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Regrets. I've had a few.

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He looked at the sorcerress, an eyebrow raised.

"When this is all over... do you-do you want to grab a bite to eat? T-together, I mean."

Immediately alarms went off in his head. Since when has the flirtatious woman before him ever stuttered? And if this was what he thought it was, then why such a sudden and drastic move?

He opted to play it safe first and twisted his expression into a mixture of confusion and slight shock. "Why?" he asked simply.

Melia looked away, a slight pink dusting her cheeks. "I just figured, you know, we never did get to know each other. Everyone else I figured out like an open book, but you-you fascinate me." She smiled shyly.

He could feel his brain go into overdrive. Why is she doing this? Why now? What benefit could this possibly net her? It wasn't until he asked who else could benefit from this did he reach a logical conclusion.

With his rise in status, a successful assasination would cause great stir in the countries, no doubt generating the sparks of another war. Of all countries, this would benefit La Riiz the most as investigations into them are halted to find the one responsible for his untimely death. They would once again have a chance to seize power with their immoral methods.

And what better way to assasinate men, than to abuse their vulnerability to the opposite sex, or rather, their inane ability to have full faith in whomever they procreate with.

Lo and behold, Melia just so happened to be one of La Riiz' most infamous assasins. Not just for her abilities, but her beauty as well. The alliance was thankful she worked with them.

It made too much sense, much to his exasperation. No doubt were she to succeed she'd bait Rayas into thinking she was still on their side, and in turn he would convince everyone else in their little group the same. They'd never figure it out, and they'd all fall to the 'Blue-Eyed Black Fox' of La Riiz.

He had entertained the question if she was in fact telling the truth, but it was too illogical of an answer. There were no solid reasons for her to genuinely want a relationship with him, and thus he ruled out this possibility. 

With a mocking chuckle, he gave Melia a smile. "I don't see why not.  

La Riiz initiated a game of chess, and he gladly accepted.

He would win