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Cases of Captain Grump

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Howard had been having a hard time solving a murder that involved a local fortune teller. You wanted to help him but weren’t sure how he’d react to what you knew needed to be done to get answers. He was aware of your psychic abilities but for the most part overlooked them since you didn’t push it on him and he really wasn’t a believer. Finally, one day he asked you for help and wanted you to meet him at the fortune tellers shop where it happened.

When you walked in you were carrying two cloth wrapped items and a small bag. He directed you to a table with symbols drawn on it and a crystal ball in the middle. You sat down and set up several candles, crystals and other items, before unwrapping a Ouija board and laid it on the table then unwrapped the planchette and set it next to the board.

Howard nearly blew a gasket. His face turned red as he looked between you and the Ouija board in front of you and he pointed at it. “Why the hell did you bring a Ouija board? You know how I feel about that shit.”

Sighing you laid your hands flat on the table and looked up at him. “Howie, I understand, but in this case it is the best way to communicate with the fortune tellers spirit. I need you to help me.”

He rubbed a hand over his forehead and pinched his eyes closed before turning around and sitting down across from you. Once you had everything ready and had opened the board you looked at Howard and he asked a series of questions. The board responded in kind and verified you were speaking to the fortune tellers spirit. Howard got the information he needed and you closed the board after which he stood up and started pacing again.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” You looked up at him with a smile.

Howard shook his head as he moved toward you and bent his head to kiss your lips soundly. “Let’s just go back to the days where I pretend like this stuff doesn’t exist okay?”

You couldn’t help but grin at his grumpy attitude. “Yes Howie.”