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Ever since he was little, Jungkook have always been really sensitive. Not in the emotional department, he was never one to get upset with every little thing, but the way he did with smells.

If a grown up came up and said something like “What an adorable pup” and proceeded to scent the little boy by rubbing each others wrists — dousing children up in a friendly atmosphere filled with scent was a typical behavior of their kind — they would end up making a fool of themselves. The young Jeon wouldn’t let anyone scent him, he would simply frown and stick out his tongue as if he was about to vomit, leaving his parents to deal with the embarrassment, they would force a smile and say something along the lines of “Oh, he just got a cold, don’t worry” and laughing.

His parents never taught him that e they didn’t have any problems with scents, which turned the situation even more confusing. They even took Jungkook to the doctor to know if he had a condition and, to make a long story short, turns out the boy happened to be a bit allergic, a considerably rare trait that had no cure and was kinda problematic, especially in a world where you would be likely surrounded by alphas and omegas all the time. However, over time, the boy gotten a little bit — really, just a tiny little bit — used to all of this. He liked to keep distance from people who would flow out any strong scent or from lupus alphas* — because these were the worst.

The only aromas he could bear were the ones from his close relatives. His mother liked to say that one day he would find his soulmate and love their scent, but Jungkook didn’t have a lot of faith in this idea. His father on the other hand, would say that he wasn’t allergic, no, he only had the nose and sense of scent of a true macho alpha! He should feel proud!

Jeon grew up surrounding himself full of beta friends and even lost his virginity to one, because they didn’t smell so strongly like alphas or omegas. However, things went south when his secondary gender was revealed during his teenage years and he had to accept the fact that he was an alpha.

In addition to not liking anyone’s scent, he wasn’t able to stand even himself. Alphas possessed this remarkable presence due to their fragrance.

He was hoping that his secondary gender would turn out as beta, so that at least he would have one problem lesser to worry about. However, in order to avoid any complications or getting nauseous each time his rut got closer, Jungkook got used to cover the scent glands present on his own neck and wrists, because these glands loved to let out all those pheromones around, so much that his nose would start running. They were these patches used to cover his alpha identity, not to mention all the soaps, scent blockers and products that Jeon Jungkook would spend every last penny on just so he could smell like anything!

The alpha didn’t like to be that way, he wanted to be as normal as the people that went on about how much they loved a certain fragrance or how their partners smelled like their favorite candy… He wanted to figure out these things for himself one day, but that seemed way out of reach for his reality.

He was proud of himself now that he was already in college and have been able to go through all these years being the way he was, complicated. He tried not to act like some sick Edward Cullen covering his nose around to block all the odors floating around, and he believed himself to be fairly convincing at his attempt just so he wouldn’t give off a rude vibe.

Though truth be told, he led up a pretty lonely existence hanging around betas now and then, but that was all just ok.

There was just another tiny issue that caused such a big fuss inside his mind — even though the subject was such a small person: Park Jimin. And who on earth was this person?

Perhaps just the most overestimated omega in college, the top crush of many people, and the person who left all alfas, betas and even omegas, madly entranced by that small being. He walked around with his flowy blond hair, rocking the most beautiful clothes that only complimented his extraordinary body and snatched wistful sighs on his way.

And just as well as everyone who fell for that boy, Jungkook wasn’t the exception.

Sometimes liking Jimin from afar was harsh since the boy was so popular and the two of them were attending different classes, but the worst part was having to listen to all the gossip from omegas all around the campus regarding the fact that this guy’s scent was amazingly sweet and how much they wanted to leave their mark on him. Jungkook felt jealousy and frustration corroding his insides.

Being the way he was, he didn’t really find any these attributes compelling, but his attraction for that boy was so great and he never had feelings so strong for someone before. Although the alpha didn’t care if the other was an omega — a cute little one — he didn’t have an ounce of courage in him to try anything.

Not to mention that Park was entirely out of his league, because what could Jeon offer him, really? Not that he found himself ugly or unworthy, his previous partners only ever gave him positive feedbacks and even sought him out for an encore, but the alpha didn’t want to be a nuisance to Jimin’s life, he didn’t deserve that and he needed someone better. Someone who could love his aroma.

He had accepted his fate of spending the rest of his life bitterly kicking himself over for not trying it out with the blond, and perhaps he would find a beta and get married, who knew? He didn’t have much faith in that either, given that he had truly fallen hard for Jimin, and he didn’t even know him, so he had to give up on this silly crush.

He had to always wrap his mind around that thought, until someday he was running late for one of his classes while carrying a bunch of heavy books, and any person watching that scene could guess what was going to happen next, but Jeon had hopes that he would make it in time without any setbacks.

However, lucky as he was, Jeon tripped over and fell along with all his stuff. Already letting out a curse as he tried to gather his books all the while thinking how pissed off his professor would be, he saw a pair of feet — tiny ones for that matter — in front of him and a voice said:

“Are you alright?”

He looked up and saw Park Jimin, of all people! His hair partially covering his eyes flawlessly as always, and a gentle smile making his pretty tiny eyes close and… was that lip gloss?

Oh my god , his poor heart was weak. What was he going to do? He had to take upon that chance and not make a clown of himself in front of his crush, considering he had done that already and he couldn’t offer an even worse impression of himself.

“Oh, no, it’s fine,” he replied a bit harshly, not really sure of what to say. “It’s nothing.” He got up and averted his eyes.

Oh, well done, Jeon. You can’t even manage to keep eye contact with that beautiful creature.

“Do you need some help? These books seem quite heavy!” The blond offered slowly staring at him from head to toe, but Jungkook was way too embarrassed to pay attention to this detail.

He had never heard his voice so close before, he sounded like an angel.

“There’s no need, didn’t you know? We alphas are so strong and muscly, so this here? Easy-peasy!” For goodness sake, what was he doing? He could feel his face getting warmer by the second and his nape sweating, wishing that interaction had never even started in the first place, though the feeling of his heart racing just for being in the presence of the omega was addictive.

He saw the boy tilt his head back and let out a loud laugh, clearly amused by the foolishness and sense of humor of the dark haired one. Jeon rolled his eyes a little annoyed. Dammit, is there anything about this guy that isn’t captivating? Even his laugh have to be so enticing?

“Oh Jungkook, you’re so funny!” He said cheerfully, touching the alpha’s arm lightly. “Well, the muscly bit wasn’t a lie.”

Was it too soon to schedule his burial? He couldn’t bring himself to believe the words that were coming off Jimin’s plump and rosy lips, and if Jeon’s hopes weren’t so low, he would have noticed that the blond was in fact shamelessly flirting with him.

“Hey, hold on…” What a surprise. His brain was still functioning even after all that. “Do you know my name?”

Jimin’s eyes widened at that and if the situation wasn’t already too surreal for Jeon he could have sworn he saw the other one blushing.

“Ah, why wouldn’t I know?” His smile didn’t reach his eyes this time. “It’s… Uh, it’s right there on your book, silly.”

“Oh god, how embarrassing…” He noticed he said that out loud only when it was too late to take it back.

The blond offered a smirk and said:

“You’re so cute! Let me help you with that, omegas can be strong too!”

“Sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to imply that omegas are weak or anything.” He lowered his head, ashamed. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“I know, Jungkookie, don’t worry about that.” He thought that alpha was so cute even with those muscles he was flaunting over earlier. “Now show me where is your classroom.”

Jungkookie was head over heels with that pet name, and he couldn’t yet believe that any of it was happening. Park Jimin was, like, seriously talking to him? Wow.

They walked together for a bit and Jeon tried to discreetly regard the blond while he fought to carry his books around all focused on that task, it was truly the cutest thing he had ever seen. They halted in front of his class, Jeon was sad to realize that they interaction had come to an end and it was very likely that they wouldn’t be having another exchange such as this.

He reached for his books and said his goodbyes.

“Thanks, Jimin.”

He thought the omega was going to say goodbye or something like that, turn around and never look back, but the smaller one looked like he was waiting something, he seemed a little expectant. When Jean didn’t do anything, he raised to his toes, placed his tiny hands on the alpha’s strong shoulders and rubbed his neck on the dark haired’s, mixing their scents and creating such an unique aroma.

Jungkook was completely dumbfounded by the it, that action was an intimate gesture reserved for mated couples only and Jimin had just done that to him and he… and...

“Take care of yourself next time, Jungkookie.” He said, adding a kiss on the alpha’s flaming cheek, and offered a cheeky smile before he turned back, leaving behind the poor boy astray.

Jean felt feathery light. He didn’t know if it was for that peck, the gesture on his neck, the aroma that was making him feel sick, or all of those actions mixed together. His sense of smell were being affected by the pheromones present in the air, a reminder that it did just happen, and also leaving him with an urge to sneeze, but he was so happy he couldn’t find it in himself to care. He entered his class e couldn’t care less for his teacher’s lecture and his sermon, he never felt so glad for being late.

Later when he was already home, he didn’t bother to use his scent blockers, he wanted to keep that unique aroma for a little longer, after all it was the result of both theirs scents combined.

He was truly, madly in love with Park Jimin.




After that encounter in the hallway, Jungkook found a candy-pink sticky note stuck to his locker with a message written in such a beautiful handwriting. It said:

“Call me, Alpha. I want to get to know you better! <3”

— Park Jimin


Jeon could even spot some glitter in the paper and it smelled like it had been doused in perfume.

The fragrance was extremely cloying and way too sweet for his taste, but he found himself amused by the gesture nonetheless. It was thoughtful and to think he went with all the trouble of scenting that little piece of paper actually brought a smile to the alpha’s face and had him sighing amusedly.

The first thing he did was add the number to his contact list and send a message that got a reply almost instantly! And throughout the chat, Jimin asked if Jungkook liked their scents mixed together, adding a heart emoji to the end of his sentence just for good measure. Would someone be able to say no to that? Because Jungkook was way past that and his answer was yes, of course he loved  it and he wanted to mark Jimin with his own scent many, many times — which wasn’t a lie, but considering the alpha’s condition … Things might get a bit tricky.

He sent the message and waited for the blondie to reply, hoping he hadn’t come on too strongly, but a string filled with heart emojis told him he was doing more than okay.

To hell with his damned allergies, if it was for Jimin, he would gladly accept anything.




When Jeon was leaving his class, Jimin grabbed his hand under the pretext that they were going out for some ice cream. And obviously he wasn’t going to turn down such offer.

He felt all the jealous stares pointed right at him while the blond was pulling him around by the hand, and even though this was quite customary for him, he would never tire himself of feeling lucky and proud. He was dating Park Jimin after all, the most incredible omega to walk this Earth, it was indeed something to die out of jealousy!

He never once believed he would get that far after a mere encounter by chance, but now Jimin was his boyfriend. Though if it was up to Jeon, nothing would have come out of that, but Jimin was very, very obstinate and he wouldn’t let that shy and kind alpha slip through his own little fingers that easily. So he broke all of these so-called stereotypes by inviting Jeon for a date and stole their first kiss.

And of Jeon were honest to himself, he would have to admit that he prefered to stay home texting and voice chatting rather than going out with Jimin, so that he wouldn’t be forced to be exposed to the omega’s overwhelming scent.

And it seemed like the blond was confident enough about that particular trait of his, and really, how wouldn’t he be? All throughout his life people had been telling him how much his scent was astonishing and exquisite, so it was perfectly normal that everyone — especially alphas — were tempted by his aroma.

And every day that passed, in each date they had, the blond would become more and more provoking, carefully choosing clothes and necklaces that were made especially for omegas to show off their necks and let their scent glands exposed, wearing no scent blockers. Jeon could never reveal his condition, talk about his sensitive nose, if things kept moving in that direction.

It could only be a prank played by destiny that someone with such a striking scent would end up falling for someone who couldn’t stand any scent at all. But the love they felt for each other was way above all of that.

Jimin was still clueless about his boyfriend’s condition and he found him so stunning and breathtaking, he only thought of him as a shy type who preferred messaging. The dark haired alpha was so quiet during their dates that Jimin had to pluck the answers out of him, but when messaging he was usually so chatty, and the omega loved his sheepishness, it was too cute, but he much rather preferred when Jeon spared him all of his attention. Jimin was sure his boyfriend would warm up to him as the time passed. He wasn’t going to impose.

Or so the blond thought, but the truth behind Jungkook not talking during their dates was because he had gotten used to breathe through his mouth and the effort made him so breathless he couldn’t talk much.

Leaving that talk about scent aside, Jungkook found out what Jimin’s personality was truly like behind that veil of popularity, and that made him fall even more for the boy.

Jimin even had confessed that he had always been interested in him.

“You know,” Jimin started on one of their dates after noticing that Jeon was quiet for a while. “I always had a crush on a certain alpha on campus.”

That was enough to make the alpha speak up, letting his jealousy break free like a monster.


“Yup. That amazing and sculpted body always caught my attention. And he seems so serious, you know? I can’t really explain, it’s very sexy.” He played dumb while taking a sip from his soda. “But he never cared about any omegas, so I never really bothered…”


“Then one day I found out he was very prejudiced towards us omegas, and that broke my fragile little heart, but I decided I needed to put that to test just to see if it was true.”

“Jimin,” he looked over his alpha and noticed that rather than angry he was now starting to look sad, staring at his own shoes that were apparently a lot more interesting at that moment. “Who… Who was this guy?”

“Ah, some guy named Jeon Jungkook, I think…” He finished his drink while the other one gasped and looked astonished.

“You don’t mean it! Seriously?” His smile was so wide. That meant his boyfriend felt attracted to him before, huh? It was nice to hear that.

“Of course, silly!” He replied and reached for his hand, his smile was also wide. “Now tell me, why did you only ever dated betas? I never got that.”

“It’s just… I’ve never dated an omega before, so I didn’t know what to do.” Dodging questions he didn’t know how to answer was how Jungkook used to deal with things once they reached this point.

To make a long story short, Jungkook decided he would be with his sweetheart regardless of having his nose turn red and constantly running, and even if his scent made his eyes watery and his throat stifle as if he was ill all the time. He would be together with him despite every other thing in the world!

Because he had fallen for Jimin.

There was a silver lining to this, because the omega would always ask what was going on, and when Jungkook would said it was just a cold, he would get to be spoiled night and day for his blondie who wanted more than anything to take care of his alpha. It was a win-win situation.

Another thing that troubled both of them was the sex.

Jeon would get anxious thinking if he would be able to put up with his partner’s scent during sex, knowing it would turn definitely stronger and there was also the smell of his slick. Despite these worries, he did want their relationship to evolve, he desired to please his omega and he also wanted to feel good himself.

One day, when he was taking his boyfriend home, he let his jacket with him because he was a decent alpha so he wouldn’t let the boy catch a cold or something. However, on the next day he had to pray to whatever entities above so he wouldn’t go insane and rip everything that was in front of him, all because Jimin sent him a message letting him know he had cummed hard by touching himself to the trail of his scent left in the garment.

And if that wasn’t enough, he had to listen to the whole thing through a voice message.

Jimin thought his lover wasn’t ready for sex yet, but he always made a clear statement that as soon as he felt the desire to take things to the next level, he was more than happy to oblige.

One day it finally happened in the shower, and it was completely unintentional. And while the alpha had a strong grasp around the omega’s thick thighs, slippery because of the soap and water, he wondered to himself why haven’t we done this before?

It was then that he realized that while they were in the shower, the other’s scent didn’t trigger his allergies, because the soap and the water from the shower washed most of his fragrance away. From then on, Jimin never questioned his preference to have sex underwater, he loved it so much, it didn’t matter where they did it.

At this exact moment, the alpha was in his boyfriend’s room, where they had another of their most ordinary encounters. One thing that the omega loved to do was straddle Jungkook’s lap and rub his tiny nose on the curve of his neck, taking a whiff of his lover’s scent. He said that the alpha’s natural aroma — which Jungkook was slowly letting go of the habit of covering it with so many products — was so good and comforting to him that he could just stay there for hours, just sniffing at his neck and letting out all of those happy little omega sounds.

Jungkook didn’t mind, he loved all the intimacy and let himself be claimed. He just stayed there holding his boyfriend, absently caressing his back and his soft hair, and listening to the soft little purrs resonate from the smaller boy. It was their routine.

“Babe…” Jimin mumbled against his skin making the other one shiver all over.

“What is it, mochi?” He replied caressing his blond hair.

“Can you get me some water, please?”

“Yeah, of course. I’ll be right back.” He jumped to his feet but didn’t leave before he had wrapped the blanket around his lover, watching as he curled himself into a little ball letting only some hairs spiking out the covers. He gave him a pack on his cheek and then left the room to get him the water he had asked.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but something was sweeping him off his feet today, making him feel unsettled as if his senses were trying to tell him something was off.

He came back to the room, and his lover was sitting and waiting for his water, with his eyes closed and the blanket draped over his head. The cutest sight that always warmed the alpha’s heart.

“There you go, love,” he said handing the cup over and watching him take it in long gulps.

He pointed at a black shirt that was hidden under the bed with bewilderment.

“Hey, is that my shirt?”

The omega denied it. “Nope, it isn’t.”

“Of course it is, dude! It had the same print on it!” He reached for the item of clothing just to take a closer look only to be certain that it was his.

“Ah, yes, baby, remember that time you stayed over? I think you just left it behind then.” He said absently while flopping into the bed.

“Oh. Yeah. You’re right.” Except he wasn’t. The only reason he agreed with him was because he didn’t want to turn that into an argument, but the omega was lying. He didn’t spend the night over lately, and he was pretty sure he had seen that shirt in his closet last week.

He didn’t see in fact any issue in the omega wearing his shirts. He even found that habit endearing and loved it very much, his alpha howled at the pleasant feeling of claiming and owning. Though lately his clothes have been starting to vanish at a disconcerting pace, and it was getting so hard to keep the track of all the missing items that he only noticed when he was left with a pair of white shirts to wear through the week.

He also found it was extremely bizarre that Jimin had come into his house and had stolen one of his shirts. But he loved him, so what could he do? He would bring it up on another time.

If Jimin was turning into a boyfriend-clothing thief, he would have to learn how to live with that.

J ungkookiee, come back to bed,” said the omega in a extremely whimsical tone, and the alpha didn’t think twice before heading right back to his sleepy lover.

This time when he lied down again, he was facing Jimin while his arms snaked around his waist, the omega took the opportunity to entangle their legs. The alpha noticed the omega was flushed, and didn’t hesitate to touch his forehead so he could measure his temperature.

“Are you alright, love? You’re all warm and flushed, perhaps you’ve got a fever?” If it was a fever indeed, he would take care of his boyfriend the same way the other one have done to him, with lots of love and care. He would have all the reasons to spoil Park all he wanted.

“Mmhm…” He muttered with his eyes still closed trying to get back to sleep. “It must be because I’ve just woken up.”

“Sure,” he replied and held the omega close and so tight that he let out a little whine, making the alpha ruefully retreat, thinking he had squeezed him too tight and ended up hurting his boyfriend. “I’m sorry!” He tried to make up to him right away.

The couple tried to get back to sleep as the hours passed by, however Jeon noticed the smaller boy was also a bit restless and couldn’t get any sleep. All out of the blue a heavily sweet scent started to fill in the air around them and that was enough to completely shake him up. He felt all the while sick to his stomach with that smell.

The blond squeezed his hip with his leg and he felt his boyfriend’s erection poke his groin with the friction, sending him into an extremely hot and needy mood all of a sudden.

“Jungkookie, aahhn… I think.. I think my heat is here.” The blond could fill his slick soaking his entrance, making him all wet. All he could think of was how amazing it would be to have his boyfriend deep inside him for the very first time, he was so, so tight. “Can you help me, alpha? Mm?”

Jimin knew his heat was close and hanging over the alpha’s neck the whole time had helped to speed up the process apparently — but it was so good! He couldn’t resist that addiction of his — and he was so happy, he knew his lover wouldn’t reject him in such a moment of need, he felt loved. He dreamed of spending the most intimate experience in a couple’s life with Jeon.

Jungkook thought he was privileged. To think his lover wanted to spend his heat with him! Can you imagine? But just one whiff at the omega’s slick was enough to close his throat and make him completely sick, not to mention the dizziness caused by all the scent filling the air. He thought he was going to throw up and tried to leave the bed before it was too late, but everything became ten times worse when he lifted to covers and he felt his body dropping to the floor with a painful thump.

The last thing he could remember before everything went dark behind his eyelids was Jimin calling out his name.

“Jungkookie?” When he felt the shuffling on the bed, he thought the alpha was getting ready to jump there and take him the way he deserved, but when he saw him stretched out on the floor, it was worry that took him over. “Jungkook?!”




Jungkook’s body felt lightly as if he had just woken up from a long nap. His heavy eyelids lifted slowly and as his sight lingered on the bright white ceiling, he jolted in dismay. What was up with that white ceiling?  

He sat up quickly and immediately realized he was in a hospital bed. He tried to recollect his memories from the past events that led him to his current situation and his body froze as he saw his omega — that is if he still could call him that after such an embarrassing situation — he was leaning on a chair, reading a magazine with his legs crossed, and when he raised his head he noticed his partner had woken up.

“Oh my God, Jungkook! Are you alright?” He hurried to the dark haired boy, touching his forehead while gawking at him to check if he was truly alright.

“Yeah, I’m fine, kitten… Now listen—”

“No! You listen!” Since he was feeling alright there would be no problem in Jimin bring up the subject that Jungkook had been steering him for so long and while he was at it, he also wanted to give him a piece of his mind. “Jungkook, why didn’t you tell me, you moron? I thought I had killed you!”

Well, he couldn’t really argue with that. To see your alpha knocked unconscious right when your heat starts is something one can easily forget. Jimin thought it was his overwhelming scent that had struck the alpha with such reaction, but reality told a very different story.

“So… You found out about my, uh… delicate condition?” The boy was so ashamed he kept covering his red face with both of his hands, unable to face the omega. That’s it, he was going to lose his boyfriend now.

“Yeah… I know. I had to call your mother, you know? She told me everything about your allergies.” He said. He was full of sexual frustration and upset that the guy he loved and even considered “the” alpha for him lied to him and jeopardized his own health so recklessly. “Why didn’t you tell me, Jungkook?”

Jungkook. Not ‘Jungkookie’, ‘love’ or even ‘baby alpha’ the way he got so used to, it was just plainly Jungkook. And his tendency for the dramatics made his heart sink at that alone.

“I… I’m so sorry, Jimin…” It was time to be honest. “I didn’t mean to hide it from you for so long, I should have let you know right from the start, but then I thought you wouldn’t want to be with me when you learned about that. How could I ever tell you that your scent makes me ill, when everyone else thinks it’s so wonderful, mochi. You deserve someone who’s able to appreciate you the w—” He didn’t notice he had started rattling on about it until he felt those soft lips smoothly touching his own.

“Hey. Calm down,” said Jimin caressing his boyfriend’s hair in a reassuring gesture. “Listen to me. I don’t care if you like my scent or not, I just love you and I want you by my side, but I also want you healthy.” He beamed at him, his eyes sparkling in that way he loved so much. “Of course it would be better if you didn’t feel sick all the time… but I can use scent blockers or whatever, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re going to be together for a long time.”

Jungkook laughed at his very successful attempt to brighten the atmosphere between them.

“Of course we will, love. And thanks for forgiving me.”

“It’s not your fault,” he said with purpose. They could think of ways to solve it later, there were soaps, suppressants, patches, air purifiers and a bunch of other options they could use. Deep down, the omega found somewhat romantic that his boyfriend went through all of that just so he could stay with him.

And Jean was feeling relieved but then he reminded of a very critical detail.

“And what about your heat?” It was rather comical that just when Jimin’s heat started, Jungkook was the one sent to the hospital.

“Oh. When I called the ambulance I told them I was in heat, so they sent a team of omega paramedics and gave me some sort of special shot. It’s like I’m still in heat, I mean,  I’m still feeling warm and all that, but the symptoms have been reduced, you know? It’s kind of weird.”

“That’s great, babe…” He felt really bad for letting his mate unprotected right in the middle of his heat, but Jimin was strong and independent.

“Yeah, yeah. Great.” The blond rushed to the door and locked it, then he threw himself over the alpha with a lustful gaze, kissing him breathlessly and straddling Jungkook’s lap right onto his cock, that wouldn’t stay soft much longer. The suppressants reduced the intensity of his scent but were unable to deal with the fire inside him. “Let’s see how sensitive you are to other stuff.”




The end results of that hook up in the hospital weren’t nearly enough to quench the needs of his omega, so before going home they got packed with a load of enough scent blockers to help them get into the rest of Jimin’s heat without any fears and have their happily ever after.

And after that whole ordeal, happily ever after they did. It was a brand new routine for Jimin, one he could admit was a bit difficult from the scratch, especially when he considered all the things he had done in the past to make his scent noticeable. It was a bit embarrassing to think of these details, but now he would do whatever he could to keep his alpha comfortable around him.

Their relationship got even better, they were allowed to delve into each other and now that there are no more secrets holding them back, they could be entirely honest to one another.

When Jeon’s rut approached though, he started feeling a bit anxious and uneasy because Jimin’s heat didn’t go all perfectly according to plan — even though the omega tried to reassure him by telling him he did love it — and he wanted to get it right this time. Jimin promised he would take good care of him and make sure everything was unscented so the alpha wouldn’t be bothered or upset by anything at his most sensitive period.

And it was incredible. They prepared themselves ahead and stayed home taking turns, making love to each other until they were both completely sated.

Although ruts are usually shorter than heats, they are still an unique experience shared by a couple, especially after what Jimin request of him. He wanted Jungkook to sink his teeth onto his flesh and mate him.

To some, that decision might have sounded reckless and hasty, since the two of them hadn’t been together for that long and it was the exact opposite of what was deemed an “adequate” amount of time to mate someone, but they did not care. Jimin had no doubts that Jeon was his alpha, he loved him and wanted to build a future with him and it didn’t matter what others might have to say about it.

So during the last day of the rut when the pheromones were slowly wearing off and Jimin had his partner’s knot resting shoved nice and warm inside himself, Jungkook marked him. An act of love to seal what they had.

The dark haired alpha felt weird at first, a refreshing feeling as if he was someone else entirely.

It is known that each person reacts differently to a mating mark, it’s impossible to predict what the side effects can be. Some people’s bodies rejected the mark, others wore off after some time, some even got strangely cured of some diseases and… allergies. The alpha paid no heed to that thought.

However, for the first time ever in his life, Jungkook didn’t feel his nose itchy the way he usually did after holding his omega and taking a whiff off his neck. The scent wasn’t completely pleasant yet but that was probably because he wasn’t used to it, what caught his attention was the fact that there was something somewhat amusing and compelling about it.

And as the days passed by, he noticed he didn’t have to hold his breath around other people, he could just breathe in people’s natural scents without feeling repulsed and ending up getting sick.

He could willingly smell his mate, and let him scent him all over and showing the world to whom he belonged to. Now he could tell exactly why his omega’s scent turned so many heads back then, he finally understood, and it was so sweet and so maddening.

Even though it was subtle, his mood change was yet emitted very noticeably through his pheromones; all the excitement of finding out about something entirely new to him, something he thought to be impossible for himself. And for that he was glad to get to meet Park Jimin and to be his mate.

Jimin exuded his favorite aroma of all: love.