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The Happiest Place on Earth

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"You know Taehyung, I’m really starting to think this was a bad idea.” Jungkook said, pulling Yuna closer to him as the crowds squeezed around them. Taehyung turned to look at him from where he was pushing the double stroller that contained their 7 and 4 year old.

“They’re fine Kookie look at their faces!” Taehyung said, Jungkook looking down and seeing the awestruck look in his 8 year olds’ eyes. He smiled down at them and smiled at Taehyung. Yuna was dressed as Cinderella, having claimed it as her birthright as the oldest, which had caused a colossal fight between the twins. Jungkook had eventually got them to settle by saying that Myung could be Aurora and then they’d be pink and blue. Chin-Sun was shoved into her seat in the stroller, a bright poof of yellow as she was dressed as Belle and their youngest Eun Ae was dressed as Minnie Mouse. The Mickey ears perched on all their heads just made the sight even cuter. Jungkook’s favourite sight was still his mate, with sequin covered Mickey ears perched atop his head and a determined look on his face. He was the one who had come up with the idea for a Disney trip to America. It had been expensive, but they’d been saving for it since the twins were little. Jungkook used his one free hand to rub Taehyung’s hip as they took a water break for the kids.

“Hey Donor, you having a good time?” Taehyung asked and Jungkook nodded, laughing. Taehyung was referring to how he had labelled their magic bands, making the kids Spawn #1 through Spawn #4 and his own Birth Giver while slapping Donor on the back of Jungkook’s, leaving off the word sperm because this was a family friendly park. He had thought it was funny.

“I’m having a great time, Tae, the kids are smiling and so are you.” Jungkook said, bending to kiss his cheek and take one of their water bottles. Taehyung swatted at him and shook his head.

“Appa! Appa! My turn!” Eun Ae said, making grabby hands for the water bottle. Jungkook handed it to her and watched her drink from it.

“Alright, does anyone have to go pee?” Taehyung asked and that started a whole host of bathroom runs. Jungkook sighed and sat down on the bench to wait for Taehyung to bring them back and watch the two he left behind.


The kids had wanted to go on the carousel and they hadn’t wanted to say no, so they got in line. It was one of the shorter ones they’d gotten into all day. The carousel was covered in gold filigree and painted with bright coloured angels and patterns. Yellow tinted bulb lights lined the basic pattern of the top of the carousel, illuminating the whole thing and purple flag flew from the points of the tent where it anchored into the circle around the carousel. The horses were white and had brightly patterned saddles on them. As soon as they got to the front, the girls ran to the horses they wanted to sit on, jumping excitedly and waiting for help to get up on the horses. The twins could sit by themselves, but Chin-Sun and Eun Ae still needed some help. Jungkook balanced Chin-Sun on her horse and smiled as she wiggled excitedly. He gripped her a little harder to make sure she didn’t fall.

“Appa, does the horse go up and down?” She asked and Jungkook nodded, the person beside them said something to him in English, the place being too loud and it said too quickly for him to even begin to understand so he smiled at them anyway. He heard Taehyung laugh behind him.

“I think he said you two look alike!” Taehyung supplied and Jungkook snorted at that. Chin-Sun only had his eyes, everything else on her face, right down to her boxy smile, was Taehyung. The carousel started to move and Chin-Sun squealed excitedly. Jungkook could hear Eun Ae laughing too. The twins were right in front of them and laughing maniacally almost. Jungkook looked back at his mate, husband, the love of his life and mother of his children, and knew he wouldn’t have wanted this with anyone else.


Gift shops were disastrous for a family like theirs. Not only was it difficult to keep their family together, the girls loved to wander off to look at the shiny things that caught their attention, but it was hard to look at those big eyes and say no. Jungkook found it harder than Taehyung to tell their babies no to something they wanted. They had collectively decided that spoiling them a little on this trip was alright, they wanted to make it memorable for them. That’s how they ended up in a toy store, on Main Street USA, with all four of their daughters staring wide eyed up at the wall of stuffed animals in front of them. Taehyung pulled them all close to him, crouching down in the busy store to get more on their level.

“Girls, look Papa in the eye.” Taehyung said, waiting for his children to quiet down and listen to him. “You may have one stuffed animal that is not too big. You have to ask first, show me or Appa, and that’s the toy you’re getting. OK, now stay where I can see you and come back to me when you’re done picking.” Taehyung let them loose after that, allowing them to run up and down the stuffed animal wall.

“Hey babe, how big is too big exactly?” Jungkook asked as Taehyung looked at him like he’d lost his mind. Of course Jungkook knew how big too big was he just loved annoying Taehyung.

“After 8 years of being a father you don’t know what too big is?” Taehyung asked and Jungkook laughed. Taehyung scowled at him and then turned his attention back to Chin-Sun who had brought him a the pig from Moana, Pua Jungkook thought his name was, with a hopeful look in her eye. Taehyung nodded and she hugged the pig happily, skipping towards the stroller and parking herself in her seat. Her Belle dress poofing out around her as she sat down. She pet the pig’s head like it was their dog back home and gave it a squeeze. Jungkook could already feel his bank card crying at how much this was going to cost him, but he loved to see his little girls smile. Eun Ae, in all her barely out of the toddler stage glory, came back with a baby dumbo, wrapped in a soft pastel blanket and smiling happily. Taehyung nodded and gave her a kiss on the forehead as their troublemaker came back. Yuna already had three in her arms and Taehyung was pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration with their eldest. The store was already loud and crowded, the music was almost too loud in spite of the buzz of activity and Taehyung was losing his patience. Jungkook could tell his husband was about to lose it. He knelt down in front of her and shook his head.

“Remember Yuna, baby, Papa said one and I’m saying one too. You can pick one, now which is your favourite?” Jungkook watched as she looked down and pouted. She puffed out her cheeks and frowned, hoping that maybe that would work on her father, before realizing that it wasn’t going to work and picking out the Baymax stuffie. She ran to put the others back and quickly return to the stroller. Myung had already picked Pascal from Tangled, the chameleon always was her favourite animal sidekick. Taehyung pulled Jungkook in to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you.” He said, referring to Jungkook dealing with Yuna himself. Jungkook smiled, turning his face to give Taehyung a chaste kiss.

“What are alpha parents for huh? Let’s go to the pool after we’re done here. The girls could use some cooling off.” He suggested and Taehyung nodded, grabbing Yuna’s hand and placing it on the stroller, the universal signal for hold on. Myung scrambled to do the same, taking what her father had done to her sister as her signal to hold on as well.

“You girls want to go swimming?” He asked and the unanimous cheers from the carriage and their walking children sealed the deal.


The pool wasn’t horrifically crowded, which was nice. The girls were having a great time splashing around the pool, specifically Eun Ae, who was in the shallow end of pool with Jungkook, clinging to the edge.

“Why is Papa not coming in the water? Can he come in the water?” Eun Ae asked and Jungkook glanced over at his husband, sighing. Taehyung got jumpy about getting in crowded public pools and he wasn’t the biggest fan of it. Jungkook knew the girls would love it if he got in with them.

“I don’t know baby, why don’t we go ask if he can come in?” Jungkook said, grabbing her hand and hauling her out of the pool with him. She walked hand in hand with Jungkook towards Taehyung, her footsteps much smaller and clumsier than her father’s. To speed up their walking speed, Jungkook scooped her up off the ground, flying her over Taehyung and placing her dripping wet on his stomach.

“Incoming baby!” He yelled over her squealing before plopping her on her omega father. Taehyung immediately snapped to attention, his hands immediately coming up to support her back and laughed at the giggling, soaking wet little girl on his stomach.

“Did Appa put you there? Yeah? Wow, what a nice Appa you have getting Papa all wet.” Taehyung said, a slight sarcastic bite to his voice. Eun Ae, having not noticed the sarcasm at all, giggled harder.

“Papa, come in the water with me? Appa said I had to ask you.” She said and Taehyung looked at Jungkook over his sunglasses. Eun Ae looked so hopeful and Taehyung sighed. The girls loved their omega father, wanting him to come in the water with them and play with them just as much as they wanted Jungkook to play with them.

“Not right now baby, why don’t you put your feet in the water right in front of me and don’t move, Appa and I need to have a talk.” Taehyung said, and Eun Ae followed instructions. She sat on the edge of the pool and kicked water at her sisters, or anyone else who happened to get in the way.

“Why would you tell her that?” Taehyung asked and Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him. He sat down beside Taehyung on his lawn chair.

“What did I do wrong? She asked why you weren’t coming in and I told her to come ask you. Are you coming in?” Jungkook asked and Taehyung looked at him over his sunglasses. Jungkook knew that meant no.

“Babe, come on the girls would love to play with you.” Jungkook said, shuffling himself closer to his mate. “No one here will care if you look like a model and the girls don’t care. I think you’re gorgeous all the time.” Taehyung sighed and leaned forward to press a kiss against Jungkook’s cheek.

“I appreciate that Kookie, maybe I’ll come in later.” Taehyung said, patting his knee and a thought popped into Jungkook’s mind. A thought that might get him banned from their bed and sleeping with the kids that night.

“Or you could come in now.” Jungkook said with a mischievous glint in his eye, pouncing forward to scoop Taehyung up off the chair. Taehyung’s eyes widened before Jungkook even got his arms around him, scrambling to find anything to hold on to as Jungkook hoisted him into the air.

“Jeon Jungkook don’t you dare!” Taehyung screeched, nails scratching at Jungkook’s shoulders as he was suddenly lifted into his husband’s arms. He screamed, flailing as Jungkook threw him in the pool, he surfaced rather quickly and the look on his face made Jungkook burst into peals of laughter. His soaking wet husband quickly grabbed his ankle to try and haul himself out of the pool.

“Calm down baby I’ll come in with you.” Jungkook said, pulling himself out of Taehyung’s grasp and jumping in beside him, soaking him again.

“I’m going to kill you Jungkook.” Taehyung whispered as the girls quickly splashed their way over to him. They were so excited to see their Papa.

“Papa! Papa come play with us!” Yuna screeched, tugging on his hand. Eun Ae whined from where she was sitting, obediently not moving as she was told. Jungkook picked her up off the pool edge and placed her in, her pool floaties comically keeping her chin above water. She climbed on her alpha father’s back and cheered when she got towards Taehyung.

“Papa!” She giggled, falling into his arms. Jungkook leaned forward to kiss Taehyung’s forehead.

“You still going to kill me?” He whispered in his ear, all four of their children splashing around him or clinging to him.

“Maybe not.” He answered, shaking Eun Ae off so he could pull his shirt over his head. “Could you take this dear there’s really no point to it in here.” Jungkook smiled, loving how much Taehyung's confidence had grown. Eun Ae was clamouring up his back again as soon as he allowed her to.

“You’re gorgeous, love of my life.” Jungkook said, taking the shirt from him and going to put it with their other things. “The most beautiful omega alive.”

“Laying it on thick huh Kookie.” Taehyung said, blushing slightly when Jungkook got closer. “You’re really trying to get on my good side.” Jungkook laughed and brushed his fingers over his cheek.

“Is it working?” Jungkook asked, making Taehyung’s face turn redder. It reminded him of when they first started going out and everything he said to Taehyung made him blush, that dusty pink colour always made Jungkook’s heart beat a little faster.

“Maybe. Maybe it’s working.” Taehyung said, blushing again when Jungkook smiled at him.

“I’ll take maybe.”


The bathtub in their room was big enough to bathe their two youngest together but they refused of course. Always making their parents lives more difficult. The twins insisted on taking big girl showers. They’d been bathing themselves for a year now and it was going well. Taehyung still often had to check their feet for dirt and make sure they remembered to wash all the soap out of their hair. Chin-Sun was on the cusp of being able to do it all by herself. It was mostly just her showering on her own, but Taehyung would sit in the bathroom with her. He would jump in when she needed a little help still. Eun Ae, their sweet baby, she was still too young to be by herself, although she did most of her washing herself with Jungkook just helping her get all the hard to reach places. That’s where he was currently.

“Appa, are we going to a park again tomorrow?” Eun Ae asked and Jungkook nodded, her little eyes lighting up when he said yes. “The same one as today!”

“No, baby, different park.” Jungkook said and she clapped excitedly. The most rewarding part of the whole trip was how excited the kids got about everything. She started talking about how much fun the park today was and how pretty the castle was, which had Jungkook grinning ear to ear.

“You’re the best Appa ever!” She ended her speech with and Jungkook chuckled, leaning forward to kiss her damp forehead. He hauled her out of the bath, wrapped her in a towel and sent her towards Taehyung, who had her pyjamas and was putting them to bed. He set about draining the tub and wiping the water off the floor. His kids were exhausting but they were worth it. They were so worth it.


Taehyung stepped into the shower with him later that night, when the kids were fast asleep.

“You know, this shower really isn’t big enough.” Jungkook said, feeling Taehyung on his back. Taehyung laughed.

“It’s big enough to do a lot of things.” He said and Jungkook turned to face him, raising his eyebrow. Taehyung leaned forward to kiss him. Jungkook’s hands found their familiar purchase on Taehyung’s waist, slowly slipping around to his lower back, one slipping lower to grip his ass. Taehyung giggled, spreading his legs to allow Jungkook to slip his thigh between them. Jungkook grinded his hips against Taehyung’s making the omega gasp. He nosed down his neck and bit lightly at the mating mark. Taehyung tilted Jungkook’s head back by grabbing his jaw and pressed kisses around his adam’s apple. He whispered in his ear.

“I want your knot.” Jungkook shivered and leaned into the kiss Taehyung placed behind his ear. “I want you to fuck another pup into me.” Jungkook growled at that, even though he knew it was impossible between the vasectomy he had had two years ago and the birth control Taehyung was still on, his alpha instincts still preened at the thought of knocking Taehyung up again.

“You really want to do that in the shower?” Jungkook asked and Taehyung nodded, turning in Jungkook’s arms to bend over and brace himself against the wall. Jungkook slipped a finger into him immediately, followed by two, scissoring and brushing past his mate’s prostate. Taehyung let out a little squeak and pressed his forehead against the shower wall. He was trying so hard to keep the moans in, so their children wouldn’t wake up and hear their parents literally fucking in the shower.

“You’re doing so good baby, you ready?” Jungkook asked and Taehyung nodded. Jungkook lined himself up with Taehyung and slid into him slowly. The omega muffled a moan into his hand and pushed back against Jungkook.

“Come on Kookie, fast and hard.” Taehyung said, smacking his thigh and Jungkook just laughed.

“I am not risking you not being able to walk tomorrow. Someone has to push the stroller.” He said, pulling back and thrusting back in, making the scowl on his face disappear real quick. He leaned forward to bury his face in Taehyung’s neck, gripping his one hip and intertwining their fingers against the wall with his other hand. Being intimate with Taehyung was never hard, even the first time it was easy. Taehyung made it so easy to feel comfortable with him. Jungkook found his prostate easier than breathing, knew how fast to go and where to press kisses to make it harder for his mate to contain his moans. He loved Taehyung, more than anything. Jungkook felt his knot catch on Taehyung’s rim and he heard the omega groan, pressing his ass back against his hips.

“You want me to knot you for sure baby?” Jungkook asked and Taehyung whined, nodding. “Taehyung? You’re sure?”

“If you pull out now I’m divorcing you.” Taehyung said and that was all the confirmation Jungkook needed, fucking into Taehyung until he couldn’t anymore, making sure the last thrust landed him right where every slight movement Taehyung made pushed against his prostate. The omega moaned, spilling over Jungkook’s hand that had moved between his legs to jerk him off. The squeezing around Jungkook’s knot has his orgasm hit him hard. Breathing heavy into his mate’s neck as he latched on to their mating mark, biting down and making Taehyung feel pleasure shoot down his spine. Jungkook could feel how good Taehyung felt through the bond. They breathed together, coming down from their highs slowly and then suddenly when Taehyung realized he was stuck to Jungkook for fifteen to twenty minutes.

“Damn it Kookie!” He said, the frustration evident. “Why did you do that?”

“You said you wanted it I literally asked three times.” Jungkook said and Taehyung pressed his hips back, sighing when he felt the pressure on his prostate. “Seems like you don’t hate it to me.”

“Oh shut up Jungkook.”


The next day was at Hollywood Studios, and the twins had begged to go on the Tower of Terror, Jungkook was the one determined to go with them. Taehyung sat outside with Eun Ae who was too little to go with them. He’d sat her down on a park bench in the shade outside the ride and popped open a container of precut fruit, feeding them to their four year old like a baby bird.

“Have fun, don’t lose any of them.” Taehyung said, popping another cube of watermelon into Eun Ae’s mouth and watching her chew happily, the juice running down her chin. Taehyung wiped it, almost on instinct, off with his thumb. Jungkook hustled them all into line and kept them entertained for forty long minutes as they waited to get on the ride. It was a little creepy, scary enough to have Chin-Sun clinging to her father’s side. Even when they got on the ride she clung to him.

“Bug, you don’t have to do this.” Jungkook said, while they were standing in the secondary line. She put on a brave face at that. She obviously didn’t want to chicken out and be seen as a baby by her older sisters. They were highly competitive, a trait Jungkook was afraid they picked up from him.

“No, I want to!” She said, her hand clinging to Jungkook’s and her bottom lip sucked between her teeth. Jungkook sighed, knowing that this was going to be bad. She was probably going to freak out. He just prayed she wouldn’t cry.


She cried, full on bawled actually. Every time the ride dropped she screamed and clung harder to Jungkook. Her terrified sobs of Appa over and over again made Jungkook’s heart ache. When the ride stopped she calmed down a little bit, when they went to get off Chin-Sun held up her arms, her bottom lip wobbling and tears streaming down her face. Jungkook had to carry her out. All while the twins blabbered on excitedly about how cool the ride was. Her head was buried in his neck, using the scent of her alpha parent to calm herself down. Taehyung spotted them faster than Jungkook thought he would. It was like his omega parental senses were tingling that one of his babies was upset and he was immediately concerned.

“Hi babe.” Jungkook said, but Taehyung barely even looked at him. He was completely focused on their child still sniffling into Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook was used to it, their children always came first when they were distressed.

“What happened? Oh Bug, did the ride scare you?” Taehyung asked, immediately scooping Chin-Sun out of Jungkook’s arms. Chin-Sun had mostly calmed down at that point.

“It was scary.” Chin-Sun whispered and Taehyung cooed. Yuna jumped up to her omega father and waited for her turn to speak.

“It was awesome! I loved it!” She said, Myung nodding beside her. Taehyung smiled at his eldest two and tweaked Yuna’s nose affectionately.

“I’m glad you two had so much fun.” Eun Ae made a disgruntled sound and Taehyung popped another cube of watermelon into her mouth without much more than a glance at her. He rubbed Chin-Sun’s back and accepted the kiss Jungkook offered him.

“They’re hungry I think.” Jungkook said quietly and Taehyung hummed his agreement, ignoring their youngest who was tugging on his arm for more watermelon. “We should get lunch.” Taehyung nodded and kissed Chin-Sun’s temple.

“How do you feel about that girls? Do you want to get lunch?” Taehyung asked, smiling as cheers erupted from them including Chin-Sun who had perked up considerably at the mention of food. “Alright let’s go.”


Jungkook held the turkey leg he had bought, much to Taehyung’s dismay, in front of their second youngest daughter’s face. He let her take bites off of it and then let both the twins take a bite as well. He ate a few bites of it as Taehyung stared at him. The look on his face a mix between disgusted and a little impressed

“Jungkook, that’s the grossest thing I have ever seen you eat.” He said, ripping a chicken nugget in half for Eun Ae. “That thing is so disgusting I cannot believe you’re eating that.” Jungkook swallowed his mouthful of meat and wiped his chin on the back of his hand.

“Bold words from a man I’ve watched eat pickles dipped in chocolate sauce.” Jungkook shot back, earning a genuinely scandalized expression from Taehyung. He pursed his lips and ripped the next chicken nugget a little more forcefully.

“How dare you use my pregnancy cravings against me. I am not a sane human when I’m growing whole humans, Jungkook. Last I checked you weren’t in a compromised position.” Taehyung said, leaning over to hand him some napkins. “Could you at least not wipe your grease on the back of your hand like that?” Jungkook smiled at him, appreciating the way his husband glowed in the afternoon sun. Jungkook always thought Taehyung looked the most beautiful smiling in the sunlight and looking after their kids. He wasn’t exactly smiling, but he had an exasperated, fond look on his face. One Jungkook saw often if he was being completely honest. He wiped his face and then wiped their three children he had given bites of turkey leg to’s faces as well.

“You’re going to have a heart attack eating that thing.” Taehyung muttered and Jungkook smiled, holding the leg of meat out towards Taehyung.

“Want a bite baby?” He asked and Taehyung leaned forward, taking a small bite off the turkey leg, screwing up his face a little. “It’s not so bad.” Taehyung swallowed and scowled at him.

“I can feel my arteries clogging.” Taehyung replied. He stabbed around in his chicken and salad combo, stealing a few of their four year olds fries when she was distracted. Jungkook laughed and turned his attention back to his children, who were opening and closing their mouths like baby birds hoping for more bites of turkey leg. Of course he couldn’t tell them no, and of course Taehyung fussed over keeping them clean. Taehyung smiled when Jungkook wiped their babies mouths and directed them towards the apples and carrots that had come with their meals. Jungkook knew as much as Taehyung annoyed him, there was no one else he would rather do any of this with than him.