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World of Warriors

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Dark shadows of the night stretch far and deep in the full moon's light over the Aoharu City, the street lights providing illumination on the main roads and side streets. But if one were looking for something interesting, something entertaining, you'd go to the back streets and shady alleys. The grimy warehouses and dark yards of the industrial district. In these places, one can find a fight just waiting to happen, and not merely with a vagabond or mugger. If one is so inclined (and particularly capable and/or suicidal), the local Darkstalker population walk the streets at this hour and they rarely turn down a challenge. These supernatural individuals will take particular offense to a challenge from a mere human, so it is always best to keep this in mind. One young man, in particular, seems to have forgotten this quality, having witnessed a particularly pale boy stalk a young woman as he was making his own way to a reunion party.

Daigo Kazama had never really given much thought to Darkstalkers. To him, they were just another fact of life. Crazier things happened than coming across a creature of the night, things he'd experienced personally. Hell, he's pretty sure one of his senpais in his first year at Gedo had been some sort of Darkstalker. Guy had some seriously weird tendencies. Plus, the whole "not going outside a lot because he sunburns easily" thing was a pretty dead giveaway.

So, really, if they were living their lives, he was living his, and no one was getting hurt, there's not much of a problem. Daigo wasn't one for bigotry, the world could be a bleak enough place without that. But anyone who preys on those weaker than themselves and hurts others instantly gets on his shitlist. Nothing made his blood boil faster. (Except maybe someone threatening his little sister. Akira can handle herself like a pro, no doubt. But, y'know. Big brother instincts.) He regularly beat the crap out of bullies and predators. It's how he rose to command all of Gedo High when he was in school.

Most of the time, Darkstalkers keep to themselves these days. But there are a brutal few who still attack weaker humans with intent to feed, whether it be on flesh, blood, or souls. Like this particular bastard.

The pale young man's eyes glowed bright red and his sharp canines elongated into fangs as he hissed, getting up from where Daigo had grabbed and body slammed him into the alleyway. "You're a fool to attack a Dark One, little human."

"Yeah. Yeah. And you're an idiot for attempting to attack that woman. Do you honestly want Darkhunters and government agents descending on the whole city looking for which vampire had violated the rules so they can gut you? Or are you just that stupid?", Daigo retorted angrily. Some folks just didn't ever consider the consequences to their actions.

"You say that as though I live here!", the vampire laughed. "By the time those lowly Hunters got here to investigate, I'd be long gone!"

Daigo inhaled sharply and exhaled. He glared at the bastard before him before asking, "And let me guess, you would let an innocent Darkstalker from the local area take the fall, right?"

The vampire only chuckled with a smirk in lieu of a true reply. Daigo grunted at this before unleashing a blast of energy from his fists, aimed straight at the evil Darkstalkers chest. The vampire only had time for his eyes to widen with surprise before the beam connected, launching him back into the wall at the far end of the alley.

"Oooooowwwww", the guy groaned before falling out of the crater he'd made in the wall, a few bricks falling with him. Daigo stalked toward him, hands in his pockets, "Y'know, I'm sorry for using my Energy Focus Cluster on you right away like that, I usually prefer to fight fair. Though that's when I fight humans, and I know you Darkstalkers are generally stronger than most of us."

"H-how did you do that? You're human!", the injured vampire wheezed, clutching his presumably injured chest as he stumbled to get up. "Humans are weak! Pathetic! How?"

Daigo just smirked at the vampire's ignorance. Clearly, he was a newcomer to the modern age. Most likely hasn't left the "Makai", as it's called, in a while. "True, average humans can't do that, but I'm not average. More humans have been getting stronger the past couple centuries. Probably should've bothered to pay attention to that little detail!"

Suddenly, the vampire looked up directly into Daigo's eyes (One of which was scarred, like someone had tried to slash his eye out. What did this human DO for a living?), gaze glowing brightly. Daigo simply stared back, "What exactly are you doing?"

The Darkstalker shook his head, clearly confused, "It's not working. What's going on!?"

"Oh! That's embarrassing. You're trying to enthrall me? Sorry, pal, that kind of stuff doesn't work on me anymore.", the human replied with a chuckle.

"Why not? No human can resist a vampire's thrall!", the vampire was now whining with mounting frustration at this human, who clearly went against what he'd been taught about the species.

Daigo leaned in and lowered his voice conspiratorily, "I've been brainwashed twice before now. After it happened a second time, I made it a point to learn how to resist mind control."

The vampire stood there for a second, contemplating Daigo's explanation before bolting past the young man and making a break for the exit of the alley in a panic. Clearly, he found himself disadvantaged against this human male, who couldn't have even been past his early twenties yet.

"Hey!", the young man yelled before charging off in pursuit. The vampire's fast, but Daigo's going to catch that bastard and teach him a lesson if it's the last thing he does!


The hustle and bustle of setup was still going strong all around as Felicia walked through the backstage area of the performance hall. Prepping and rehearsing for the concert tommorrow night was a challenge, but fun. She and the girls had just finished up rehearsing for the night, and she had to say that she felt pretty confident that they would totally blow the audience away! It’d been a few years since they’d started the band and gotten famous but this was their first gig in Tokyo proper, and she just knew they were going to be a hit! The tickets for the show had already sold out, after all!

The Catwoman entered her dressing room so she could remove her rehearsal costume, looking at the new cell phone she had gotten last week. Hmmm... It's morning back home in the States. Maybe she'll call to say good morning to everyone at the orphanage. Suddenly, her senses were on high alert. She wasn't alone. There! In the chair in the corner! She lunged just as the lights flipped on. Two suprisingly strong hands grabbed her wrists before pushing her back, "Whoa there! Easy, Miss Felicia! We're friendly!"

'We're'? Felicia backed down, crouching on her haunches and observing the intruder. Her ear flicked as she took notice of movement behind her and looked back out of the corner of her eye. The other was sitting primly on the vanity with her legs crossed, disinterestedly picking at her nails. The intruders, both female, couldn't have been any more different. The one that had grappled with Felicia briefly was a young Asian woman, presumably Chinese if the blue qipao she's wearing is any indication, with dark brown hair done up in ox horns. Her incredibly muscular thighs were covered by the blue unitard she wore under her dress. The other was a young Caucasian woman in a pant suit, the top buttons undone and showing her cleavage. (Felicia was kind of smug to note that her's were bigger than both of theirs.) The woman's crimson hair was done in an impressive braid that began with an intricate coif on her head and ran down past her knees. Both were rather stylish, and very much human, if their smell was any indicator. (It usually was.)

"Hmm...", Felicia's tail twitched with interest as she licked a forepaw before rubbing it over her ears, "To what do I owe the unexpected visit from you two, whoever you are?"

The Chinese woman approached and crouched in front of Felicia, "Ah, where are my manners! Investigator Chun-Li of Interpol." She flashed her badge with one hand and held out the other to shake. As Felicia shook her hand, the other woman pulled out a badge as well, "Detective Maya Sunee, FBI."

The Catwoman stood up and stretched, "So what am I being charged with? Are the girls being charged too?"

"Oh no.", Chun-Li replied, observing Felicia with fascination as she stretched her claws, "Neither you nor any of your band members are being charged with anything. We're here to request your assistance in an ongoing investigation."

Felican brightened visibly at this, "Ah, okay! What do you guys need help with?"

“Detective Sunee” took this moment to step in, "The international community's various law-enforcement and intelligence organizations have picked up on chatter insinuating that a Darkstalker known as Jedah Dohma may be involved with a plot to end civilization as we know it."

Felicia blanched. Not that psycho again!


A man in a white gi walked down a barren road in Brazil, his headband blowing in the wind, nothing but the contents of his knapsack and the very garments he wore as his sole possessions. A letter was clutched in his hand, somehow having found him despite the remote locale he had been residing at during his training with Oro.

The letter's words: a challenge from an evil man. A man whom they had all believed destroyed. The evil man, known to the world as the dictator M. Bison, held his childhood friend - Ken's - own wife and son captive. The only way to ensure the mother and son's survival? He and his friend must answer the challenge and appear before the terrible Bison at the appointed time. What time? Three days from now, in a city located in Kazakhstan of all places. He needs to find a plane and fast. "Who is this man?" some may ask, to which any fighter would reply "That is the warrior known as Ryu!" and they'd be right.

And now, Ryu must fight to save his friends from a terrible fate. He's on the clock, and time is ticking away at its unforgiving pace.