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As you tighten the sash on your robe, the doorbell rings. A smile tugs at your lips as you walk across the foyer towards the front door. Opening it reveals a tall, incredibly buff man in a too-tight, generic pizza delivery uniform. With a grin, he holds out a box of pizza and opens it, showing you the contents.

"One large pizza with extra sausage," he says with a wink. As you reach out to 'accidentally' brush against his hand as you take the pizza, the sudden noise from a pad of paper being thrown against the ground interrupts you.

"STOP! That is just too cheesy," yells the director. Your shoulders slump in exasperation. All Might closes the pizza box with a look of confusion.

"But that's the line I was told to say-" He gets cut off as the director continues yelling.

"NO, you fool, I mean that pizza! It's too much cheese, you can't see the toppings at all." He walks over grumbling and snatches the box out of All Might's hands. All Might exchanges a look with you, but you just wrinkle your nose. Once the director is out of earshot, you lean in to whisper to him.

"Ugh, I've had to work for him before. This director's really weird about little details." You both glance over to see him holding the box out to one of the assistants, who looks utterly resigned. You shake your head. "We'll be lucky if we get to film anything tonight."

"Wow, that's...really disappointing," All Might says with a frown. "I was looking forward to this." He's still distracted by the irate director, but looking him over you notice his pants look a little tighter than when you first opened the door for him. You sidle up, a sly grin on your face.

"Well, since he's probably going to be busy having a meltdown over that pizza for half the afternoon, maybe we can have a little fun by ourselves?" you say in a quiet voice as you reach a hand out to caress the bulge in his pants. The sudden contact startles him and he whips around to face you, but smiles when he sees the look in your eyes.

"As good as that sounds, I don't think the director will be happy if we're too worn out for the actual filming." Despite his words, he moves a little closer to you, pressing himself into your hand. He's getting harder, and his erection is beginning to strain against the fabric.

"Trust me," you tell him, "the last time something like this came up, we had to stop for two days while it got sorted out." All Might raises an eyebrow.

"What on Earth happened?" he asks incredulously.

"The bed sheets were the wrong color," you say as you roll your eyes. He lets out a laugh, but it tapers off into a pleased hum as you give him an enticing squeeze. "So, do you think we can get away with a little fun before everyone has to go home for the day?" you ask, tilting your head so it rests against his chest.

"I've never really done much with coworkers when we weren't filming..." he says a bit hesitantly. You bat your eyelashes, gently stroking him. After watching you run your hand back and forth over his arousal, he gives the room a quick glance. Seeing that all the assistants and camerapeople are currently occupied with the director's pizza lecture, he places a hand on your back and gives you a nudge.

"Second room in the hallway," he says, keeping his voice low. You let go of him as he ushers you towards the hall. As you pass a table holding extra items and equipment for the shoot, you snag a bottle of lube. It's the extra-silky kind you like most. None of the technicians or assistants notice when the two of you slip out of the studio. The door closes shut behind you with a click.

All Might still has his hand on your back as he guides you down the short hallway. The first room is in use - you can tell by the sign hanging on the handle of the closed door. The second room is dark, but empty. This room is set up with several empty equipment tables and a large couch. After entering, All Might quickly looks both ways down the hall to make sure no one has seen you. As he is closing the door, you snag the 'in use' sign from the table nearby and stick it on the handle. It would be best to avoid any interruptions.

"We could get in trouble for this, you know," he says in a hushed tone as he flicks on the lights. It's the first time this evening he's started to look nervous. You can't help but smile.

"We can make it quick," you say as you slide a hand up his chest. He leans over a little so you can reach. As you rest your hand against his neck, you can feel that his pulse has quickened. He chews on his bottom lip as he pauses, and your heart sinks a little bit. "Are you having second thoughts?" you ask. Despite your eagerness, you don't want to do anything that would make him uncomfortable. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to. I promise I won't be mad." You give him a smile that you hope is reassuring. He lets out a little sigh and smiles back at you.

"No, I do want to, it's just feels a little strange, sneaking around like this. It's also odd not being in front of a camera." He laughs nervously. "It just feels a little too..."

"Intimate?" you ask. He nods, looking bashful. You set the lube down on the nearby table so that you can place your other hand on his chest. "If it helps, you can imagine that they're shooting a voyeurism scene." You point at a tiny closet across the room from the couch. "Pretend there's a cameraman in there, just waiting to see what we do." He smiles at this, and finally reaches over and puts a hand on the sash of your robe.

"I've done a couple scenes like that before," he admits. He starts to undo the sash on your robe and lets out a chuckle. "I always wonder if the cameramen get jealous, only being able to watch."

"I bet they do," you purr. You move your hands down to unzip his pants, and you can feel his erection eagerly slip out. It's barely contained by his underwear. "I bet they sit in that closet, and their breathing gets heavier." You slide a hand up his chest, pushing his shirt up. "They watch you and they can't help wanting to jerk off, but they have to stay quiet for the camera."

Your sash comes undone and the front of your robe falls open. All Might steps back a little and looks you up and down with a soft noise of admiration. He begins pulling his shirt off, and you give his underwear a playful tug.

"I've been looking forward to seeing you since they told me about this shoot," you say to him. He lets out a breathy laugh, dropping his shirt to the floor.

"Me too." He leans back in and slowly moves his hands to rest on your shoulders. As he does, your robe slides off and falls to the floor behind you. He nods his head towards the couch, and you grab the bottle of lube off the table as you both walk over.

All Might's hands trail off your waist as you lower yourself on the couch. As you sit, you lean over and set the lube on the floor. Then you reach back up and hook your fingers under the waistband of his underwear, pulling his pants down along with it. His cock springs out and the clothing drops to the floor. He looks so good. The tip glistens with wetness - you're pleased with how quickly he's gotten excited. Looking up at him, you lean forward and softly press your lips against the tip of his arousal.

He sucks in his breath but moves back a little, slipping his shoes off as he steps out of his discarded pants. A thin string of precum trails off the end of his erection. You give him a questioning look as he crouches down in front of you.

"You said 'quick,' so I want to get you worked up as soon as I can," he explains as he runs one hand along the side of your face. You smile at him. His other fingers are already trailing down your abdomen. He tilts his head and presses his mouth against yours. You close your eyes and lean into the kiss, feeling his fingers moving lower on your body. You reach out and rest your hands against his pecs.

All Might begins to fondle you gently, and you draw in a breath between kisses. After a moment he sets his hands on your hips and pulls you forward on the couch. He moves away from you before leaning in again, pressing a kiss against your chest. He continues working his way down, trailing soft kisses along your body. You run your fingers through his hair as he spreads your legs apart and begins to press his mouth against your most sensitive areas.

You can see him reaching below the couch with one hand while he searches for the bottle of lube. Once he finds it, he brings it up, snapping the lid open. He squeezes a out a thick blob. It feels cool as he presses it against your orifice.

He begins delicately rubbing his finger in circles, enticing you to relax and open to his touch. The friction causes the lube to warm up; you can feel your excitement swelling. Letting out a small moan, you curl forward as he purses his lips and sucks on you before flicking his tongue faster and running his other hand along the inside of your thigh. He carefully lifts your leg up, making you lie back against the cushions of the couch. He gingerly eases his finger inside you. As the sensual movements push you into an aroused fervor, you clench your hands more tightly, pulling on his hair. He's moving both his finger and his mouth faster, and your breathing is getting heavy.

All Might pulls away and looks up at you, his eyes half-lidded and full of desire. After letting his finger slip out, he pushes you to one side so you're lying down and he climbs on top of you. He raises your legs up, pressing you into the couch. He leans over you, pushing your knees almost to your shoulders. You feel his erection against you.

"Is this alright?" he asks. His face is so close to yours, and he's breathing just as heavily as you are. You nod vigorously, unable to find your voice. He pushes against you harder. There is a small bit of resistance before he slips inside you. Your eyes flutter. He keeps going until his abdomen is pressed all the way up against you. You turn your head to one side, gasping at the full sensation, and he leans down to kiss your temple.

All Might stays pressed against you for a moment, letting your body relax a bit more. He lets go of your legs, allowing them rest against his shoulders. He leans down to prop himself up with his elbows on either side of your head. When you turn back to face him he pulls halfway out and gradually begins thrusting, keeping his eyes locked with yours. His movements are long and slow. You reach up and hold his face in your hands. He turns his head just enough to press a kiss into your palm.

He continues those long, sensual thrusts and you're grateful that you don't have worry about any scripted dialogue. You just lie there, feeling his weight against you and the warm sensation coursing through your body as he rocks his pelvis back and forth. His eyes slowly fall closed and his brow knits together. It looks like he's struggling to hold himself back.

"Harder," you breathe. As soon as the word leaves your mouth, his speed increases. You stifle a moan. His body smacks against yours over and over, making wet, obscene noises. As he pumps rhythmically, you can hear a ragged edge to his voice getting louder as his breathing increases. You can feel the heat rising in your face as you edge closer to orgasm. Your exhales are growing more vocal as you close your eyes and lean your head back against the couch.

You can feel the heat radiating off his body, the beads of sweat dripping off him onto you, the air from his heavy breathing against your throat. All Might lets out a small moan, and it's too much for you. Your muscles spasm and you curl up against him as you climax, your voice coming out in high, breathy moans.

He keeps pumping for a moment more before his rhythm falters. He manages a few uneven thrusts before he pushes himself all the way against you, letting out a long, heated moan. You feel him shudder as he comes.

A few tense seconds later, you start to relax. You lie your head back against the couch and he leans forward with his eyes closed, pressing his forehead against yours. You can feel his muscles shaking very slightly from the exertion. You both lie there together until your breathing starts to even out. Finally, he pulls away from you.

"Wow," you breathe as you look up at him. He manages a soft laugh and smiles at you as he slowly gets up. Once standing, he offers you his hands. You sit up and let him pull you to your feet. You lean against him for support, feeling weak in the knees. He wraps his arms around you in a gentle embrace.

You stand there for a moment longer before letting out a contented sigh. Your head's still spinning a little, but you don't know how long you've been gone. You start to worry that people might come looking for you. "We should probably head back," you say. All Might nods reluctantly before letting you go and stepping away. You watch him slip into his pants before going over to retrieve your robe. All Might walks over as you're tying the sash. He's already gotten dressed, though his clothes look a bit rumpled. He slips the bottle of lube into your robe pocket.

You give him a cheeky grin before quietly cracking the door open. Peeking out, you see the hallway is still empty. After quickly exiting the room, All Might flips over the sign on the doorknob to the side that says 'needs cleaning.'

As you both walk back to the occupied studio, you can hear the director still ranting about pizza. All Might nudges you with his elbow, and you share a laugh before opening the door and going back in. An assistant notices you and heads over, informing you that the shoot has been cancelled for the day.

Looking up at All Might's face, still damp with sweat, you can't find it in you to be upset.