bet but he was too excited to: his team had just won!

Yu Wenzhou handed over his phone as the duo crowded around Ye Xiu to watch him type in his log into Weibo and type up the message.

"There. Done. Are you both happy now?" asked Ye Xiu wryly.

"Yep! I'm very happy!" exclaimed Huang Shaotian as he gave a kiss to his boyfriend. The kiss was innocent enough until Huang Shaotian nibbled Ye Xiu's bottom lip before swiping his tongue against the place that he injured.

"Shaotian." scolded Yu Wenzhou as he gently pushed Ye Xiu's face towards himself and gave Ye Xiu a lingering kiss using his tongue to get Ye Xiu to open up while Huang Shaotian got his phone up to check the Weibo post.

Ye Xiu V
8-16 16:33 Switzerland Vivo X22 Plus
Congrats to our great team for winning the World Glory Championships for China and a big congratulations to my boyfriends, @Huang Shaotian V @Yu Wenzhou V, for their great play!