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Shin Rikkaidai Fuzoku

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Sanada Akihiro, son of Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Genichirou, was dropped off for his first day at Rikkai Dai Fuzoku. Waving pleasantly to his parents as they drove off, he adjusted the strap of his tennis bag and took a look around. "Sugee......" he breathed out with a calm smile before gripping his school bag and walked off to the nearest school building.


"Out of the way..." a boy muttered from behind him, bumping his shoulders on purpose as he walked inside the campus. “Be even slower and you're going to be late on the first day Akihiro...” he reminded as he stomped off.


Akihiro blinked when the boy moved past him before chuckling and jogging up after him. "Matte yo, Keiji!" he called out after him.


Yanagi Keiji, the son of the known data master, Yanagi Renji, and devil ace, Kirihara Akaya, merely spared his friend a single glance before walking up again. "How the hell did your 'mother' make sure that we were in the same class again?" he asked with a frown. "My dad said I shouldn't be surprised though."


Akihiro moved up alongside Keiji as they made their way to their classroom, smiling fondly, patting him on the shoulder. "Considering your father and his analytical skills I'd agree with him," he pointed out. "And I don't think you should even bother asking how my Kaa-san manages to pull strings anymore. His reputation here is a little.... impossible to refuse," he added with a chuckle.


"Add the fact that your father is who he is....persuasion of anything to their advantage goes from 99.4% to 100%," Keiji told him with a sigh. "Until now their reputations do wonders." Reaching the second floor of the building, they soon found their classroom. "If you get some fanboys and fangirls on the first day here, I will not be held responsible for my actions," he told him. "And as long as you don't sic me at them again, everything will be fine," he added as he slid open the door.


Akihiro nodded. "And as expected you inherited your father's brains, Keiji," he added before stepping into the classroom with him. "And I don't think it would even be possible for me to attract fans so quickly," he argued, quickly sliding the door closed once he was inside the room to stop any cheers from erupting behind them.


"Obtaining fans on the first day...." Keiji said as he stepped aside. "Probability: 89.8%," he told him just before a hoard of boys and girls from all year levels suddenly approached him, opening the door that they had just closed. "And the probability of people trying to approach me...." he told himself before smirking evilly and looking behind him. “82.3%” he finished as he radiated an evil aura that sent chills down everyone's spines, except for Akihiro, causing them to step back from the pair. "After you Aki," he said with a gesture of his hand towards two empty chairs.


"You didn't need to scare them like that, Kei," Akihiro scolded as he picked one of the two seats and set his school bag on top, lowering his tennis bag.'I would have easily done that myself,' he added to himself as he turned to the group and flashed them a seemingly innocent smile. At this, the hoard sans their classmates zoomed out the door and slid it closed behind them, causing Akihiro to chuckle as he took his seat. "That was interesting~"


"I did nothing," Keiji said in defense as he took the seat beside Aki. "The tryouts for the tennis team are later after school. Even if they announced that they're not going to take any freshmen this year, you're still going to try out aren't you?" he asked. 'I don't even need to calculate the chance that he will,' he added in his mind.


"That's about the only reason I brought this along," Akihiro replied, jerking a thumb to his tennis bag. "And there wasn't any announcement like that," he added with a slight frown.


"You didn't read the flyer," Keiji said as he handed a piece of bond paper to his seatmate. "Here...ripped it off the bulletin board that we passed earlier," he said before inwardly smirking.


Akihiro took a moment to read the piece of paper before crumpling it and tossing it into the nearby trash bin. "I'm not worried about that. It can always be arranged," he told his best friend reassuringly, glancing over to him with a calm smile. "That's where you come in, Kei~" he said promptly. "We're going to go hunt down some senpais during lunch break."


Feeling a twitch work its way out, Keiji looked at his friend carefully. "I don't like that smile of yours....." he said before backing away a bit. "You're not going to make me do something weird...are you?" he asked.


"Saa, you'll have to wait until lunchtime," Akihiro said innocently. Chuckling for a moment as the class started settling down, he leaned towards Keiji and added, "You owe me for beating you at tennis two days ago."


"I was hoping that you wouldn't use that against me," Keiji admitted sheepishly before looking up as the teacher called them for introductions. "Percentage that the teacher will cringe once he finds out who you are, 100%," he muttered over to Aki.


Akihiro chuckled mutely before saying, "To you as well."


The introductions commenced as the teacher began reading off the attendance list. "Sanada........" the teacher did a double take on the family name before clearing his throat and starting again. "Sanada Akihiro-kun," he called out.


"Hai," Akihiro replied, rising to his feet and turned to his classmates. Greeting them with a warm smile, he proceeded to introduce himself.


When Keiji's turn came, a deadly silence enveloped the teacher who immediately went pale. "90% chance that you're assuming that my mother is Kirihara Akaya...." Keiji said as he smirked. "You're right," he said deviously.


"Kei, stop scaring the poor teacher," Akihiro scolded with a calm smile. "You might give sensei a heart attack, it’s only the first day of the school year," he added.


"Of course Aki," Keiji said with a chuckle before bowing at their teacher. "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu," he said before sitting back down.




Homeroom period swept by quickly followed by the next few classes. It wasn't until lunchtime that Akihiro and Keiji made their way to the cafeteria and spotted the members of the tennis club. With a calm smile, Akihiro gently pushed Keiji towards them. "Go on then," he instructed.


'It's not like I have much of a choice now...'he thought ruefully in his mind before stepping towards the table of the tennis club members. "Excuse me, senpai-tachi.....but are you the members of the tennis club?" he asked politely.


"Yes we are. Want an autograph or something, freshman?" one of them cockily asked.


Keiji smiled. "Not really. I came here to ask if you could possibly let me and my friend try out for the tennis club later."


"Didn't you see the announcement? We're not accepting any more freshmen starting this year," another of them explained.


"So go find some other club to try out for," a third one added.


Inwardly sighing Keiji smiled sensually. "You don't understand senpai..." he said as he lowered his voice a bit. “We have to get in the club no matter what,” he told them as he leaned closer to the third year that was just in front of him.


The third year, Akasawa Ishi, smirked. "No matter what?" he asked again before looking at his teammates slyly. "Willing to do anything just to get you and your friend a chance to try out?"


Keiji nodded. "Anything."


Another of the seniors, Matsue Kino, smirked and pulled Keiji onto his lap. "Then stay with us for lunch!" he exclaimed.


Akihiro smiled at how things were going, deciding to leave Keiji with things. "Hai, so I'll see you for afternoon classes Kei," he told him before going off to have lunch.


"Ah no fair! Buchou already snatched him up!" Another of the seniors whined.


'So he's the captain,' Keiji thought with a mental nod before waving at Aki as he left. 'I'll just take this chance to gather data on all of you then and trounce you after class,' he told himself before chuckling inwardly, deciding to play along with the seniors.


As soon as the bell that signaled the end of lunch sounded off, Keiji returned to their classroom. Whipping out a piece of paper, he quickly wrote down a few things and handed it to Aki. "The regulars’ roster and their designations. The only all-rounder is their captain," he told him.


"That's disappointing," Akihiro pointed out critically as he took the paper and read through it before handing it back to Keiji. "But that aside Kei, the one from earlier was the captain wasn't he?" he asked. "The one who pulled you onto his lap?"


Keiji nodded before adjusting his glasses. "Matsue Kino, third year section 2. He's been a captain since his junior year since they lacked seniors during that time. He's called the 'Ringleader' by the rest of the regulars for his talent in keeping them all in check," he told his friend. "166 cm. Play style: all-rounder....and despite the fact that he's the captain he only played in the tournament once," he said with a frown. "And to top it off...he seems to be a cocky tennis newbie." Falling silent for a while, he took off his glasses and glared sharply at the head of his classmate in front of him. "Intensely annoying....I want to crush him," he said before grinning manically, licking his lips in anticipation of the match that would take place after classes.


"That explains why Rikkai Dai hasn't been able to beat Seigaku then," Akihiro concluded before watching a slight transformation occurring in his best friend.'I was wondering when he would show that side of him,'he admitted to himself with an inward chuckle. Realizing the classmate Keiji was staring at evidently shivering at the glare, Akihiro frowned and furrowed his brows. "Keiji!!" he scolded in a rough voice.

Snapping out his current state, Keiji brought up a hand to his eyes. "Gomen..." he apologized before slipping his glasses back on. “But yes, it explains why Rikkai hasn't been able to even reach semi-finals for the past years,” he followed up quickly. "It's about time that you live up to your dreams, Aki..." he said before smiling slyly at Akihiro. “The time to make Rikkai rise once again is due.”


Akihiro chuckled. "I believe you mean our dream, Kei," he corrected. "We're going to take Rikkai back to the top. Starting with teaching those senpais just how to play Rikkai tennis," he said slyly, smirking.