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Brownie Surprise

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Andy reluctantly pulled back and climbed off of Miranda, she didn’t want to risk the twins seeing her sitting on top of their mother. She offered Miranda a hand to help her off the couch and smiled at her when she accepted it.   

“I didn’t tell Cara I would be home this evening.” Miranda told her as she smoothed her hair and wiped her mouth. She was always happy to see her children but she wished t hat it was Friday night so they’d be at their fathers.   

“I should have thought of that.” Andy  said while rolling her eyes  

Miranda let out a small laugh,  they’d each had their fair share of distractions that day . She  kissed Andy quickly  and  rushed downstairs to meet her children.   

At the bottom of the stairs she saw the girls hanging their coats. Cassidy was the first to notice her presence and rushed to hug her.  

“Mom! You’re home!” She shouted in delight. Caroline rushed to greet her mother and gave her a hug with as much enthusiasm as her sister.   

Miranda was overwhelmed with joy in the embrace of her children. They’d opened up to her so much since her divorce from Stephen.   

“What are you doing home so early? Are you sick?” Caroline asked when she pulled away.  She was surprised to see her mother in such relaxed clothing during the week. Even on the weekend she hardly ever wore sweatpants, although she refused to call them sweatpants.  

“No Bobbsey’s, I’m not sick.   Miranda told them with a smile.  “ I didn’t  have any appointments this afternoon so I decided to work from home .”   

“Are you going to have dinner with us  tonight ?” Cassidy asked.  

“Yes, of course. We can have whatever you like.” Miranda answered. She paused for a moment before bringing up the idea of Andrea joining them. “Andrea has been working with me -” Before she could continue, the girls  interrupted  her.  

“Can she stay and eat with us?” Caroline asked excitedly.   

Miranda tried to contain her happiness at seeing the girl’s matching excitement. “That sounds lovely.” She told them. “Where is Cara?” She then asked, looking for their nanny.   

“She’s in the kitchen. I think she’s starting dinner.” Cassidy answered.   

Miranda made her way into the kitchen to send her home for the night. She found her at the sink, drying the dishes from the popcorn Andy had made for them earlier. “Cara, I’ll be home with the girls for the evening. You are free to leave.”  

Cara was happy to have a few hours off. “Thank you, Miranda.    

“We’ll be heading upstairs. Please set the alarm on your way out.” She moved to go upstairs, back to her Andrea, with the girls behind her.”   

“See you Cara!” The girls said together as they  followed their mother.  

G ood night! G irls, I’ll see you tomorrow after school and take you to your fathers for the weekend. ” Cara called after them. She finished drying the dishes and put everything away before heading home for the night.   

As they made their way upstairs the girls picked up their bags by the door and began telling Miranda about their day. They were very excited about the new steps they’d learned in dance class. When they reached the  first-floor  landing, they saw Andy sitting on the couch looking at her phone.   

“Hi Andy!” They said at the same time.   

Andy set her phone down and smiled at the twins. “Hey kiddos!” She stood to greet them and was surprised when they gave her a warm hug. She gave them a firm hug in return and looked up to see Miranda smiling at them. Their eyes locked and in that instant, she felt like she was finally home.   

“What do you want to have for dinner Andy?” Caroline asked as she pulled away.   

“You are going to stay, aren’t you?” Cassidy added.   

Andy’s heart warmed at the hopeful look the girls gave her. “I’d love to stay for dinner.”  

“Great!” Cassidy said as the girls high-fived. “Mom said that we could pick, but you should pick. You’re the guest.”   

“Well, what’s your favorite food?” Andy asked them seriously.   

“Pizza!” The girls shouted together. They were rarely allowed to have it.   

“Pizza sounds awesome.” Andy told them and picked up her phone. “Angelo’s has the best pizza in town .  What kind do you want?”  

“Sausage, onion, and green pepper. It’s our favorite.” Caroline said.   

“Even mom likes it.” Cassidy chimed in later.   

Andy gave them a nod before making the call to order the pizza.  

While she was on the phone, Miranda turned to her daughters. “Girls, do you have homework tonight?”  

The girls knew better than to lie to their mother. “ Yes,  math.” Cassidy answered.   

“You’ll have to work on your homework while we wait for the pizza to be delivered. You can come downstairs when you hear the door.” Miranda told them.   

“Okay mom.” They  picked up their bags and made their way upstairs to their bedrooms to work on their homework.   

While Andy finished ordering their pizza, Miranda took her phone out of her purse and began going through her many messages from the day. She checked the time and saw that it was already 6: 4 5, the day had certainly gone by quickly.   

“They’ll be here in 45 minutes to an hour.” Andy told her as she hung up the phone. She sat on the couch in the space next to Miranda and leaned in close to whisper in her ear.  “I thought  it  would be better if they thought were down here working  all day.”   

After Miranda had gone downstairs, Andy quickly turned off the TV and put their popcorn bowls and drinks on the tray. She brought it downstairs and set it down out of sight. She was able to get through most of the messages on her phone before Miranda and the girls came upstairs.   

“An excellent idea, my darling.” Miranda told her in a voice that was breathier than she would have preferred. The arrival of her daughters had calmed her desire but having Andrea this close to her again was testing her resolve.   

Andy felt her heart soar at hearing Miranda use the term of endearment and gave her a soft kiss. She wanted to let the kiss deepen but didn’t allow herself to, she didn’t want to risk the children coming downstairs early and seeing them together before she had a chance to talk with Miranda about their relationship and what it meant. She pulled away and looked into Miranda’s eyes.   

“We have a lot to talk about, but first, you should call Nigel.”   

“I’d completely forgotten. Thank you.” She gave Andy another quick kiss before picking up her phone to call Nigel.   

“While you talk to him, I’m going to go clean these bowls." Andy stood and picked up the tray with their dishes. “I’ll bring you a water. I’m sure you’re thirsty.” She smiled and winked at Miranda as she headed to the kitchen.   

When Andy finished cleaning and putting away their dishes, she decided to put together a salad to serve with the pizza. She thought Miranda would appreciate the girls having some vegetables with their chosen dinner. After the salad was prepared, she grabbed a water for Miranda and one for herself and headed upstairs.   

By the time Andy returned to the sitting room, Miranda had finished her call with Nigel. She handed her the bottle of water and waited while she took a long drink.  When Miranda finished her much-needed drink, she turned to Andy.  

“I’ve been thinking.” She began. Andy felt her anxiety rise at those words. Miranda saw her body language change and took her hand. “I want more of this. More of you.” Andy relaxed and gave her a smile. “My girls adore you and I.” She paused. She didn’t want to scare her off with the true depth of her feelings. “And I care so deeply for you. I want us to be able to have more.”   

“I want that too Miranda. So much.” Andy told her honestly.   

“You need to resign, Andrea.” She said bluntly. “We can’t work together and have more. I’ll miss you in the office, but it will be so worth it to be able to come home to you at night.”  

“I’ll hand in my letter of resignation tomorrow.” Andy told her with love in her eyes. Miranda smiled brightly at her.   

“You’ve more than earned your letter of recommendation to any publication you choose. That and the excellent freelance work you’ve submitted should get you started anywhere in New York.”  

“You’ve read my work?” Andy asked, amazed.   

“I’ve read everything you’ve written. You are truly talented my darling.” Andy kissed her again. “Tell me, where do you want to work.” Miranda asked.   

“I’d like to start out at a newspaper and make my own way. I’ve been contacted by The Mirror a couple of times. They’re looking for a junior reporter.” Andy was nervous to tell Miranda about the job offer she’d been given.   

“That sounds wonderful. Why haven’t you taken it? You still want to be a journalist, don’t you?” Miranda asked.   

“I do. It’s all I've ever wanted to do, but taking a job at the mirror would have meant leaving you.” She laced their fingers together. “I wasn’t willing to let you go before but now.” She trailed off.   

“Now you have me.” Miranda finished for her.  

Andy gave her a bright smile and kissed her fiercely. They kissed with hunger until they had to break apart. When they separated, Miranda curled into Andy’s side. They sat together in silence until the doorbell rang throughout the house. Andy jumped up immediately to answer the door.   

Miranda and the girls met her downstairs and she brought out the salad she’d prepared. They ate together and Andy and Miranda listened as Caroline and Cassidy talked on and on about their school and dance class. Miranda happily enjoyed this time they were spending together as a family.   

When dinner was over, the girls asked if they could all watch a movie together. Miranda was happy to say yes and they went up to the TV room.   

They watched Enchanted together, Miranda was in her usual spot in the corner and Andy had one twin on either side of her. When the movie was finished, Miranda could tell how tired the girls were and sent them off to bed with a hug and a kiss. The girls gave Andy a hug too before going upstairs to go to bed.   

After the girls went to their bedrooms, Miranda and Andy were finally left alone for the evening.