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us three and no one more

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If you had told Lindis that, far into his journey, he'd wake up to two people on either side of him, both holding him, he'd have called you crazy. Before coming here, he hadn't really imagined ever getting a significant other, let alone two.

And yet, here he was, a red haired woman on one side and a silver haired man on the other.

Lindis could tell by the darkness in the room that it was still fairly early - likely around four or five - but he was awake anyway, though unable to move due to the two others in the bed clinging to him.

...though, maybe it was all just because of Simon.

The highlander's lips quirked up as he looked to his left, at the medic who was so serious and stern that you'd never imagine that he'd be the clingy type. It was normally subtle, at least around the others; the most he'd ever do in public were handholds or quick hugs or protective grips (the latter was least common, but there were some times, despite the medic being so much frailer than the both of them).

But when it was just the three of them, it was like he was a completely different person. He'd wrap his arms around their shoulders as he peeked at whatever they were doing at the time, lean against them while reading a book on the couch...or, like now, he'd cling to them as they lied in bed, both while awake and asleep, especially if it was ever one of the nights where he was in between the two of them.

(and of course, that didn't even start getting into how much he loved to kiss them...though lindis couldn't exactly call himself innocent in those regards, either)

Certain that the other was still fast asleep, Lindis raised his hand and began gently combing his hand through Simon's hair. The gesture was clearly taken well, since the medic, despite still being completely out, leaned into it and tightened his grip a little.

Gods above, he was adorable.

As he continued combing through the medic's hair, Lindis looked over at the protector on his other side. As opposed to their PDA-averse boyfriend, Raquna wasn't at all shy about showing her affection. She was always happy and willing to give them large hugs, holding them so strongly, but so gently at the same time. She'd very casually lock hands with them, not caring if anyone began staring at them as they walked through the city.

If anything, she only got worse in private. If she ever got the chance, she'd very quickly lay down her head in someone's lap (or make someone do it on hers, something the two of them had been glad to do quite a few times) or pull one of the two fully onto her lap (something she loved doing to simon, loving how flustered it'd make him). It was as if she could never get enough of holding them close to her.

(and, of course, the kisses were very abundant with her, too.)

With a soft smile, Lindis moved his arm slightly, enough to gently grasp Raquna's hand. While she didn't wake up either, he still felt her grip tighten around his hand.

...she really was so very beautiful.

It was times like this that Lindis truly felt like the luckiest man alive. Beyond his incredibly adventures, beyond the wonderful friends he'd made and the mish-mash of a family he'd found...he had these two. Two people who he loved above all else, and who shared those emotions.

Content with the current situation, Lindis closed his eyes. They'd need to rise in a few hours, but for now...

For now, they could just be together like this.