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Super Mario Kart: Pokemon/Super Mario Kart: Pokemon 2 N-Sane Edition

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Day 9 of Kart Madness/An hour later...

Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire vs. Sonic and Tails in the Elite Eight! Both hot offensive duos started off cold in the first two laps, which was a mega surprise to many. Early lap 3, too. But in mid lap 3, both duos finally got some speedy powerups, with Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire obtaining Triple Mushrooms and Sonic and Tails obtaining a Single Mushroom. The underdogs got another better speedy item, a Bullet Bill! That shoved a dagger deep inside Sonic and Tails, leading 1-0. 

Ten minutes later...

More cold offense at the start! Not a great look for both duos. But Sonic and Tails shook it off in late lap 1, gaining Triple Mushrooms. Then, a Star item and two Single Mushrooms in lap 2, leaving Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire all cold. Sonic and Tails' back-to-life offense gave them a much needed Game 2 victory. Had they gained a lot of offense in the previous game, they'd be up 2-0 by now.

Ten minutes later...

Finally, some hot offense for Sonic and Tails at the start! But Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire got the better edge, only getting Golden Mushrooms and Star items! Lap 2 showed more offensive fireworks between the two blazing duos, but Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire continued to secure their lead. Sonic and Tails got lots of Triple Mushrooms in lap 3, but not enough as Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire took a 2-1 lead.

Ten minutes later...

Cloud and Aeris vs. Chibiusa and Mamoru, the second Elite Eight game for today! The Tiger Temple race continue to display a lot of hot fireworks, but Cloud and Aeris kart-blocking and defensive items ruined Chibiusa and Mamoru. Sonic and Tails suddenly got a Banana item, but despite it being a defensive item, it worked, stopping Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire's chances of winning. Sonic and Tails tied the exciting series 2-2, and Cloud and Aeris moved up to 1-0.

Ten minutes later...

Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire got cold at the wrong time! Uh-oh! Chibiusa and Mamoru couldn't stop Cloud and Aeris again, leaving themselves dry! Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire got some spark back with Triple Mushrooms, but then got zapped, going dry once again! No effort from Chibiusa and Mamoru put themselves in a very bad situation, trailing 0-2. Also, Sonic and Tails got a 3-2, giving Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire a 1.5% chance of winning the series.

Ten minutes later...

Chibiusa and Mamoru faced disaster once again, but Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire got hot at the right time! In lap 2, a rare Lightning item from Sonic and Tails bolted Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire, but the underdogs got back into the fight with a Star item! Sonic and Tails got a Spiny Shell!? And they used it!? Yikes! That Spiny Shell damage ended Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire. And with that, Sonic and Tails made it to their first ever Final Four! All of their attending fans stormed the track! And their other fans celebrated! After crossing the finish line, Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire got many thanks and other similar messages from their fans, Starfire, Blackfire, Robin (Teen Titans), Silkie, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Terra, Mas y Menos, and other Teen Titans characters. A bit later, Sonic and Tails embraced with Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire, and both duos hoped to see each other anywhere in Kart Madness again.

Ten minutes later...

More of Cloud and Aeris' solid defense. Plus some Single Mushrooms. It looked like Chibiusa and Mamoru were 100% finished! But hold on! Chibiusa and Mamoru got two Spiny Shells in a row! Third item? The Crazy Eight! And the fourth one!? A Flower Boomerang! Chibiusa and Mamoru's comeback got their side partying for a while, a big relief! 

Ten minutes later...

Chibiusa and Mamoru broke through Cloud and Aeris' solid defense! Aeris angrily told Chibiusa and Mamoru to dive down and let her and Cloud get back to back Final Four appearances, but Chibiusa responded with the middle finger, causing Aeris to give Chibiusa the finger. And to make things worse for Cloud and Aeris, they got curb-stomped with double Lightning attacks. Chibiusa and Mamoru took care of more business, extending their hopes alive.

Ten minutes later...

More heart? More problem! Compared to games 1-3, Chibiusa and Mamoru looked very focused on both offense and defense. Fire Flower war from both duos! Chibiusa and Mamoru won the Fire Flower war! Cloud and Aeris later came back, and Cloud threw a Blooper towards Chibiusa and Mamoru. Despite the scariness from the Blooper, Chibiusa and Mamoru hung on until the ink disappeared. Two Single Mushrooms and a backwards Green Shell sealed Chibiusa and Mamoru's Game 6 victory! 

Ten miuntes later...

Game 7! Both duos butt-heads with killer speed, even with Single Mushrooms! No defensive items. Just speed. Lots and lots of speed! The speed-fest later died in lap 3, with both duos only getting defensive items! Cloud and Aeris got Lightning! Game over for Chibiusa and Mamoru. Even worse for the losing duo, the Triple Crossover Dynasty started talking smack on Twitter, both to both duos, due to Aeris telling the twelve of them to shut up and not jinx her and Cloud prior to the race.

"AH, YES! CLOUD AND AERIS TO THE FINAL FOUR! TWO MORE TO GO!" Mythra screamed with joy as a mixture of cheers and boos occurred at Jump City.

"Oh, what-friggin'-ever, hoe!" Kazooie yelled.

"Tough, tough loss for the father-daughter combo..." Pit said.

"Them overcoming an 0-3 deficit would've been huge for them! But, oh well. Best of luck to them next season!" Banjo said as Cloud congratulated both Chibiusa and Mamoru on having an epic series with him and Aeris, with Aeris doing goofy dancing victories with some of her fans.

"Cloud and Aeris vs. Crash and Coco in the Final Four!? No offense to Anna and Elsa, but I hope that matchup happens!" Pyra said.

"It'll happen 100%! Those Frozen sluts won't do anything!" Emily said.

"Tifa and Jessie vs. Sonic and Tails will happen in the Final Four, too!" Kazooie said.

"It'd better happen!" Bowsette said.

Day 10 of Kart Madness/An hour later...

Peachette and Pauline vs. Tifa and Jessie got started! Besides that, Marlene, Red XIII, Pharah, Symmetra, Cloud, Aeris, Sonic, and Tails were in the giant crowd, but Crash and Coco were stuck at Coco Park for obvious reasons. Anyway, Tifa and Jessie bested Peachette and Pauline with a Bullet Bill. This early. That left Peachette and Pauline hanging far away until they claimed two Triple Mushrooms in a row, then a Golden Mushroom. Peachette and Pauline got near their heated opponents, but then got smacked by an unexpected Spiny Shell, which was used many seconds ago. Peachette and Pauline failed to fully recover afterwards.

Ten minutes later...

Game two! Nightmare-fueled moments loomed all over Peachette and Pauline. Lightning, Spiny Shell, another Lightning, and another Spiny Shell. Not only did those combined items left Peachette and Pauline hanging dry, but Tifa and Jessie made history, becoming the first duo to collect two Lightnings and two Spiny Shells as their first four items in a race. No comeback from Peachette and Pauline whatsoever.

Ten minutes later...

Game three started! Finally, a tight one throughout the first lap! But the second one? Tifa and Jessie took control, ruthlessly rubbing their back to back Golden Mushrooms towards Peachette and Pauline's beautiful faces. But Peachette and Pauline's Lightning + Bullet Bill combo changed the game! Tifa and Jessie claimed a Star item, but Peachette and Pauline ignored that with another Bullet Bill, avoiding a disaster 0-3 deficit!

Ten minutes later...

Crash and Coco vs. Anna and Elsa, sibling duo vs. sibling duo, began! Anna and Elsa caught most people by surprise as they slowed Crash and Coco down with the Fire Flower item, then Red Shells. The other big favorites, Peachette and Pauline, got into more trouble. The top favorites struggled from start to finish, with the Crash and Coco loss being the biggest shocker. Additionally, Emily ranted against Anna and Elsa, complaining that they were extremely lucky.

Ten minutes later...

Crash and Coco got off to a killer start! But the New Donk City race got locked into a neck and neck race! Tifa and Jessie finally sped away from Peachette and Pauline, ending the close race. But Crash and Coco stayed dominant against the biggest underdogs in the Elite Eight. Peachette and Pauline later pulled off a lucky comeback, extending the series. Also, Crash and Coco tied their series 1-1. 

Ten minutes later...

The two biggest favorites to win the national title started dominating their opponents. Tifa and Jessie suffered the worst right now, getting temporary disabled by Lightning and getting far left behind. Anna and Elsa suffered worst overtime, with Emily trash-talking the Frozen characters, claiming that they were the only huge underdogs in sports history that had no business reaching this far. Additionally, Widowmaker had compared Anna and Elsa to the 1998-99 New York Knicks.

Ten minutes later...

Another Game 7 in New Donk City! Tifa and Jessie put too much pressure against Peachette and Pauline, kart-blocking them and dodging their attacks. Anna and Elsa failed to successfully kart-block Crash and Coco on multiple occassions, but none of that mattered a bit later as they got away from the huge favorites with a Star item. Speaking of that, Tifa and Jessie used one as well, leveling their chances of reaching their second straight Final Four appearance. Peachette and Pauline attempted a rally, but fell short as Tifa and Jessie punched another ticket to the Final Four! As for the Coco Park race, Anna and Elsa forced a 2-2 tie.

"Told ya so, biatch!" Kazooie screamed at Mythra as Tifa and Jessie received cheers from their combined fans but mostly boos and negative tweets from almost everybody else.

"Kiss my ass, bitch!" Mythra screamed back as she gave Kazooie the middle finger.

"Glad I don't have to worry about those overrated tramps throughout the rest of Season 9's Kart Madness!" Bowsette said as Cloud, obviously still friends with Tifa and Jessie, thanked them for reaching the Final Four with him and Aeris, gaining some backlash.

"They're not overrated!" Puar said.

"Yes, they are! Oh, and I'm also glad that I don't have to hear "Oh, we're definitely going to have a Crash and Coco vs. Peachette and Pauline national championship match this season!" again!" Bowsette said.

"Why aren't you saying anything negative about Anna and Elsa, Emily?" Yamcha asked.

"I had bloody jinxed Crash and Coco by accident, that's why! I'm keeping my mouth shut from now on!" Emily replied.

"Coco Park's going to seven games," Eagle Marin predicted.

"If Anna and Elsa pull the shocking upset, that'll give Cloud and Aeris more breathing room," Cye said.

"Another fully-fledged Final Fantasy VII national championship match might or might not happen. Tifa and Jessie's overall defense is below-average, slightly worse that Sonic and Tails' overall defense. But that Final Four semifinal match will give us offensive mayhem!" Pyra said.

"Tifa and Jessie's opponents from the First Round and the Sweet Sixteen had bad overall offense, hence why they didn't struggle against them. But their other opponents' in the Second Round and the Elite Eight? They had a Top-15 overall offense," Banjo said.

"And that proves Mario and Luigi are overrated, too! Almost every season!" Bowsette said.

"But their overall defense had helped them reach the Sweet Sixteen!" Leslie said.

"Pfftt! That overall defense is easily compared to the 2010-11 New York Jets' overall defense! Very overrated!" Bowsette said.

"Bowsette sure loves calling her enemies overrated in any way, huh?" Red's mom said.

Ten minutes later...

Game 5 of the last Elite Eight race! Anna and Elsa got more physical, rough, and, dirty in arguably their biggest game in Super Mario Kart history! Crash and Coco won the kart-slamming war against Anna and Elsa, but the Frozen sisters retaliated with a Bob-omb item, then a Red Shell. They hung on for an important Game 5, needing just one more victory! Although this stat was useless compared to important stats, Anna and Elsa were in the Top-5 in kart-slamming.

Ten minutes later...

Game 6! The sibling duos just went at it like rivals, even though this Elite Eight matchup was ther first matchup against each other. Crash and Coco got better advantage over Anna and Elsa latter in the mid-lap 2, then got away fast with Triple Mushroom and a Single Mushroom. Anna and Elsa triggered a Spiny Shell, but that item couldn't help them at all. 

Ten minutes later...

Game 7 between the heavy favorites and the huge underdogs! Things got physical again, but Crash and Coco said no to that as they got back to back Star items! Crash and Coco's third item, Lightning, caused Anna and Elsa to implode in a generic underdog way, getting the wrong items for a giant comeback. Anna and Elsa's cinderella story came to an end, but despite their unfortunate finish, they earned respect from many.

"Good bloody riddance, ya bloody sluts!" Emily said.

"The right duo will offically face Cloud and Aeris," Widowmaker said.

"Props to Anna and Elsa for a good cinderella run, but Crash and Coco against Cloud and Aeris? Round two, guys!" Joni said as Crash and Coco's large fanbases celebrated with them.

"Crash and Coco's lone loss was against Cloud and Aeris!" Millis reminded.

"Don't forget about the infamous Moongate!" Merilyn said.

"It's famous for the usual artists!" Red's mom said.

"Crash and Coco vs. Cloud and Aeris?! And Tifa and Jessie vs. Sonic and Tails!? Both FF semifinal games!? Get ready for super-high ratings!" Pit said.

"We'll get another FF7 national championship game, and Cloud and Aeris will get revenge!" Mythra said.

"Tifa and Jessie will two-peat, douche!" Kazooie said as Crash and Coco, and their fans, gave props to Anna and Elsa for giving them trouble in an entertaining series, with Coco having a small and friendly post-game conversation with Anna and Elsa.

"Hoe!" Mythra said.

"Loser!" Kazooie said.

"Whore!" Mythra said.

"Bitch!" Kazooie said.

"Birdbrain!" Mythra said.

"Simpleton!" Kazooie said.

"Oh, get a room, you two!" Yamcha said.

After the Elite Eight, Maple and Irene defeated Betilla and Ly 2-1, winning their third-straight SMKI title.

Saturday's Final Four games:

(1) Crash and Coco vs. (4) Cloud and Aeris
(2) Tifa and Jessie vs. (8) Sonic and Tails

Top 4 highest odds to win national title: 

Crash and Coco: 21/7 (No. 1 seed)
Tifa and Jessie: 1/2 odds (No. 2 seed)
Sonic and Tails: 1/2 odds (No. 8 seed)
Cloud and Aeris: 1/2 odds (No. 4 seed)

End of Chapter 113