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Now - if you don’t mind,” Bond said as he lifted up the window. It was a four-story drop. Even he couldn’t easily walk that off without some kind of help. A good thing he had Q on the line.

“On your right,” said the calm voice through the earpiece. “There will be a truck passing under with sheets of bubble wrap on its bed. Do try to land on that and not the pavement.”

True to his word, a blue truck pulled into view just as Bond got to the ledge. It cut the corner with such sharp agency that Bond suspected another double-oh was behind the wheel. Probably.

“Impressive,” he said, and meant it. He was rewarded with a dry chuckle.

“Mind the gap, 007. You only get one try. And remember: you owe me my equipment intact.”

“Every bloody mission,” Bond murmured, and leapt down.