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Pretend for the Weekend

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Kara’s not expecting Alex so when she walks into her apartment carrying 6 pizza’s, a couple bags of potstickers, and more ice cream than even Kara can eat, she’s suspicious.


“Alex! What’re you doing here?”


“I can’t just drop by and shower my favorite sister with her favorite things?”


Kara studies Alex from her spot on the couch, trying to figure out what’s going on as she puts everything down on the kitchen island, dropping her keys noisily on the counter. For a secret agent she’s not being very slick here, something is definitely up.


“What did you do, Alex?”


“Hold on, geeze, just let me get this food in front of you before I explain.”


Alex shoves the ice cream in the freezer, grabs a handful of napkins and brings the food to Kara, sitting down next to her. The food works to distract Kara, Alex knows her too well. Unease takes a backseat to her stomach but she still gives Alex an expectant look, mouth full of pizza.


“Ok  just get this over with, like a bandaid,” Alex is mumbling, talking to herself. She lets out a big breath, “I may have let mom believe you and Lena are dating and now she wants all four of us to go up and visit her this weekend,” she lets out in a rush.


Kara’s pizza slice is hanging limply in her hand, stuck midway on it’s journey to her shocked face, “I’m sorry. I think I misheard you. You let mom believe Lena and I are dating ?”


“Well, see she was kind of already under the impression you were dating? And I didn’t correct her?”




“Look I can’t take all the blame. She thinks you’re dating because you talk about her all the time. I mean… It’s not far fetched of her.”


“What?! I talk about her the normal amount.”


“Yeah, okay, except you don’t. And apparently you went on a rant about how the magazines were calling you gal pals?”


“It was in the same magazine that had pictures of her and stupid Bruce Wayne and some other ridiculously good looking rich men! Saying she’s dated them all!” At Alex’s blank stare Kara continues, “Lena is gay! They know this, and never acknowledge it.”


“You have a point, but the way mom told it you were quite passionate about it. Seemed like you took it personal.”


“Whatever, you’re deflecting. Why didn’t you correct her?”


“Ok so she’s been wanting to meet Sam and have us stay at the house for a weekend for awhile now and I can’t stall anymore. So I maybe sort of suggested you two should come too. That way all the attention isn't on us?” The longer alex went on the more sheepish she sounded. When kara put her food down on the coffee table she braced herself for her reaction.








“I know.”


“You know I’m basically in love with Lena and have shoved that as deep down as I can because it’s, just, ridiculous. You know this. I still feel lucky everyday I didn’t lose her when I told her I was Supergirl.” Kare voice is rising and Alex is starting to get a tinsy bit scared, “You want me to spend a weekend living out what is basically my fantasy of bringing the girl home and everyone from my hometown seeing how happy she makes me and we tell sweet stories about how we met?”


“Really? That's a fantasy for you?”




“Yes, yes, okay. That’s exactly what I want you to do. I’m sorry. I’m a coward but you know what mom is like. I can’t have all of her attention on us. I’ll die. Just one weekend to get her off my back. Plus, Luthor is totally into you, she just doesn’t know it yet.”



For being the strongest being on earth Kara is actually quite weak. All Alex had to do was pout a little more and she caved.


She finds herself paused in front of Lena’s office door, whispering her practiced lines under her breath trying to psyche herself up. The more she waits to go in the more ridiculous this whole thing seems.


“What the heck did you agree to, Kara. Just gonna walk in there like ‘Yo, Lena what’s up? Wanna be my pretend girlfriend for a weekend, cool let’s do this.’ Idiot -”


The office door swings open then, Lena lifting her head in time to come to an abrupt stop before bowling Kara over. “Kara! This is a surprise! This is a surprise right? I didn’t forget a lunch date did I?”


Date, hah, geeze if she only knew what she did to me with her innocent words.


“No! No, no, you didn’t. I’m just droppin’ in. To say hi. Or well that’s a lie. I have a favor to ask.”


“Of course, come in. Let me just speak with Jess real quick, I’ll be right back.”


When Lena joins her on the couch Kara decides to jump right in.


“Alex needs me to have a girlfriend.”


Lena blinks at her a couple times, “I’m sorry?”


“Yeah, me too.”


“No - Kara, what I mean is, can you elaborate?”


“Oh! Right. Well, really what Alex is asking is quite ridiculous when you think about it so it’s totally fine if you say no - “ Kara is cut off by Lena’s hand on her own between them on the couch.


“Kara, breathe,” Kara relaxes at Lena’s small squeeze to her hand, “You need a favor?”


“Yes. I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend this weekend,” Lena doesn't freak out right away so she continues, “Alex is bringing Sam up to meet Eliza and she wants me to come up with you, like as a couple, to take some of the heat off them…”


Lena’s hand stays on top of Kara’s but she turns to face forward, contemplative.


“It’d be this weekend, which I know is short notice. And, this is crazy, so really don’t feel like you have -”






“Yes, I’ll do it,” Lena faces her again a smile breaking across her face, “I honestly kind of fancied myself an actress when I was younger, always in my head, imagining I was living someone else’s life. It’ll be fun. ”


Kara forces out a laugh, “Yeah, fun.”



Before Kara knows it, it’s Friday and she’s in Lena’s car heading to Midvale. They didn’t have much time during the week to get together so as soon as they’re on their way Lena jumps right into planning.


“So, we should probably have a bit of a backstory ready. How we fell for each other, our first date, our first kiss. And also, any random facts about each other that couples would know.”


Lena is playful, raising her eyebrows in mock suggestiveness, excited about their ruse. Also, one hundred percent oblivious to Kara’s slightly pained expression at this not being an act for her at all. These are all things Kara’s thought about with Lena.


“I -” Kara clears her throat, finding it dry, “I’m, not that very good a liar. We should stick to the truth as much as possible.”


“Okay, so we use relationships from our past for inspiration?”


“Yeah, like let’s start with a good first kiss. Got a story?”


“My most memorable kiss was with this woman I actually went to boarding school with. This was years after, we just bumped into each other in London and decided to go for a drink. We couldn’t stop talking and closed down the bar. We were a bit tipsy so we stumbled onto the sidewalk, it was brisk, and I was underdressed so I started shivering. She took off her scarf, swung it around my neck, and pulled me towards her.”


Lena’s hands had been animated up until this point, getting lost in thought, “Maybe it’s so memorable because I didn’t have the chance to mess it up. It was sort of just understood it was a one night thing,” she gives herself another moment to think about this before shaking herself out of her memory,  “Wonder what she’s doing now.” Kara found herself irrationally jealous of this woman, “How about you?”


“It’s memorable for the wrong reasons. Mainly that I broke the guys nose.”


“No! How do I not know that yet?” Lena has a hard time getting her sentence out around her laughter. It helps Kara relax for the first time since asking Lena to do this, maybe this won’t be so bad after all. If it means Lena gets to loosen up and be happy, Kara will just be glad she can give that to her for a weekend, “That’s exactly the minutiae I need to know.”


Now, Kara finds herself getting into it, bouncing a little as they continue to iron out the details, “Okay ummm how about nicknames?”


“Stick to the truth again? I don’t call anyone else darling,” Kara didn’t know that, “And, you called me Lee one time, though I don’t know if you remember because you were half asleep, but I liked it.”


Kara blushes at Lena's fond smile, “Yeah, yeah I remember that, I like it too.”


Kara can’t help the shy smile she directs at her lap. That night had to be at least 6 months ago. Lena had a particularly hard day at work and invited herself over for an impromptu girls night. Big belly burger was had, alcohol was drunk, sleepiness ensued.


”We should discuss what we're comfortable with as far as showing affection.”


Kara’s eyes go wide at that, unsure where to look, what to do with her hands, grateful that Lena’s eyes stay forward.


“Oh, wow, I honestly haven’t even thought about that.”


Kara had thought about it. Had thought about it a lot. Mostly about the moral dilemma of if it was right to act intimate with Lena when she didn’t know Kara has feelings for her.


“I can't imagine I'll be uncomfortable with anything you decide is appropriate. We could just go with the flow, probably have to throw in a kiss at some point.”


“Are you okay with that? It’s ok if you aren’t,” shut up shut up shut up , “I don't really see Eliza getting suspicious she's not looking for it you know?”


“I’m committed to the character, Kara. If we’re going to do this let’s do it all the way,” Lena takes her eyes off the road to give Kara the cutest mischievous smile she’s ever seen.


Kara deflates a little at the reminder that this is an act, puts on a forced smile she hopes is convincing. They wander away from their scheming eventually and spend the rest of the ride falling into easy  conversation, interspersed with Kara singing to the radio. When the car finally pulls into the gravel driveway she’s too hungry to be nervous.

Alex is out the front door and greeting them not one second after Lena turns of the engine.


“Hey guys!” She’s overly enthusiastic at their arrival and Kara can see Sam in the doorway rolling her eyes at her girlfriend as she none too smoothly hisses, “What took you so long?! We’ve been here for an hour. An, hour , Kara.”


Kara ignores her in favor of grabbing their bags from the back.


At least Alex gives Lena a hug and a whispered, “Thank you so much for doing this.”