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say goodnight & go

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Josie has been through a lot the past couple days; getting attacked by a Gargoyle, being buried alive by her bio mom, and then practically siphoning her Mombie out of existence.

Even after spending some time away with Caroline and her twin sister. She still has trouble sleeping, so she wanders the hallways of The Salvator Boarding School at night, not really sure of her destination, she is surprised to find herself outside of none other than Penelope Park’s door.
She’s even more surprised that she knocks on it.

Penelope is equally surprised to open her door and see Josie.
She’s even more surprised when Josie asks to spend the night.

They haven’t spoken since their kiss, Josie ran off afterwards and although she knows through MG that the twins had left to see their mom, it still kind of stings.

Penelope knows this isn’t the best idea. She also knows that she misses Josie and couldn’t even say no if she tried.
So she doesn’t and Josie stays.

Nothing happens the first night, they just hold each other and fall asleep.

The next morning, Penelope wakes up to an empty bed.

Josie still avoids her in the halls, except for the occasional glare here and there. Penelope winks back as she always does and they go about their day pretending nothing has happened between them.

Later that night, Josie knocks on her door again.

And it starts to become a silent routine. Josie knocks. Penelope answers. 
Sometimes they just sleep, sometimes they don’t...but she always wakes up to an empty bed. 

Penelope tries to talk about it one night but the brunette shuts her down immediately.
Penelope doesn’t push it.
She doesn’t want to lose this- whatever this is.
Penelope just wants to be there for Josie in anyway that Josie needs.

Penelope has always been a light sleeper, so she always knows when Josie gets up to leave her bed. So when she felt Josie start to stir in their sleep next to her, she slowly starts to wakeup. It’s still a little dark out but the sun in starting to shine some light into the room. 

Penelope looks over at the body laying next to her, trailing her light eyes up the girl’s torso to her face, which was covered by the taller girl’s hair. She gently brushes the brown locks out of the way, letting her finger fall down to caress her cheek.

Why do you have to be so cute? It’s impossibe to ignore you. 

As she admires the sleeping beauty, she notices the girl’s breathing is uneven and becomes concerned. So she moves her hands from girl’s cheeks to the her shoulder to gently shake her awake from a possible nightmare.
But Penelope stops herself when she hears Josie mumble something in-between her quickening chest movements.
Josie’s breath hitches and Penelope swears she hears her let out a soft low moan.
“-don’t stop..”

Oh my god, she’s not having a nightmare...she’s having a wet dream?!

The smaller witch quickly brings her hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

She looks over the girl below her more carefully, the brunette’s hands are balled up in a tight fist, her breath hitches again and her mouth is slightly agape, another moan escapes.

Leave it to Josie Saltzman to have a sex dream about a girl who is already in bed with her.

A tiny smirk appears across Penelope’s face.

Oh I'm gonna have some fun with this.