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Brownie Surprise

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Andy Sachs was freaking out. She was in a moment of panic. “Emily.” She said in a higher than normal voice. “Did you see who took one of these brownies?” They’d been in her purse; two brownies had been in a container in her purse and one was gone.  

“No, I did not see anyone take your brownie.” Emily told her in a bored voice, not looking up from Miranda’s expense report.  

Andy tried to remain calm. A missing brownie didn’t seem like much but these were special, and they’d been intended as a gift. She hadn’t been away from her desk long and it was rare that Emily would leave her desk at the same time she was away. Whoever had taken it was quick. And clearly nosy to have looked in her bag. She took a breath and returned her focus to her computer.  

She tried to put it out of her mind and returned to her list of tasks to complete for Miranda, she still had several phone calls to make, and got back to work.  

In her office, Miranda was occupied going through marketing contracts. As she read through the materials, she began to feel her concentration slipping, this was unusual for her. She looked at the paperwork again and still couldn’t find the focus she needed to complete her initial overview. Taking a step back from the work in front of her Miranda looked at her computer to go through a few emails before continuing. She read the first message and found that she didn’t take in any of what it said. She sat back for a moment.  

As Miranda thought about her current state she realized she recognized this feeling. “Andrea.” She called to her assistants outside her office.  

When she heard her name, Andy popped up from her desk, grabbed a pen and paper, and went into Miranda’s office. “Yes Miranda.”  

Miranda gave her a menacing look. “Andrea.” She said in the iciest voice she could find. “Would you care to explain to me why you brought pot brownies with you, to work, today?”  

Andy froze. Miranda had been the one that ate the brownie. Her eyes went wide as realization dawned. Miranda was high! 

“Miranda I’m sorry!” She moved closer to the desk. “I’m sorry! They-the brownies were supposed to be a gift for my friend. I picked them up early this morning be-before I came in this morning. I didn’t think anyone would find them or take one.” She stopped and looked at Miranda, she couldn't place the look on her face. “I’m so-.”  

“Do not apologize again.” Miranda said with a hand raised to cut her off. “Have Emily clear my schedule for the rest of the day. Call Roy and tell him to meet us here immediately. Be prepared to leave in two minutes. That’s all.” She then began to gather what she would need to finish looking over when she was ready to work again later.  

Andy turned quickly and almost ran back to her desk. “She wants you to cancel the rest of her day.”  

Emily looked up at her sharply. “Why? What’s happening?” She snapped.  

Andy finished shutting down her computer and put away her work. “I don’t know, but we’re leaving for something.” She tried to sound nonchalant. She stood and moved to the coat closet and quickly put on her coat.  

Miranda came out of her office and stepped in front of Andy who helped her into the coat. “Nigel is in charge. I will call him later for a full report.” She saw Emily nod and move for the phone. “Come along Andrea.” She headed down the hallway to the elevator with Andy following closely behind.  

They arrived at the elevators and Miranda got onto the first one to open. Andy was prepared to wait for the next one, as she usually did, but Miranda caught her eye and moved slightly to the left to make room for Andy. This was her silent invitation for Andy to join her, and Andy cautiously entered and stood next to her.  

When the doors opened Andy noticed at least one security guard react to seeing her exit the elevator with Miranda. Miranda didn’t register the looks and left the building, Roy was waiting in his usual place holding the door for her. She gracefully entered the car and waited for Andy. It took Andy a moment to wait for traffic before she could get into the car with Miranda. Before she could even buckle herself in, Miranda gave Roy the simple command of “Home.” And they were off to the townhouse.