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An Inconvenient Arrangement

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The election returns slowly come in, and the more returns they have received, the grimmer the chances of Bill holding on to his seat becomes. He is being creamed by his Republican opponent. Hattie's campaign against him really took a toll on his poll numbers. He may have gotten a good settlement from his divorce, but at the end of the day, she has won against him, robbing him of his political relevance.

And the grim news is confirmed by Bill's campaign manager. There are not enough outstanding votes from Democratic strongholds to overtake his opponent.

Every emotion that Bill has been feeling - anxiety, fear, excitement - they are all drained from his system as the news sunk in. His political fortune went as it came. At 34, he is the youngest ex-Governor in the history of the United States.

Bill tried to shift his attention to the concession speech that he will deliver. His speechwriter has pulled the draft and hand it over to him for revisions. Asked if he needs a team to work with him, Bill refuses. He doesn't want to see anyone. He wants to be left alone in his suite.

As he reads the draft concession speech, every word chokes him. This isn't the speech that he imagines himself giving. It shouldn't be like this, he says to himself. There has to be a mistake...

A soft knock interrupts Bill's thoughts. He is annoyed at the intrusion. When he opens the door, he is surprised by the appearance of his ex, Hillary.

She doesn't wait to be let in. She walks inside and dumps her bag on his bed. She opens the plastic bag that she's carrying and takes out a Big Mac.

"This is all I can get fast," she explains herself.

Bill is touched that she came to his rescue, even though she doesn't have to. After they have reconciled, Hillary chose not to pursue a relationship with him, even though it was is clear that they had rekindled their old flame. With the campaign ongoing, they both thought that it was not the best time for both of them to resume their interrupted romance.

"So, where is your concession speech? Have you given it a look yet?" Hillary says in a business-like tone.

Bill hands her the speech, relieved that he doesn't have to go through it. Hillary reads the speech and puts her notes and comments.

"There," she hands the speech back. She notices that Bill hasn't touched his food.

"Hey, why haven't you eaten yet?"

Bill slumps into the bed. “I don’t want to. I failed. I failed my supporters, my constituents…” He looks into her. “I failed you.”

Hillary sits beside Bill and held his hand supportively. “You didn’t fail me, Bill. You fought hard and valiantly. It’s just that your opponents are more well-funded and well-organized. But this is not going to last long. I know can pull yourself together. Two years is just a blink of an eye in politics. You’ll be back in no time.”

For the first time that night, Bill smiles. He doesn’t have to go through this alone. He has Hillary.

Hillary keys in the door and opens the light of her apartment with Bill following her from behind. Knowing that Bill will not be able to cope with all of this by himself, she invited him to her apartment to spend the night. To her relief, he didn’t put up a fight.

Hillary immediately gets to work to make Bill feel better. He fixes a bath for him and arranges her bed for him to sleep on. Still in a daze, he obeys her every command. He can’t feel anything. His concession speech went by a blur, and up to that moment, he was numb. His brain has stopped functioning, and he doesn’t know if he can get back.

When Bill finally feels that the warm water has turned cold, he finally decides to get up. He wraps the towel around his wet body and walks his way towards Hillary’s bedroom, where he finds her brushing her hair, sitting in front of her vanity mirror. She is wearing a nightgown that barely gives him a peek of her pert breasts. On a normal night, with that kind of invitation from Hillary, he will not hesitate to give in. But tonight, he was just too exhausted and too depressed to do anything.

He crawls towards the bed and lies down. Hillary, seeing him ignore her, stands up and takes the space next to her man, facing him.  

“Hillary,” Bill murmured, “I am not down for anything tonight. I am so sorry if you are expecting anything from me. I just couldn’t.”

She gently traces his cheek with her finger. “I am not expecting anything from you. If you want to make love tonight, we’ll make love. If you don’t want to do anything, then you don’t have to.”

Bill’s lip quivers. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I think we’ve waited for too long,” Hillary replies. “I didn’t want to get back with you because we were in a difficult time and I was not ready.  But I think I am now. If you think you are not ready, that’s fine with me. I’m willing to wait. We’ve waited for so long. I won’t mind waiting a little longer.”

“When you’re out of office, we can travel,” she continues, “California, Mexico, the Bahamas…name it. We’ll have a wonderful time, just the two of us. You don’t have to think about anything. I’ll make the arrangements. All you have to do is to show up.”

“And will you stay with me? For good?” Bill asked innocently.

Hillary smiled.

“Yes,” she replies. “I’ll be with you for good.”

“Then that’s all I needed to hear.”

Bill scoots over to spoon her. He wraps her arm around her waist, enveloping her with his musk. She snuggles closer to him. For both Hillary and Bill, something has ended yet something new has begun.

What a convenient arrangement it is.