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Regrets. I've had a few.

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“It’s gotten colder, hasn’t it?… Yes, it certainly feels like it.“

Fen runs a hand through his hair, breathing in the crisp air slowly. The weather getting significantly colder, an aftereffect of the war, worries him. Not for complicated reasons like how it’ll affect the countries and their people, but for a simple one.

Melia sleeps in the nude.

Well, effectively nude anyway.

Despite the fact he had a specially made blanket to accommodate for this, with temperatures dropping below expected, he begins to worry it might not be enough. It certainly doesn’t help that he knows Melia frequently kicks the blanket off in her sleep due to her nightmares-

A sharp inhale-

Even after years of learning the horrors inflicted on her, it still leaves a vile taste in his mouth. The thought makes him speed up his pace, eager to get back home and keep her warm in his embrace. He grumbles about how sickeningly sweet he sounds, and laments that Melia has been rubbing off on him in the metaphorical sense too.

He’s careful to open and close the door quietly, so as to not disturb Melia if she was already asleep. The warmth of the room envelopes him as he hangs his coat, welcoming him home. He sighs contentedly.

His mind feels tired from the earlier meeting. It surprises him how incompetent the government of the other countries are when it comes to the safety of their people. The entire debate was pointless, and they only got anywhere when he began to take control rather forcefully. Deciding to freshen himself up, he heads towards the bathroom, only to halt in his tracks when he hears an all too familiar sound.

He opens their room door hastily, yet gently, and spots Melia curled up in a fetus position on the edge of their bed, shivering, sobbing. Moving swiftly across the room, he finds their blanket on the floor and brings it up, shielding his beloved from the wind.

It isn’t enough however. It’s at this point he notices her white knuckles, and realises it may not be the cold that’s put her in this state. He gently shakes her shoulders, calling her name tenderly like he’d done so countless times before.

“Fen?…” She wakes up to his third call. Her eyes, red and puffy, cause an ache in his heart. He carefully shifts her so that she’s crying into his chest.

“Yea, it’s me. I’m here.” he says as he pets her head, drawing small circles on her back. “I’m with you, Melia. This isn’t La Riiz, this is home.”

“I-it’s not… I-” she chokes on a sob.

He brings her closer, resting her head in the crook of her neck, effectively shushing her. “Whatever it is, I’ll be here to help you through it. For now, you need to stop thinking, and rest.”


“Please, Melia… Rest.”

She does.

He doesn’t.