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I’ll tell you a story

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2 years later


Penelope and Josie have been dating for 2 years now. Lizzie and Hope have known since the day after they started because let’s face it, Josie can’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.

Right now they were on a double date. Hope and Lizzie in a world of their own looking over the menu whilst Josie and Penelope skimmed theirs.

Hope and Penelope were no longer in school, having graduated last year. The twins were just about to enter senior year.

Josie and Lizzie now had a room together again after sharing with their girlfriends. Hope and Penelope had gotten an apartment together after graduating. Also sharing with Kaleb and Landon.

The waiter arrived at their table.

“Hi ladies, what can I get for you today?”

Hope was the first to speak.

“Hi, Um... I’ll have the pumpkin soup please.”


“I’ll have the chicken Caesar salad please” Lizzie was next.

Josie and Penelope had decided on the same thing.

“Two spaghetti bolognese please. Oh and 4 cokes” Penelope spoke up.

The waiter took their orders and walked away with a cheery smile.

“I’m so glad we did this guys, it feels like we haven’t done this in ages.” Josie smiles at the group.

“Me too JoJo.” Josie stared into Penelope’s eyes.

Lizzie broke the moment with a loud groan. “You guys see each other all the time. It’s Jo I barely get to see. Everyone else sees each other just fine since you’re her girlfriend and Hope’s best friend and roommate.”
“Well you’ll get to see me all the time now Liz. Now we are roommates again”

The twins give each other an excited smile as their food was being placed on the table.

This was going to be a good year. Senior year for the twins.

New prospects of life for Penelope and Hope and the love of everyone in their group as they continue the year.

Nothing could be more perfect.